Friday 28 June 2019

New NZ Defence Spending:

Defence Minister Ron Mark has announced $18.6 Million is to be spent on land transport vehicles ..

including x43 MPVs Medium Protected Vehicle and a number of Polaris MRZR All Terrain vehicles:

Iveco MPV

Polaris MRZR-4

Both transport types can mount & deploy machine guns and grenade launchers as required .. in a similar manner to those Toyota 4wd.s used throughout various conflict zones.

The Polaris comes with a petrol engine or a diesel powered extended range option as here.

The Defence Capability Plan announced earlier outlined $20 BILLION spending for the next decade.

Marty K.

Monday 24 June 2019


Charles Cunningham BOYCOTT bought a Commission into the British Army for 450 Pounds aged 18 in 1850 and served for a short time in Ireland before "retiring" and becoming a farmer and then later a 'land agent' for absentee landowner Lord Erne in the West of Ireland.
Boycott's (Erne's) tenants came into dispute over rent payments following failed crops in 1880 - and organized a total withdrawal of labor and services against Boycott when he started to evict them - isolating him within the community .. refusing to harvest his crops and stopped the local shops from serving his needs.

Fifty Protestant Orangemen from the North volunteered in an armed military expedition, guarded by a regiment of the 19th Royal Hussars and over 1,000 Royal Irish Constables & traveled by train to harvest some 500 pounds worth of crops at a cost exceeding 10,000 pounds.

Boycott permanently left Mayo and Ireland before Christmas 1880 in a storm of newspaper publicity - no driver could be found to drive his carriage so his family and a local magistrate left for England in an army ambulance .. and his name BOYCOTT was chosen by a Father John O'Malley to replace "OSTRACISM" and became coined as a word to mean "taboo, intimidate, isolate, excommunicate" and to refuse to co-operate.

Arms (Prohibited Ammunition) Order 2019

This order comes into force on 21 June 2019.

ScheduleAmmunition declared prohibited ammunition

Tracer ammunitionProjectiles containing an element that enables the trajectory of the projectiles to be observed
Enhanced-penetration ammunitionProjectiles that have a steel or tungsten carbide penetrator intended to achieve better penetration
Armour-piercing ammunitionProjectiles intended to penetrate or perforate armour plate and ceramic armours, typically achieved through the use of hardened or specialised core materials
Incendiary ammunition (excluding flares for flare guns)Projectiles designed to provide an incendiary effect on impact with the target
Explosive ammunitionProjectiles containing a high-explosive charge that detonates on impact with or in close proximity to the target
Multi-purpose ammunitionArmour-piercing incendiary ammunition in which the incendiary compound is replaced by a high-explosive charge to provide a blast, fragmentation, and incendiary effect as well as an armour-piercing effect
Discarding-sabot ammunition (excluding shotgun cartridges)Small-diameter projectiles designed to pierce armour that are placed into a supporting plug (a sabot) and then pushed down the bore as an assembly; the sabot is stripped off when the assembly leaves the barrel
Multi-projectile ammunition (excluding shotgun ammunition)Ammunition that has the ability to fire multiple projectiles in a single shot (for example, duplex ammunition)
Chemical or biological carrier ammunition (excluding projectiles for any device designed and intended solely for any medical, surgical, veterinary, scientific, agricultural, industrial, or other similar lawful purpose)Projectiles that have the ability to carry a chemical or biological agent
Flechettes (excluding projectiles designed and intended solely for any bolt gun, stud gun, humane killer, deer net gun, nail gun, or a pistol that is part of rocket-throwing or line-throwing equipment)Lightweight, fin-stabilised projectiles, fired from a sabot, with an aerodynamic shape and small frontal area to minimise air resistance


- So our administration is continuing to add items to the "semi-autos" BAN list.

My guess is that by now most fee paying New Zealand Licensed Firearms users & collectors are now made into criminals.

Marty K.

Sunday 23 June 2019

Military Eugenics - The Potsdam Giants:

I'm unsure where I'm going with this one .. I was looking at 'Baltic amber' - which I rather like ( OK, call me a 'girl's blouse') when I saw mention of Giant Royal Guards being gifted in return for the 'Amber Room'.

