Thursday, 20 February 2020

Small & BIG Bangs - Expanding "Parachute" Ammo:

The 'Laws of Physics' raise their heads occasionally to confound (.. and sometimes compound) the mistaken beliefs of your friendly local expert Fudd.

- Now I was just reading an excellent story about using .22" rim-fire hand guns for self defence - right away I smiled with the anticipation of reaching the COMMENTS section at the bottom of the page .. where the content is always better than reality TV.

I just knew that the usual mob of chimp-cousins would break away from their minders and scream wide-mouthed about "stopping power".
 Once again TFB  has posted a decent read with small graphics & images such as this:

CCI Stingers fired out of a 4″ Barrel Ruger Mk IV

When shooting ammo that is admittedly at the low end for velocity and mass
.. you can't have it all.

- IF you design a wee pill that WILL expand consistently in ordnance GEL .. as it opens-up it will form itself into a close copy of a drogue parachute and will slam on the brakes to stop short.

.. Meanwhile - back in the monkey-enclosure - your .50" caliber 400 grain supersonic ThunderQuake-Magnum-BigBoy may manage to loudly over-penetrate and expand it's girth somewhere near the target - provided you hold on tightly with squinted eye - while directing it's blast into a terminal impact.
not Greg ..

This argument is the gift that keeps-on-giving .. SO one more time .. may I again present police instructor Greg Ellifritz - one of America's finest - and his fact based study of actual recorded caliber performance :

So much reading - So little time ..

It's rather obvious when you think about it ... But those folk with the strongest beliefs invariably  have the most tightly closed minds. They are fully committed.

A truly good anti-gun friend who is a church elder holds unshakeable beliefs .. when I asked him how many nukes did he think might be held by our worlds military forces - he considered for a moment then replied with a sad smile .."Maybe as many as a hundred - because evil is all around us?" ...


The Chicago based Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists 2020 states that US Defence Forces alone hold   5,800 NUCLEAR WARHEADS
- Russia has roughly the same numbers .. with a planetary total of around 14,000  warheads

Interestingly 'small fry' UK with only 200 British nuclear warheads - is said to have the worlds largest stockpiles of fissionable weapons grade materials plutonium & uranium ... The '51st State' makes for a fine off-shore missile base & Materiel storage dump eh.

- It's estimated around only 100 low level nuclear detonations are needed to cause a total NUCLEAR WINTER.

Marty K.

Monday, 17 February 2020

The OLDEST Known Handgun is 732 y.o:


This gun is described as a bronze HAND-CANNON - it is 13.4 inches (34 cm) long and has a one inch bore (2.6cm) with a 6.9 inch long barrel.

This firearm is at least 732 years old.

The Heilongjiang hand-gun is dated to 1288 (or earlier) and - like everything else nowadays was made in China.

Gunpowder was invented - where else - in China way back in the 9th century - and before this earliest known example of a metal handgun there were various cannon, fire-lances, fire pots, grenades and gunpowder bombs. 

- Weighing 7.83 pounds (3.55 kg.) the gun's 2.6 inch bulbous chamber has thick walls and a 'touch-hole for ignition. Behind the chamber there is a conical socket for a wooden stock.

.. Wouldn't it be a great experiment for someone to get a modern replica turned-up and to fire it up on range with various light charges and projectiles such as the original rocks & arrows? - They might do it properly using ballistic Gel and a chronograph while firing remotely .. but really - if using decent modern metal there would be little risk of failure.

- As expected there is an excellent Wikipedia page detailing this ancient piece:

This oldest hand cannon was discovered by Wei Guozhong (魏國忠) in July 1970 at an archaeological site in Banlachengzi village (半拉城子).

Marty K.

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Friday, 14 February 2020

Ugly Rugers - Handsome Film-Star:

Morning Girls .. the milking shed is hosed down & ready for you .. I appreciate that you readers already know this - but maybe you will get the chance to offer this thought to someone close to you ..

Nobody cares more about your life and security than you do. Please don't rely on anybody else for security.

- I often declare proudly that I am a Ruger fan .. (their guns are strongly built & reliable)

- But I don't think much of two of their latest offerings:
This GP100 Comp in 9mm is nicely sculptured into an 8 round super-tuned competition model that might claim to be close to the ideal ... EXCEPT that they failed to reduce the frame opening to suite the 9x19mm NATO cartridge and cylinder. - Why-O-Why-O-Why ..??

- All that elaborate machining , finishing in special materials and precision tuning only to present an ugly botch-up with a huge gap spanned by a rearwards extended barrel .. bloody pathetic.
THIS Is How A Nine mm Cylinder Should Fit A Revolver Frame:
Korth Sky Marshal.

Now while I'm bravely knocking my No.1 favourite maker .. What on earth have they done here?
The Mk.IV Ruger .22" is generally beautifully made and finished - but what has happened here to this unbalanced lump of a "Pinnochio" pistol?

