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Thursday, 20 November 2014

More New Zealand Rabbits:

Our New Zealand rabbit is a well known agricultural pest that was introduced in the first half of the 1800s from England.

- It is the European Rabbit - Oryctolagus Cuniculus ( no mate - that's 'cunnilingus'). The European is the only species that has been domesticated out of eight different genera but I was wrong again here about thinking that they were native British - as they were brought into England by the conquering Roman Legions in A.D. 43 - who must have caught and ate them in their native Spain and Portugal.

- where did that rabbit go?

To this day rabbit meat is popular in UK and is sold alongside game animals in quality butchers shops - but here in NZ they tend to be regarded as vermin and - the wild killed bunnies are illegal to sell -  and imported Chinese rabbit seems to not be around any more.

UK Butchers Shop.

- Up where I live you don't see very many wild rabbits about despite it being all sheep/cattle paddocks - the 'Rabbit Control Boards' must be doing a great job.

.. So it's a do it yourself food here - despite it being a healthier organic low fat meat than all others - including chicken. - In fact anyone thinking about the salmonella diseased (deceased) anti-biotic fed meat chickens that are factory shed raised would be better advised to go vegan (or shoot a rabbit) for tea.

K F R for  'take-away' tea - yum.

- Take that 22 rifle or 'shottie' for a walk - doubly healthy exercise, improve your diet and do the farmer a favour too.

Marty K.