Friday, 15 March 2019

Christchurch Terror Killings:

Friday marked a tragic & wicked waste of human life in my home city of Christchurch. - An Australian born white-supremacist vicious killer filmed himself killing peaceful women and children in their place of community religious observance. 

.. May this scum rot in prison for the rest of his days - however if I had the legal power - I would be more than ready to shorten those days & swiftly execute him.

Firearms Law:

BOHICA ..  I actually met a workers trade union delegate years ago who paid for that personal plate for his car - he asked if I knew what it meant - and I was able to recite the unionists cry
"Bend Over Here It Comes Again"

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has already announced changes to national firearms laws that will ban "automatic weapons"

Just what form these changes will take will be revealed soon .. but I doubt that they will be well advised or effective at stopping international terrorism.

Marty K.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Gun Powder Tea - British East India Company:

The British East India Company was a "business" set-up by wealthy merchants and aristocrats way back in 1600 by a 'Royal Charter' from Queen Elizabeth I ... to "trade".

In 1588 the poms had defeated the Spanish Armada and captured many Spanish & Portuguese ships with rich cargoes .. what to do with all this capital and invasive power? - Why not lets get together and see what we can plunder in the East Indies. - God bless The Queen -  Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah.

This "trading" involved pushing out Dutch & French interests from various parts of the world so that English adventurers could take anything they wanted from the locals and sell it for profit back home.

The Company naturally met with opposition to their overseas activities - and in a typical English way developed private armies to secure territory. Logically this use of force by military means led to the East India Company controlling most of the Indian sub-continent and South-East Asia with a private army of around 260,000 men at its peak .. all for private profit.

 Following the INDIAN REBELLION in 1857 the British Crown took over the enterprise's activities leading to establishment of The British Raj.
Tea or Coffee - The British Raj Wasn't Fussy
- As Long As It Was Served.

This expansive era in "British India" led to the use of lots of gunpowder and to the establishment of the Indian Ordnance Factories from 1775 .. But Gunpowder Tea is something else - a Chinese style of green tea where the leaf is rolled into pellets that explode and unroll when steeped in hot water.
In the 1830s The British East India Company, concerned at the growth of Chinese tea in Britain - started tea plantations in India using native Indian plants from Assam,. They managed to take 90% of the British market away from China and this trade was also encouraged in India by tea-breaks and chai wallahs selling spiced masala chai refreshments on the expanding Indian railways network.
I read that a widely used tea in India is a curled granulated Assam black tea called Mamri Tea (gunpowder tea?) and this is blended with cardamon & ginger and other spices to make a sweet milky drink. - Buffalo milk is traditional - as is also the use of brown palm sugar (jaggery) locally - but condensed sweetened tinned milk is lately popular for making both sweets and beverages.
- That is a well known image of Teddy Roosevelt with John Muir on a wilderness camping trip in 1903 discussing nature conservation.

.. Interesting how our lifestyle habits are influenced by "Trade" eh,

Marty K.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

New Zealand Shooters Organizations:

There is airborne CRAP flying .. and it's coming our way.

The old "No smoke without fire.." syndrome is all around New Zealand right now.

Just about every ANTI-GUN group has been sticking up their wrinkled necks into the air over the last ten years .. and they can smell that their time is now .. with a well meaning LABOUR PARTY led Government polishing the benches of power.

Our problem is that shooters as a group tend to be independent self reliant individuals and reluctant to join hands with any different style of trigger squeezer. BUT WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO UNITE INTO ONE BODY WITH ONE VOICE.

We are told that there are some 240-250 THOUSAND Licensed Shooters in New Zealand - and you'd think that there are nearly as many small shooters groups, associations & organizations.

- Talk about "Herding Cats" ..

I hate to consider how few of those 240,000 gun owners are members of any group.

Target Pistol Shooters are of course ALL members of Pistol New Zealand .. they have to be by Police regulation to get a 'B' Cat Endorsement - and most endorsed licensed Collectors will be members of The Antique Arms Association also.

- Don't any of you for one second dream that a democratic electorate is going to defend our gun ownership rights.

I know several lovely people - including family members - who are seriously frightened .. even phobic about GUNS - offer them a gun to handle and they shrink back in fear.

For decades 'THE MEDIA' have conditioned the couch surfers and voters to strongly link firearms with gangs, drugs, and violent crime. That means that you also are perceived in that way too in their heads.