I won't be shame-faced disposing of my very nicely made four inch SP101 revolvers in 327 Fed Magnum & .22" rim-fire - because they handle & work so well .. and I'll display my Mk IV Hunter model with it's beautifully fluted barrel at every chance * .. but my ear protectors will have to work well to mask the noise from those two dogs barking above.
*The last time I ran a couple of mags through the wee shiny thing - it flicked a hot case over my head and down my neck/collar .. I shrugged it off only for it to drop down further and land on my back 'love handles' .. two small blister burns for one pop !
I'd Like to mark the passing of a very handsome Hollywood star KIRK DOUGLAS this month at 103 years old.

Kirk's birth name ISSUR DANIELAVITCH records his Jewish ancestry from the area of Europe now named BELARUS.
I am amazed & dismayed that the current Wikipedia page purports to detail his life story with only once mentioning his lifelong struggle as an American socialist to overcome MacCARTHYISM and the Hollywood blacklist bans. - This "Hollywood" version of history - like so much of American Life - is false and misleading.
Marty K.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020




 Her Lot Want ALL Your Guns 

 Horse racing first ? .. gun grabber greens
SHIFTY Nats ? .. New Cons ?


Our current misguided government intends to copy the 'UK Mother Country' 
by drip-feeding ever more Bans
- using underhand methods like ORDERS IN COUNCIL to bypass democracy.


Marty K.

The UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 9,787 crimes were committed with firearms in UK in one year leading to March of 2019. 
The number of UK GUN CRIMINAL OFFENCES has risen by 
twenty-seven per cent in five years ..
- But they're BANNED ..

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Unlicensed Untrained NZ Police:

I'm trying to find any reason WHY serving New Zealand Police - who are required and expected to effectively deal to violent criminals - and to protect the innocent while armed - are not required to qualify as FIT AND PROPER PERSONS to own and use firearms.

How many of these Ten Armed Police Officers possess a FIREARMS LICENCE?

- Are ANY of These Brave Officers Issued With A Restricted Weapon
 ENDORSED Firearms Licence?

I cannot think of one reason why LAW ENFORCEMENT officers should be exempted from firearms regulations or the important licence training and maintenance regulations as administered by The Commissioner Of Police . .  other than a possible lack of funding & lack of interest.

I am a 75 year old (soon 76) NZ Citizen - Fully Licensed since the 1980's and endorsed as a pistol target shooter (& Collector).

- The Commissioner's terms relating to my endorsed licence require that I attend an approved Certified pistol range A MINIMUM of 12 Times Every Year .. to maintain my ability at a safe & competent level under the supervision of qualified range officers.

.. Why are the 12,000 active police officers not required to comply with similar or greater safety & competence levels under control of instructors and range officers?

I fully understand that police recruits receive a small period of basic training to familiarise them with firearms and their use .. before 'passing-out' for duty - But why are they exempted from full firearms licensing and skills training requirements?

Surely this is GROSSLY NEGLEGENT AND INCOMPETENT - always bear in mind that our fine front-line police may need to use critically urgent skill with arms at very short notice.

Marty K.

FIT & PROPER - Trained, Responsible, Safe & Licensed New Zealand Shooters are invited to join SSANZ

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Hori Gemmell Police GLOCK Thief:


This repeat offender who rammed two police cars and stole two Glock 17 pistols .. together with various other offences - is now due to be sentenced 05 March 2020.

It seems that his 'brief' had objected to an aspect of his guilty plea relative to terms of sentence - she apparently is working well for this young person ..

Trial evidence was that he kept one pistol for his own use - and sold the second for $1,500. to a friend

Our NZ Police Association President made his statement to Parliament considering multiple changes to New Zealand firearms regulations - stating that criminals obtain their illegal guns by stealing them from lawfully licensed owners. - I am currently informed that serving police personnel are NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A FIREARMS LICENCE.

Marty K.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Weirdo Gat @ Shot Show:

The Altor single shot came to the 2020 SHOT SHOW in .380" or 9 mm and comprises just SIX parts.
It might be in the same class as the WWII 'Liberator' pistol and the CIA's 'Deer Gun' - but I'd describe it as a "throw-down".

It's really just a better made zip gun for jokers wearing the colors & loitering around the street corners. It looks like they come moulded in both black & white - but they might sell them in green, red, blue colours at a premium.

It loads by removing the 'twist-off' barrel and you get to fire it by flicking the spring-loaded striker to the rear and releasing it .. a zip gun eh.

U.S. Army/General Motors Liberator

CIA Deer Gun:

The Altor is offered at a MSRP of around $120 so I guess they'll sell some but there'll be competition from the better 'ghost' 3D printed models that are developing eh.

- Enterprising Altor Corp  come from Arizona .. is that good news?

- But if you are thinking about despairing of where the world is heading ... Consider some of our bent swerving "World Leaders" ..

Trump USA, - Putin Russia, - Johnson UK, - Morrison Australia, -  Netanyahu Israel, - Ardern NZ , - Kim Jong-un North Korea,Rodrigo  Duterte Philippines, - Matamela Ramaphosa South Africa ..  ..

Are these the very best on offer?

They all could fit better behind prison bars than outside parasiting decent people.

Democracy? - Where are the media watchdogs?

What a shower of shit

Marty K.