Thursday 31 October 2019

Submissions To Arms Bill (2nd Tranche);

I spent much of yesterday Thursday 31st watching oral presentations to this committee from Christchurch ..

I watched our local Pistol Club President explain the clubs concerns about "misguided changes and unintentional consequences" - and I did witness a further series of well considered objections and helpful alternatives, proposed by a dozen or more experienced licensed shooters who know that what they are talking about.

 - It was interesting that I personally knew five of those addressing the panel.. illustrating how long I have been competing and enjoying various shooting related interests here in New Zealand.

- I did not hear any speaker support the govt's hurried changes to New Zealand's long serving firearms regulations. - However there was an 'on-line Troll' called Marjory MacLean making angry & inane anti-gun one-line comments on Facebook - that I was pleased to observe everybody just ignored.

I don't have any numbers to hand - but IF most of the submissions were as those I personally saw being made .. and if there is any such thing as justice - the current legislation should be withdrawn and wholly reconsidered.

 - But of course there isn't actually any such thing as political justice.

Marty K.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

WMD & GUN SALES: Who's Making The Money?:

Well there's no secret about who is the biggest & best eh ... of course it's THE USA.

- but second place still goes to us 'Brits' - our Queen & Mother Country - who manage to make 20% of the big-boys-toys sold in one year - 2018, to the power seekers for 14 BILLION POUNDS. - These latest Government figures are freely available here:

This is quite an easy read and comes with straight-forward graphs .. well worth a look eh.

Here's interesting - WHO is buying these oversized fireworks is fascinating too -

New Zealand's "Big Brother" across the ditch, - Australia comes in as THE FOURTH LARGEST ARMS PURCHASER in the world ... What are they planning? - These would-be bullies don't spend their tax-take unless they can see a profit from it.

There used to be a joking thought that the best answer to economic problems would be to get invaded by America .. that would fix all our debts .. perhaps the Aussies have heard the same idea?

The United Nations "Arms Control" policies are actually meant to help control the sales movements of this type of weapons of mass destruction - but are of course being used corruptly by ambitious governments to restrict and BAN civilian gun rights.
One Rocket Load Of UNEXPLODED Cluster Bombs In Southern Lebanon:

.. Well this one above failed - but now it's left yet another deadly problem for the locals.

I'd like you guys to try to fully understand how important and significant YOUR semi-auto rifles and shotguns truly are in the scheme of power-politics on our wee blue-green planet ...

- Did you join and donate to COLFO ?

Cheers - Life is good,

Marty K.

Wednesday 23 October 2019


Generally I am fairly patient, peaceful and slow to anger ...

I postal bid and "won" a collectors antique black-powder single shot percussion pistol at an un-named auction.
Not This One - But Any One?

Now - I'm not going to tell you about the several lots of mixed 'two-two' ammunition that I also won at this auction .. only to be told that I won't be getting these at the bargain prices or any other bid price - as the paperwork involved is now SO extensive and complicated to courier ammunition as to render the process un-viable.

- See? - I'm not going to tell you about that.

This "FABLE" relates only to one firearm. - I threw out a bid of $200 for this muzzle loading single shot - more out of curiosity than for any heartfelt need - but my bid on this unseen novelty was the highest .. so it was knocked-down to my postal bid from over the water to the South Island.

In due time I was mailed an invoice for $269.00 total including 'Buyers Premium' & Couriers /Packaging fee - with a letter detailing the latest police procedure and Couriers system that was for carriage ONLY DEALER TO DEALER. - I had to specify on a form which Firearms Dealer in my area was approved by the Courier I phoned that COURIER's nearest depot (a two hour drive away) and was informed that B*******'s was the approved Dealer. - So next I rang B********'s to confirm that I wanted to have a firearm couriered to them by 'F*****y's Courier' and I needed to quote their Dealer's License number on the form for the police .. well once they sorted-out that their license had NOT in fact expired - I confirmed that I'd have the pistol delivered to them: "OH NO - WE ARE ONLY LICENSED FOR 'A' Category firearms" !!

- Pointing-out that this particular gun was not listed as needing an endorsed license didn't help much so we agreed that they would call me back later.

I sought further direction by 'phoning my district Firearms Officer who is a top man to deal with ..

He thought that there were other "approved" dealerships around but that didn't help me as it had to be a dealer "approved" by this particular Courier who was contracted to this Auction House. - So I asked (that's another mistake eh) did any of this matter and did he need to confirm this 'movement' anyway as it was an exempt "antique" .. so says he "Read me the description" .. then he declares that this was not in his estimation an exempt antique collectible & that I needed to go back to the Auctioneers and get them to sort-out what category the pistol belonged ('B' or 'C') - Register it and start again.

So - I couldn't own it as a non shooting antique (too new?) and I couldn't own it as a target shooting 'B' Cat. - because the three inch barrel is too truncated - but I might have it as a non-shooting 'C' Cat. once it had been registered by the auctioneers & a serial number added to it's action.