In 1675 yet another "Royal" fruit & nutcase was enjoying his privilege & wealth - combined with his man-love - to collect a special body of  tall lads .. "Lange Keris" as his Prussian Regiment of Guards was sometimes called. I don't want to use his name but Frederick William I  did have some military training and did actually manage some improvements in training regimes and equipment. Link:
I suppose - in their defense - the European 'snobs & nobs' & royalty were an inbred and sickly lot (still are) who were supported in their indulgences by equally mendacious, venal & corruptly vicious underlings - hangers-on who would hope to thrive by supporting their masters whims and fetishes (still do).
This Irish-man James Kirkland at nearly 7 foot 2 inches was a favorite in in this impressive-pretty-big-boys-on-display-army .. one of many such press-ganged to parade through Frederick William I's bedroom whenever he was in need. - Fred liked to "drill" and paint his men every day.

There was some advantage for musket men being tall (as opposed to short) for speed at reloading and ramming but selecting above average super long shanks included guys suffering from GIGANTISM who would not necessarily make great fighting men due to skeletal and heart issues.
The British "royal" Guards Regiments used to be selected with a minimum height requirement and received two weeks extra training at parade work and drilling - my Dad volunteered-out into the WWII Commandos "in order to get away from the Irish Guards poofy English Public School Officers."

Personally - the hardest fighting men I've ever known were tough little blokes such as the Gurkhas who'd have presented a smaller target to projectiles and would have kept on going all day.

Prussian Frederick I and all the other royal dynasties - like Queen Victoria's nine kids - were cross-bred with the other European "Greats" - "Terribles" - and likely Mad-monks .. a crazed dynasty of Carlos II, Charles VI, Ferdinand I of Austria, George I, & George III.

 The Romanovs - sadly missed by the Russian serfs - had some of their executed remains identified in recent years by using genetic samples from the Queen Elizabeth II of New Zealand's husband Philip Battenberg-Mountbatten Slesvig-Holsten-Sønderborg-Glücksborg.

Marty K.

Friday 21 June 2019


I know that "anti-gunners" are mostly kind-hearted & well intended souls who emotionally seek the best for society.

I also understand that emotional beliefs are seldom changed or reversed by FACTS.

While Geology & Science both clearly prove that there is no Hell beneath our feet .. nor any Heavenly Paradise above our heads .. many millions of Judeo-Christian based believers remain steadfast deniers of fact.
The banning and restricting of possession by law abiding citizen of legal firearms is a policy that leads directly to the deaths of defenseless innocent lives.


Marty K.

Thursday 20 June 2019

Van Gogh Revolver Sells Well At Auction:

The "Van Gogh" revolver just sold in a Paris Auction fetched 162,500 euros .. that's around $182,00 for a rusted and bent old gun best described as being in "relic condition".

The gun's provenance is somewhat disputed - even if it is the actual pistol involved .. as perhaps he didn’t shoot himself in July 1890, but maybe was shot accidentally during a tussle with 16-year-old René Secrétan, who was spending the summer in the village. - Vincent may have been covering for the young man and his brother .. but certainly it would be an unusual and a very difficult contortion for a revolver suicide to self aim at his own chest area rather than the head.

It is also possible that the famous excised ear may actually have been cut-off by Vincent's artist mate Gauguin in another earlier brawl.

A similar Lefaucheux revolver used by poet Paul Verlaine to try to kill his lover Arthur Rimbaud in 1873 was sold at auction in Paris in 2016, brought 434,500 euros ($708,000) - so this one was cheap .. a queer bunch these artistic types eh.

Not This Fine Example ..
.. But This Rusty Wreck - Sold For 162,500 Euros.

- The price for this unusable old relic is interesting - as our New Zealand Government is currently suggesting they will pay only 25% of the wholesale cost of older worn firearms in their enforced "BUY-BACK SCHEME".

I always thought that Government administrations and their law enforcement departments were meant to be fair, truthful and honest .. apparently not,

Vincent Van Gogh - Painting Sunflowers .. As Painted By Gauguin.

Link to my earlier April story:

Marty K.

Wednesday 19 June 2019

Collapse Of NZ Law & Order:

Civilization is said to be fragile .. and a murderous racist maniac proved that this is indeed so - on March 15th in Christchurch.

The New Zealand Police who's accepted purpose is to protect the person and their property seem to have abandoned that role.

