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Monday, 18 June 2018

Gun Cotton:

Back in 1832 Henry Braconnot working with nitric acid and woody fibers discovered that he had a combustible/explosive material he called xyloidine .. but years later, around 1846 Christian Friedrich Schรถnbein, a German-Swiss chemist, accidentally discovered a more practical material in his kitchen when he used his wife's cotton apron to mop-up some spilled mixed sulfuric & nitric acid from the kitchen table. - When drying the apron on the oven door he achieved a flash ignition - that directly lead to the development of GUN-COTTON. (Or so the story goes).

 - At least two others .. professors in Germany & USA 'discovered' this same process in that year.

Cotton Growing In Queensland In Special Irrigated Leveled Fields.
- I've read somewhere that the 'COTTON GIN' name is a corruption from engine.

Schonbein's preparation method was the first to be widely imitated—one part of fine cotton wool to be immersed in 15 parts of an equal blend of sulfuric and nitric acids. After two minutes - the cotton was removed and washed in cold water to remove all acid residue. It was then slowly dried at a temperature below 40°C .
Cotton Wool .. A Little Bit Of This - A Little Bit Of That ... KABOOM.

Cleaned & bleached cotton is 99% a cellulose polymer.- ready to be played with.

Keep your T-shirt on - unless it's really ready to be recycled ..

The power of gun cotton made it suitable for blasting. As a projectile propellant, it has around six times the gas generation of an equal volume of black powder - six times as powerful - and produces less smoke and less heating.

Bag Charges.
Early bags were made from raw silk. A 14 inch gun might Use Four Bags Of Powder.

Ramming Powder Charges Into Chamber On board 'IOWA'.

If You are interested in Artillery stuff - this link is all about 155 MM Howitzers use in Vietnam:

Marty K.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Loose NUKES - Terrorism & The Right To Bear Arms:

How many Hydrogen Bombs have been lost by military organisations ? - US officially admit to 11 "broken arrows"... But some doom-sayers reckon that many more are possible !

Colorful Ain't It?

Of course there's the old SOVIET block too - has anyone sneak audited their warehouse lately while Putin had his back turned?

The British newspaper 'THE SUN' doesn't impress me as being a truly reliable source of factual news ... but when I started thinking about missing nuclear weapons - their 2017 story gave me a fright. - Link:

- And it does link to another piece .. that confirms how close the big bang was during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis:

"Empty Quivers" & "Bent Spears":
This next story of August 29 2007 is very involved & disturbing .. and comes with supporting documentation: There are many "big names' linked to dubious happenings. - You will need time to read it carefully.

I truly don't set-out to make a conspiracy terror headline story for the grand-kids .. but rather to comment once again at the TOTAL HYPOCRISY of any Government that casually plays around with such weapons of mass destruction - while signing us up to the UN limits designed to control you & me from having a rifle or handgun for sport or for self defense.

Here comes another one ... How would you score your "leaders" in Government if you learned that their response to the current murderous 'middle-eastern' terrorism was to REDUCE police numbers since 2010 by around 20,000? - check-out London's Metropolitan Police Service (they are not a 'Force' any more).

Surely we ordinary "proles" need to wake up and smell the coffee ... before it's too late.

Democracy = Rule Of The People By The People, for The People.

  - So which of us actually voted to give these corrupt politicians and generals HYDROGEN BOMBS to play with? - Actually I can't remember ever being asked.

Do we actually only have one planet to play with - or is there another one close-by ?

Trust Me - I'm A ..
.. Powerful World Leader
British Leaders Cameron & Blair.
North Korea - China.

Marty K.

Relevant word for some folk to consider .. DENIAL. "I don't want to think about it."Wikipedia reckons that those 'in denial' can be known as "true believers" ... wow - I'd never made that link.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

9MM PAK - Civilian "less lethal" & Rubber Bullets:

Recently I introduced newly discovered 10x28mm Russian civilian rubber bullet guns .. LINK:

Well here we go again with a 9mm variety - the 9 x 22 mm or 9mm PAK cartridge (Pistole Automatik Knall, "automatic blank pistol").

The idea here is to inflict 'less lethal'  traumatic pain to an aggressor without risking serious injury or death to them ..
 Tehkrim 9mm Rubber Rounds.

 Horhe KSAP With PP9RP Rubber Bullets.

CAREFUL .. This Is A "Tear Gas" 9x22mm Round

- Here is A Ukrainian made "Less Lethal" pistol that comes in various models adapted for firing BLANKS, Tear Gas, Muzzle Loaded rubber balls (using blank cartridge), or the 9x22mm Rubber-ball Cartridges.
Schmeisser-Makarov (Erma-Werk) Less Lethal 9mm From Ukrain.
8 Round Magazine.

