Thursday 30 December 2021

Beauty IS As Beauty DOES ..

 - Some stuff is beautiful.

My Precious gollum-gollum - All Mine:

Other stuff can be 'bricks and mortar' damaged - worn out - and plain ugly, but still performing faithfully -  the inner beauty shining through.

The father of my old mate Mick was a case in point. - He was a short heavy bloke with white hair - a pink saggy face, - heart disease and a prosthetic leg that he stomped on heavily - as after work he wearily wheeled his pushbike down the passage from the front door - gasping for a cup of tea in his Irish brogue .. He was a LOVELY man - solid gold glowing from inside his mucky work clothes. 

- His WWII bomb damaged & amputated stump caused such pain that would have him drop into a kitchen chair pulling-up his work grimed trouser leg to unstrap and ease the heavy ugly prosthetic limb that enabled him to work long factory days and to pay the mortgage in 1960s London. A good Man.

Victory Model S&W - Old & Abused But Still Working 80 Years On ..

I'm introducing watches into my scribbling because I can see ahead well enough to know that my legal guns are soon going to be banned out of existence and I will need different toys to collect for playtime ..

- Of course all the criminals and 'nutters' will still be armed and dangerous ..

'THEY' taught me how to shoot a Lee-Enfield SMLE at school as a fourteen year old. - Governments then needed to maintain military power by 'upskilling' selected grammar school boys as potential 'Officer Material' to maintain their Colonial Possessions in remote lands.

Governments have less need for skill-at-arms today, outside of law-enforcement - as they've got various nerve agents, nukes, missiles, and remotely-directed loitering drones in their tool-boxes .. so lawful guns largely are 'OUT'.

I guess the appeal of watches is from the same area as firearms, motorcycles, performance cars, SCUBA diving and shooting machines, - mechanical "man stuff"  with the added pleasure of  acquisition, possession and customization. You can fettle, fondle and caringly polish them whenever the Significant Other is elsewhere.

Watches .. to be honest .. are also 'man jewelry' justified by their utility. 

Incredibly Shiny Machine In the Light .. But Not From The puny Lume 

Virtual or Notional Lume 'cos It's Not Really There.

This Pagani Design "Daytona" Panda quartz watch is the shiniest, most well made functional low cost value-for-money toy that you can strap onto your wrist for around nz$100 - it looks pretty much like the Rolex mechanical 'prototype' .. that might cost you more than $30,000 more (or more again) to own .. but some reviewers say that this Chinese made homage with a Japanese SEIKO meca-quartz movement works as well as the prestigious one - and it might keep better time. 

Perhaps you do have to be a near millionaire to pay US $20,000 to wear a Rolex for it's investment-status .. but I'm told they are excellent quality machines - that the watch marketers are sadly playing the same EXCLUSIVITY game with, - as DE BEERS are with their diamonds .. there's no availability shortage excepting the deliberate under supply.

 Meanwhile .. remember that there is hope as long as there is lead in the air ..

Marty K.

Saturday 25 December 2021

New 'Liberator' Pistols In A "Free World":

 When in WW2 the Liberator Pistol was built to arm resistance guerillas - they cost US $2.10 each to make .. that's roughly $35 today .. but don't question U S business Vintage Ordnance Co. about why they are charging $515 for their FP45 reproduction Liberator pistol plus $105 extra for a reproduction cardboard box to send it in.

- Perhaps we have NOT made any advances in machining technology in the last 75 years to permit increased manufacturing efficiency ?

- I read that there in USA you might buy a Glock G21 in 45 ACP for $547 in it's free presentation box.

A New Reproduction Liberator ..
An Original WWII Liberator Pistol ..

Certainly the VOCO firearm is a faithful copy - so their zero design department costs would also make a saving.

You can read all about it here ..

Just call me a 'grumpy old 'Pom' .. but I'd rather shit into my hands - then applaud hard rather than pay that much money for any overpriced repro-retro-rubbish.

But  - "Only in America" eh. - It is, after all is said & done - "a free world".

I've just heard an American 'analyst' or political commentator refer to the hate that exists in US between 'the Left' and "The populist Right" .. What total bullshit comes out from these self appointed experts. - For a start - there is NO left wing political entity in USA because their 'leadership' system requires both Democrats & Republican rival figureheads to be multi-millionaires financed by other multi-millionaires and the super wealthy Corporate sponsors.
- And to label some crass 'Gobshite' as "Populist" is a sick joke as any Presidential candidate has to be 'populist' to gain voters endorsement after gathering the required campaign finances & instructions from the top level financial movers & shakers.

