Monday 31 July 2023

Model 1889 Colt D/A Revolver .41 Caliber:

 September 25, 2020 New Zealand born Metropolitan Police Sergeant Matiu Ratana was shot and killed by scumbag Louis de Soysa in a Croydon London police custody cell. - He had been arrested, handcuffed, and searched by the arresting officers - but the antique Colt revolver he was carrying holstered under his left arm was not detected.

The handcuffed murderer was on camera as four shots were fired from the revolver, - the bullet that entered his neck caused a brain damaging blood clot he survived - now needing a wheelchair to serve his WHOLE LIFE SENTENCE.

The sad killing of a long service police officer was very unusual in many ways. - the killer had been searched and was handcuffed behind his back .. but managed to get the gun from it's holster and contort his 25 year old body enough to fire and kill an officer due soon to retire - using home-made cartridges.

I identified the ".41 Revolver" from this police image as a Colt Civilian Model 1889 D/A revolver -  said to be in .41" Long Colt caliber - the first gun made to have a 'Swing-Out' cylinder. The barrel looks to be the 4.5 inch model.

The early versions of this round used an externally lubed Heeled Cartridge - but this was later changed to a hollow based internal-lubed lead bullet of reduced diameter that was expected to bump-up to bore size under gas pressure.
The 41 Long Colt cartridge is regarded as an obsolete Black Powder relic no longer made - while this revolver was sold at auction in UK as an antique.

Marty K.

Thursday 27 July 2023


Let's leave the 'Public Relations' Distortion Zone & take a REALITY CHECK 

Police spokesperson and Association President Cahill has repeatedly stated that the new "Firearms Register" will, at some time in the future, greatly assist police by them knowing whether there are firearms at a location they need to approach.

This new law now requires fit and proper known law-abiding & registered licenced Firearms owners to provide Serial numbers and technical information of their legally owned equipment to Te Tari Pureke.

1/- Any police officer visiting the home of a Licensed Firearm owner already fully expects that fit and proper person to have legal ownership of a firearm without need of any "serial number register".

2/- Any police officer visiting suspected offenders and convicted criminals - such as a "GANG HOUSE"  - following procedure and checking with the new Te Tari Pureke registration records - will of course be assured that there are NO REGISTERED LEGALLY OWNED FIREARMS at that location and they do not need to be on alert. 

- Is this useful in any way to a frontline serving police officer?

3/- Legally licenced firearms owners have repeatedly explained that a list of firearms and their locations, built by any office is most valuable to anyone seeking to TAKE THAT GUN away from it's lawful owner for their own purpose ..

It has been made evident repeatedly that NZ Police are unable to maintain this information securely because of multiple people accessing it at any time.

4/- In under ONE MONTH of becoming active - Te Tari Pureke has ALREADY accidently released confidential security information of 147 legal gun owners.

5/- These dangerous repressive laws will result in many guns being hidden 'off register' for safety and increasingly becoming available for black market sale by those not trusting these new laws.

These costly laws MUST immediately be reviewed by a panel including knowlegable LICENCED FIREARMS OWNERS and struck from the law books.

Marty K.

Tuesday 25 July 2023

"Leaders" In Charge of Making The Rules For You:

STOP PRESS: Operational for one month so far ...

Te Tari Pūreke – Firearms Safety Authority can confirm that earlier this afternoon it’s Auckland District Office sent an email to 147 recipients that revealed the email address of the recipients to fellow licence holders.

This incident is being treated seriously by Te Tari Pūreke, who have lodged this as a privacy breach and will be notifying the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.


Resigned to date - or pending dismissal 

Are these People really the BEST that New Zealand can find to run our beautiful Nation? - they all seem to have behavioral, emotional and financial clarity issues.

Kiri Allan Justice Minister July  2023 Drunk driving, resists arrest while "emotionally distressed".

