Monday, 8 August 2022

The Most Effective PIPSQEAK 22:

Please Please Please remember to tell your shooting mates DO NOT TO BUY ANY  LEVI"S  stuff. They & their boss are actively sponsoring anti-gun activities.

One of the longest lived old saws in the shooting worlds is that the .22 inch Rim-Fire Long Rifle cartridge is an ineffective "Pip-Squeak" of a round .. only fit for fun target practice on paper Bullseyes.

Hmm - Well I've watched a beef steer start for the freezer by dropping without a twitch - from a 'two-two' through it's skull, and I seriously don't make a habit of staring down that wee barrel hole.

The British authorities used some 3,300 Walther PP .22"s in 1970s Ireland - issued as the L66A1 Personal Defense Weapon - for undercover use and as take-home guns for security personnel.

British Army Walther PP - L66A1 .22 Rim-Fire.

Mossad - that world renowned Israeli team of some 7,000 operatives - for many years relied on the Beretta Model 70 & 71 two-two to decide the outcomes of various argumentative confrontations ..

Mossad's 'KIDON' & 'METSADA' units are rumored to have now changed over to 9mm sidearms - but I'd guess they have retained some rim-fire units for the quieter moments of death.

This same useful group uses silenced Ruger 10-22s to pacify individuals in a troublesome mob ..

Of course there are some clouds around to take the gloss off of this very affordable .22" round .. Nothing is ever perfect eh. The First issue is 'reliability' - in as much as there is a chance that an occasional round will fail to fire. - Some of the cheap loose-packed bulk ammo may have one or two rounds in every 100 that are DUDS so you need to train and practice with your gun at ejecting the dead round from it's action in a speedy manner.

Then in my experience not every BRAND likes to work properly and cycle every semi-auto efficiently. - This really does mean that you need to buy a packet of each type of long-rifle cartridge you might fancy and fire them through YOUR GUN before going back to the shop and buying a few 1,000 rounds to store ..

- This way you get to be comfortable and familiar with your piece and you get to pick the best feedstock for it. - I tend to choose a bulk low-cost brand for range time fun & training while I get a better quality brand for more serious use - when it counts.

You need to be aware that this wee round actually needs a STRONG firing pin strike to ignite through the metal of it's RIM.. Metal alloys are variably hard as used by manufacturers from batch to batch.

  • The IDF uses it as a mid-range system that is “less lethal" than military caliber rifles (5.56mm/7.62mm) and capable of hurting severely enough to stop them committing violence (throwing rocks or molotov cocktails). 
  • I used to own a bolt-action Anschutz two-two fitted locally with a full body silencer and I reckoned that it made less sound than a soft handclap on a crowded street ..
  • The regular debate in U S shooting media is "Can a .22" be used for self defense carry?"                                                                                                                                                       - Well it helps to fill the spaces between the full page adverts eh                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • But of course - You have to HIT what you are aiming at.
  • Marty K.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022


So the 'GOLD' Medals awarded at both Commonwealth & Olympic Games are as fake as politicians .. being made from gold plated 'Sterling Silver' - this silver alloy is itself 7.5% copper. Strange to say but both the Silver and Bronze tokens are actually still made from "silver" 92.5%:7.5% copper - and the 'Bronze' which is 88:12 Copper/Tin.

Can you spare a copper mate? Winners DO get a ribbon and a box to keep their tokens in.

Both "old money" Jacob Rees-Mogg & I are Poms born in Hammersmith London .. but I don't think that there is anything else that we share. - Where did he learn to talk that way - Eton & Oxford?

Mogg at Work in Parliament

One long-gone Laborite said of the Tories .."If You Are Selling Shoddy Stuff - You Have To Be A Good Salesman."

This staunch Welsh man also famously said ..

"So far as I am concerned TORIES are lower than vermin," 


You know something .. I just made this connection - Those people at the top are acting like they are Gods .. Watch this ..

These people are making SO MUCH REAL MONEY for such small effort - they think that they are super human GODS & above all scrutiny.

Such is their wealth that they don't want any of their subjects having access to guns in case they seek out justice and the return of some of their rights ..

Ah yes - those quotes I started with are from Nye Bevan in the '40s.

Marty K.


a thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality, feeling, etc.. 
a badge or favour worn to indicate allegiance to a particular person or party.  archaic
a word or object conferring authority on or serving to authenticate the speaker or holder.  archaic
a staff or other object given to a train driver on a single-track railway as authority to proceed over a given section of line. 
a voucher that can be exchanged for goods or services, typically one given as a gift or forming part of a promotional offer. 
done for the sake of appearances or as a symbolic gesture. 
denoting a member of a minority group included in an otherwise homogeneous set of people in order to give the appearance of diversity. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Do You Get The Difference (Private Enterprise v Predatory Capitalism)?