All you've got here - is two rival passels of pigs or cartels fighting for control of the next two,  four year Washington opportunities to extract and direct as many sacks of gold into their own vaults as they can before their figurehead retires from 'public office'. - These champion grunters get to push up to the trough potentially for eight years of grubby riches and mineral rich water .. for their rapid personal weight gain ..

Marty K.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Gilboa Snake Rifle:

 It can only be a matter of time before our NZ Police 'Service' Management procure and start to issue these twin barreled black rifles to their unlicensed poorly trained constables ..

I truly hope that they don't - as it would only serve to make them even more dangerous to themselves and the public than they already are walking about with the single barrel - single round at a time editions.

These Israeli designed arms are basically two AR15 rifles melted together into one chassis to meet some weird military requirement .. this will undoubtedly make them attractive to our current power hungry Royalist Police Management who already have grenade launchers and sub-machine guns ready in their armories to load into their armored cars.

- Well you never know when next they will be called upon to escort our Prime Minister between airports or to deal with a stray new season's lamb on the highway.

With any luck .. the last sworn officer able to stagger from her H.Q. post - when most of us have succumbed to the dreaded Lurgy - will place the keys on the front desk and wedge open the doors as she leaves the fortress ..

I suppose the concept of  Democracy was ever 'aspirational' and theoretical at best - in much the same way as the ideas of 'Law & Order' or 'Social Welfare' .. or "care for the afflicted" might have been proposed by the occasional dreamer.

I used to be hopeful of  "things improving" as our elected administrators worked through the various issues that smell of unfairness & corruption - but they seem mostly to refine the rules permitting the neglect and theft that enhance life for the privileged - while widening poverty of the less able.

Have a Good Christmas everyone,

Marty K.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Spinning Balls:

 There's a lot of 'spin' around nowadays eh,

Our revolver cylinders spin - the projectiles we project up the barrel spin & stabilize as they whizz down range - and several different designs of steel targets will spin under the impact of an accurate hit.

The hands of watches spin around their dials to indicate the time and our road transport all drives forward on spinning tires that torque their loads to their destinations.

We get various "business folk" using "spin" to present their financial takings as profit making & they like to be known as Wealth Creators.

There is a clear and factual reason for the daily cash total being called 'THE TAKINGS'.

Naturally every profitable enterprise offers a wanted product to it's customers .. but do they actually state clearly to their market that they will be requiring more for it than the cost of the item? .. that you could make it yourself for less.?

- Is there signage at the cash register that reads 'OUR BIG-BURGER COSTS ONLY 52 CENTS TO MAKE - BUT YOU ARE PAYING TWO DOLLARS FOR EACH ONE - THANK YOU' .. ?


In the trade - when you are offered extra product insurance or WARRENTY for an added payment  .. the staff refer to it as a "MUG TAX".

When your property is taken without permission  - that is known legally as THEFT or ROBBERY - but profit is presented (spun) as being beneficial to society.

'SPIN' serves to stabilize, enable, and improve the performance of a task.  Historically when governments imposed fuel taxes at the pumps .. they "spun it" by saying "We are going to use this levy to improve the roads for motorists and truckers."

- When they introduced massive punitive firearms restrictions on Legal Firearms Owners - they 'spun' it by claiming they were acting urgently to eliminate criminal & terrorist violence - but of course they lied - and violent criminal use of illegal guns continues to escalate.

Have you been told that cow milk products are GOOD for you and your children .. that dairy protein promotes healthy growth and is an essential source of calcium? - When you add that pottle of yogurt into the lunch box - are you further informed that cow milk is linked to Type 1 diabetes, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, other autoimmune diseases, - and how casein - the main protein in dairy foods, has been shown to experimentally promote cancer, - increase blood cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque?

- If you question what I am saying .. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH .. Start perhaps by reading  'THE CHINA STUDY' by T Colin Campbell

 All the stuff presented on commercially owned TV is spun by profit seeking businesses who OWN the media and who have influenced the regulations that permit advertising - and they sponsor the programs that you see.

There are two binary choices here .. you can leave control of our lives in the hands of corporate businesses - or you can opt for democratic control that involves some thought about the issues.

Marty K.

Thursday 9 December 2021

WWII 'STAYBEHINDS' & the New Reality ..

It's amazing what you can find on line ..

I stumbled across this fascinating BRITISH RESISTANCE ARCHIVE site with information on special units equipment & weapons .

- Have you heard of the British WW2  BC-41 Knife?

- or a Govt. issue marked wire Garrotte ..

- How about the BC-41 spiked Knuckledusters?

The New Zealand Parliament has unanimously passed a bill that permits us all to select our Gender ..

Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere cried in the house as she spoke in support.