Link to TFB article (& the usual brainless** after-comments):

These "ex-iron-curtain" pistols are made in versions for use with ammunition as permitted in the different countries .. I think that the rubber-bullet cartridge firing guns are civilian-legal only in Russia?
9x22 MM

**  I always thought that if you had nothing useful to say it was best to keep your gob shut.

Marty K.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Captain Schultze Invented 'Smokeless' Powder In 1863:

Invented in Germany - Made in England

I didn't know any of this - but I did know that I didn't know how the smokeless powders came to be.๐Ÿ˜

Around 1863 a Prussian artillery officer Captain Johann Edward Schultze invented & patented a form of granular nitro cellulose 'gun cotton' - that he made by thinly slicing veneers of timber and using machinery to punch-out discs or granules that were then boiled until they were pure cellulose .. and then treated them with the sulfuric & nitric acid mixture making them into pure nitro-cellulose. These grains were then soaked in a nitrate liquid # and dried - causing them to burn evenly. His process started with grains ... whereas the previous 'black-powder' had to be wet mixed and sieved and tumbled and dried and 'corned' before sorting into multiple grades.

Herr Schultze began commercial manufacture  of the first 'smokeless powder' in Potsdam, near Berlin in 1864 - but like so many other gun powder plants in that era, in 1868 the whole lot burnt to the ground. - Gun Cotton factories were going-up in flames all over the place.

Anyone stupid brave? enough to even think about making their own propellant needs to recall that just about EVERY maker has gone KABOOM - sometimes again & again (and again).

Shortly after that fire in Germany - two Englishmen Clement Dale and William Bailey bought the license to produce the patented single-based nitro-powder in UK and they converted a failed black powder factory in The New Forest, near the village of Fritham, to the new process.
English New Forest Schultze Powder Factory & Reservoir.

"Here and there at intervals wide apart are various buildings of light structure from one of which rises a tall chimney instrumental in raising steam to drive a 10HP sawing machine which rapidly creates the "wood powder". This is subjected to chemical washing leaving hardly anything behind save pure woody material, known as lignine or cellulose. The next operation involves the conversion of these cellulose grains into a sort of gun cotton material by digestion with a mixture of sulphuric and nitric acids. Next it is washed with carbonate of soda and dried. The resultant grains are stored away until the time of packaging and dispatch when they are charged with a definite percentage of a nitrate powder -- # nitrate of baryta is preferred.  All the buildings requisite for manufacturing this explosive are cheap and flimsy so that if they did catch fire no loss would ensue. The plant and machinery is of small cost in comparison to that used for making black gunpowder and Schultze wood powder is sold at a price commensurate with its cheap production."

# (nitrate of baryta is Barium nitrate, the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Ba(NO3)2. It, like most barium salts, is colorless, toxic, and water-soluble. It burns with a green flame and is an oxidizer, it is used in pyrotechnics.) (- The other stuff - "Barium Meal" used for internal X-Rays is mostly Barium Sulfate).
Eyeworth Pond In The New Forest - 
Was Made As A Reservoir By The Schultze Factory
- For Boiling & Washing the Grains Free Of Acid.

The British enterprise succeded & grew becoming a founding part of Nobel Industries - that then was formed into ICI Industries (1926) .. so it sort-of continues to this day - but the original forest location has only a few clues as to what went on there 120 years ago.

Here's a LINK to a detailed technical history:

Annie 'Get-your-gun' Oakley used only Schultze powder in her shooting exhibitions - so dependent was she - that she and six friends smuggled some into France in 1889 hidden in hot-water bottles under their clothing .. and when that ran-out she had more mailed in:

" ..she received a notice to go to the Customs House to pick up a box mailed to her by some friends in England. The box was rather large and inside it were two dozen fresh eggs and an unsigned note telling her that she should try the packing material out in her gun before throwing it away. The eggs were packed in Schultze powder! She gladly paid the 40 cent import duty on the eggs and as she reported, "I never shot better in my life than I did the next three days, either winning or dividing every event. It may be that I was in better form, but I'm sure my Schultze load had a great deal to do with my good scores."

Marty K.

Eyeworth Lodge - You could Have Bought This Seven Bedroom
 Part of The Old Factory Site Last Year (2017) - With 8 Acres Of Land
- For 4 Million Pounds.


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Cast Lead DUPLEX Loads For My 327 Federal MAGNUM:

I recently got x 1,000 South African made 98 grain cast lead wad-cutters. I ordered these while scheming to build some different new Duplex loads (& single wad-cutter rounds) for my Ruger SP101 four inch 327 Fed. Magnum.
.32" Wad Cutter

"That's a Nice Pair eh"
Well, truthfully it's some time ago since the pills landed .. as I've been looking for a clever way to cut some in half. - I know it might be easy(ish) to saw them in two with a hack-saw .. but I don't want them to lose weight or sprinkle lead swarf  ('sawdust') about - if I might find a cleaner method.