Michael Wood Transport Minister June 2023 fiddles share holdings

Stuart Nash Police Minister March 2023 Big mouthed Undesireable nutter

Poto Williams Police Minister Useless

Chris Hipkins Police Minister for 7 months - Can't qualify for Firearms Licence due to Police arrest record - So is now Prime Minister

Ginny Anderson Current Police Minister AND Justice Minister ... Knew all about $4,500 a year of Taxpayer rent money being diverted into her own local Labour Party Funds in 2021.

- There are plenty more examples

These people are IN CHARGE of writing the laws that are removing our rights to own a firearm legally in New Zealand,

New Zealanders voted for them to run the country ...

It is time to change this CORRUPT SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE.


Corrections Plastic R/F Bracelet For Violent Offenders 

New Double-Bracelet Model For Work Release:

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims, but accomplices." George Orwell

Marty K.

P.S - Here's a link to a 'Rogues Gallery':

Sunday 23 July 2023

Is Rifling 'Boring' - Or A Barrel Of Laughs?

 If the typical effective range for handguns is around 25 foot while the old smooth-bores worked fine out to 100 feet plus - why are handgun barrels rifled?

Well the big issue here is that under U S Regulation NFA34 a smooth bore handgun is classed as a short barrelled CLASS 3* WEAPON that makes life complicated and expensive for the ordinary hard working girl (boys too). So they are made rifled. - Blackpowder 'Muzzle Loading' guns are exempt from this Government ruling.

Is That Thing Rifled? - Don't Question ME Peasant..

So that's all right then eh. - Your actual firearm at it's most basic level is a strong tube of something closed at one end and open at the other to allow truly awful people to drop-in some antique propellant followed by a snug fitting solid object. - Flame is introduced that results in heated gas pushing your pebble up the tube and out of the front end to poke your target in the eye .. hard. - A gun is a HEAT ENGINE.

Obviously if you are competing to shoot at Metallic Silhouette chickens placed at 200 meters distance you likely would want a longish barrel with rifling to help your results.

I believe rifling grooves were initially cut to make it easier to shove your projectile down a filthy fouled sooty bore onto the antique propellant in the heat of battle - but then some genius worked out that if you cut these grooves in a spiral they might cause the lead ball you were firing to SPIN and to throw-off the evil demon that was riding it and laughing at you while causing your round to miss the aimpoint.

Dunno if you've considered this .. but spiral rifling considerably adds to the friction resistance to the projectile accelerating - raising internal pressures and reducing velocities. - Modern smoothbore shotguns can be considered effective out to some 50 meters - twice that range when using slugs.

Consider that homo sapiens sapiens has been using these machines to scare the horses for CENTURIES - since more than 1,000 years ago.
Don't forget that our western discoverer hero, Spanish Government sponsored Italian Christophorus Columbus used his cannon, crossbows & matchlock smoothbores to capture and transport his first 500 Taino SLAVES from the Caribbean islands to Spain in 1495.
The Clovis people & PRE-Clovis people lived in the Americas way earlier - but both Vikings and Polynesians had landed in the States around 500 years before 'Columbus' exploited the locals.

Slaves - from America or to America - like most tradeable stock - were moved in any direction that secured a profit for the avaricious. - Columbus knew a good thing when he saw it eh.

“Those who trade liberty for security have neither. An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject.” — John Adams

Marty K.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

POLICE Exempt From Law - DEATH Rates In New Zealand:

 This is seriously tragic information as ALL avoidable death or injury is hugely impactful.

In 2021 there were 11 firearms related murder/manslaughter deaths reported by NZ Police.

In the same year, 2021 there were 91 'recreational & non-recreational' preventable drownings fatalities.

Shocking figures.

Which statistic is most in need of government attention ... 91 preventable deaths or 11 regrettable deaths?

It is logical to consider swimming pools and unfenced bodies of water as more than nine times more dangerous to life than lawfully owned civilian firearms - Not all firearms listed as causing deaths will have been lawfully possessed.

I'm reading that the 10 Million Dollar Te Tari Pureke Firearms Safety Authority is already an EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLAR Firearms Register - even as it has started to add rego numbers to it's lists - AND they state that police will not be passing their registration details to Te Tari Pureke - as they want different information ??

