Friday 29 January 2021

'Two-Two' MOOSE GUNS .. So Many Volunteers?

Only 1 in 30,000 People have HIGH Enough Intelligence to Qualify - The 98th Percentile.
(- Not me either)

 However I do get frustrated reading & hearing from "experts" how under-powered - unreliable - and ineffective the .22" Rim-fire Long Rifle cartridges are. ..

I saw a comment way back that any gun needing "Expensive" ammo to work properly was crappy (Glock) rubbish .. this was in response to some guys stating that you need to choose the best brand & type of rim-fire rounds that works in your gun.

Glock G 44 .22" Long Rifle Rim-Fire Semi-Auto Pistol:

There still seems to be plenty of poorly educated stoopid people constantly shooting-off their mouths - although I would have expected them to suffer an early enhanced accident rate of attrition. - These same  folk object to using care when loading ammunition into a box magazine - & find it too much trouble to select the best functioning brand variety of ammunition.

Here is a quick gel test video of 'two-two' ammo - Please observe the serious effect on ballistic Gel.

Question: If a six inch cannon ball scatters all the material where the skull was between the ears - is that target animal more dead than if an under-powered .22" drills through & disrupts its' central nervous system? .. Or will it now riot to re-elect Donnie?

I recently range tested some "High-Velocity" rim-fire ammo on Dog-Roll sausage type meat with all properly aligned rounds penetrating & passing through the full 14 inch length.


Actually let me re-run those thoughts .. I am most grateful to the poorly educated for stimulating others into thinking for them. If it were not for the bottom half of the IQ spread - what would the higher levels find for comparisons? ... I could not try to match myself against any Chess Champs or the 1 in 30,000 Prometheus Society   ... BUT I do know that a center hit with a 'two-two' works better than making a loud miss with a magnum round.

Now hot from the USA comes some 'Red-Neck' ballistic testing video .. is there anyone keen to imitate an exploded pet-food can? .. Sure this is just a demo - but it impresses me.

The rim-fire .22" Long Rifle cartridge is  seriously capable when used precisely .. and every shooter has the absolute duty to ensure that every shot that they fire IS precisely placed.

When Americans say that any small caliber is no "Man Stopper" .. what they are saying is in fact that an attacker is able to survive a misplaced shot - confirming that proper firearms usage is all about SAFETY and SHOT PLACEMENT.

Marty K.

Friday 22 January 2021

Thirty Years Ago 'We' Spent 60 Billion on War in Iraq & Kuwait:

 - Thirty years ago January-February 1991.

- Don't ask me about the rights & wrongs of the First Gulf War .. but tens of thousands of deaths resulted and 700 oil wells burned for months in Kuwait causing massive pollution.

- You might just say "It was all about oil (and money)" and that would be true - but Iraqi Leader Saddam Hussain was a U S pet dog for many years and was well armed & supported by them until he turned and bit the hand that fed him. Of course U S President George W H Bush and the Bush family's Harken Energy was deeply involved in Kuwaiti Oil and weren't very happy about Saddam's invasion of Kuwait - despite off-loading their investments in advance .. You can read all about the involved Bush fortunes here:

The USA persuaded a coalition of 35 nations to spend some 60 Billion Dollars on it all .. but I don't think any of them were particularly pleased about the results .. Yup WE were there:

NZ RNZAF No. 40 Squadron at Riyadh 1991

- The Second Gulf War started in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq & was a much deadlier affair .. but U S arranged things so as to clear-out much of their ordnance from stores of time-expired stock - and US Army 1st Mechanized Infantry Division used bulldozer blades mounted on tanks to bury alive thousands of Iraqi soldiers.

I'm not going to attempt to explain or excuse any of this very complex warfare .. Google it yourself.

Perhaps we earned a Discount on our refined oil prices for a while .. However the News says that the Suicide Bombers are out and active AGAIN in Beirut Lebanon after a three year absence. - These fanatics must believe that they have a cause worth killing and dying for?

I know that I am 'laboring the point' somewhat - but it needs to be said that all this killing, maiming, - sickness and the destruction of civilized living in Kuwait & Iraq was instigated by "Democratic" GOVERNMENTS .. NOT by the lawfully owned firearms of civilians who are being harassed to surrender their previously lawfully held guns..

The real but unstated purpose for governments restricting civilian gun ownership is to render their populations defenseless and passive against State power. - Gun Bans have nothing to do with 'gun crime' as it is a fact that as many crimes are stopped by U S armed citizens as are committed by the criminal classes.