"As a takatāpui, cis-lesbian fem ally to our takatāpui, trans and intersex non-binary whānau, I am very proud to commend this bill to the house," she said.

I have long considered that modern administrations are either incredibly STUPID, - DELUDED, - or merely TOTALLY CORRUPT.

- An interesting and fantastic experiment for sure .. I suggest that the All Blacks franchise all opt to register as females and we will then consistently be unbeatable as Women's Rugby World Champions going forward ..

- Perhaps all licensed Firearms users can promote a similar Bill re-classifying all cartridge firing weapons as 'Garden Trowels' thus eliminating the requirement to be registered or to obtain permits etc. and this would enable us to gain recognition as "Green" with a small carbon footprint from 2023.

As a NZ citizen and father - happy to remain as so identified on my Birth Certificate .. it seems that I am now recognized by our Parliament as a cisgender transphobic mysogynist ..

No wonder I now need to complete a multi-page application form for each of my firearms Endorsements and Firearms Licence renewals - pay the multiple FEES and then wait for tens of months while said license expires and I must surrender my legally owned sporting goods to someone else .. perhaps to an unlicensed police officer??

People just aren't doing their jobs .. they take their wages but are not performing. - How can Senior Police Management mount a full-on attack on licensed firearms owners - the most tested, proven and trustworthy group to be found in society -  with punitive regulation & paperwork while "talking to" criminal gang leaders and giving them cash grants? .. forming a new Firearms licensing Dept. "independent of police" - as a new section within the police?

This is totally DISFUNCTIONAL and morally CORRUPT.

- What are our shooters groups doing about this?

Marty K.

Friday 3 December 2021

Chimp People Say Firearms Are Such Nasty Things ..

There likely was no such thing as FIRE on our planet until some 400 MYA .. Well - think about it - the 'FIRE TRIANGLE' requires there to be FUEL - and plant life is thought to have developed around 400 million years ago .. plus or minus a few years - Then it wasn't until the plants had grown and produced OXYGEN for a while, - that this fuel could then ignite & vigorously oxidize - making smoke with fire. 

Note: THE BIG BANG is dated to 13.8 BILLION years ago .. doubters can "Google" it like I did eh ..

Much, much later, the first hominids appear in Africa around 2.5 - 1.5 MYA  and there is some evidence of controlled use of fire - in hearths - from about 1.5 Million Years Ago. - And we never looked back from cooking-up our barbecues, clearing the forests and burning-out the neighbors when they pissed us off.

The Homos of the day were reckoned to be smarter than the average .. but it took them (us) one & a half million years to develop fire into FIREARMS - with the first recorded use of gunpowder around 904 CE.

Any one wanting to dispute these times and dates will likely be some sort of emotional 'Believer' but please feel free to ask your Bishop or 'other' for help with your faith and future life direction.

The oldest surviving hand-held firearm is the Heilongjiang hand cannon dated to the year 1288 
.. and an account of the Siege of De'an in 1132 during the Jin–Song Wars, records that Song forces used fire-lances against the Jurchen.

- So of course the scared Gun Banners claim that all the crime - death & destruction in the world is caused by GUNS and will be eliminated by a gun register .. despite the facts .. The problem is that on average -  half of us here are of below average IQ - and some of the others are greedy selfish power seeking assholes who don't want anyone else to have any skill or capability that they themselves aren't fit to handle.

Face it .. YOU will have worked with weirdos who shouldn't be allowed inside any kitchen where there are sharp tools and hot things that they can't be prevented from abusing. - Some people are just not safe to be in charge of themselves.
The problem is that these inadequates have been assured that their opinions count and that they have RIGHTS .. and our current regime uses those 'rights' to deprive other law-abiding citizens of our rights.

Got a few minutes? .. Try this for an eye-opener:

Marty K.

Sunday 28 November 2021

Aguila 60 grain Sniper SubSonic .22 LR:

 I've been looking for some of these heavyweight pills for months - but eventually I gave-up the hunt and pre-ordered a 500 round Brick from the World's Largest Gun Shop located in Christchurch. 

- Then they sent an e-mail saying that they had obtained one only 50 round packet into the store and did I want it to be put under the counter for me?

RARE AS HENS' TEETH - Aguila 60 Grain Sniper SubSonic 
- Only From Mexican Free Range BLUE-EYED Red Fowl ..
WARNING: Chickens may have sharp beaks & Do NOT grow teeth .. or.22 cartridges.

- Well YES I did want them .. and that capable worker Chloe gave me a big smile two days later along with the small packet after entering my Firearms License details and zapping my bank card.

