Thursday, 18 July 2019

PATRIOT Pistol (Muzzle Loading 'Nitro' Powder):

When they "BANNED" handguns in Britain - there were a few "gaps" and exceptions left in place that did let the genuine enthusiast target pistol shooter pretend he was still active.

Now I'm not talking about how the BAN only affects us civilian law-abiding folk - while exempting various law-enforcement, military personnel and all the criminal nutters who carry guns & knives all the time.

- What I'm referring to is that even in UK they can still own & use low powered air pistols and may be certified for specially adapted and lengthened LONG HANDGUNS that have extended barrels and some kind of rearwards pointing 'stock' that seems to satisfy the law makers .. BUT they can still get permits for MUZZLE LOADING PISTOLS.

This indicates to me that various black-powder replicas from Uberti, Pedersoli will be usable there .. and that the Ruger Old Army 'modern' revolvers will be in demand in UK.
 - "Gawd" knows how they manage to import them.

Now I've also seen that there are current production revolvers being converted to use muzzle-loading primer ignited smokeless powder charges behind wad-cutter bullets. - Anyway I'm talking about a 'harmonica' design pistol called either the ZYLAB or Morovian PATRIOT pistol.

- Don't look now .. but later .. & you'll find a bit of youtube video showing how to load this strange "UK Friendly" Harmonica pistol ..

- if you read the text of this post FROM FIVE YEARS AGO you'll find that I told you so back then that we were going to get hammered with a BAN (Prohibitions) as soon as another shooting 'incident' tragedy came to be.

The amusing thing I've found from my researching this "British" Patriot Pistol is that while I can't get much solid fact about it's status .. there seems to be a wide choice of other firearms that use the name "PATRIOT" to tickle the erotic zones of flag saluting yee-haws in various god-fearing states.

There is a Thompson Contender PATRIOT:


a Charter Arms PATRIOT

a Sota Arms PATRIOT

a Woodsman Arms PATRIOT

.. And doubtless many other special editions variously decorated with the 'Stars & Stripes'

But if any of you poms can send me current info about that harmonica muzzle-loading target pistol I'd be rapt.

One good article about it is here:

Note: There are safety issues with using smokeless 'nitro' powder in muzzle loading firearms. Smokeless powder can be VERY dangerous when even slightly over-charged .. whereas "black-powder" is generally very forgiving. - A double charge of black-powder dropped into a chamber will often only result in a louder boom and a bit more recoil .. but do the same with modern smokeless propellant and you'll destroy the gun and risk serious injury.

Marty K.

Stop Press: Ruger announce 'FLAGGED RUGERS':

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Shelf Life Of Military Bombs - Expired Stock Etc.:

The shelf life of modern ordnance BOMBS, MISSILES, & WARHEADS is obviously variable.

The nature of the materials - their storage conditions - and their 'redundancy' - following advances in technology is hard for a civilian to calculate .. BUT all munitions will deteriorate and the more complex their construction - surely the shorter their useful storage life.
HAROP Loitering Munition.

"Old time" ammunition such as rifle rounds in sealed metal containers - WWI .303" rounds for British Lee-Enfields dating from 1914(ish) - may well still be usable as they are made of brass and nickle permanent materials while the internal chemicals are in a dark sealed environment .. but you'd need to be wary of crystalline changes weakening their metallurgy.

The wise would no-way pull the pin on an old Mills Bomb and keep it while slowly counting to ten ..

But in my experience modern stuff such as cluster-bombs use many plastic components internally - and while I fully accept the strength of these engineering polymers is great .. chemical deterioration may be a factor over time.

I read opinions suggesting 10 years, 15 years, 20 & 25 years as the shelf life for various "smart bombs" -  "precision guided munitions" and AGMs, or Air-to-Ground Missiles.

An issue is in defining what might be active service life - as the regular maintenance - for example of nuclear warheads will extend this by replacement of tritium enhancer gases and renewal of lithium deuteride, and brittle neutron reflectors etc. - but inside the warhead casing there will be inevitable exposure to radioactive decay and heating.