COLFO is a body that represents NZ shooting and collecting ORGANIZATIONS .. you as an individual cannot join COLFO as a member.

You can & should become a member of  SSANZ as a caring Licensed Firearms Owner.

Marty K.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Everyone Has A Plan Until They Are Punched In the Mouth. - Choices:

 - Mike Tyson said that ..  and boy have we been punched in the mouth in the last year.- We Kiwi shooters have been subject to a strong and accelerating series of attacks by politicians & police management specifically designed to harass our lawful sporting activities and to curtail our civil rights.


Does the .22" r/f Long Rifle kill animals? - Of course it does AND it "stops" them - even elephant have fallen to the 'two-two'. If you want to argue against the "mouse-gun" FACTS you won't upset me .. that would just be amusing.

Is there Anything In This Image That You Would Welcome Into Your Body
 at 1,000 foot per sec?

- Does a more powerful cartridge cause more damage?  Obviously - ballistics & physics are fact based science.

.. More? .. A miss with a .22" r/f is exactly as useful as a miss with a .308" battle rifle.

Sure a peripheral hit with a major caliber will cause more injury than the same "wing shot" from a .22" L.R.

When U S residents think about "carry" for self-defense the issue gets much more complicated than the ballistics - because the obvious 'best manstopper' is a full size high caliber rifle or shotgun .. this is not convenient to carry when driving a car or when searching the supermarket for your favorite toilet paper.

And consider this - Right now the free people are all told that the "only proper gun" to have is a high capacity semi-auto pistol. - Well if you are in the military fighting-off hoards of screaming warriors intent on cleaving your head from your neck maybe .. but if you're just off shopping at a "WillyMart" toilet-tissue shelf  likely you can survive with a handy five or six shot revolver ..

NEVER forget that the RIGHT to self defense is a basic human right .. not withstanding the New Zealand Police claim that it is a privilege here. The 51 Muslims murdered by Australian BRENTON TARRANT had the RIGHT To Self Defense - but not the means ..

.. So you need a "Pistol" - but is that a revolver or a magazine-fed semi-auto - they are very different animals unless you're an ill informed journalist - And do you have to own the lightest-smallest 'sub-compact' or will a compact or even a full sized model suite your needs?

You might be able to learn how to hit with a small handgun .. but if your hands are in the normal size range you WILL have problems getting a secure grip and the trigger reach will be next to impossible to manage easily & accurately. The choice of larger back-straps from current Glocks is very useful for folk with larger hands.

On the other hand (!) - if you've got small but meaty paws you will find a standard sized grip doesn't suite either.

That Is A LOUSY Fit.

A small light-weight pistol is sometimes presented to the boss female to shoot BUT small light-weight guns have greater recoil and their short barrels have more muzzle blast than a longer model .. plus they are tougher to hit with.

And here's another thought .. many .22" rim-fire guns are harder to cock and fire than a center-fire because their hammer or striker spring has to make a stronger hit on the rimfire cartridge to pop it - while a larger centerfire gun can often be tuned to a VERY light trigger pull. 
- A small short barreled .22" rim-fire might prove to be difficult AND unpleasant to shoot well - whereas a larger centerfire gun in .32" or .38/.380" could be great.

- My young grand-daughter couldn't manage my sweet Ruger SP101 .22" revolver but loved a S&W semi-auto with it's light slide spring .. But I guess the Glock G44 two-two s/a might well have too strong recoil springs and trigger squeeze to please her.

These things are very individual and the only way to choose the right gun is to try everything you can find before deciding.

Some of my mates reckon that I'm recoil sensitive .. which is at least partly true as I hated shooting a .44" Magnum revolver that actually HURT my hand. .. and the muzzle blast made me flinch and slapped me in the ears. - Yes I am a flincher and have to train myself not to shut my eyes at every BANG.

- However I loved my full sized Glock 20 10 mm - and could comfortably shoot it in IPSC competition just as fast-slow-badly as my smaller G17 9x19 mm. - It seemed to fit my hands .. We are all different eh.

- Currently I'm very happy with both G19x and G44 - but likely I am shooting my 4 inch Ruger SP101 two-two revolvers nearly as much ..

Which Ruger Is the MAGNUM
- a .22" plus a 327 Fed Magnum.

We need to try stuff for feel & function before slagging it off or buying it.

- AND we need to take seriously considered legal action to defend our shooters RIGHTS. - A good start is to make sure that you are a freshly paid-up member of  SSANZ.

Marty K.

Saturday 16 January 2021

Life Is As Simple as A B C For Brits:

 Yeah . .AUSTERITY - BREXIT - COVID ......