 Is it time to be angry yet? - Do you see wealth and power moving ever higher and being embedded into a shiny layer sitting way up over your head - while your children and their kids struggle to find somewhere to live?

The world's four biggest oil and gas companies have taken $1.99 trillion in profits in the past three decades.  - No wonder they have to price our fuel so carefully ..

Marketing - Public Relations - Propaganda and indeed Fascism - are all about FEELINGS - All want to pander to our emotions rather than respecting the truth. 

- Forget the facts - "Just tell 'em anything that they'd like to hear" ..

"Selling the SIZZLE - NOT THE STEAK"

New Zealand Police management and their tame politicians have spent the last several decades enacting regulations specifically designed to demonize lawful firearms owners - the single most worthy group of law abiding kiwis - turning them a new criminal underclass of pariahs.

As a compliant group of 240,000 citizens who have always respected the law - we are much easier to control than the troublesome & transient gang members.

If you were to stubbornly persist in harvesting wild food and trying to help control introduced feral animals by hunting - they are intent on making it so costly and complicated to meet licensing requirements that you will eventually abandon the effort needed to comply - and by default become a law breaker .. thus 'proving' their assertion that gun owners are undesirables.

The idea is one of UNEQUALITY .. some of us are more valuable than others.

We have let the skin on top of our custard get thicker & tougher while the jug below is filled with tasteless watery yellow slops .. - EVERY law that this tacky top layer imposes is designed keep the public cash flowing without friction into private contractor's pockets.

 "Entrepreneurs provide jobs and incomes for ordinary workers."  Nothing to do with taking maximum profit then.

& they don't want you being anyway independent or owning any guns. - Get your food plastic-wrapped from the Supermarket like the other workers.  Ordinary Kiwis need to accept being treated as a resource - like a field of cabbages, - just sit there quietly without decent housing or care, & pay-up for everything until 'they' are ready to cut & package you for market.

Have you had enough repression yet? .. Are you getting sufficiently peed-off ?

FASCISM: We think with the blood of out Nation.

- So what was BREXIT then? 

What was Trump's "Let's make America Great Again" about?

Housing Minister Megan Woods .. "Govt promises 8000 new homes as part of Infrastructure Acceleration Fund"

Failed  KIWIBUILD rehashed

A Trillion dollars is a million dollars - multiplied by a million. Or if you prefer, - a thousand billion dollars.


  • If you had gone into business on the day Jesus was born, and your business lost a million dollars a day, - day in and day out, 365 days a year, for 2,737 years it would take you until October 2737 to lose one trillion dollars.  
  • Time to consider a FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX . - An APTT (Automated Payment Transaction Tax) is the fairest form of wide based taxation that is possible .. which is why all the wealthy oppose it. - You might even replace VAT & GST by a much fairer APTT.  
  • Marty K.

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

FACTS trump LIES ..

In recent years - on numerous occasions - NZ Police managers and their Association President have repeatedly claimed that our criminal GANGS are being supplied with illicit firearms by dishonest and lax firearms owners. 

This spurious attempt to denigrate our fit & proper legitimate firearms owners - is their single main justification for wanting to establish a FIREARMS REGISTER.

Police Association President CAHILL.

Thursday .. Speaking with NZ Customs about New Zealand Gangs forming 'Global Networks' to import drugs, weapons and other illicit goods - Security analyst Dr Paul Buchanan from 36th Parallel Assessments said 

"The number of drug interceptions of all types fluctuate from year to year but have trended up overall from a low of 452 in the first quarter of 2011 to regularly peaking at more than a 1000 in a three-month period from 2016 onward."

"Between 2014 and September 2020, there were 5,887 firearms, 11,265 firearms parts and 220,063 other weapons picked up at the NZ border."

So, over this same period - How many guns were recorded as handed to gang members by legitimate Licensed shooters for gangs to use in crimes?


Marty K.

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Hera Cook Wants to BAN Advertising of Guns ..

 Hera Cook who calls herself 'Gun Control New Zealand' - was on RNZ National this Wednesday morning saying that gun dealers are advertising guns to "children and women" .. and it must be stopped

Mz Hera is world famous in NZ for her study & intimate knowledge of female genitalia - indeed she has published her writings .. but sadly she knows very little about firearms and their legitimate uses. - Cook doesn't let her ignorance limit her opinions as she just makes it up as she goes.