We who paid fees to obtain Firearms Licences have been made into criminals at the stroke of a pen - and our lawfully owned sporting rifles are now ordered to be surrendered & destroyed with some insulting compensation based on a reduced percentage of the wholesale cost - not retail as paid.
An Earlier Labour Government Payed $680 MILLION for Light Armoured Vehicles.

The New Zealand Police intend to engage part-time and retired military personnel to remove once legally held property from licensed firearms users. - Look alert farmers and hunters - when that armored military transport rumbles up your track they may be coming to remove your valuables .. not to protect them.

Police have long suggested that if a gun owner is the victim of a theft - the VICTIM may be prosecuted for failure of their security .. as well as possibly the thief. - Licensed firearms owners might well be advised that should any of their recently declared illegal guns go missing .. they carefully preserve the evidence of theft for the police report.

Police repeatedly state that self defense is not justification for possession of arms while themselves carrying arms "just in case". - They have stated repeatedly that our citizens right to possess arms is not a right .. but a PRIVILEGE.

Our current Government has seen fit to negate the respected New Zealand Firearms Licence system and Endorsement of FIT AND PROPER PERSONS by employing temporarily engaged unqualified persons to confiscate our valuable and now prohibited items.

"Collection events open soon for banned firearms "
Police want people with prohibited firearms to hand them in during the amnesty and buy-back period at collection events as part of new legislation amending firearms laws.

All firearms owners need to ensure that they are constantly careful and alert for any attempts by criminals to steal and abuse-misuse their property.

Marty K.

Monday 17 June 2019

The (Human) Monkey Dance:

A much favored author Rory Miller refers to the public macho - male - aggressive chest inflated .."Bovver? - who me? .. yeah you .. what you going do 'bout it?" ritual push & shove wind-up of male anger as .. 'the monkey dance'.

Rory knows that which he writes about from his many years as a corrections officer, cell-extraction specialist,  law enforcement officer, - and training-instructor - writer - blogger.
I was reminded of this label by the current Donnie Trump versus the evil empire of IRAN 12 round heavyweight contest over control of Middle-East OIL passing through The Gulf.

.. surely this buffoon is not going to attack yet another foreign land?

.. I remain unsure of female iron lady leadership .. recalling M.Thatcher and Golda Meir .. but the blokes are mostly a dead loss for sure.

The UK must be looking forward to Brexit and Boris for Prime Minister eh.

The recent report about UK Nottingham Police distributing Blunt Knives to potential domestic violence victims really had me head shaking. - Was the idea to confuse the aggressor by widening his selection of weaponry (If he's Irish .. give him two shovels & tell him to take his pick?  - durrrr) .. or was the plan to provide the victim with a pointless, less-lethal slasher to deter her man by exsanguination?

- They've really got their knickers in a twist over there in UK .. GUNS are BANNED - as are KNIVES (with blades more than 2.5 inches long) .. but their violent use in crime and murder is out of control  ... But that can't be so .. because they are BANNED.

In America & other sensible lands where it is lawful for the law-abiding to defend themselves .. some wise Law Enforcement Officer would organize those threatened strong mothers - into purchase or loan of a suitable handgun - a training course - and maybe a 'carry permit'.

- Problem mostly solved .. unless of-course some expert might declare that these UK mothers are themselves so poorly educated, socially deprived, dis-functional,  irresponsible & mentally unstable as to not be fit and proper to exercise self defense ?


Marty K.
P.S. Disclaimer for officialdom: - My interest in firearms in New Zealand is solely for lawful sporting, scientific, educational, and recreational interest purposes. I am a pacifist having no thought of violence. Marty K.

Sunday 16 June 2019

Widely used Explosives & Poisons - YOU've Got At Home:

If I was to say to you "SODIUM AZIDE" .. some of my mates might respond ".. And up you too"
How about "Guanidine nitrate"?

- Both of these substances are highly explosive and I'd just about guarantee that you and your families are very close to - and unknowingly use them every day. 

.. Further, the sodium azide is actually a VERY nasty, deadly poison.

