Saturday, 15 May 2021

Big Bore's For Close Work:

.577"-.600" Tranter "STOPPER" Revolver & Cartridges. - Now that was a gun ..
400 grains @ around 725 feet per second .. WHACK 

The other day I read "Shooters are an interesting bunch - if you ask two of them what is the best caliber .. you'll get at least three opinions". 

Progression of the large bore STOPPERS  .. Big bores seem to stick around with handgun preferences - whereas rifle calibers have somewhat tightened-up as technology permitted the velocities to rise. 




Howda 4x barrel

Webley 'BBD' - British Bull-Dog revolver

Snubby d/a Revolver.

O/A length 6.75 inch ..

The Glock G29 10mm Auto below is 177mm - nearly 7 inches long (6.97")
- Way back in the late 1860's there was an improved version of the Webley BBD known as the ULSTER Bull-Dog that had an extra inch of grip frame brazed-on for Braddell & Son of Belfast - for better control .. in similar logic to the modern Glock 19X  & G45.
ULSTER Bull-Dog version of The Webley.
A Decent Grip Does Make a Difference.

Please don't ask me for my opinion about big bore versus high velocity 
- as I used to be indecisive but now I'm not sure ..

- What I am sure about is that those big lumps of lead did the job - as also do properly designed modern pistols .. provided either is directed to a vital area, - my second certainty is that any gun that blasts the shooters senses and then recoils so sharply as to hurt her-his hands will deter practice and the accurate placement of bullets .. which is key for results - But well done to all those 'Real Men' who love their 44 Magnums - they probably also drink Guinness.

I have shot-tried a few big-uns - but the only ones I liked & got any good with was my 10 MM Auto Glock 20's (& my black-powder Ruger Old Army .45 revolvers) and that was likely because the grip and trigger reach matched my hands.

.. You'll get a better idea of my 'expertise' when I confess that I find the "easier to control" .40"S&W guns unpleasantly SNAPPY to my taste - whereas I was fine with the full sized 10mm Glock 20.

My Black-Powder Big Bore ROA is Pleasantly SOFT To Shoot
 - With 35 Grains of Powder.

That's life .. We are all different eh ..

Ruger 'Alaskan' 44 Magnum 
.. Same bore as a Ruger Old Army but VERY different energy

Marty K.

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Porkie Pies Again?

 I'm unsure which way to bounce on this - as NZ Police are boasting that they have found & seized 350 illegal firearms plus 2 1/2 MILLION DOLLARS in Cash in ..

"Police Operation focused on preventing firearms getting into the hands of criminals"

Link to police Press Release:

Now I don't wish to be a 'Doubting Thomas' here but if this weapons recovery is totally factual .. why have they not arranged these foul weapons onto white sheeting and released the dramatic photographic images?

- But even more serious - Assistant Commissioner: Investigations, Lauano Sue Schwalger. says that they have arrested 378 in relation to firearms offences.

Now that's 378 armed dangerous criminals claimed as arrested in connection with possession of deadly weapons .. so where have they detained them? - When did they build the new prisons to hold this large number of potentially vicious offenders.

.. "organised crime and gun violence on whānau"

"we are united and committed to achieving our mission to mitigate the effect of organised crime and gun violence on whānau and communities.”

I'd truly like to congratulate our police Management for the difficult & dangerous tasks achieved by our front-line police workers when locating & arresting these armed criminals .. But I wonder how safe are the local whanau if these armed nutters have been returned once again into their homes in the neighborhoods?

Marty K.

Strange 80's Revolver AND Ammunition:

and Strange People doing Strange Things:

The RG 14 .22" Saturday Night Special:

- Forty years ago March 30 1981 mentally-ill obsessive John Hinckley tried to raise his attractiveness & image with actor Jody Foster by attempting to shoot President Ronald Reagan.

There is a whole series of strangeness exposed by this event .. I'll try to be clear with the sorry tale.

1/- Hinckley himself was a strange nut-job who thought that he could make a movie star love him by becoming a murderer.

2/- After NOT charging the insane Hinckley with the murder of Press secretary James Brady - U S authorities eventually released him from psychiatric confinement in 2016.

3/- The would-be killer chose a rubbish  "RG-14" or "Rohm RG14") .22 Long Rifle double-action revolver that was a notoriously unreliable "Saturday Night Special" - bought from Rocky's pawn shop in Dallas .. But

4/- Hinckley loaded the gun with "DEVASTATOR" exploding bullets produced by Bingham ..