In the next few months there will be more moves completed to impose ever more restrictive and very expensive deterrent rules. - If we are not united we will certainly sink separately.

Our shooters groups must combine into one NATIONAL ASSOCIATION to be heard .. including the Dealers.

Are you listening SSANZ, COLFO, Deerstalkers Assoc, Handloaders, Small-Bore Shooters, Pistol NZ, NZAHAA, Full-Bore Shooters, Sporting Clay Shooters, NZ Mountain Safety Council, NZ Service Rifle Assoc, Auckland Rifle Assoc, SIKA Foundation, NZ Cartridge Collectors Club, & Arms Dealers etc? - We need to pay for a united and well funded National Body now.

Marty K.

Monday, 11 March 2019

A Load of Old Musket Balls:

Wikipedia says this about the word 'MUSKET':

"According to the Etymology Dictionary, firearms were often named after animals, and the word musket derived from the French word mousquette, which is a male sparrowhawk. - An alternative theory is that derives from the 16th century French mousquet, -ette, from the Italian moschetto, -etta, meaning the bolt of a crossbow. The Italian moschetto is a diminutive of mosca, a fly."
1664 image

("Guns" are so called from an anglo-latin 14th century woman's name 'GUNHILDA')

So we are talking about stuff that can be seriously old. - I'm continuously amazed at how much firearms & ammo related relics are discovered by treasure hunters in Europe .. Nicole White who "mudlarks" on Youtube - mostly under the banks of London's River Thames is constantly recovering both fired & unfired small arms ammunition from the slimy mud - some 70 to a hundred years old.

But when these guys go into the fields and forests using metal detectors they often collect musket balls together with coins and other ancient finds.

Museum archeologists don't like it when treasure hunters find stuff without recording and mapping it's exact locations - as they claim that history is being destroyed .. but without the devoted hobby searchers the finds wouldn't be discovered in the first place.

There is just so much of this stuff found that you'd have to wonder at how much deadly warfare has been fought throughout Europe in the last 500 years.

Any doubts that we humans can be and are often violent killers would have to be dismissed by psychological experts. The evidence is everywhere.

- Here's a link to an archeologists historic viewpoint:

To fossick in Londons River you must have a Port Of London Authority PERMIT:

Thames foreshore access including metal detecting, searching and digging.

Anyone wishing to search the tidal Thames foreshore in any way for any reason must hold a current foreshore permit from the Port of London Authority.
Searching includes all such activities including searching; metal detecting; digging, or ‘scraping’

Type of Permits

The PLA issues two types of foreshore permits.
  • Standard - allows digging to a depth of 7.5 cm (for all new applicants)
  • Mudlark - allows digging to a depth of 1.2m
The Mudlark permit is only issued to members of the Thames Mudlark Society. To apply for membership  you must meet certain criteria, held a Standard Permit for two years  and have a record of reporting finds to the Museum of London.

(WARNING: Water may be wet.)

Marty K.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Soldiers Fought on Condensed MILK Field Rations:

Union soldiers fought the bitter 1861 US Civil War for five long years. - In between being missed by Minie Balls they were nurtured by canned milk from their Field Rations .. a typical 300 ml can contains 1,300 calories (5440 kJ), 28 grams each of protein and fat, and more than 200 grams of carbohydrate.

Here I have to fess-up that one reason I weigh over 100 kg is because I LOVE the taste of condensed milk. - Yeah I do know that it is not good nutrition for anyone carrying a triple bypass 😅..keep taking the pills eh.
- Sure there was salt pork or beef, beans & peas, coffee, hard-tack bread'n'weevils - and compressed desiccated vegetables - but I'm betting that the boys grumbled much less about their sticky canned milk than the other salty stuff.
Canned foods in metal containers were developed from Napoleons need in 1795 to feed his troops but strange to tell - canned foods were used for more than 30 years before can openers were invented.

Preserved meats first came in sealed glass jars - but once can openers were freely available - canned meats helped improve even working family's food range.

Both Condensed Milk and Evaporated Milk are preserved sterilized milk with up to 60% of the water removed - but the sweetened sticky condensed milk has around 40% plus SUGAR added .. Mmm YUMMY.

Mind you - I'm catching-on that the cheap 'Own Brand' condensed cow is much more runnier and spillable (What a fecking sticky mess) - as if it's been stretched with considerably more water.