If the above link works you will hear her audibly sighing a lot - which is a sign of depression - In between her sighs she blames the police for publicly promoting gun crime with increased reportage implying increased gun crime - and irresponsible people for buying guns and passing them on to others.

Mz Hera will likely next want to renew & extend the 'Buy Back' to calling-in gun BOOKS for burning ..

I recommend she returns to scrutinizing women's pudenda to lift her spirits .. as that does seem to cheer-up around half of the population anyway.

Marty K.

Friday, 15 July 2022

ALTOR Single Shot Pistol:

Two years ago the ALTOR Single Shot handgun was shown to the world .. Well the American shooting world anyway. 

There really is nothing new about single shot pistols as the earliest of firearms were all 'single shot' and much ingenuity has been exercised over the last five hundred-plus years to develop repeating arms.

This derringer's standard barrel is 2.9 inches with the rifled bore stretching for 1.5 inches only.- The metal parts are Stainless Steel while the lightweight grip frame is made of Type 6 Nylon polymer containing 30% glass fiber.

I'd say that it would be unlikely that the New Zealand Police 'service' would agree to issuing import permits for this wee arm .. as their management's anti-lawful-gun prejudices are obvious - despite the fact that historically they were once persuaded to permit target shooting again here only using single shot target pistols ..

The Altor is a low cost simple gun intended as a 'back-up' or just-in-case emergency tool that can be kept in a fishing box or camping gear pack. As a firearm it might well serve as a humane killer "bolt-gun" for veterinary use - It can be bought in U S for around $100.

I really like the very basic spring-loaded trigger function whereby as the finger presses the trigger to the rear .. the angled ramp surface 'cams' the trigger-finger down and pushes it off the trigger face, releasing it to fly forward and the striker to hit the cartridge primer. 

Link here to a short video demonstration of the Altor:

Here are two reviews of the ALTOR Single Shot .. "surprisingly accurate" ..

Alex Malcom is the guy who dreamed-up this concept that is produced in Phoenix Arizona. ..

The Six Main Components of The ALTOR Nine:

 An impressively simple but sophisticated design using modern injection molding and CNC Machining technology for mass production. This pistol has two separate 'safeties' ..

Marty K.

Courier Business's Having An anti-gun 'Movement' ..

 The ANTI-GUN freak-out hysterics are spreading around our beautiful planet like a horrid monkey pox virus.

Every time another hate-filled killer slides past the under staffed Healthcare & Law Enforcement workers to kill his victims - the simple minded start shouting that they want guns banned. - Naturally whenever these voters get excited, the politicians seize the opportunity to stand before the cameras making more promises to the gullible.

American UPS now joins the screamers and has declared itself as no longer going to carry any firearms or parts. - I suggest that you remember their name along side Levi's jeans and Boycott them.

Here in New Zealand our Firearms Dealers have responded to parcel carriers refusing to move our gear - by setting-up their own courier network that is helping essential pest control and wild harvesting to continue.

Despite my hearing, eye-sight, and short term memory all deteriorating as I become an octogenarian - the UPS name joins with the killer BRENTON TARRANT & Levi's as trash to never be forgiven or forgotten..

These Dingbats calling for action against guns and basic civil rights are simple minds looking for simple answers to their problems.

The REAL answer to reducing violent crime is not simple ..

Improve MENTAL HEALTH Services as part of much needed increased funding for our National Health system. PAY OUR NURSES MORE.

Improve our LAW ENFORCEMENT by increasing the Police budget to allow proper training and recruitment and a return to local CRIME PREVENTION.

Improve our EDUCATION SERVICE with increased funding and PAY - to allow the introduction of CIVICS as a subject alongside properly taught fact based history & Driving Licenses etc.

Improve HOUSING availability so that ordinary working families have a place in life to LIVE.

Fund and build new Corrective Detention Facilities to keep the anti-social away from society until they learn to live properly.

Curtail the transfer of PUBLIC MONEY into private wealth by closing the many TAX LOOPHOLES & use the public money to benefit the public.

Introduce a FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX . - An APTT (Automated Payment Transaction Tax) is the fairest form of wide based taxation that is possible .. which is why all the wealthy oppose it. - You might even replace VAT & GST by a much fairer APTT.

Introduce a true Democratic Citizen's Upper House of JURORS - not power-seeking career politicians .. to oversee their Parliamentary activities.

- THAT will do for starters

Marty K.