Wednesday, 13 November 2019


The .22" WMR cartridge is a very useful wee round that will stretch out your hits on rabbits, hares & turkeys - if your eyes & optics are up to it ... if only the ammo was a bit cheaper to buy.

It was introduced by Winchester in 1959 - but they didn't sell a gun in that chambering until 1960. - S&W, Ruger, and Savage all beat Winchester to the market there.
22"LR, .22"WMR,  5.7x28mm,  5.56x45MM (.223")
           (We're all '22's together!)

That photo above shows that while the .223" really might sometimes be called a "mouse gun" having the same bore as the cheap as chips .22" Rim-fire .. its power is in a different class altogether. - Just look at the case sizes.

 -The .22 WMR at with a 40gr pill is also in a much higher class than the "two-two" - giving more than three times the energy of the 104 Long Rifle. ( The NATO 5.56 x 45 mm (.223") gives hugely more at 1,325

The 22" Mag  (WMR) is obviously a bigger rim-fire case than the .22" long rifle RF - being longer and slightly fatter - but it is also made using thicker stronger brass to safely operate at higher pressures. The 22 Mag can send its bullets off at over 2,000 feet per second from a full length rifle barrel and around 1,500 fps from a typical handgun. - So it's "flatter shooting" and harder hitting.

Optimum barrel length for highest velocity in 22 Magnum, .22"WMR is around 18 to 19 inches
- Optimum barrel length for .22" R/F Long Rifle is variously quoted as 14 to 16 inches.

- So what's your guess about the muzzle velocity from a 1.25" revolver barrel having a cylinder gap?
Standard Manufacturing S333 THUNDERSTRUCK .22" MAGNUM Revolver.
-  EIGHT CHAMBERS - FOUR Shots - 1.25" Barrel:

I really do like this concept of the twin barrel - two-hammer self-defence carry gun  using a two finger trigger press. This design could enable folk living with hand injuries / amputations or arthritis to be able to shoot effectively. - BUT consider this .. That trigger pull is around 23 pounds and really needs the two fingers to achieve it's l.o.n.g mushy stretch.

 And - reflect on just WHY the wee Thunderstruck two barrel handgun is so called .. surely the roar of two WMR cartridges discharging together from the stubby 11/4 inch barrels will assault your unprotected ears with an almost physical blow ..  I'd guess that the WMR caliber choice was for marketing reasons .. "TWO MAGNUM ROUNDS FOR EACH PULL OF THE TRIGGER"  

And to what purpose? .. Those "Magnum" bullets will be lucky to make anything like 800 ft/sec before they exit those stunted tubes .. no faster than the quieter Long Rifle rounds would manage.

Note: We are considering only velocity here - Shorter barrels will in general give a louder report as the gasses will exit at higher pressure.. High velocity gasses may overtake the bullet leaving the muzzle and slightly unbalance the projectile's path causing a loss of accuracy - this is another good argument for adding a silencer or 'sound moderator' to your guns - as these work by reducing the gases escape velocity and pressure.
NAA 5 Shot Dual-Caliber Revolver.
4 Inch Barrel Should Work OK:

 You really mustn't think that you can safely use RF in WMR chambers despite the smaller 'Long Rifle' .22" going into the WMR chambers (It does not fit). If such double use is wanted you can buy some brands of convertible revolver with swappable cylinders.

This interchange seems to work OK despite the difference in bullet diameter: The 22 WMR bullet is .224 of an inch and the .22 Rim-fire is .223" diameter - so the bullet fit in the rifled bore might be somewhat compromised. - "J" rightly reckons that the mismatched rate of spin in the rifling would be worse than the slight bore diameter difference.
22 Long Rifle with 22WMR Ball, Hollow Point, and Polymer Tipped 'varmint' round.

The .22" WMR  is a very useful medium range 'Varmint'  and small game rifle cartridge available with various design projectiles weighing 30, 40, and 50grains. Excellent here for stretching the distance you can expect to hit rabbits effectively - but the ammunition while cheaper than centre-fire is still much dearer than .22 long rifle R/F - and can't be reloaded.