The NZ SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE states that the misuse of the publics money & public sector fraud and corruption is a high priority.

Naturally the NZ Prime Minister has ignored my question that, as this "Firearms Registration Safety Authority" is "SEPARATE FROM POLICE" - have all it's staff obtained fully Endorsed FIREARMS LICENCES to permit them to legally handle and take charge of any firearm encountered ... or will they form a body of employees EXEMPTED from complying with current New Zealand law?

A further question unanswered so far is - What progress have NZ Police made on the SERIAL NUMBERING and REGISTRATION of several THOUSANDS of dangerous HIGH CAPACITY CentreFire Caliber MSSA MAGAZINES carried in their patrol vehicles and held at Police Stations - as is required by Law?

There is a curious feature of New Zealand Legislation that lawful sporting and recreational shooters are required to be thoroughly vetted, refereed, registered and Licensed to legally shoot at targets and feral pest animals - while employees of NZ Police who are required to use restricted high capacity MILITARY STYLE SEMI AUTO WEAPONS in populated areas against people - are exempted from all licensing and endorsement laws.

Police recruits receive some training for firearms use and for driving police vehicles - but they are correctly not exempted from NZ Driver Licence Regulation. - Why are they exempted from Firearms Regulation?

Are NZ Police DOGS Licensed/Registered?

- I further wish to point-out the following facts to both COLFO & SSANZ and the Chairman of NZ Police Association Detective Inspector Chris CAHILL ..

New Zealand Police CODE OF CONDUCT clearly states that "SERIOUS MISCONDUCT is behaviour or actions that may justify dismissal."

and lists .. Knowingly making a false declaration or statement (including incorrectly recording data) as Serious Misconduct ..
- Both misconduct and Serious Misconduct can apply to behaviour that has occurred outside of work.

Marty K.

Sunday 9 July 2023

Loading Levers & Are They Are Going To BAN What Little is Left?

The 'original' Colt's company changed their percussion revolver Loading Levers from simple pivot pins to a 'RACK & PINION' design - starting with the Colt Root Sidehammer Pocket Pistol of 1855. - All I know about that 'Colt Root' revolver is that I nearly bought one & they have a reputation for being a bit fragile.

Oh yes - I do understand that you won't find a Colt-Root Pocket Revolver with an official Colt's Letter of Authenticity - as all of it's production records were lost in their big factory fire of 1864.

But that 'improved' creeping lever design was used on the subsequent 1860 Army, 1861 Navy, and 1862 models supposedly to give better mechanical leverage .. which I doubt is scientific.

CREEPING RACK Loading-Lever @ Top Right:
Pinned Pivot Lever, TOP .. CREEPING Lever, BOTTOM 1861 ..

Moi - I reckon there isn't mechanical leverage advantage, as that depends upon the LENGTH of the lever - BUT the racking system does give a longer rammer stroke - maybe better for pushing home conical bullets - but I don't like the idea of that row of holes cut into the underside of the barrel. The creeper feels OK though when used, perhaps smoother & less likely to jam?


Here's a Question - Your 'starter' for 10 Points - Do you think all is well with the world?

If not ... Is it your fault or are the problems caused by those wealthy nobs at-the-top who we allow to run things?

We have escalating levels of violent crime that police respond to by DISARMING LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.


If you want to view New Zealand's future - Look to the British laws & Society ...

- Remember New Zealand is BRITISH. Their king is our king.


Pistols with barrels shorter than 30 cm are BANNED there. 

The only handguns permitted for target shooting there are BLACKPOWDER Muzzle-loaders

- The laws vary in detail some for Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, & the Channel Islands.

Lawful possession of Shotguns - Rifles and AirGuns is restricted & controlled to low capacity while possession of any ammunition without an appropriate licence is subject to severe penalty.

If you doubt my forecast - Ask any senior Te Tari Pureke Employee or Police Officer to state in writing that I am wrong.

They are working on new regulations as I write this - even before the current regulations are applied.

Naturally this will have no effect on criminal use of illegal guns - In reality it will greatly increase the numbers of "off record" long arms available for nutters to cut-down and grind-off any serial numbers.