- Ask no questions & you'll be told no lies .. but I asked and it seems that a sad shooter having decided that it is now too expensive AND too much trouble to renew a firearms license - offered everything he had to the shop for disposal including this wee unused packet.


A unique design from Aguila  Mexico .. where having produced the long 60 grain heavyweight .22 caliber bullet they needed to load them into .22" SHORT brass cases to maintain the cartridge overall length.

A further issue seems to be that this long slug needs a faster 1:9 rifling twist to stabilize and Aguila  suggest that a 20 inch barrel length is preferred ..

- I'm mainly interested in what these heavy lead slugs can do when fired from a handgun but if they manage decent accuracy from my Ruger 10-22 rifle that will be a bonus too.

Several testers have shown that these rounds YAW &  'keyhole'  and tend to consistently flip-over in clear ballistic gel .. which might be useful sometimes. On our club range - we were surprised to find that these Aguila 'Sniper Sub Sonics' cycled faultlessly in my Glock 44  and hit close to point of aim .. but when shot from my 4 inch Ruger SP101 they impacted high left. - They definitely slammed through the paper target SIDEWAYS from these two pistols and produced the comment "Why shoot a forty-five when they make these sized holes?". - Interesting eh - provided they penetrate some.

Marty K.

Saturday 20 November 2021

Uh Oh .. is The 'BIG ONE' on it's way ..?

 We ain't seen nothing yet .. 

The Collapsed CTV Building:

I'm noticing that many folk would rather just not talk or think about the truly big issues in life ..

The weather .. yesterday's game - sure, or how about the buses or the cost of groceries are all acceptable topics .. but corrupt Prime Ministers .. MASSIVE Nuclear Arsenals or the long overdue big Southern Alpine Fault Earthquake ?? .. "Nah Mate - forget about it 'cos there's nothing we can do eh"..

EMERGENCY happenings often prove the value of the law abiding ownership of guns for providing and retaining wild harvested foods.


I keep a pantry with shelves loaded with cans and dried foodstuffs - I've even got 6 x 2.5 liter bottles of water in there (plus a 1,000 liter rainwater tank outside (toilet paper substitute for the great unwiped?). - a carton of reserve beer regularly rotated is another essential 'back-up' fluid eh.

Only keep stuff that you do eat - & cycle it through regular meals .. there's no value in having a packet of dry beans at the back of the shelf for 12 years and then expecting to eat them when needed - as it will be something like chewing rocks ..

Now .. I buy 1 kg. bags of roast coffee beans three at a time because I'm a real coffee addict - so I keep a supply at hand ready to grind fresh three or four times a day .. But what about if the power & water & sewage & transport & phones & TV & internet are all munted ?

A Trangia lightweight Alcohol Stove:

Now That's a Nice Pair .. A Decent Hand Mill & Stove Top Percolator ..

 - Next to my electric coffee grinder is an efficient hand grinder - and next to my electric jug is a wee alcohol stove and a camping kettle. - In my living room is a log-burner that has a cooking top & it is bolted to the floor - while the wood shed has more than one season's supply of dry firewood.

I reckon that I could live comfortably here for weeks on vegetables from my garden plus what I've got stored in the pantry - plus my scoped & silenced Ruger 10-22 rabbit rifle - without needing any supermarket trips to fight over toilet paper.

- I surely do understand that not everybody has the choice - but why would you live in a city where EVERYTHING you need for life can be turned-off instantly by circumstance or intent?

Duplicated Redundancy is a "belt & braces" meme for a secure life. - If  I was to survive the disaster but my home was totally demolished .. I'd have the garage .. if the garage is destroyed there's always the car .. or I have a couple of sheds to shelter in .. if the sheds are destroyed I can sling my hammock from the strong fence posts in a corner of the garden under a tarp ..

The good old THERMETTE or 'Kelley Kettle':

 I have a gas fired camping cooker - & a gas fired barbecue .. a twig fueled camping stove, a few alcohol burners, a couple of folding Meta Fuel stoves as emergency back-ups. - Be aware that those Metacetaldehyde  fuel tablets are seriously toxic if ingested .. wash your hands eh.

Emergency 'META' Pocket Stove:

I guess that being interested in staying healthy and comfortable can be a sort of hobby when you truly like being alive eh.

NZ gets earthquakes & big winds, UK gets floods, snow, PM Johnston, and they store tons of plutonium, USA is big enough to get all of that despite having only 5 percent of the planets population but that's including Trump.

Even small intellects such as squirrels work hard storing nuts - while bears store-up body fat before the fall. - Farmers plan to store grains & hay for winter - but some city folk queue-up looking for fries with whatever,  when they get hungry.