I've been chatting with several 'LOCKDOWN-LAND' English mates in the last few days - and it's hard not to feel utter dismay at the quality of their lives .. AND that dismay is really close to disgust at the abject failings of the 'Old Etonian' administrations they have "elected" to run their country in the last decades.

- That British regime of Austerity was supposed to cut their government spending and help repay debt - which has now multiplied to more than 3 Trillion Pounds (Truly nearer to 5 Trillion Pounds).

Brexit was an ill considered Xenophobic-racist policy to remove UK from Europe .. They will pay the price starting from .. NOW. 

Covid-19 viral pandemic is showing the Brits how their Health Care service - just like their Education and Law Enforcement - has been underfunded, neglected, & run-down close to collapse such that only the dedication of staff is preventing total failure.

Don't forget that we New Zealanders are British ..

- As for our friends in USA .. what can you say? - Perhaps "Nations get the Government they deserve" is a comment that covers it all .. But surely NO people deserve such gross miss-management of their affairs. - It is significant that over in the New World some 9 MILLION Americans have become new first time gun owners in 2020. - 32 Million FBI Gun Background Checks were conducted in that one year.

They have their reasons ..

Britain is spending (Don't forget 'AUSTERITY') - more than 6 Billion Pounds on two white elephant aircraft carriers PLUS they intend to pay another 16 Billion Pounds on planes to park onboard .. they seem to want to copy U S with their giant carriers.

In 1969 the carrier USS ENTERPRISE caught fire off Hawaii on it's way to Vietnam again and was close to blowing it's EIGHT NUCLEAR REACTORS and one hundred NUCLEAR BOMBS onboard before they managed to stop the fire. - 342 casualties.

Nah - That's Star Treck's USS ENTERPRISE

Underwater drones designed to destroy carriers are currently making their crews an endangered species.

Governments do that .. they spend our taxes on shit-bling that THEY fancy rather than on what their subjects actually need.

9 Million more Americans decided last year that they need a gun to protect themselves from their government neglect .. can you say that they are wrong? - Can I smell violence & insurrection on the air?

- Will Jacinda Ardern's cabinet continue stamping on NZ lawful gun owners in 2021 while "talking" to gangs?

I started this post quoting ABC but I reckon the word for this year 2021 will settle as CHAOS

- Don't waste your time stockpiling toilet paper .. what would you use it for if the sewage system shuts down? - you'd be better buying a small spade.

Marty K.

Chaos theory is a part of mathematics. - It looks at certain systems that are very sensitive. A very small change may make the system behave completely differently.

Monday 11 January 2021

Are Anti-Gunners Negative/ PASSIVE - while Gun Owners Are Privately PRO-ACTIVE.

- & Criminals know their rights? ..

 - Do the ANTIS say "- The Police & army will look after us - and food comes from the freezer" whereas shooters will say "I'll look after myself and will hunt for some of my food" ?

- Does a Gun-Banner say "I'd rather die than use a gun on someone" while the gun owner says " If you threaten me and my family - I will stop you." ?

Those good folk who want to BAN guns are the ones who feel threatened by guns - while gun owners feel that they are protected by guns ..

I think that there is little value in shouting insults at each other .. Where is the good in calling those who want GUN CONTROLS 'horse faced lefty communist dictators' or from them calling gun owners 'dangerous uncontrolled gun nuts'?

Most jurisdictions I can think of mandate that if you want to drive a car you have to be trained AND pass a test. - If you want to fly an aircraft you have to be trained and pass a test.

If you want to be a Teacher or a Nurse - you have to be trained and pass your qualifications.

This is logical and sensible.

I believe that sensible law-abiding citizens have the right to hunt & fish and to SELF DEFENSE .. but also need to be trained and tested for safe accurate gun control before owning firearms. They should NOT be punished for being LAW-ABIDING.

Mind you .. I also think that VOTERS should have to sit a National IQ Test with a moderate pass level before joining the electoral register - and that prison inmates should lose their voting rights. - I also think that proven murderers should be terminated promptly.


We used to have very sensible Firearms training & licensing regulation in New Zealand that resulted in the crowd at the gun club being a fine select group that I felt very comfortable to be around - But our GOVERNMENT cut funding and changed the requirements .. resulting in a lowering of standards.

There is insanity in calling for GUN REGISTRATION as the answer to use of illegal weapons by unlicensed criminals or gang members .. are gang members going to REGISTER the guns that they didn't surrender in the failed 'BUY-BACK' scheme? - what about their knives, swords, hammers, axes, machetes, petrol cans etc.?