So back on the phone to the Auctioneers who said something like "F*CK ME - I've got to go to my local Firearms Office tomorrow anyway as I've got five lots of PROHIBITED FIREARMS that I need to enter in the "BUY-BACK SCHEME" but Police are refusing to accept them from me as they insist that the original owner only can do this ... which is difficult because three of the lots are from DECEASED ESTATES and the original owners have permanently departed this strange country."

My lovely auctioneer suggests that I FORGET IT and we'll nullify the transaction for some future time in a saner world.

.. The "Approved Dealer" hasn't rung me back either ..

Marty K.
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Tuesday 15 October 2019

A Historic NZ Adams Revolver:

.. Since (postal) bidding on a lot (1302) - that was said to be "A 54 bore Adams Percussion Revolver" I've been researching-reading everything that I can to find-out about this "English" .44" self cocking pistol,
As a man , Robert Adams (1810-1870) seems to have been rather disagreeable - well anyway he repeatedly disagreed with his working associates and terminated their relationships one after t'other .. he might have been a lovely bloke 😍. - The family probably all sat modestly under the vicar's Sunday sermons .. eyes downcast to their top-hats and their white kid gloves on their knees - like all good arms dealers do - bibles hand-in-glove with the sabers & cannon.

And his pistols were built not only in England .. they were so fast-firing, serviceable, & popular as to also be made in London, Birmingham, - Belgium & in Massachusetts America - while the British Empire busily colored the world's atlas red - from the Crimean War 'Charge of The Light Brigade' to the Indian Mutiny, - the Zulu Wars, - and both enterprises of the American Civil War.
CRIMEA: Battle Of  INKERMAN 5 November 1854:
(There are a couple of 'Inkerman Streets' in NZ commemorating this hard won battle)
plus this 'famous' one on TV's Coronation Street

There is no question but these "Adams" revolvers were the first double-action revolvers made and they pushed Colts single-actions out of British manufacture around 1856-57.

- Here are links to two of the best histories that I have so far found:

My guess is that this gun is a Beaumont-Adams - but I'm thinking that there are sliding linkages between Adams,  Deane - to Deane, Adams & Deane - to Beaumont-Adams, - London Armoury Company, to Tranter & Kerrs & then to Kerr's Patent Revolvers .. In 1867 Robert's brother John Adams left 'LAC' to set-up 'Adams Patent Small Arms Co.' .. & other associated names later are Kynoch (Aston Arms Factory) (& Tranter Brothers Gunmakers) and Schlund - then on again to BSA British Small Arms.

There does seem to have been familial ties somewhat - "kissing cousins" even. - An interesting family to have known. - Someone with money might build-up a hell of a related firearms collection eh.

- NZ Police Arms & Ballistics Officer G G Kelly writes in Chapter 12 of his book 'THE GUN IN THE CASE'  about a Deane & Adams Revolver taken from a museum exhibit seventy-five years after the Maori Wars in Taranaki - The revolver had remained with two chambers loaded .. until a sixteen year old boy playing with caps in an attic, set-off  the old powder & heavily oxidized lead bullet with unintended but deadly impact into his own temple.
But I missed-out ..

The 'bottom line' is that despite my maximum bid exceeding the auction estimate by $500 - the winning bid was for nearly a further $500. - Others recognized that this revolver was an important HISTORIC New Zealand arm.

Marty K.

Thursday 10 October 2019

South American Guns:

The usual "south of the border" gun talk says that all their drug gangs get armed and killed by smuggled US made guns .. But they have their own makers down there. The better known names that crop-up for South American made guns are Taurus, Rossi, & Bersa .. but there are others ..

Taurus .. Brazil: This long established manufacturer was owned by S&W for six years, sharing their expertise - and then purchased the local Beretta factory including their designs and staff.

Bersa .. Argentina .. their 380 Thunder pistols have a decent reputation in USA.

Ballister-Molina .. Argentina - Closed since 1953 - but made a M 1911 iteration?

Rossi .. Brazil - since taken over by Taurus

IMBEL .. Brazil - Govt owned maker of long arms & M 1911 Pistols sold as as 'Springfield Armory Inc.' products in US since 1985.
.. Springfield Armories Inc. has no link to the original Springfield Armory 1777-1968. - They import firearms from various countries including Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, & Brazil.

FAMAE .. Chile - State owned arms maker including - a Revolver in both .38 Special and .32 Long Colt calibers.

TECNOS (Aguila Ammunition) .. Mexico
Aguila make very interesting 1 3/4" short 12 Gauge Mini-Shells as well as various other stuff ..

Mendoza Products .. Mexico - Rifles, Pistols & CO2 powered guns

Lasserre S A (REXIO) .. ARGENTINA. - Comanche single shot handguns, double barrel & low cost revolvers of unknown quality - Saturday Night specials ?