5/- He fired off all six rounds AND the gun actually worked six times .. But

6/- Only one round seems to have 'exploded' as they were supposed to.

As is often the case in U S the facts may be disputed .. Hinckley called the bullets he purchased "Stingers" . It took the FBI some time to conclude that the bullets were .22 caliber Devastators. In fact, even though they supposedly had both Hinckley and his weapon, it took them some time to deduce that a .22 weapon was used in the shootings. They first claimed it was a .38. There is little believable evidence that Hinckley fired Devastator bullets from his weapon.

7/- Three Books, Five Movies and One Broadway Musical have been produced featuring the assassination attempt. - Only in America?

8/- The attempt had great benefit for Reagan's popularity; polls indicated his approval rating rose to be about 73%. - Reagan believed that God had spared his life so that he might go on to fulfill a greater purpose.

9/- It was the sixth & last bullet fired that ricocheted off the car and hit the President - who together with any of the Secret Service team .. was not wearing the usual bullet Proof vest.


The hollow tips of the 'Devastator' bullets are modified to accept inserted aluminium percussion caps containing Lead Azide and sealed into place with lacquer. Such explosive tipped projectiles undoubtedly work when fired at hard surfaces such as steel plate .. but the short barreled one and three-quarter inch Rohm revolver is said to maybe have not achieved the 900 ft per sec velocity needed for detonation.

Marty K.

Lead azide is highly sensitive and usually handled and stored under water in insulated rubber containers. It will explode after a fall of around 150 mm (6 in)  - it has immediate deflagration to detonation transition (DDT), meaning that even small amounts undergo full detonation (after being hit by flame or static electricity).

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Thermette, Benghazi Boiler, Storm-Kettle, Ghillie, 'Kelly' - and VOLCANO .. A Gem by any Name.

 I like quality old stuff - I really enjoyed reading the 1977 HANDGUNNER Magazine that Greg Ellifritz posted in his Weekend Knowledge Dump .. those old articles were well detailed in their content.  

- I recently bought another old 'Thermette' that seems to be an early heavy tinned model that cost three times as much as the 'Standard Model' back in 1929 New Zealand.

Guaranteed to rapidly boil enough water for 14 cups of tea - the standard copper unit sold for 8 Shillings & 9 pence while the Tinned Model was 27/6d. - I guess families were bigger back then and the kids couldn't refuse hot drinks by saying they only drank sugar syrup & phosphoric-acid cola ..

A short kiwi history to be found here:

This efficient design was patented in New Zealand in 1929 .. but the Kelley family of western Ireland have also built them for generations there - and the design was made and used by gypsy traveling tinsmiths there since the 1800's - and similar styled SAMOVARS are widely known in Russia and Asia going back for perhaps 4,000 years of tea brewing.

Auckland City and Harbor sits upon a volcanic field
 of approx 53 VOLCANOES .. Currently dormant.

I'm getting a bit of a collection of these fellers as I really like copper metal and enjoy the outdoors plus I like the idea of having a cuppa when I survive the next big earthquake eh.

You can get a cooking grill or ring to mount above the chimney making a multi-purpose unit .. but you'd need to be careful about stability when putting heavy pans on top.

I get the impression that some designs may have been made at the railway workshops in the old days - plus the odd plumber may have been a little creative on his quite times ..

- New units are running at nz$200 plus nowadays .. wow I got a bargain with my latest buy. 

 The recent pronouncement that there is a 75% risk here of the Southern Alpine Fault letting-go with a huge EARTHQUAKE in the next 50 years makes a strong argument for prepping to cope with serious disruption to normal life:


Marty K.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Defending NZ Shooter's Rights:

 My last post -

'Who Is Defending NZ Shooters Rights?'

.. Has to some extent done what I hoped for. - I have received TWO demands for an APOLOGY and a call for my resignation from SSANZ.

I have happily APOLOGIZED for any & ALL PERSONAL OFFENCE caused to readers of my 'call to arms' .. but I have refused to RESIGN - and I have challenged that committee officer to THROW ME OUT if he has that ability.

I REPEAT my call for our disparate SHOOTERS ORGANIZATIONS TO UNITE and take legal action via Writ of Mandamus against NZ Police Management.

PLEASE JOIN SSANZ now and support any move to defend the lawful ownership and use of firearms in New Zealand - while we retain that current right.


Marty K.

Monday, 26 April 2021

Who Is Defending NZ Shooters Rights?