I looked for any relationship to show a periodic disposal of use-by-dated munitions like: Gulf War / Desert Storm .. 1990 .. Iraq .. 2003 - but there are just so many interventions listed as to suggest that a more regular & routine "turnover of old stock" is happening continuously:

- There's been x23 "US Interventions" listed since 2010 .. & x19 between 2000-2009 alone.

Disposal of cut price old stock in the Black Friday Christmas Sales doesn't seem to be needed ...

Marty K.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Reduced Brain Power - Harvard CO2 Study:

Did you ever wonder why there are so many dumb-fucks around?

Do the legislative decisions taken by experts cause you confusion?

Can't understand why you seem to be out-of-step with Government much of the time?

- Well I'm not saying that I've found "the answer to the meaning of life and all that" .. BUT the latest findings from a HARVARD STUDY may well explain just what the hell is going on:

This is serious stuff .. with more than half the worlds population now living in cities - it also happens that governments and administrations are located inside buildings in city centers - where carbon dioxide levels are grossly elevated and found to be effecting mental processes with   “statistically significant and meaningful reductions in decision-making performance” .

- So Harvard researchers clearly state that "the Experts" we pay very large salaries to run everything for us are suffering from faulty mental decision making performance caused by elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the air they breath ... Any surprises there?

This unacceptable situation is  awful  without even considering other pollutants these "leaders" are absorbing into their bloodstreams. - For example the halls of Westminster Palace are renowned for the large volumes of subsidized alcoho consumed on the job while there is no shortage of dealers for other mind altering substances in the locality.

Then consider that there are other air-born chemical poisons for our leaders cognitive impairment ..

7.9 million Londoners – nearly 95% of the capital’s population – live in areas that exceed the limit for a damaging type of particle known as PM2.5  by 50% or more. In central London the average annual levels are almost double the World Health Organization limit of 10 µg/m3.

There needs to be serious consideration for the quality of the thought processes being used to guide our life needs .. We need to improve the air that these elected representatives are getting AND to introduce regular compulsory blood testing for drugs and alcohol.

 - Well it's criminal to drive if drunk or drugged .. it's a crime to handle a gun when impaired - but it's OK to run a country??

Marty K.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Porter Rockwell - Morman Lawman:

It is recorded that Orrin Porter Rockwell (1813 or 1815 - 1878) killed more outlaws than Wyatt Earp, Doc Holladay, Tom Horn, and 'Bat' Masterson combined, - earning him the menacing title, the “Destroying Angel”
Eyes Like A Hawk.

Rockwell insisted he “never killed anyone who didn’t need killing,” but several murky incidences clouded his reputation while a deputy sheriff in Utah. 

He is closely associated with & remained unshakably faithful to the Mormon Church and its leaders until his death in June 1878, serving as a body guard to both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. On February 2, 1832, Rockwell aged around 20 married Luana Beebe in Jackson County, Missouri  then Mary Ann Neff  in 1854 - & later Christina Olsen.

For a religious man he was a notorious gun-slinger, wanted man, and devout Church member, Orrin Porter Rockwell led an interesting life as a business man owner of The Hot Springs Hotel & Brewery in Salt Lake Valley, and mountain man, - a lawman until his death.

 His eyesight was excellent and he used it with a shotgun, revolvers and lethal accuracy - and a policy to “always shoot first . . . that way they know you’re armed” making his time as a lawman controversial at best. Charged with murder or attempted murder on three occasions, Porter was acquitted twice and he died before the last charge could come to the courts.

A Colt 'Mormon Avenger' Percussion Revolver.
Of The type Rockwell Used.

Marty K.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

More GUNS LOST, Found & Stolen From NZ Police:

Hard on the heels of news that one more of the BANNED guns stolen from Palmerston North Police Station has been recovered .. and that three quarters of police stations have good or satisfactory firearm security - comes this release:

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has found that multiple failings, led to the disappearance of nine guns from an Auckland (police) station two years ago and an undisclosed out of court payment has been made to the complainant.