 - I use sticky cow's fat in my coffee as the so called fresh milk goes chalky & rancid in the fridge long before I can use half of it. - I guess I should suck my caffeine black and healthy .. but I can't hack it without the fattening additives (- both black coffee and Guinness are real 'men's drinks' eh).

While I'm picking-on "milk" .. you do realize that the dairy factories' industrially separate off all the 'cream' (fat) before remixing it back for whatever grade of emulsion they prefer to market?
Perhaps I Should Try a splash of EVAPORATED Milk in a Guinness?
(Milk Stout?)

Marty K.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

.22 R/F New Ammo Tech From CCI:

 CCI  Copper-22 is claiming muzzle velocity of 1,850 feet per second .. I guess that would have to be from a full length rifle barrel with it's 21 grain copper-polymer 'compressed' bullet.
And now they are offering two further CLEAN offerings that eliminate lead fouling in your actions and barrels .. loads that use 40 grain projectiles coated in polymer .. but of course if you were using the copper-polymer bullets there's no lead anyway.

The subsonic at 1,070 ft.per.sec. are colored blue - while the 1,235 ft.per.sec. high velocity rounds are red.
 CCI   CLEAN-22 

They are pricing these in the US market at around 10 cents each - so that suggests 20 NZ cents each by the time they've been thrown into a container addressed to us lot.

I've been moaning - about nothing much new happening in the shooting game - but if this 'two-two' stuff does as claimed it'll count for something eh .. 1,850 feet per second is something for a pea rifle to boast about - even if the slug is a bit low mass.

Hornady are claiming 1,000 ft.per.sec. from their 45 grain CRITICAL DEFENSE 22 WMR rounds .. optimized for low muzzle flash from handguns.
- It may well be the bee's knees out of a thirty round Kel-Tec PMR-30

Marty K.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Accuracy re. Bullet Seating, Distortion etc:

I've just read online a great experimental story about how and why seating 9mm projectiles crookedly into their cases - effects group sizes on target.

- Like that writer Brad Miller  - I guess that most thinking shootists would say that it's obvious that wonky bullets will fly wonkily and fail to go 'straight to the heart-of-the-matter'.


Well no - this well researched - carefully tested story - found the exactly opposite result.

.. 9mm Bullets deliberately seated crooked into the brass gave the best accuracy results.

Link to the American HANDGUNNER story:

It's a well tested story & well worth the read .. however - I have previously looked at reports written about what happens to bullets when they are HAMMERED from the rear by the explosive acceleration forces of firing ..

Again - if you think about it - nobody is surprised that when a bullet impacts into some substance at the terminal end of it's flight .. it's residual energy causes it to deform and even expand. - But all the energy that the bullet has .. was first slammed into it's backside at the moment of ignition-acceleration BEFORE & AS it entered it's barrel .. how come that didn't deform it? - well of course it did.

When a bullet is subject to massive pressure & acceleration on firing - it's metal becomes as plastic as putty.
- here is my favorite photo of a .38" Special projectile collected after firing without a barrel:
Projectiles are re-shaped as they are driven up the barrel and one writer says that they don't settle-down or stabilize until after approx 10 inches of travel. - The base accelerates before the nose and forces the in-between metal to expand outwards into the grooves & lands shape as far as possible - only then fully transmitting that acceleration to the nose area.

It's mind-boggling stuff to think about eh .. but it doesn't 'upset' me that these huge forces can result in strange or unexpected effects. Check-out my earlier pieces about this:

My under-bond cargo store-man, non ballistician guess is that the huge pressures at firing will overwhelm any small size & shape imperfection or alignment deviation at the close ranges for handguns .. as long as the gun is strong enough not to go KABOOM.

- Here's a thought - considering the soft 'plastic' bullet having to leap from a revolver cylinder-chamber across the cylinder-gap and into the rear entrance of a barrel ... what condition will the two .22 WMR bullets be in when they pop-out side-by-side of the very short 1.25 inch barrels of Standard Manufacturing's S-333?

.. Here's another ridiculous thought: - What would you get in the way of expansion or "bullet set-up" if you fired a .30" caliber bullet up a barrel that taper-expanded progressively from the chamber e.g. .312" to .45" caliber in its first one or two plus inches before going parallel bored - and then you caught these slugs in a suitable medium? .. more powder .. PUT IN MORE POWDER! ..

Marty K.