 15 March 2019: When the Australian racist murderer Brenton Tarrant shot and killed those innocent victims during Friday prayers in Christchurch New Zealand he was caught 'red handed'. He even videoed his awful slaughter. 


Our Politicians saw fit to blame New Zealand's fit and proper Licensed Firearms Owners for Tarrant's disgusting acts. They wanted to be seen as DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The NZ politicians have so far introduced 3 ongoing TRANCHES of new ANTI-GUN LAWS that prohibit and punish the uppermost strata of New Zealand's law abiding citizens .. those who have clearly demonstrated that they are respectful responsible folk.

New Zealand's Police management have introduced hundreds of pages of new restrictions and REGULATIONS to apply to licensed firearms users - who are innocent of any crime.

They blamed it on the guns - and their law abiding owners.

.. this despite the published findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry blaming police for negligence when granting the killer his license and permits. - It's all on the record.

So what have New Zealand's Shooters Organizations done for their members - The people to whom we pay annual membership subscriptions to be represented?


What has The Shooters Federation done?

What has Sporting Shooters Association New Zealand done?

What has Coalition Of Licensed Firearms Owners done?

What has The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Inc done?

What has 'Pistol New Zealand Inc' done?

What has 'National Rifle Association of New Zealand' done?

What has New Zealand Clay Target Association done?

What has New Zealand Antique And Historic Arms Association Inc done?

.. and all the various other committees and clubs - WHAT HAVE THEY DONE with their membership's fees to defend their memberships? .. SWEET F*CK ALL.

We don't need MORE clubs, groups or organizations .. we need the existing ones to come together as one ..

Each of New Zealand's disparate shooters & gun owners organizations has done exactly what their worthy Presidents & Secretaries want to do .. nothing - they have put thousands of dollars of their members money into bank accounts for a 'rainy day' ..

What they haven't done is meet together to combine their funds and resources to TAKE UNITED ACTION to defend New Zealand's shooting sports & SHOOTERS RIGHTS.

They could take High Court Action - e.g.  a WRIT OF MANDAMAS on The Commissioner of Police, - requiring him to stop punishing shooters by cancelling their F.Lic. because police failed to renew it within 30 days. - Or requiring The Commissioner to cease denying the basic human Right to own & use firearms as laid-out in the NZ Bill of Rights. - Or they might seek an Order requiring The Commissioner to stop denying the basic human rights of SELF DEFENCE to licensed firearms owners by police regulation as stated in the Firearms Code .. Or all three.

.. Instead they have done the same thing as the politicians - police - & so many other top people in this country do ..



That smell drifting around your location isn't a dead rat under the shed .. It's the stench of corrupt lazy "leaders" sitting at the troughs - too lazy to get off their ass and do what is necessary.

Marty K.

The purpose of mandamus is to remedy defects of justice. It applies in the cases where there is a specific right but no specific legal remedy for enforcing that right. 

Sunday, 25 April 2021


 Nobody knows how many guns there are in America .. so who can guess at the whole planet?

The best estimate for firearms in USA is somewhere between 200 to 390 MILLION .. but new sales last year 2020 alone were 39,695,315 - that's nearly 40 Million more in one year.

Please also note that U S figures do not include muzzle-loading non-cartridge guns as being firearms.

In USA - My .44" Caliber Ruger Old Army Doesn't Even Count As A Firearm:

According to the Small Arms Survey there are more than one billion firearms in the world and the majority are owned by ordinary people. It estimates that 85% are in civilian hands, 13% are in military arsenals and 2% are owned by law enforcement agencies.

My estimate would be that of all the civilian gun shots fired in the world 98% are fired at inanimate objects such as paper targets, steel plates, empty cans & pumpkins - with millions of clay discs added plus some wild harvesting & pest control.

- Those arms issued to law enforcement will even be unlikely used to stop a criminal person's activity by killing them.

If civilian gun ownership were an issue as imagined by the GUN BANNERS the figures would show it leading the unnatural death rate instead of  Poisoning, Opioid Misuse, - Traffic Deaths, - Accidental falls - and Suicide.

However NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would do well to note that every year since the end of World War Two at least one MILLION lives have been taken by Government Military actions throughout our beautiful planet .. EVERY YEAR.

Ms Ardern will of course be well aware of the activities of our own 'Defense Forces' overseas.

It is GOVERNMENT owned small-arms and larger ordnance that are the issue that the fearful should be opposing rather than civilian owned sporting arms.

The banners may well need to fear the carrying of high capacity weapons by our poorly trained and UNLICENSED police employees.

Marty K.