The nine lawfully held guns were "surrendered to police" following a "prohibition order" relating to a domestic disagreement .. but when the complainant went to WAITEMATA police to retrieve his property they were missing and had not been recorded onto the "Exhibits Register".

All legal firearms owners are aware that Police threaten to prosecute them for breach of security should they be the victim of burglary or theft of their lawful property.

Marty K.

P.S. The latest report regarding the 11 guns stolen from Palmerston North Police HQ suggests that two of these stolen guns have now been freshly discovered in a security audit held there. This is confusing as there was reportedly only one remaining gun un-recovered .. so does this audit discovery mean that there was in reality 13 guns "stolen" or only nine? - or any other number in between?

"We can now confirm that two of the firearms thought to be still outstanding have now been accounted for as part of an internal audit. This means there is one firearm outstanding, which police remains focused on locating," police deputy commissioner districts John Tims said.

Police Issued Gun Licenses To 639 Convicted Criminals:

Soon after the Shooting murders of 51 people at the Christchurch mosques - Police and politicians passed hurried law changes that criminalized many of the 250,000 lawful NZ gun owners here ... stating that their purpose was to prevent any repeat shooting like that committed by the Australian killer - who had been issued a firearms licence by New Zealand police.

Police had denied accusations that their licensing process had been loosely conducted and careless.

Al Noor Mosque.
Figures from police records obtained by Radio NZ under the Official Information Act showed at least 639 people with criminal convictions in Australia were granted firearms licences here in New Zealand in the last decade.
To date - of those, - 37 went on to commit firearms crimes in NZ, - including two homicides (5.8%).

 In a statement, acting superintendent Mike McIlraith - the officer in charge of the Arms Act service delivery group - said convictions would have been taken into account by the vettor and arms officer as part of the vetting process.
Marty K.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Sleep Well Tonight - The World Is In Safe Hands ..

A British "SIR" has labeled the worlds most powerful leader as "INEPT, INSECURE, & INCOMPETENT" ..
Ambassador Sir Nigel Kim Darroch CMGKCMG opines that Trump is also likely to "crash & burn & end in disgrace"“We don’t really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept,” 

Darroch who is a leading diplomat for that wonderfully intelligent UK administration that has spent limitless energy on misleading voters into removing UK from Europe - is qualified with a degree in zoology to assess just what sort of animal is Trump's presidency.

I would think that those quoted words must equally apply to "GREAT" Britain. - perhaps Darroch was looking in his shaving mirror as he dictated his assessments.



Yeah well .. repetition is an accepted marketing tool (as also is "Selling the sizzle rather than the steak").


.. repetition is an accepted marketing tool (as also is "Selling the sizzle rather than the steak").

Do you rely upon government for your personal security? - Is it wise to do so when the cream of world leadership is such as Donald Trump and soon to be UK's Boris Johnson?

Having a 'smart phone' no more makes you a communicator than having a KFC

Harland Sanders For President.

down the road makes you food secure. - Owning a firearm no more makes you safe than buying a guitar makes you a musician.

We all need to learn, train, practice, & prepare. - as well as to select our "leaders" more carefully.

Repeating an opinion is not learning - thinking about exercise will not get you fit - and electing shysters to run the world won't improve it.

It seems a bit odd that the presidential pillock of the worlds greatest nation is an amateur 6 times bankrupt failed entrepreneur .. 

.. whereas little old New Zealand's "home-grown and caring" leader Jacinda Ardern is actually a professional political researcher and advisor to the British Blair Govt - training here & overseas since she was seventeen years old.

Marty K.

P.S. - Following the theft of 11 BANNED firearms from Palmerston North Central Police HQ the NZ Police have released this statement after a safety audit:
"Firearms audit confirms overall security at Police sites"