In America the 22" WMR is held by some to be quite a useful self defence calibre for very compact (sub-compact) handguns and 'Derringers' .. rather than the .22" Long Rifle R/F - but there really isn't much difference in velocity between the two rounds out of a two or three inch barrel (but the 22WMR will be impressively much LOUDER!)

We live in an era where PERCEPTION has become reality .. "It sounds much louder/more powerful".

RUGER Single Six Convertible Revolver Has A 9 1/2 Inch Barrel .. 
And Is Beautifully Made - Quality Can STILL Be Found:

If you enjoy technical questions about ballistics and barrel lengths - The place to start has to be the Web-Site "Ballistics By The Inch" - BBTI - they have measured the velocities of the common calibres 'inch-by-inch' and put it all up on-line in table form. - Brilliant. - They've even had a look at the polygonal rifling versus 'land & groove' performance.

The Keltec PMR 30 s/a 22 Magnum pistol claims to have been around USA since 2010 - and uses a 4.3 inch - 109 mm barrel to release it's load of thirty rounds from quad-stacked magazines. My guess is that it will still be LOUD  .. but a fellow club member is tussling with our irrational licensing regime - who currently are denying him entry and Customs release of the first ever specimen to land here on permit.
The PMR 30 would be useful for knocking down steel silhouette chickens at extended range - if they ever stop being so objectionable.
Marty K
- This post is an 'updated' version of my earlier .22 Magnum post:
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Monday, 11 November 2019

Police-Prohibited .. Profit-Possible:

There's been a lot of rain up here for several days giving me an excuse for staying inside .. but I had a great day last Thursday - The sun was shining - and State Highway Seven had lovely wild flowers smiling from the grassy verges most of the way into town for my second date with prohibition.
"A frog he would a-wooing go,"

At the hand-in venue - located in a big gun shop - I was treated in a friendly & attentive manner .. the two bulky looking uniformed police guys said "G'Day" and laughed when I told them I was there "to surrender" .. and the team of  'contractors' processed my two hand-ins in a smooth & practised manner.


Yes well - sadly that's another couple of  'old friends' departed for ever - to that great scrapyard in the sky (- I removed the 4 x scope for future needs ๐Ÿ˜ƒ). - My pair of Filipino STIRLING two-two rabbit guns are no more .. surrendered as PROHIBITED WEAPONS.

- They  had to go because the rushed and rash government MSSA BAN states that their fifteen round rim-fire magazines made them too dangerous to remain in civilian ownership in New Zealand - and I decided that the cost to have the naughty magazines altered by an approved gunsmith ($140 each with certificate) was prohibitive ..

This futile & undemocratic PROHIBITION will be great for business - as most shooters I know will be replacing & updating their forced confiscations.

I suppose "society" should be thankful that I managed to control both of these now prohibited "weapons" (and myself) for the last THIRTY-THREE YEARS since 1986 when I bought the first one.

I can tell you in confidence - now that the buy-back dollars are safely in my bank account - that I had bought the shorter rabbit gun from the NZ Police themselves at a Police & Customs Auction for $40 .. and the $420 that they gave me to BUY-it-BACK is gratefully accepted but is far less than the listed value.

Considering the pleasure and good use that I'd had from this excellent & most serviceable old "pea-rifle" small-bore - it's appreciation as an asset is much appreciated.

.. They only gave me $245 for the longer version .. as it's varnished woodwork was all scratched and tatty .. that's OK as I'd only paid $60 for that one more recently ..

They had also earlier given me $210 for two Chinese Type 56 x 30 round banana mags (AK 47 look-a-likes) .. that I had been given (.. four of them .. two previously sold) by the then arms officer yonks ago as unwanted confiscations. - I have enjoyed very good relations with police arms officers over the years ๐Ÿ˜„.

