Monday, 6 April 2020

Lock-Down Social Distancing Bollocks:

David Clark, Minister of Health
 - Enjoys The New Zealand Outdoors Despite COVID-19 Lock-down:

There seems consistently to be a surplus of professional fundamentalist Christians at the upper levels of the New Zealand Administration who believe that their closeness to Jesus enables them to ignore regulations & law in favour of their own beliefs. - Health Minister Clark is also a Presbyterian Minister who studied Christian Theology at two Universities.
This self classified government  IDIOT has been chastised by Prime Minister Jacinda for ignoring emergency pandemic restrictions and is quote "disappointed with myself".

Trouble is .. there are many other idiots in positions of power and trust here in New Zealand.

According to Police .. The Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, has issued a Health Notice that provides additional guidance on the rules around the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 to ensure its success and help move the country out of lock-down as soon as possible ..

"We need to be extra vigilant to move out of Alert Level 4 as soon as possible, and Police have all the powers they need to make sure people not following the rules are dealt with,” Dr Bloomfield said."



March 30:
Police have today launched a new online form which the public can use to report COVID-19 Alert Level 4 restriction breaches.The online form can be found at - It can be used to report isolation breaches or cases of businesses continuing to operate when they are not part of the essential workforce. Police Commissioner Mike Bush urged people to use the online form instead of calling Police.
Marty K.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Attack Response - Self Defence:

When you are attacked - be it by a virus or by other persons .. you have options on how to respond ..

You might follow police advice for New Zealanders and lie-down or backup until you may be able to run away screaming - provided your attacker hasn't disabled you - or you can resist the attack with every ounce of aggressive resource you have to hand and never give-up.

- If your decision is that you'd rather die than forcefully resist (as has been said to me by several UK folk) that is your choice & you might kit-out your kitchen with pointless blunt knives - short-pronged forks,- soft plastic plates and foods squished into laminated pouches rather than hard cans or glass containers.

However .. the rest of natural life on our beautiful planet reacts to attack by resisting - for example try removing a calf from a Highland Cattle beast.
or maybe from a fellow ape ..

If your mindset is to resist attack - right now you will have a well stocked pantry with plenty of fresh veggies & fruits plus anti-viral foods like garlic, onion, turmeric, fresh ginger, elderberry syrups, vitamin C .. and you will be using it in home prepared meals that will boost your immune system.

If your critical thinking suggests that in stressful events some people become aggressive and predatory .. you might want to consider appropriate options ..

 Always remembering that our local New Zealand Police Management claim that you have no right to firearms ownership or any right to self-defence and that should you injure your attacker while defending yourself or family YOU will be prosecuted and the Courts will decide if the police charge is correct.

I believe that all animals have the number one prime survival instinct and RIGHT to defend life.

This RIGHT is actually an obligation for all of us - especially POLICE .. but their leadership is choosing to deny this for reasons unknown to we residents .. who pay for their generous salaries and retirement packages.

Kiwis ALL have a RIGHT to SELF DEFENCE and A RIGHT to have any tool for survival that they consider fit for purpose.

Beware changes to law & regulation that may be introduced under the STATE OF EMERGENCY conditions. - watch next for an imposed curfew ..

Marty K.
- When the shops do re-open

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Friday, 3 April 2020

The 'New York Reload' .. Paired Pistols:

This phrase from recent times NEW YORK RE-LOAD entails carrying an appropriate SECOND GUN on the person accessible as "back-up" for the Number One Gun should it become unusable or empty before the threat to life is resolved ..

Hollywood liked to show the cowboy gunslinger shooting simultaneously with both paired six-guns blazing - but that is typical cinema bull-dust .. if you want to hit a target .. one gun at a time eh.
NY Police Adopted Revolvers in 1895 
 Fully Transitioning To "Auto-Pistols" 2018:

The story goes that some of New York's Finest chose to carry a second revolver rather than the bulky speed-loaders in belt pouches .. I get that idea as personally I find revolver speed-loaders awkward & fiddly to use and the variety of ways that they work certainly calls for solid PRACTICE to eliminate the push/twist/ or peel FUMBLE.