If I was an engineer I'd build some kind of guillotine & jig - but my best effort to date is to use a wood chisel and mallet .. quick & nasty.

Yeah I know that there only seems to be nine halves - but assuredly there's another one somewhere in my garage/workshop ๐Ÿ˜ - as they are lively little halflings eh.
Rough-Enough Chop .. Needs More Work.

So the result wasn't brilliantly sliced but I'll initially build five or six trial 1+1/2 = 147 grain flat-nosed duplex rounds and see how they fly .. The earlier doubles built from a copper-plated pill paired with a round lead ball work great at the short ranges tested.

The trick here is to start low with powder charges and increase very carefully ..๐Ÿ˜œ

I'm keen to also try the 98 grain wadcutters 'straight' - as the thirty-two's have a well noted record for accuracy using flat-nosed paper cutters. - Perhaps I might even try a few 'Triplex' loads with three halves in each eh. - And/or I may revert to the slightly (1gn.) lighter - but more expensive - 48 gn. round balls.

- And I've yet to try TWO plated 72 grain round nose projectiles loaded back-to-back - or nose-to-tail.

Link to my earlier experimental duplex results:

If you opine that this work is too risky to be tried .. please consider that these 327 Magnum brass cases are very strong and rated for higher internal pressures than most all other pistol brass - including 357 Magnum. - And the Ruger revolvers are built very soundly.

Yes - I will be a very careful & cautious old fart.

Marty K.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Are Current Military Rifles Of The RIGHT Caliber?

The 5.56mm or .223" Eugene Stoner designed AR15 / M16 rifle (adopted 1964) has been widely derided as being too small and ineffective .. while the 7.62x51mm NATO round is said by some to be too big & heavy and rated as over-powered for much close combat use.

All three main power blocks have adopted similar sized small bore infantry weapon ammunition - but many combatant forces in Afghanistan's prolonged agony have swapped their small & light tools for heavier longer range capability rifles to try counter the hostile local & 'insurgent' forces.

Do we have a Goldilocks situation here - with the porridge (caliber), chairs (magazines), and beds (the delivery systems) .. Too hot - too cold, too heavy - too light, too long - too short range?

Riflemen and military folk will be aware of intermediate 6.5mm and 6.8mm caliber military trials - if not the post war British .280" (7.2mm). EM2 rifle.
EM-2 Bullpup .280" Caliber. - Adopted in 1951 But Dropped To align With NATO.

Caliber and 'Stopping Power' are at the heart of many regular heated discussions.

I'm truly not setting 'HOMEWORK' but many of you will find this (linked) report called 'BITING THE BULLET' a fascinating read about where our military should be going:

Look - it's only 22 pages with lots of pictures eh.

The Serbian Military may be the first of many to "bite the bullet".

Serbian Zastava AK-type 6.5 Grendel.

Marty K.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Queen's Birthday Weekend - Police Shooter & Prostitute Awards:

New Zealand as we like it;

This cold, wet, & wintry public holiday is not the Queen of NZ's actual #1 birthday - but this, her second? annual party, is the time when our Politicians get to shower recognitions on each other as they sidle into the corporate boardrooms for their 'afterlife'.

They sprinkle a few 'citizen awards' for services to entertainment , sport and bravery  - & awards to police dogs etc to greenwash their mutual backslapping.

This years 192 awards include ex prime-minister & farmer Night-Companion Bill English, - ex brothel worker & prostitutes organiser Dame Companion Catherine Healy for services to prostitutes, and police 'Officer S' who is awarded a bravery medal for shooting 'Suicide-by-police gunman' Pera Smiler - in 2015 ..
 .. who requested a free 'Big Mac' with his rifle before demanding that police shoot him - which in due course 'Officer S' obligingly did ..

Dame Companion Catherine Healy'
I reserve my right to comment .. but new Dame Catherine said - "I really am quite emotional about it, We'd like to see that sex workers don't feel discriminated against ... this acknowledgement sends that message: that they can be part of society."

Two further NZ Dames companion are Jules & Lyn Topp for being rainbow yodelers, and a MNZM goes to Mrs Hancock for services to pipe bands - & to a Mr Suasua for services to rugby.

Life can get complicated if you're "a royal' eh - although it's her birthday this weekend in New Zealand - it's NEXT weekend in NSW Australia .. but it's not till September in Western Australia and .. not till October 1 in Queensland.
In Canada it was on the Monday before May 25th - which is also Empire Day & Victoria Day. In Tristan da Cunha, Ascension, & St. Helena their royal public holiday celebration is in April ๐Ÿ˜. So many birthdays for one old lady.

Marty K.