.. So - more laughter from the counter staff as I teased-out the real prices from the ticket prices & I spent a little of my 'misgotten' gains on some (x250) Federal 'BlackPack' 9mm FMJ and  CCI  .22" L/R standard velocity bulk ammo and headed-off back up country with a cheery smile on my face ..

Of course - Life is good eh,

P.S. Everyone who has insight into violent crime and terrorism understands that the current "clamp-down" on New Zealand's lawful sport shooting community is merely political "public relations spin".

- It punishes the only select grouping of mature trustworthy law abiding & proven  fit and proper persons with Licenses - while failing to address the reality of an under-resourced overloaded and misdirected Police Service and Justice system.

That murderous Mosque killer would NOT have been granted a firearms license if the authorities had carried-out their legal duties .. and the removing of our RIGHTS will not remedy that fact.

Politicians are once again choosing to be SEEN DOING SOMETHING .. rather than actually addressing the reality resulting from years of political neglect.

Marty K.

Friday, 8 November 2019

A Four Barrel "Walking Stick":

Henry VIII wasn't always an obese sickly old fart .. he had earlier indeed been a bit of a lad - well he officially worked through six wives while also giving the fingers to the Pope's monastic system during a 'hostile take-over'.
He was without question a GUN NUT .. well as much as you could be living in those early days (1491-1547) - he was attracted to all sorts of weaponry .. so if he were here in NZ nowadays he'd be labelled as a potential security risk with an unhealthy obsession for prohibited weapons.

He used to go walk-about around London carrying his Morning Star "walking stick" - a spiked MACE that also contained a four barrelled matchlock gun:

That might give you a "right royal bleeding headache" eh:

The hinged top spike-blade covered the four muzzles that fired as one when "touched-off".
The story goes that he was checking that his watchmen were on the job - when they stopped, arrested and held him overnight .. until his I.D. was disclosed to them .. but my guess was that while he may have been impressed by their zeal .. his purpose was much more likely to have truly been out on the town drinking & wenching.

Henry's contemporaries considered him an attractive, educated, and accomplished king. - He has been described as "one of the most charismatic rulers to sit on the English throne"  - Plus he had the smarts to value personal weaponry for self defence.

He would have been a good mate until you pissed him off - then he'd have knocked YOU off ..

I should at this stage - here add that - of course my interest in firearms, ballistics, cartridges, and various other tools including our Government's Weapons of Mass Destruction - is purely for academic and recreational sporting purposes.

Marty K.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Tue.Tue Revolver - Bigger Than "Two-Two":

In 1893 Charles-Franรงois Galand  started making the TUE.TUE revolvers in 8mm (8x24R) after missing a French Military contract. He worked in both Liege Belgium and in Paris France but I read the Tue.Tues were Liege built.

Tue is a French word meaning "killed" - making these the 'DEAD.DEAD Revolvers'.

Galand and his son made several different versions over the years from 1893 to 1935 .. but later models were made in .32" S&W and 7.65 Browning  (-.32" ACP) .

There was one iteration that had the barrel removed forwards to access the cylinder for reloading & a further version where the barrel hinged downwards to clear the cylinder ..

Yet a third and later iteration employed the more common 'swing-out' cylinder.

- I don't really know anything about these French-Belgian revolvers - but the business seems to have continued until 1942 ..

I feel strongly compelled to condemn this next advertising image as totally SEXIST and politically incorrect ..

- I only expose you to it's horror as I feel it likely that this French young lady may have a handlebar revolver in her grips:
JOUBERTS French Handlebar Pin-Fire Pepper Box (manually rotated).

- How come we don't get clever stuff like this any more? Marty K.

Monday, 4 November 2019

A Fairly 'Grave Matter' - Introducing Dr. Ning LI:

The answer to life and all that might perhaps be advanced by the ongoing? work of US Scientist Dr. Ning Li. - Doctor Li was interested in ANTI-GRAVITY.