The revolver's six shot capacity limit strengthens the chances of exhausting them all before termination - did the old timers manage a better hit-rate than the 85% misses that prevails now?
This INEPT Gun Handling Is Thankfully From a Movie Actor ..

The use of multiple guns would go way back further as the earliest firearms were mainly single shot (If you were lucky) so it was the wise man who might mount a further tool somewhere on his unwashed body - A wealthy Captain of Property might have mounted a pair of vest pocket pistols at the fore .. a greatcoat pocket-sized pair on either side and two more matched to fit in his coat-tail pockets.
A FINE Matched Pair Of Miniature Vest Pocket Guns In 24 Gauge
(- You could play Spot the changes with the inlay):

That pair above are (is) a Wealthy Woman's toys - but I'd say most multiples would have more likely been a case of "Bring what you got".

- Among the valid reasons for packing the second gun is that it might be passed to a trusted supporter* - or even for frontier family to reload the emptied guns while maintaining the warfare to the front.
*Under current NZ Police regulation that support to aid a Law enforcement Officer would be totally unlawful - illegal.

Currently Ruger Vaqueros are being sold as matched pairs with consecutive numbers for SASS 'Cowboy Shooting' - lovely guns they are too. - I guess historically you might have bought two guns from a retailer anytime that you had the money and a need .. but they likely may have been sold in individual leather or cloth covers or merely wrapped in plain paper .. "Boxed Pairs" may have started when the fashion for dueling for satisfaction graduated from swordplay to pistol-play ..
Certainly .. The Ladies Also DUELED For Honour.

Modern high capacity 'autos' with 15 plus capacity can also be rapidly magazine reloaded .. but there might still be a small chance of malfunction tying-up the mechanism or of losing control of that piece that could maybe justify toting a second instrument  .. in a real 'life & death' situation.

Massad Ayoob quote - from a friend when asked why he carries THREE guns -

"Because to carry four would be ostentatious.".. Link to video:

It seems to me that any "system" that you choose will have both 'pros & cons' that will be personal to you - so think about it properly and PRACTICE.

Marty K.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

My Phone & Government Incompetence:

Just for a giggle here's a personal experience ..

I've updated from copper to fibre for my home telecoms. The business that contracts to supply this service - sub-contracts out all the work without getting their hands dirty .. other than from handling the revenues.

When one team with trenching machines lay the cables - a second group then later ran my new cable up the garden, under the house and into my lounge. Then the "principal" sent me a new modem. - well they actually sent THREE new modem/routers consecutively to the wrong address in an other city on the other island despite me having complained several times previously that they seemed incapable of recording my proper address .. "Ah it's our computer - it keeps predictively changing what we type - but don't worry as you're getting your accounts by e-mail".

.. So while I'm waiting-waiting - one of their morons decides that I MUST HAVE ALREADY been sorted by now and disconnected my copper connection at the exchange.  In the ensuing two months without a landline I have repeatedly spoken to very pleasant call-centre staff in Pune India and in The Philippines & in Auckland and unknown-elsewhere .. They couldn't reconnect me via copper - they couldn't transfer my calls to my mobile and they couldn't get my location right until the 4th router. And they couldn't then send a technician to complete the change-over because their sub-contractors were too few and all too busy .. and THEN ... we were all placed on 'Covid-19 LOCK-DOWN' plus a STATE OF EMERGENCY (Martial Law).

- I got yet another call once again postponing my fibre connection for a further 30 days and when I protested with a laugh that my age & heart condition suggested that I might be moving-on before I had a landline again - the nice kiwi girl took emergency action and a contractor/technician tapped on my door only 75 minutes later ..  hopefully FIXED and connected the next day after MORE phone calls and "on-hold" awful recorded music. Phwww.
I LIKE Optical Fibre:

This is a fine example of government Corporatization and Efficiency policy over the previous old-fashioned state service.
You will have experienced a similar government INCOMPETENCE - where your "representatives" ignore the community's basic needs for FOOD SECURITY,  HEALTH services, LAW enforcement, EDUCATION, and SOCIAL SERVICES (like old-age pensions.