OK I'll explain - both of these are used as the explosive that fires when your car has an impact and they blast their way through your dashboard, side panels or steering wheel while inflating gas-bags that will hopefully reduce your crash injuries. Wikipedia says:

Sodium azide is the inorganic compound with the formula NaN3. This colorless salt is the gas-forming component in many car airbag systems. It is used for the preparation of other azide compounds. It is an ionic substance, is highly soluble in water, and is very acutely toxic.[5]

Guanidine nitrate is the chemical compound with the formula [C(NH2)3]NO3. It is a colorless, water-soluble salt. It is produced on a large scale as high energy fuel used as gas generator and solid rocket propellant applications. Its more official name is guanidinium nitrate, but the incorrect term guanidine nitrate is widely used.

One aspect of this that I find very interesting but not at all surprising .. is that the Auto-Industry Corporate marketers (& various Govt. Departments) refer to these active explosive devices as 'passive safety devices'.

.. & There is no "air" in "air bags".

These device deployments are triggered through an explosive pyrotechnic process.
- How many of my fellow citizens would choose to deny that we peasants are actively, & continuously - deliberately misled via media propaganda .. or is that "fake news"?

Analysis by Australia's Newcastle University reports that plastic use is now so widespread that we each eat on average five grams of plastic each week .. that's the weight of a bank-card.

For starters - what do you think sausage skins are made of?
Wikipedia: Artificial casings are made of collagen, cellulose, or plastic. Artificial casings from animal collagen are generally edible, though some are not.
.. or sometimes more-to-the-point, what are the sausages made from?

Life is good,

Marty K.

Friday 14 June 2019

UK Crime .. Pointless Knives Hand-out:

In an attempt to stop victims being stabbed by their partners - Nottingham Police have purchased 100 blunt kitchen knives and have so far supplied more than half of them to potential victims.
The Superintendent in charge observed that blunt knives would make it harder to stab the target victim .. but he clarified that they are still sharp for use.
Happy Nottingham Police Superintendent Matt Macfarlane

 No, come on .. Be fair - these people are well intended

Marty K.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Arrow Head & Sling Penetration & Exsanguination:

To be, or not to be, that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,

Hamlet, Act 3

We may all need to think about these "monkey powered" edged and blunt tools in the close future ... needs must & all that.

You know the direction that gun ownership is headed .. Take a look at UK, Australia, and now .. here in New Zealand. But all is not yet lost as the early manual powered hunting tools sufficed in their day

Tod Cutler puts forward a likely way for removing barbed arrows from muscle.- I didn't realize that bow hunting had such specialized technology and science - armor piercing, chain mail.
Arrow heads vary widely in form: Crescent shaped and blunts ... Links to his videos:

Back in the world of firearms and ballistics there are still occasional new developments arising - but Tod demonstrates how ballistics worked a few thousand years ago with slings ..

Lead Roman Sling 'Bullets'.

An interesting joker eh.

Marty K.

Tuesday 11 June 2019

10MM - 9MM - 8MM ..??

The 10mm Auto cartridge (10x25 mm - introduced 1983) was designed to improve on the shortcomings of the .45"ACP and it is widely recognized as a powerful & effective round for auto-pistols. - Indeed some shooters and manufacturers have found it to be 'more gun' than they'd choose to deal with long term.

.. this 'excessive' power level directly led to the development by Smith & Wesson of the .40" S&W "Short and Weak" . - Funny thing is that I find the full power 10mm more pleasant to shoot than the smaller "snappy" .40" S&W is - in a 9mm sized handgun.
10 MM    To    9 MM.
The 9mm NATO cartridge (9x19 mm - introduced 1902) also named 9 mm Luger or Parabellum is generally accepted by Military & Law Enforcement - civilian shooters too, as a "Goldilocks" round that has a satisfactory power level and performance - while being a compact package with moderate felt recoil in a full-size pistol.

.. Certainly there is ongoing criticism from some that the "nine" is under-powered for the job .. but I think that's strange as it has power and velocities in a similar level to the .38" Special revolver round - that has since 1898 been lauded as an ideal self-defense cartridge in a dependable wheel-gun.
'8MM'   To   9MM.
Then I come to the 8mm - or as it's usually known .. .32"ACP or 7.65x17 mm Browning. (introduced in 1899).
- I'll explain .. If you 'google' what is 8mm in inches? .. the answer should pop-up as 8.0 millimeters = 0.31496063 inches  - And you all know that the 'thirtytwos' use bullets that mike-up between .312 - .314 inches eh .. That's 8 millimeters in American or any other language.