After claiming to have made a discovery - she then poo-pooed the idea .. before leaving her research job to start her own science business operating with funding from the US Feds - DoD.

MOVEMENT & Travel might be revolutionised by such development - let alone military stuff like ballistics eh ..

Good explanation watching here:

- And read all there is about Dr. Ning Li who has sort-of disappeared ( .. a little bit) from the public's eyes:

Imagine "anti-gravity" space travel & anti-gravity guns ? .. go on. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Marty K.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

HALL'S M 1819 Rifle & M 1843 Carbine:

Hall's Breech-Loading design marks a significant advance from the then standard MUSKETS .. but  they don't seem to be at all well known .. they haven't been much lodged into 'The Halls Of Fame' for firearms eh ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.. There are multiple iterations and combinations of the 'Hall's' .. which is partly because these weapons were built right from the start with interchangeability of parts.

The flintlock M1819 Hall's Rifle was the first breech loading long arm adopted by the military in USA - and furthermore - the later Carbine version M1843 was also the first percussion ignited long arm adopted and issued by America.

As expected .. the Hall's were both praised and damned by the Officers of the day. The breech-loading design alone vastly increased the rifleman's rate of fire .. while the later combination with percussion cap ignition once again advanced the ease of fire while bringing greater reliability under stressful battlefield life .. BUT the breech loading design was imperfect in it's ability to seal and contain the gasses under pressure when firing - getting dangerously more leaky with wear over time.

One interesting feature of all Hall percussion firearms was that the entire breech-block could be removed and carried around as a very crude pistol - lethal at close range. - Many U.S. soldiers during the Mexican-American War commonly carried their loaded breech-block in their pockets when off duty - giving themselves added close quarter protection.

Hall's firearms were variously built in a range of bore sizes .. and issued as both smooth-bores and rifled versions - and as percussion-ignition & original flintlocks - many of which were subsequently converted to percussion fire.

Wikipedia as usual has a decent page on these:

- and here is a brief "Forgotten Weapons" show-&-tell video:

.. There was a BAD SMELL later around the 'HALL CARBINE AFFAIR' when during the American Civil War, John Pierpoint Morgan financed the purchase of 5,000 surplus rifles at $3.50 each, which were then sold back to the government for $22 each. - Quite a scandal ensued and this may have resulted in these arm's importance being deliberately historically neglected. - Shhhh ..

Marty K.

Friday, 1 November 2019


I recently learned that AUSTRALIA -  just across the Tasman Sea from little old New Zealand - is the FOURTH LARGEST International ARMS PURCHASER in the world.. I already knew that they are buying Drones and other advanced military stuff for their "defence forces".
This is the sort of thing that they may be getting:
Milrem Robotics Unmanned Ground Vehicle deployed publicly for the first time with the FN Herstal DeFNder Medium cupola, with a 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun ..
Really - Don't worry about it at all - 'cos robotics and artificial intelligence are the way of the future eh .. coming to your friendly local Government forces. - New Zealand has already reported buying unmanned vehicles from ROBOTEAM ..
I had seen this TFB post showing the machine gun Robots - immediately after spending nearly an hour trying to do the "ONLINE" BUYBACK registration for two wee Stirling .22" s/a rifles - PROHIBITED rabbit guns - only to have my application terminated at the completion because my F.Lic. had been "used previously" by someone .. (ME!).

- I then eventually managed to find-out that I should be able to use an earlier "Firearms Notification Number" for this second "Buy-Back" attempt .. after a further 10 minutes peeing about on the phone.

So - in case you haven't put two-&-two together to make twenty-two .. 

Our Governments are buying 'Unmanned Ground Vehicle' - "Killer Robots" for our "Defence Forces" - while our "Police SERVICE" is tooling-up with prohibited MSSAs and Three-Man Armed Vehicle Patrols .. while we .. lawful 'fit and proper' trained licensed sporting shooters are busily surrendering our sporting goods because we don't want to be thrown in prison by Police AOS raiders.

All is well with the world,

Marty K.