 - Did you observe & protest it?
 - Have you noted that Jacinda plans to BORROW some Ten Billion Dollars for COVID-19 ? .. Paying it back sometime .. ?

Many Many New Zealand hospitals are freshly reported by ASMS as rotting piles of failing buildings that need urgent replacement  .. right now when we have an emergency pandemic ..

"That the negligence has been so bad that an estimated $14 billion ($9.2 billion requiring Crown funding) is needed over the next 10 years to put things right reflects not only poor DHB oversight and accountability but also a poor duty of care and a head-in-the-sand mentality at government level."

- Actually "incompetence" is being kind because "CORRUPTION" better describes the behaviour by those we pay to serve us.

"Small Government" - "Austerity" - "Free Market" - "Trade Enhancement" - "Low Taxation Environment" -"Efficient Competition" - "The Gig Economy" ..  ..

- Call it whatever is fashionable. but the reality is that these leaders have diverted more and more of your earnings away from the proper purposes of national management - into the bank accounts of their wealthy mates. This diversion of your tax stream flows down hidden channels into the hands of the corporations and millionaires who themselves pay less & less tax from their tax havens.

The tens of millions they wasted on our recent NZ GUN 'BUY BACK' of freshly PROHIBITED firearms - seriously wasteful as it is - is small beer in government spending.
Bent - that's Fixed It ..

Just how badly underfunded, under prepared and uncoordinated our NZ government is for this life-or-death battle with a new virus - depends on how much of our tax dollars they have misdirected into overseas tax havens ..

Marty K.

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Monday, 30 March 2020

Marksmanship Hits The Spot:


That's a lesson quickly learned by growing lads. Are you self-oscilating all alone?
.. Don't kid yourself or anyone else - the Mad Bat Disease will get you if it wants to 😈
I'm repeatedly amazed at media broadcasting "Experts" - explaining the process of how to wash our hands .. surely this was part of  'toilet training for two year-olds ?

There's not much point in you reading this post .. 'cos you won't pay it any attention. - It's a fact of life that we all really only learn from OUR OWN mistakes .. sure we might have a quiet smile at the other joker making a mess - but we think that we know better eh ..

(That's testosterone for you, ladies ..)

All those poor bloody frustrated teachers trying to push some knowledge into those pimply little heads - trying their best to persuade kids to listen .. Where are you now Mr Cotteral?

I got this enlightenment from Mike Seeklander via The Weekend Knowledge Dump. Hold your gun's handle as tight as you can without getting the shakes first .. only then pull the trigger. - It is that easy ..

It's VERY simple .. Just Not Easy

 & Please Don't Buy  LEVI'S  Jeans .. They Are Sponsoring THE GUN-GRABBERS

I have so much fun in this life .. the sun shines .. the wind blows .. & the rain falls - And I can go up to the pistol club range and spend a few hours outside in great company having even more fun - that's useful fun .. small problem - the authorities have closed all the club's ranges to reduce contacts.

 - A QUIET DAY ON THE RANGE is was good for the inner man.

Home Made Target Shooting Fun:

Isn't it awful that some bossy loud-mouths in Government - who can't be trusted even to hold a kitchen knife without getting violent impulses .. want to limit our full enjoyment of our civil rights.

G19x Using Home Made Re-Loaded Re-cycled Cartridges
Even The Leather-ware Is NZ Made:

Family On Range.

For My Wet, Muddy & sneezing British Friends And Inmates
 - For your amusement only:
A Donnie Trump Quote:
"In the UK you have a very dense population"

Well - you've gotta laugh eh,

Marty K.

– Michael Leavitt

Friday, 27 March 2020


Sure - Donnie Trump used the phrase as an election chant - suggesting that he'd put an end to corruption in US politics .. but the phrase goes back to earlier days ..

“Socialists are not satisfied with killing a few of the mosquitoes which come from the capitalist swamp,” Winfield E. Gaylord wrote in 1903. - “They want to drain the swamp.”