Marty K.

    Saturday 13 November 2021

    Government Restrictions on Civil Rights:

    I just read this " .. stubborn and stupid are often neighbors .."  - Love it.

     I'm of 'two minds' about firearms regulations .. Perhaps I'm nuanced about regulations imposed over our basic civil rights.

    Everyone has the RIGHT to self defense and to possess whatever they need to protect them self - but criminal nutters should be restricted from access to arms and they ought to receive additional real penalty when convicted of using weapons in any criminal act.

     The earliest New Zealand 1860 ARMS ACT introduced licensing restrictions on civilian ownership of  "ARMS - including any gun, pistol, or other firearm, and any sword, cutlass, pike, bayonet, or other instrument of war."

    That's 161 years ago - enough time to assess it's license effectiveness and success at ending violence against the innocent?

    This futile Act also placed controls on lawful ownership of "Gunpowder or Warlike Stores." - but failed - like all later Gun Control Acts - to include knives, screwdrivers, hammers, .. or indeed motor vehicles and cans of petrol, - acids and alkalis (corrosive drain cleaners) and any other 'domestic items' - such as lengths of timber, pillows, metal pipes, bricks, wrenches, golf-clubs or baseball bats - chain & wire garrotes, poisonous garden plants, saps, archery bows, lumps of brass, - rocks, trained dogs etc. - or even more recent clever Government inventions like nerve agents and contact poisons - commonly used as weapons against the innocent.

    Our latest NZ Government proposed legislation is a disgusting example of 'Doublespeak' suggesting a new Firearms Authority that is 'INDEPENDENT' of the police while being an internal department of the Police ..

    All of these politician's "control acts" share the intent to remove the ability (- POWER) from ordinary law abiding folk to help feed and defend themselves - but do little to inconvenience the ruling classes or their military and police forces - neither do they impress any violent criminals. 

    - The nature of such restrictions is wholly undemocratic .. provided you accept that




    Disarm the people by denying that most basic of human rights and you weaken their ability to remove charlatans, demagogues and dictators from office.

    You can't un-invent anything. - Make as many redundant,  duplicate and duplicitous arms laws as the politicians may claim to be important - but the issue of criminal violence will remain until they address the real problem of criminals and various other brands of psychos by restricting their civil rights .

    I feel that the only effective way to reduce the use of weapons by law breakers is to remove the offenders from society for extended periods of time.

    The worlds Governments might perhaps agree to break-up all of the 14,000 nuclear warheads and to stop making them .. but the knowledge would remain and might be seen any time as an opportunity by greedy criminals & terrorists.

    If an armed population is a polite population .. what sort of society is an unarmed one?

    - Angry, dependent, fearful & threatened,  - offended & opinionated while "knowing it's rights?

    Marty K.

    Friday 12 November 2021

    The Facts Of Life .. I Don't Want To Think About It:

    Image of Evil From Politicians:

    It's interesting that our 'local' Governments are publicly concerned about reducing the number of firearms held by law abiding gun owners while there are real & competing threats to humanity that are largely NOT being dealt with .  

    ONE Reality that our 'leaders' are talking about:

    The end time doom of our world is not much addressed in the media as it would need thought and understanding of complex facts .. but there may be 3 likely ways that mankind will terminate our 300,000 year history of degrading Earth's beauty. - None of the ways are rifles or handguns.

    MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE or 'Global Warming' .. disrupting the cycles of life.

    PANDEMIC (man-made?) spread of an infectious disease epidemic by perhaps a VIRUS.

    NUCLEAR WARFARE causing massive destruction & radiation contamination followed by a Nuclear Winter.

    Another Reality ..
    Coronavirus .. Yet Another Possibility ..

    World leaders have spun their chosen propaganda for 100 years that COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM are wicked inhuman threats to the best use of capital for our good.
     GUNS ARE BAD  .. but the ever present FACT is that it is greedy CAPITALISM that directs us all into a polluted whirlpool of poisonous sludge pouring into our seas and the very air that we need to breath. 

    Confrontation and conflicts arise because someone WANTS what someone else has ..

    - It is the control or "ownership" of resources for profit by the millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires we have allowed to rise into power that is fucking our world .. not the fair distribution of food - healthcare and other resources.
    These "leaders" control what you see and hear on television - and it is THEY who fear you having any guns or independence.


    - Not control & ownership by the powerful and greedy few.

    Are all of our futures truly in the hands of THREE MEN? - The presidents of USA, Russia and China?

    From This ..

    .. to This - 100 Megaton Nuclear Drone Submarine With a 6,200 mile range ..

    Marty K.