.. Just WHY these 8mms are variously addressed as 7.62's - 7.65's - and "thirty-twos" is as far beyond proper explanation as is f*m#n#ne logic (did I actually dare to write that? .. it just slipped out - I'm so sorry eh).

 I don't want to go overboard here about .32" Auto but will point you at my earlier rave:

The "8mm" Thirty-twos certainly are not powerhouses* - but this group of center fire cartridges goes way back to the late 1800's as a popular easy shooting round that was widely used in police issue side arms .. indeed it is this long history of use in the now ancient original break-action revolvers and autos that has made it's "mouse-gun" image worse - because cautious US ammunition makers deliberately under charge & down-power their 32 S&W and Auto offerings - so as to avoid blow-ups in antique arms.

* This is not to mention the 327 Fed Mag - a sweet-shooting "8mm" revolver round that is pushing 357" Magnum power levels.

The caliber size gap between the 10mm Auto to 9mm in olde english is around 45 thou. while the "8mm" is only another 40 thousands of an inch smaller - this indicates that the powder load and pressures are more significant than mere sizes.

- If one drops down to the 7 mm step there are plenty of popular rifle cartridges to choose there - but not many handgun rounds other than 7x20 mm Japanese Nambu.
- and it gets real messy up around 11MM which is close to the .44"s (11 millimeters = 0.433070866 inches) (44 Magnum = .429") - but the many .45"s come in as 11.5MM.

Here's a silly idea ... If I were a capital rich manufacturer aware of the sales potential for 'carry' self-defense sized handguns - I might well make a case for designing an up-powered modern 8x20 Auto rimless cartridge and slim-line auto-pistol - that while feeding and firing reliably in maybe a fixed barrel arm, would have "power" levels close-up behind the nines .. but guns so chambered as to be able to retro-fire the well established common-and-garden old .32"ACP (7.65x17mm) cartridge

 .. Something like Federal & Ruger did with the 327 Fed. Mag that also accepts the earlier shorter rimmed '32's. - I'm thinking of a powerful '8MM Auto(32)' cartridge built like a '327' cut down to 20 mm case length and rimless .. rated at a similar high internal pressure limit.

Rod says .. Hi Marty

The French 7.65x19.8 MAS is about ideal for your idea but needs to be uploaded to give a better power level.  As it was loaded (85 grain @ 1120 fps) it was only marginally better than the 7.65 Browning.  85 -95 grains @ 1200 fps would be quite effective and could fit into a very slim single-stack 4” barreled pistol, something about the size of the old Colt M1903 Pocket and Browning M1910 pistols. Cheers

That's the  7.65×20mm Longue (also known as 7.65mm French Longue, 7.65 mm Long, 7.65mm MAS, 7.65×20mm, 7.65L and .30-18 Auto for use in the Pedersen Device) - it was a straight, rimless cartridge used in the French Modèle 1935 pistol, as well as the MAS-38 submachine gun. - Case length was 19.7mm.(or 19.8)

Marty K.

Monday 10 June 2019

Power Comes From a Gun But Most Nations Hold Elections Anyway:

There seems to be around 193 separate Countries recognized on this planet - plus a handful of disputed areas .. and I find it interesting that nearly ALL of them have some form of elections to pick the individuals to run their internal functions and external relations.

There are some maybe - pick a number less than 10 - where this will be strongly argued. The absolute winner of that worldwide race has to be oil-rich BRUNEI where there seems to be no vote at all at any level.

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi WaddienSultan and Yang di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam; born 15 July 1946)

Brunei is an absolute monarchy fairly similar to UK (which is supposedly a "constitutional monarchy")  - Both monarchs not only tell you what to do but also what to believe .. being heads of state and of religion.

- What my eventual point is .. is that just about 95 per cent plus of our planet is "ruled" or administered by governments appointed by their populations that theoretically run the show for the best interests of the people.

So it seems odd that the whole planet and 95% of it's 7.7 Billion people are in such a crappy mess - when considering that it is supposedly being organized for our benefit.

How many family folk actually asked for 14,900 nuclear warheads to be aimed at them and their mates? - I know that there is a high level of self-harm and "sudden death" in western society .. but are we voting for it en-masse?