There likely will be other activity going on down there south of the equator ..  such as Russian arms manufacture in Venezuela that may (or might not) continue - but the capitalist Ruskies have been sulking about non-payment.

P.S. - This is one Hell of a coincidence .. but just a couple of days after me writing & posting this .. Greg Ellifritz linked to this story 'Where Does Mexico Get It's Guns':
Marty K.

Monday 7 October 2019


THREE 'P's in Propaganda ??  - YUP ..

Press, Politicians, & Police.

One example - NZ Police don't have to have a firearms licence .. So why do we?

.. That answer lays right in the middle of where we law-abiding trained sporting shooters are standing


.. THE PRESS, POLITICIANS, & POLICE are using the tragic murders of 51 innocent people in Christchurch to promote their SALES - POPULARITY & AMBITIONS.

No fit and proper gun owner would even think about sinking so low.



Hmm, - well we seem to be united in our outrage about the new - and the expected yet to arrive gun law changes .. but there's something like a "biblical Tower Of Babel confounding of language" in the air .. All shouting at once in different directions.

..  Political parties supposedly sympathetic to Shooters RIGHTS:

ACT Party.
Kiwi Party.
National Party?
NZ First Party?
Outdoors Party.
New Conservative Party ....

.. Divide our supporting votes between that lot .. then maybe the 40% of the quarter million licensed shooters who actually might bother to vote in the next election could be heard "loud & clear" (not).

- Of course - by the time that the next election is called - the new firearms regulations will be firmly in place and "THE BUY BACK" of freshly prohibited items will be history.

Interestingly - Wikipedia lists 117 NZ political parties that have tried to influence how the shaky isles are managed.

If you ask me .. and I know that you haven't .. The ONLY way forward out of this cursing and spinning political vertigo - is if all licensed shooters immediately
  JOIN COLFO and make a serious DONATION

- If we all then 100% follow guidance and place our vote actively for only one party - we may be able to save some small honor.

Marty K.

Saturday 5 October 2019

Rabbit's Feet & Fairies .. Friday 13th 2026:

Isn't it funny how some people want to believe in a load of old nonsense .. crap like santa-claus and ghosts and fairies at the bottom of the garden ..? *

Hunters and shooters who assist here in New Zealand with the control of the European RABBIT ..  are unlikely to be both students of the para-normal for believers and of the Gregorian Calendar "400 year" cycle.
 - But they may do well to note that the year 2026 might possibly experience a huge demand for LUCKY RABBIT'S FEET.


In the imminent year  2026 there will be no less than THREE Friday 13ths.

Traditionally these amulets are meant to be one of the left hind feet of a bunny that was killed in a graveyard - where these subterranean home makers doubtless have been communing with the dead .. and then rear-left amputated with suitable voodoo incantations by a catholic priest on a rainy Friday.

Here is a huge and GREEN export opportunity for God's-own country .. to replace the faux-feet that are generally manufactured in workshops using foam latex and synthetic polymer fur ... with the genuine certifiable charms for Believers.

Yes .. people actually make these things - and presumably they are then still allowed to vote.
Unlucky Rabbit Trying To Hide His Left Rear:

Indeed I would urge all ecologically concerned shooters to examine here the opportunity to include our Possums in this business opportunity .. possum lower legs & feet might be marketed at a premium as "Giant New Zealand TREE RABBIT Lucky Feet"  ..

Believers will believe anything eh.
NZ Police have already declared that exceptions to the semi-auto rifle prohibitions may be forthcoming for specially licensed professional pest controllers ..

Plenty of time to study freeze-drying technology eh ..

 Marty K.
* Of course there was a story about fairies being photographed by two clever young girls in 1917 as proof  that they were real ..
.. and the girls didn't even have a computer or photo-shop app.  Some crooks made lots of money ..

The girls Elsie & Frances later admitted that they had cut-out the fairies from picture books - but there'll still be morons who believe in them eh.


Marty K.
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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Gun DIGEST 2020 - Cool Eh:

Ah .. Just in case you've missed the news - a 5,800 sq. kilometer iceberg called D-28 has broken free from the ice-shelf in Antarctica just south of here and will be drifting about for a while eh. - No need to panic right away but - as it's around 6,000 kilometers south - about six hours flying time.
D-28 Moving Out:

Anyway, I've just picked-up next year's  Gun Digest 2020 from my post box and at first flick through it's looking like a winner .. much better than last this years issue which bored me from page 1:

- I'm going to enjoy a couple of days reading eh ..

Which is good as it seems that New Zealand GUNS & Hunting Magazine is about to fold .. ceasing publication as our very best voice in print .

There can only be one reason that this shooting publication has failed .. not enough of New Zealand's licensed gun owners have supported their sport interest by BUYING the magazine.

I despair for the future of firearms ownership rights here - 

Have YOU contacted your MP to protest at being treated as a criminal?

Have you joined SSANZ or COLFO?

Have you made your SUBMISSION to parliament on the current round of punitive restrictions?

Marty K.