Sunday, 8 December 2019

Militarising Of NZ Police:

Things are 'moving forward' very rapidly down here in "Clean Green New Zealand".

- First Police Commissioner Mike Bush announces on 18 October that three Armed Response Vehicles will be trialled in three separate locations ..

.. Then - on 9th December Police media centre releases news that Police have taken delivery of three covert armoured cars costing $1.23 million dollars - to coincidentally be deployed around New Zealand also to three locations.

- This is an interesting statement from the news release ..

The vehicles do not carry arms, however staff in the vehicles will be armed with Police firearms, as is standard practice for these specialist staff when they are deployed.

.. Very interesting if we remember the OIA reply to my question (about what they've got) - stating that Police hold .. 

74 x Firearms Capable Of Fully Automatic Fire - SUB-MACHINE GUNS.


.. and that they are already deploying "distraction devices" - Noise Grenades (26 November)..

Does this demonstrate a PR technique of drip feeding bad news so that it seems unconnected?

- What will this 'Traditionally UNARMED Police Service' announce next month? .. maybe they will repeat their suggestion that we ordinary citizens seek training in "empty hand" self defence?

Marty K.

NZ Police Buy Armoured Cars:


"Body armour for specialist Police vehicles "

New Zealand Police has taken delivery of three Armoured Special Purpose Vehicles.  The vehicles are unmarked and look like standard Toyota Land cruisers.
They are expected to become operational during December.
The vehicles have been fitted with ballistic – bullet proof and blast resistant – armour to provide specialist Police with greater protection when they are deployed to major national security events or high-risk firearms incidents.
They will not be used for patrol.

Friday, 6 December 2019

GUN RIGHTS Truth & Lies (& How It Matters):

Here in New Zealand there is the one select group of 250,000 people who have been found by the law enforcement agency to be so law abiding and trustworthy as to be permitted to own & use firearms - & these responsible citizens are now under strong political attack by their country's GOVERNMENT for having been issued a Firearms Licence and for daring to try to protect that right.

.. Unbelievable. - It is as if they (we) are being blamed for that shocking 'Mosque' terrorist mass murder.

- Currently NZ seems to be suffering increasing shootings by police officers - while in UK cities killings are peaking at two or three stabbing murders every day. Coincidentally both of these British nations are short of thousands of police officers.


.. Article 7 of our British AND New Zealand Bill Of Rights clearly states:
Bill of Rights 1688 (February 13).

" Subjects’ arms. That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions, and as allowed by law:"

- By the passing of the (NZ) Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 - the British Bill of Rights, unmodified, became part of New Zealand law.


If someone - maybe the leaders of a country - denies the facts about something important .. repeating that same lie at every opportunity .. even when others counter with proven facts - it becomes like a game where the biggest loudest most repeated single assertion becomes the winner. This is certainly what is happening in UK and USA in recent years. - People are becoming entrenched in their nonsense "beliefs" anyway.

The other aspect is .. that so many folk are too busy with their day-to-day living issues and soon forget any original "un-adjusted" reality.
NZ Minister of Police Nash:
This is how conditioning and "public relations" misinformation works. - Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes 'fact' .. in my experience that's how it works.

- Here's a couple of simple examples for you of how "marketing" persuasion works:

Did Sam Colt invent the revolver?   Factual Answer .. No - the earliest known revolver is in The Tower of London Armoury dated around 1680 .. 150 years before Colt.

When did Samuel Colt design the Colts Model 1873 SAA PEACEMAKER?  Factual Answer .. Never - William Mason designed it - eleven years after Colt's death.

W C Fields.

 - Politicians & business persons do & say anything that they can get away with to make take money from anyone else. "Never give a sucker an even break" WC Fields 1923 & 1936.

- Does it matter that you are lied to and treated like mushrooms?

.. Not much nowadays .. otherwise - you'd do something about it .. there seems to be plenty of individuals around who no longer care to distinguish between reality and their emotional preferences .. "what's the diff?"

Marty K.
PLEASE join & support COLFO and the FAIR & REASONABLE Campaign.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Ethen Allen's Best:

Two unrelated Ethan Allen people illuminate the turbulent history of America - the earlier Ethan Allen was a Revolutionary and land speculator of Vermont (1737-1789) while the second was a successful firearms designer and maker (1808-1871). They both are interesting to read about ..

The second Ethan Allen successfully built and developed a wide range of both percussion & cartridge guns and early cartridges over forty years - in partnership with various family members - Well done that man.

Allen's Patent 'Tube Hammer' Single Shot patent: 1837:

Allen "Bar Hammer" Single Shot Percussion :

.. so that "bar hammer" came down to the pepper-boxes from earlier.


Interesting 'Special' Spike.

I've done an earlier post about these 'pepperbox' guns. Link:

Allen & Wheelock Bar Hammer revolvers.

Allen & Wheelock  Side Hammer Revolvers.

Should you be in the mood for some good reading of many more types of Ethan Allen's guns .. you'll do well to find Wikipedia's page on this man .. 

.. funny thing but having researched this maker - I really like the style & design of his bar hammers and the side hammer revolvers

- then there is also the entry for the adventure filled life of the earlier "Revolutionary" man.

Marty K.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Buck & Ball - The Fighting 69th:

The U.S. Union Army's  IRISH BRIGADE  was often referred to as the "Fighting 69th" .. but it's a bit of a coincidence that their preferred weapon during the Civil war years was the Springfield Model 1842 .69" caliber smooth-bore musket using Buck and Ball.

At ranges out to 200 yards - the percussion smooth bore Buck & Ball load made more hits than rifled muskets using the Minie Ball - so there was good reason for the Irish Brigade to retain their dated smooth bores.

- Under some circumstances 'smooth-bore' is actually better than rifled ...?