    Monday 8 November 2021

    Oh My Gawd It's Fantasy time ..

     Considering that we appear to be entering Christian Biblical END DAYS for New Zealand firearms private ownership - thanks to Jacinda - did you ever try to rationalize that fabled Christianity story? 

    -- There's this superhuman entity that created the whole Universe - all the stars & planets - but he is simultaneously both himself - his father - and the 'Spirit' of his grand-father. - So he tupped his mother who then gave birth to him but remains a virgin despite being married to a Palestinian carpenter called Joseph. So God then performs many wondrous miracles for the locals including raising the dead, making wine, and healing the sick .. but they decide he's an anti-free trade activist so arrange for the Romans to execute him by crucifying but after he's dead he comes back and then goes up to his place Heaven inside the pearly gates up in the clouds where the airplanes, rockets and satellites spin but haven't yet knocked any angel off their seats. - He can change anything he wants .. but doesn't because he wants us to do it all the hard way by developing a "Christian Ethic" and to work for the Bishops, Monarchs & Wealth Creators.

    Currently our immature New Zealand teen-aged girls are sporting Tourette's style tics they have learned caught from "social media" .. no doubt they will be diagnosed as mentally ill victims of colonialism suffering from stress and prescribed with mind altering medications to depress their cerebral functions.

    It's just as well that few here much under the age of fifty are interested in hunting or shooting sports - as they will likely have a record of mental health issues, - both self-me
    dication and prescribed .. body piercing, self-harming and tattoos - but would maintain their "right" to not follow any safety instructions.


    However .. IT IS A FACT that 60 years ago October 30  1961 Russia exploded the largest ever nuclear bomb designed to be 100 megatons but that yielded around half of that. 
    - The fireball grew to 60 miles across and forty miles high.

    It seems that nobody in government at that time was surprised by this massive demonstration of insanity ..

    Marty K.

    Monday 1 November 2021

    Plastic Perfection Practical Partners .. Spelt with a 'G'.

     I really value my Glock G19X .. well I highly score all the Glocks that I've shot - apart from a very early 'compensated' G17L Long-Slide which I never 'clicked' with & that cracked it's barrel at one of the compensator cuts .. No compensator ever worked for me nor enhanced my IPSC results. 

    Might there be some biomechanical  'sweet spot' of the G19X ergonomics at work - with the full size grip frame resonating with the 9mm recoil from the shorter slide assembly? 

    - There certainly is plenty of room on the handle for my fist and the trigger reach puts my squeezer where I'm comfortable.

    - My tan G19X is such a sweet shooting gun that it deserves a special reward to show my appreciation. I did buy a G44 .22" rimfire to keep it company in the gun safe - but that's not truly in the same class as the G19X - despite it working hard to keep-up it remains a bit of a lightweight with it's 10 round magazines eh.

    So I bought a cheapish Casio G-Shock Yellow-White Special Color DW 5600TGA-9 watch. This watch makes me laugh .. it's like horror boxer Butterbean dressed as a Barbie-doll (I bet that would sell).

    Other Colors Are Available ..
    - Well the stupid watch makes me smile - and it's made as strong & simple as a Glock .. it is affordable and it works as dependably as a Glock too .. And it's got 'ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS' printed on it so it must be good eh. - Both tools are practical & robust (tactical if you will - but I'd prefer utilitarian) for edc.

    However you look at it .. 'polymer' for one & "resin" for the other - they both show appropriate use of engineering plastics and are time proven from the mid 1980's.

    In the early days - about forty years back - G.Ges. used to get it's salesmen to throw their pistol onto the concrete and whack that Austrian Army Gen.1 gun with a lump hammer .. chasing it about demonstrating how tough & unmarked it was and still shot "perfectly" .. I did it a few times but got a bit nervous in the end. But I never did have a helicopter available to throw one out of.

    - And I've read tales from a couple of watch reviewers of throwing their DW5600 'G-Shocks' at walls and rolling over them with their truck wheels - so that makes another pairing for the brave or stupid eh.

    So is a G-SHOCK watch the Glock for Time Lords? - Certainly this gear is not for snobby buggers.

    I don't need a "smartwatch" or 'blue-tooth connectivity' .. no atomic time-keeping, GPS, or 'complications'. (nor do I want a 'reflex' red dot sight stuck on top or a torch hanging underneath the Glock).

    It seems these clever folk have sold more than 100 Million G-Shock watches - so either in Coyote Tan or special yellow-white livery - both tools are modern "classics" .. there likely are around 9 Million Glocks built so far.

    Look - If it makes you happy - DO IT - we are only here for a while eh - and smiling makes you feel better every time - and you can practice any time.

    Marty K.