I'm thinking that our current New Zealand experience with both police and politicians trying to cover-up their mistakes & poor policy decisions - by actually blaming the ONE single group in NZ society that is so extensively vetted as being LAW ABIDING - checked and who's references actually are were verified face-to-face .. 


This slippery experience strongly signals that Shakespeare had it right in Hamlet


About the only other group of New Zealand citizens that can approach our LFO's as top line lawful & moral citizens - may be our selected Law Court Judges.

This very same Government was responsible for the changes to firearms regulations that then led to reduced face-to-face training & vetting of Firearms Licence Applicants .. and to the slack way that Police failed to visit and check the March 15 murderer Tarrant's references or home situation.

Now that this mass murderer has pleaded GUILTY to all charges there will be no trial examining the killings - And a SUPPRESSION ORDER has been enforced - further extending secrecy to continue hiding the facts from NZ citizens.

- Sure some things change when we swap the red rosettes for blue ones .. but nothing much improves - because they all play the same corrupt power & money game with business interests.

"Fresh Blood" is needed in the halls of power - people without close financial and personal relationships with the money hoarding tax avoiders.

The current MMP Parliament needs to be overlaid by a 'second house' organised as A CITIZENS ASSEMBLY that will each serve as a single term only JURY of 101 randomly selected citizens to approve and guide the lower 'vested-interest' house's work.

If the ancient Greeks could do it - so can we. - They called it DEMOCRACY.

Marty K.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

"CARRY GUNS": PLUS Me on U.S Video:

MY debut as a back yard film star 😃.. the first time I've ever been interviewed -  other than by our police for my Firearms Licences:

Derek DeBrosse is an U.S. attorney specialising in Firearms Law at MUNITIONS LAW GROUP:


You might think that half an inch length difference to a firearm would be of little importance .. certainly when any extra length and weight should make it slightly easier to control for precision - but the carry-gun debate can be furious .. plus naturally our local NZ police licensing authority are often focused on the undersized length of things like barrels as reason for prohibition.

You will see much talk on-line from America around which handguns are best suitable for regular Self Defence carry .. indeed I used to enjoy reading all about it in various US GUN MAGAZINES sold here in NZ by stationery retailers.

- Used to is the rub (that's from 'Hamlet') - as following the Mosque Massacres of March 15 2019 our magazine importers decided to censor our reading by banning the import of GUN BOOKS.

.. It's a bloody outrage them trying to dictate and limit what may be read .. I wish someone would set-up a new importation business - perhaps one of our shooters organisations might do it?

Anyway .. back to the topic - there are plenty of small modern pistols intended for convenient "carry" where permitted but I reckon that a wider spread of sizes was carried in olden days eh .. maybe they wore more clothing back then and could manage to be discreet with these bigger tools ?

- There are tiny sub-compact Derringers in modern chamberings that certainly are easy to pack and carry .. but would be worrisome to try making hits anywhere on target.
Try Getting A Grip With That ..

A Range of antique flintlock and percussion muzzle-loading pistols would include:
5.5 inches O/A.
Vest Pocket: 3 - 5 inches overall length.
Pocket Pistol: 5 - 7 inches overall length.
Great Coat Pocket Pistol: 8 - 11 inches overall length

- these would be carried off-body ..
Travelling or Coach Pistol: 13 - 15 inches overall length.
Target & Duelling Pistols: 15 - 18 inches overall length.
Holster or Dragoon Pistols: 16 - 21 inches overall length.

My Antique 19th Century Belgian Pocket Pistol Measures 
Just Under 20 centimetres / 8 inches O/A
Dublin Made Duelling Pistols Need A Case For Easy Carry @ Near 17 Inches:
French 'Dragoon' Flintlock Measures Nearly 18 inches

.. Well they might all have been 'carried' in the day - perhaps their users were more adaptable?

My Glock G19X is said by some to be too large for easy carry .. but were we kiwis not denied the right to armed self-defence - I reckon that at under 7.5 inches O/A -  it might prove as adaptable and versatile as those old muzzle loaders were in their day ..
Marty K.