How many working voters are happy to see 'the bosses' getting millions plus bonus's while their own families are getting poorer & poorer despite two or more workers doing their best? 

I have previously listed all the bad stuff going-on around us .. but you can make your own lists anytime you can be bothered .. but my argument is ..

Either these elected administrations are very incompetent and stupid people

or .. They are totally corrupt liars who are dedicated to using their positions to grab as much wealth for themselves as they can - while giving their employers - us the finger.

Here's a question: - Is there enough food in the world to feed everyone?
.. If the answer is YES - it proves my thinking about corruption & profit taking.

.. If the answer is NO - it proves my thoughts about incompetent stupidity.

Is it time for a change? .. before they totally disarm us all?

Might we focus in a radical way on what we'd like our administration to do for us?

 Health Care & Welfare, Education, Law Enforcement & Justice are basics that require  fair taxation .. together with power, water, sewage, & transport and .. International laws that would eliminate much corruption.

Naturally these requirements should be provided in a non damaging, non polluting and sustainable manner.

What we don't really need is nobility, marketing lies, advertisements, and billionaires.

Marty K.

Sunday 9 June 2019

British SA-80 Assault Rifle:

This British 'Enfield' designed Bullpup weapon was politically and fiscally handicapped right from it's origins in the late 1940's as a replacement for the .303" "smellies" .. Short Magazine Lee-Enfields

 .. but in 1954 the bigger L1A1 SLR's in 7.62x51 mm  (.308" as required by USA) were introduced and served well for years before - these small caliber 'ENFIELD' SA-80s came in to use the new NATO 5.56x45 mm standard caliber ammunition.

- But it is now reasonable to state that in it's current much modified and re-designed iteration it does at last work .. for right-handed shooters.

But from it's early 'Mark 1' issue it gained a terrible reputation - one of it's pet UK titles was "THE CIVIL SERVANT .. because it NEVER works and can't be fired". 

It seems that during this rifle's first 18 years of use it experienced some 83 major modifications to malfunctioning components - that included weak firing pins that broke and safeties that jammed - all this BEFORE a 80 Million Pound contract in the year 2,000 was handed to Heckler & Koch in Germany to redesign it so that it might work. - That is not quite as bad as it sounds .. because at that time H&K were actually owned by BAe.

The Thatcher Conservative Government commercialized-privatized the Royal Enfield armory makers in 1984 and then sold it to BAe in 1987..

 - British Aerospace Industries promptly announced that they would shut-down Enfield with 1,200 job losses - to shift production to Nottingham .. leaving these dismissed workers to sort-out the urgent production & development issues on the SA-80 while waiting for their final pays. - That'll work eh.

"Thanks to privatization, the atmosphere in the factory was a poisonous mix of bitterness, anger and apathy. Workers who thought that they had a job for life felt betrayed by a government which, many had believed, was both patriotic and pro-military.

 An officer who visited Enfield at the time says morale was so low in the final days there that 9,000 of the last 10,000 rifles made there had their receivers, the metal core of the gun to which other parts were fitted, squeezed in a vice to make them fit. "Everybody knew they'd got the sack, and the only thing they wanted to do was get the damn thing out the door."

In 1985 engineers at H&K pointed out to the BAe. makers that if you dropped the rifle it fired.

 - Even years later - after Heckler & Koch had redesigned the later version of the gun and it's magazines into a functioning, reliable, & usable arm - it remains a complicated design that still cannot be converted to fire from the left shoulder.

Link to The Guardian's version of this story:

The L85-A3 version SA-80 is the current hammer-fired, gas operated rotating bolt UK service rifle in 5.56x45 mm NATO caliber.

Both 'British' Australia & New Zealand stayed away from the SA-80 and instead bought the Steyr AUG Bullpup rifle system in 1987 - but New Zealand have in 2015 purchased the CQB16 version of the AR-15 rifle from Lewis Machine & Tool USA to replace the aged AUGs

... in September 2018 it was reported that some of these New Zealand AR-15 rifles had experienced breakages, including 130 with cracks around the bolt, and that all 9,040 rifles had had their firing pins replaced under warranty.

- Meanwhile the Russian Military are happily updating their older AK-47, AK-74 weapons to the AK-12 and AK-15 versions.

Marty K.