    Tuesday 26 October 2021

    Guns Are Dangerous:

     You too may have observed that it is not only Fact & Truth that are lacking in today's society .. My most recent pair of work jeans fly opening has been presented with a limiting five inch only zip. - I seem to remember that antique strides had wider binary openings of at least TEN INCHES.

    Both the British and New Zealand Governments are striving to disarm civilians by regulation and restrict private firearms ownership. 


    There are 1,000 kilograms in a Tonne.

    There are 1,000 grams in a kilogram.

      100 grams of Plutonium could OVERDOSE 1 BILLION Civilians with radioactivity.

    1 Kilo of Plutonium could overdose TEN BILLION CIVILIANS.


    1,400,000 BILLION PEOPLE is more than a few folk to be 'OVERDOSED' ..

    Or  .. looking at it a little differently - that 140 tonnes of British Plutonium would build more than 28,000 Nuclear Bombs.

    Do you find these figures disturbing?

    How do you define a 'Terrorist Organization'?

    Marty K.

    Thursday 21 October 2021

    Coronial Inquiry into TARRANT's Killings:

     Believe it or not there are still many deluded persons in our so-called "21st Century" that believe in "Stopping Power" "Knock-Down Power" and a variety of superhuman entities they call "GODS"

    Mankind - that is us homo-sapiens - has been around this planet for some 300,000  years .. not 2,100.

    New Zealand's Chief Coroner has just announced that she has opened an "in depth" inquiry into the Christchurch racist killings of 51 innocents by Brenton Tarrant in 2019.

    This Coroners Court will open the process permitting interested persons to ask questions and to present evidence.

    I am surprised that NZ Shooters Organizations remain silent despite  - at last - shooters now gaining an opportunity to expose hitherto suppressed FACTS.

    - But this - sadly - is how unrepresented our law abiding gun owners remain.

     Marty K.

    Thursday 14 October 2021

    APATHETIC NZ Shooters - Have They Gone To Sleep?

    I've lately been taking an interest in collecting decent watches - ready for something to do when the morons completely BAN all legal gun ownership - and I'm currently wearing a radio-active tritium illuminated Swiss titanium cased watch on one wrist and a SEIKO Air-Diver watch on the other limb that has LumiBrite  lume . - When I roll-over in the night it's like an flight deck marshal conducting planes with illuminated baton-wands.

    I've been blogging about gun use in NZ for years now .. since 2014. - Trying to warn about the CORRUPT & short-sighted anti-gun movement. 

    These charlatan politicians & "journalists"  are using the cheapest of sensational trickery to self promote and to suck-in shallow thinking morons to emotionally over-react & support their hasty self serving response.

    In the "gun free" UK 'Mother Country' the current shock-horror issue is about doing something to protect women from being raped and killed by rogue police officers .. and the current best idea is a phone app. that will alert police after the woman is overdue .. maybe after having been attacked.

    - See the twisted political logic here? - Make it illegal for a woman to have any means of self-defense like pepper spray or any other weapon - leaving her vulnerable .. then offer an on-line phone alert to tell her potential attacker of concern where she is and that she is alone and frightened.

    Blood RED is the Media's favorite color.

    The Politicians are using bloody tragedy to hide their incompetence and failure to be effective - while journalists are just doing what they always do - screaming as loudly as they can whenever opportunity arises to fan the flames of  misfortune.



    While the Christchurch massacre was in the news together with Jacinda's fresh  GUN BANS - I would get thousands of readers .. but now months later - far fewer readers are strolling by.

    - How many hunters have looked at the new fees for a Firearms Licence and the THIRTY-FIVE PAGE application form that will likely decimate the number of LAWFUL shooters here?

    Firearm ownership rights in NZ are under the strongest attack from Police, Press, and Politicians that has ever been mounted .. and we are doing NOTHING to protect or protest.

    One-by-one, existing shooters will face lengthy delays in license processing, increased costs for paperwork and security installation and the firearms licensing officials instructed to be OBSTRUCTIVE AND OFFICIOUS in dealing with Law Abiding citizens.

    Many shooters facing these increasing difficulties are beginning to give-up.

    Our law abiding numbers ARE falling while gang violence and shootings continue to rise.

    The waiting list for Firearms Licence Processing is now approaching 10,000 applications delayed for up to more than a year.

    Please join your shooting organization and TELL THEM TO DO SOMETHING - before it is too late.

    Lawful gun ownership in New Zealand is being strangled by political charlatans & police management who are trying to cover-up their own incompetence and underfunding - by blaming the single most select LAW ABIDING sector of New Zealand society  -for the POLICE's own inefficiencies..