There is stupidity in punishing & alienating lawful gun owners for the killings of Muslims by an Australian.

There are lies & misrepresentation in the political reasoning to further restrict firearms ownership ... gun crime in New Zealand is already at a very low level.

One issue here is that in order to defend our rights as shooters we need to UNITE & oppose the leadership of both our Police and of our Government ..

Here we now have regulations that make it criminal to import a spring or a harmless rubber grip - how many officials are wasting our taxes looking for a small spring in a plastic bag or some replacement screws - when VIOLENT CRIMINALS left at liberty are the problem?


Sadly our fine local shooter's magazine NZ GUNS has announced they are closing completely. - The 'monthly' stopped printing and went 'on-line only' after nearly 20 years supporting our shooting sports  - but has now finally ceased.

There is only one reason this publication has gone .. lack of support from shooters


Marty K.


Thursday 7 January 2021

Why Can't I Buy Gun Books Any More?


- Bought any good gun books lately?

I like to read technical books about shooting - I want to know as much as I can about my interest.. new stuff, developments in ammunition, Reviews of new products, - hand-loading etc. Have you looked in your friendly local Book Shop recently - if you have you will have been disappointed as all imported shooting books seem to have been purged from the shelves (or should that be 'Expurgated'?)

- There are no monthly magazines like Handgunner or Guns & Ammo near the motorcycle periodicals either. - Gone .. look after your old gun books as they are collector's items.

The same book disappearing act has happened in Trudeau's Canada .. at a time when politicians have decided to ban guns and develop ways of making them criminal for ordinary people - they have also fixed that we are now prevented from reading about them.

I did find a local "outdoors" magazine with stuff about hiking and fishing .. but no informed writing on shooting sports or firearms. Anyone seeking factual information on guns will come-up empty handed in retail outlets .. I wonder if our libraries have also had their shelves censored and 'redacted' ..

"The United States imposes export controls to protect national security interests and promote foreign policy objectives. The U.S. also participates in various multilateral export control regimes to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and prevent destabilizing accumulations of conventional weapons and related material.  "

- I expect that TV and movies are still showing the bad guys evil acts with machine guns that never run-out of ammunition and the heroic marksmanship of movie star wonder-man  - I don't watch TV except in others homes but it still seems to be full of nonsense with the nasty scar-face having to be blasted backwards through an imitation plate glass window just in time to save the world.

Evil Nasty Scar Face Twisted Villain With A GUN

- Seems to me that our policy makers are watching too much TV and think what they see is reality ..

- Jacinda wants to be a TV action hero saving the world .. while her Government wasted $37 MILLION buying faulty Covid medical masks & gowns that can't be used! 

That's OUR taxes wasted again - just like the stupid futile 'BUY-BACK' confiscations ..

Marty K.

Monday 4 January 2021

Some SAPPERS Were "Poor Bloody Saps":

SAPPERS were military specialists used for the heavy and dangerous jobs of military engineering .. including driving zig-zag or covered trenches up to military defensive fortresses - to allow cannon to be deployed at close range - but then they might continue burrowing forwards and under the enemy positions to UNDERMINE them and explode massive charges. - Sapper is basically the French  sappe .. from their word for a type of spade. ...

Ghuznee Afghanistan 1839.

The Sappers were often assigned to clear minefields under fire .. thus having short working lives - "the poor bloody saps".

Both the New Zealand Pioneer Corps and The NZ Tunnelling Company served through WWI .. The Pioneer Corps comprised Maori and recruits from several other Pacific islands  - while the Tunnelling Company was formed with men experienced in Quarrying, tunnelling and mining at the urgent request from British High Command seeking to counter-mine German underground offensives.

- This linked video about WWI mining & counter-mining is well worth watching for an hour ...

The Somme:


'CHRISTCHURCH' NZ Military Cavern at Arras.

In more recent wars in Vietnam a massive network of tunnels was constructed starting from around 1940 to oppose first the French colonists and then the Americans. - It is believed that at least 45,000 Vietnamese died in underground warfare against the U S Military machine. One area of the complex at CU CHI is now used as a tourist attraction.

Much Enlarged Cu Chi Tourist Tunnel

I don't mind confined spaces but am terrified of heights .. and loved SCUBA diving .. cave diving wouldn't worry me particularly but please don't send me up any ladders 'cos I'd be a useless liability. - Mind you I'd have been too bulky to fit down any of those Vietnamese tunnels.

However I think that every man sent down a tunnel to fight was a bloody AA+ Hero in those stinking wet noxious poison gassed explosive holes. - Every man.

Marty K.