The reduction in lawful shooting will of course result in swarming uncontrolled feral animals and massive damage to our natural environment.

There will be nationwide INFESTATIONS of Wallaby, Rabbits, Possums, Pigs, Deer, Goats, Canada Geese and all the rest - while we will be offered factory processed non-animal 'meats' to eat and air-dropped green dyed 1080 carrots to further poison our waterways. 

- What's Te Reo for 1080?

- Be grateful we don't have grey squirrels and foxes here ..

It's all good - don't worry about it. 

Whatever you do - don't do anything about it ...

Or you could PARTY VOTE act - who say they will cancel these laws.

Meanwhile - long established Hunting and Shooting Periodicals have ceased to publish.  All sales of overseas Gun Magazines have been suppressed and withdrawn from retail outlets. - Respected firearms businesses are ceasing to trade. - Shooting Organisations take no effective action to protect their membership's interests - other than selling badges and printing 'Bumper Stickers'.

Civilian gun ownership here is experiencing an EXTINCTION EVENT.

Marty K.

Monday 3 July 2023

Money Makes The World Go Round ... And Guns Help You Keep It:

 Today's Sick Jokes:

NZ Police state that a Survey Result ...Shows trust and confidence in Police remains high at 69%

- That's High ?? - I would judge that as an abject FAILURE.

This is yet another example of police spokespersons living in a fantasy world.

Last year's (2022) Drunk Driving DEATHS are up from 78 to 111 -- police spokesperson 'Acting Assistant Commissioner' Nada Hassan says "Any death on the roads is one too many."


I have been busy reading anything & everything I can find about the 19th century percussion guns .. well it helps fill in the gap left by not having to work rotating shifts in an unheated cargo shed at a freezing wind-swept airport 😷(for 29 years) eh.
- You learn something new some days eh - there is some debate 'out there' about Colt's 'Second Generation' percussion revolvers sold mostly in the 1970s - and the 'Third Generation' "Signature Series" made later, up till the 1990s.

First I heard tell that some of these Colt revolvers had been found to have ITALIAN PROOF MARKS ... maybe .. but I'm now hearing better stories about these "antique" percussion guns.

It seems that Lou Imperato was the man responsible for both. - The story goes that Mr Imperato noticed how well imported black powder guns were selling in America following great success of "Westerns" on TV and at the movies and persuaded the 'Colt' Company that both he & they could make a buck by selling some new US made production. 
Deal Done and manufacture was started by a new business called Colt Blackpowder Company - using part machined components bought from Uberti of Italy 
- They sold well as Second Generation Colts, inspected and distributed by Colt - until Colts decided to end that agreement (I don't know why).
This upset Lou Imerato as he had lots of imported components on hand and machinery to make "Colt Revolvers"  and there ensued angry 'negotiations' and legal manoevres that eventually allowed him to make and sell a further number of revolvers from a different factory other than his "Colt Blackpowder Company" - still marked as 'Colts' but not supported by Colt. - A messy deal while most of these further guns were engraved with Sam Colt's signature and sold as highly polished presentation sets.

Some excellent insider information and discussion here:

The issue today about these revolvers centers around MONEY.

- Everyone accepts that the Uberti's. Pietta's and other European made imports are decent guns being copies ("not perfect, but pretty wonderful" - Othais) that generally LOOK & SHOOT much like the original guns after some tuning and fettling - while being built using modern steels on up-to-date machinery.

Naturally there are interesting old guns built around the time of the American Civil War that are copies of Sam Colts guns. - Indeed some are authorized and licensed by our Sam as 'BREVETE Colts' ... Some are not. -"Brevete" is French for 'Patent'.

The trouble results from the modern Czechoslovakian owned Colt business disowning the 'Signature Series Colts' - having no records of their Serial Numbers, and refusing to supply letters of authenticity for them.

That is no problem unless you need parts or want to maximize the asking price of one of these to - or- from a COLLECTOR-INVESTOR.

Some folk pay good money for Signature Series guns thinking that they are extra special ..

Have a Great Day,
Marty K.