    Marty K.

    Friday 8 October 2021

    Veteran Revolvers:

    I've recently collected my latest 'restricted' purchase from the convoluted Courier-Dealer delivery process now imposed by NZ Police management. 
    -The current ruling here is that the seller cannot send any firearm directly to the buyer .. but has to take it to a nearby friendly dealer who will then courier the piece to another dealer - for the purchaser to collect it from, so that she/he can then take it in a locked container to a Police Firearms Office to be checked & registered to their file.
    Coffee with three old service friends in 38 S&W

    - The Canterbury South Island roads were busy ..  and the central Christchurch roads are still somewhat uneven & rough following the earthquakes some ten and a half years ago (in 2011). 

    - But the three hour plus return safari was worth while both to observe the range of 'clients' at the Central Police Station and to complete the transfer of this old WWII revolver - only 48 days after arranging to buy it.

    U S PROPERTY Marking Indicates This Victory Model S&W Revolver* - Was Built (1943) Under The U S "Lend Lease" Program. 

    *As bought, those early replacement Pachmayr rubber grips are much better for shooting than the original stocks - but maybe I'll look for a wooden set closer to original issue eh .. The old gun is an interesting un-original, mismatched, battered and corroded mess - BUT it is tight as a drum and was bought for a very reasonable cost .. considering that it's OK functionally.

    The 'G H D' is the Military Inspector's mark for Guy H. Drewry Lt. Col., USA, who was the inspector for Smith & Wesson .38 Revolvers from 1930-1946.

    - The stamp that looks something like a number 8 is the US ' Flaming Bomb' ordnance mark. The Shell and Flame (a.k.a. Flaming Bomb) has been used by European armies for several centuries before adoption by the U.S. Army. In fact, it is still used by many countries in Western Europe, i.e. the Grenadier Guards in Britain. The mark represents an iron hand grenade with a powder charge and a fuse which was lit before throwing.

    The "Lend-Lease" policy, formally titled An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States was a program under which the United States supplied the United Kingdom (and British Commonwealth), Free France, the Republic of China, and later the Soviet Union and other Allied nations with food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and 1945. Lend-Lease effectively ended the United States' state of neutrality which had been enshrined in the Neutrality Acts of the 1930s. It was a decisive step away from non-interventionist policy and toward open support for the Allies.

    Being one of 59,305 Victory Models supplied during WWII - this grey "Parkerized" wartime collectable will join my two other valued .38 S&W caliber revolvers so it ought be happy eh.

    All three old 38 S&W caliber guns are well travelled .. as the British 5 inch Webley is a Singapore Police Model and the 4 inch Webley has an Israeli Military issue stamp .. I suppose this now opens a gap where an Enfield No. 2 Revolver should be?

    An interesting observation on the registration of firearms in New Zealand .. This & many other S&W Revolvers were originally registered here - all with the same number found stamped inside the cylinder crane .. a factory assembly-part number rather than the actual SERIAL NUMBER that is under the grip frame.

    Note: Anyone researching & working with older British firearms may come across the abbreviation FTR among many .. there are countless possible meanings for this acronym but the one we need to know here is - FACTORY THOROUGH REPAIR - where equipment is recalled for service replacement of faulty components - while other parts may be substituted with later designed improvements resulting in '*' or '**' stampings before re-issue from 'Arsenal Overhaul'.

    Note 2: This S&W will be the only one of that brand that I currently own - and it reminds me of another bigger 44" MAGNUM S&W revolver .. a big Model 29, that was handed to me - open and fully loaded with six rounds - on range by an old friend. This heavy long barreled 'gat' was beautifully dark-blued fitted with original slim timber "wood splinter" stock slabs and in as-new unworn condition. The skinny frame had no 'grip adaptor' nor other after-market padding. - In the 40 plus years I'd known this guy - NEVER had I seen him shoot this pristine pistol. - That is known in some circles "as a clue" - well it's a 'man thing' eh - so with him hovering at my shoulder I took a firm two-handed grip, aimed and loosed off one only stinging shot .. opened the cylinder and handed the piece back to rest mostly unfired for maybe another 30 years.
    Two Poms and a Yank

    Marty K.

    That's an interesting 36/38 Cartridge box eh. - That's what this outfit called the .38"S&W.

    Here's an interesting ' end of the line' piece from a Field & Stream "Gun Writer" ..

    - I'm happy to bet this joker $500 that in twenty years time we will still be able to buy these cartridges  45 GAP, 41 Magnum, 32 H&R Magnum, 25 Auto, 40 S&W, & 32 your friendly local Gun Shop .. plus some .38"S&W short too.

    Marty K.