Nothing is ever simple - (despite politicians always choosing the the easiest short-term action) - the lighter round balls had a greater muzzle velocity/energy than Minie balls - but those heavier conical Minie rounds retained higher energy at longer ranges.

- Since 1907 and to this day - the Fighting 69th continues as a unit of the New York National Guard.

Winchester's PDX1 12 gauge load features three 00-buck copper plated pellets over a one-ounce slug. 
I wonder how our oppressive NZ Police hierarchy might regard such cartridges - are these to be PROHIBITED as 'duplex loads' .. or accepted as lawful "shot loads'? - They might of course decide to switch from time to time between rulings - on an irregular whim basis.

- either way .. how would they enforce such a pointless ruling? (outside of Import restriction)

Those of us who proudly hold our Irish ancestry will recall that The 69th New York Militia first gained notoriety prior to the Civil War, - when Colonel Michael Corcoran refused to parade the regiment before the EnglisPrince of Wales during the latter's visit to New York City. - Plans to court martial him were eventually dropped .. as his fighting ability was needed by the Union side .. thus confirming that rules were ever meant to be ignored when convenient.

Marty K.

Friday, 29 November 2019

What's a 'RUPERTINOE" Cannon Then?

Well for starters .. the name "RUPERTINOE" is a typical British cock-up - in that it's a mistake when copying what was actually written into one guns surface ' RUPERT inv '.

But there you go .. "give a dog a bad name" and "Rupertinoe" it is ..

 Designed by Prince Rupert of the Rhine 1619-1682, an experienced naval commander and senior admiral of the Royal Navy - the gun was intended for use against the Dutch during the Anglo-Dutch Wars.
The Rupertinoe was a high specification, annealed and lathe turned gun made experimentally - at Rupert's foundry at Windsor Castle - reflecting his scientific interests in metallurgy— he was the third founding member of the Royal Society.
He had the cast iron guns heat treated so that the bore might be precisely turned or machined to have a reduced windage so that the cannon balls fit more closely and didn't bounce about so much as they accelerated up the barrel and flew on towards their target. 
This design is notable for having a reduced diameter truncated cone powder chamber and possibly .. the bores were engineered to tighten-up as the ball nears the muzzles.
These machined cannon were lighter and superior to most others of the day .. but they cost much more to produce .. so soon fell out of favour.
Links to very good information:

- Now of course you all are thinking .. "Where's the pictures?"

Here's your homework for today. - If you can find any true image of a Rupertinoe or even those iterations made by John Browne that are called 'DRAKES' - I've got more than one bottle of Irish Whiskey or even a single Malt whisky that I am happy to share with you up here in the Canterbury hills of New Zealand.

The below images are said to be of a John Browne demi-culverin  DRAKE cannon found in Bermuda West Indies 2009:

.. it may (or may not) be a kind of Rupertinoe .. funny stuff history.

Marty K.

- I blame it all on the Chinese (Song dynasty) eh.(They started all this GUN stuff)

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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Majority Support for Gun Rights? - I Don't Think So:

You gotta be dreaming eh .. at least down here in New Zealand. - My guess would be that right now - 95% plus of ordinary Kiwis are traumatised and fear and strongly feel that guns should be Banned.

Prior to March 15th when that Australian killer videoed & live-streamed himself shooting a hundred Muslims in Christchurch .. killing 51 - that antagonism may have been a little less - at perhaps 80% ..

People here and all around the world are rightly aghast and shocked by such a hate-filled assault on a minority grouping. - I am horrified and feeling close to guilty.

Can you start to try to feel the pain, horror, grief, personal loss, & fear of the survivors?

I personally know one F.Licence holder who has now become strongly ANTI-GUN.

- I understand that it is natural that some folk blame THE GUNS for the killing - as that murdering scum used guns to express his hatred .. the "Media" have a strong influence on what people believe.

CONDITIONING works by repetition - if you are told something ten times your sub-conscious mind will accept that input - even if at the conscious level you know it is incorrect.

You see the same ADVERTISEMENTS on television four times an hour .. it's a brainwashing technique that the marketing experts KNOW will influence your mind & your purse.

- Consider this prospect. The typical city dweller aged thirty-five will have been exposed to negative criminal firearms violence on TV, and in the movies perhaps three times every day for the 32 years since she learned to speak .. do the math  .. 32x 365x 3 = 35,040 times. - That's an absolute minimum that takes no account of any extra printed exposure or instruction by educators.

- Approaching 68% of the worlds folk live in urban environs .. 82% of North Americans.
- The UK's 67 Million live in cities & towns while only 0.5m live in the countryside - To most of these co-polymerised concrete inmates .. GUNS EQUAL VIOLENT CRIMINAL ACTS.

One lovely friend - a "true believer" - was saying to me only the other day - that guns mean that all you've got to do is point one ..and people will be dead. - He has zero experience or knowledge about firearms .. BUT HE 'KNOWS' THAT THEY ARE EVIL.
.. Rational fact based argument won't work to counter these emotional perceptions - I'm attempting to steer him into an enjoyable personal range visit .. a long term project.

To even neutralise the conditioning - 35,040 x 'GUNS = BAD' you must need more than the same amount of positive emotional events .. am I missing something here?
- How can you persuade anyone - who's factory farm meat arrives oven-ready in a sealed plastic presentation pack .. that you need a sporting firearm?

This is going to require a costly & unified PR campaign.

Please join and support COLFO's FAIR & REASONABLE Campaign.

Marty K.
.. I've signed-up to Patreon. - after five years writing now you can send me a wee support - starting from $1 - for all this stuff from exotic New Zealand  .. yes most everything here is indeed EXOTIC .. apart from those interesting native birds eh.