Friday 31 October 2014

Fix For Flame-Cutting On S&W Revolver Top Strap:

The more reading research that I do - the more I realise how little I know and how many gaps I have in my education!

I was reading a piece about the 357 Magnum in the 2014 Shooters Digest and spotted a photo of a wee piece of spring steel fitted above the forcing cone of a S&W revolver to act as a guard against flame cutting.

- Here's another example shot from a different angle:

- Now I had of-course heard of the flame-cutting erosion that you get from shooting hot-loaded high velocity magnums - but I'd never seen or heard of this "fix".

Shot Of Flame-Cutting Damage on Revolver.
Various opinions are voiced online about this unsightly damage and its causes - a consensus seems to be that generally the cutting goes 'so-far' then stops - nobody seems to have seen a gun rendered dangerous by this damage,
 - and it might be caused by using lots of hot high-velocity light-weight rounds in an earlier time. - there's also some talk about faulty forcing-cone design and big cylinder gaps.
- Whatever. - My point here is that "you learn something new every day" ....Eh.
Another knowledge  'gap' spotlighted in this Shooters Digest was the Winchester 22 Automatic Rim-fire cartridge developed for the Model 1903 rifle. (not interchangeable with .22 Long Rifle).
I'd thought that I was familiar with the story of our .22" Rim-Fire 'Long Rifle' cartridge and its development - but I'd never heard of this Winchester 22 Automatic round or the similar (but different) 'Remington 22 Automatic'.
They were (are) proprietary rounds developed by the makers for specific models of rifle - to ensure that older 'dirty' black powder rounds were not used in them - thereby causing gumming-up malfunctions.
Classic 1903 Winchester Rifle.
- I guess that if I were a cartridge collector or had owned one of those rifles - I'd have known all about the proper ammo - as it is, Wikipedia has to tell that story.
 Marty K.
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Thursday 30 October 2014

'Survival' Gear & Copper Anti-bacterial Surfaces:

Hands up all of you who keep a Bic lighter or similar on you always - if you're a smoker you only collect half a point.

I keep a 'fire-steel' attached to a French Opinel folding pocket knife - I've 'always' carried a small 'pen-knife' ever since I got hairy knees - just in case - as they are so useful for multiple functions. - about the only times that I am without are when I'm in bed - or when flying commercially. I guess a decent 'multi-tool' might be better.

If you live in UK I think that you'll have to ensure that any knife blade is less than half an inch long and is made of rubber.

 - No, actually - you are allowed up to a 3 inch folder as long as you're over 18 and it doesn't 'lock' open and isn't on the 'banned list' - that might cost you a 5,000 pound fine!

- No Dear it's not a 'Case' knife - it's an Opinel - Yes I know I said "just in case - but...."

So the Opinel would be banned in UK for being too big and for having the 'ring-lock'
- I think that the whistle is allowed.

 - The fire-steel hasn't been used at all yet as I've not needed it - but it's there. - I like this video about a different way of building a camp fire by using a quartered dry log - a neat system.

This kind of fire is called a 'Swedish Fire Torch' or a 'Canadian Candle'
- that's not like Ray Mears to use a box of matches!!

I guess fire making and generally setting-up camp are excellent reasons for also carrying an axe when in the back-blocks - but not in the supermarket car-park eh. (nor in UK).

The good old kiwi Thermette water heaters are also a grand idea to have in your vehicle. - They can be bought on-line easily and make having a brew-up quick when fired-up with dry kindling.

My 'Thermettes'

- Go for copper (and copper-alloy) if you have choice in what containers you get - as it is anti-bacterial - whereas other metals aren't. - Many hospitals are retro-fitting copper push-plates and 'touch surfaces' because they reduce disease spread.

Marty K.
After researching & writing 1,036 blogs I've got something NEW to try .. I've signed-up to Patreon. - In over five years I've not made one cent from this .. NOW you can send me a wee support $ - starting from $1. to get all this stuff from New Zealand - over a year that's nearly the price of one Shooting magazine. - Am I worth it?

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Ex Police Minister Appeals Conviction Today:

I'm naming today MSSA Day here - That's Must Send Scabby Away Day.

John Banks is in court again today (Wednesday) appealing his conviction for filing a false electoral return - he persuaded a millionaire to give his party political 'donation' as an anonymous donation so that he would not have to declare it.

The "Honourable" John Banks was the parliamentarian who invented a new kind of firearm that he called a Military Style Semi-Auto  - introducing new gun laws that effectively attempt to 'ban' them by imposing very expensive stringent regulations for their use, storage and importation.

Minister Banks is also remembered for accompanying a squad of his armed offender police flying on a commercial flight -  illegally carrying full-auto weapons - on their way to "machine-gun" down David Grey - the Aramoana amok killer. - He also claims to have - as a child - played in his back-yard with the sub-machine-gun that was used in the Basset Street murders.

- well nobody is totally bad.

Banks has not yet started his sentence as it was deferred awaiting the result of his appeal.

Here's a poster I just spotted on the net that is worth seeing:
AAC make a range of silencers in USA.
- Not a problem here in NZ - other than having to buy and fit the moderator.
Marty K.

P.S.  - Court Decision "RESERVED".

Monday 27 October 2014

More About Unarmed Police v Attackers:

This is almost a "Part 4" relating to the 'armed police' debate here in New Zealand. - this is being linked by our media to the Canadian jihadist attack on their Parliament.

What they are not clearly explaining are the following facts:

#  The murdered soldier guarding the Memorial - was a reservist part-timer on ceremonial guard duties who was carrying an unloaded rifle.

#  The jihadist killer was a 'crack' addict criminal twice convicted and banned from gun ownership by law who used a Winchester lever-action 30-30 rifle.

A Winchester 30-30 Calibre Carbine.

#  When the killer entered the parliament building he was tackled and held by an unarmed guard (Samearn Son) who managed to push the rifle down towards the floor but was then shot in the foot.

#  Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers had to retrieve his S&W 9mm pistol from a 'lock box' when he heard the attack - before firing all fifteen shots it held, hitting the killer five times - and ending the attack.
A 9mm S&W s/a Pistol

- It is fortunate that circumstances permitted the Sergeant.-at-Arms to reach the lock-box and arm himself in time to prevent further loss of life.

 Guns kept in a locked security box fixed inside a closed patrol car trunk - clearly demonstrates that someone in authority does not currently trust sworn NZ police officers to be armed - perhaps this 'authority' is aware of, - or responsible for the less than comprehensive firearms training that they receive.

Marty K.

Sunday 26 October 2014

Ballistic Gel - Ebola - 158gn Sub-Sonic 9mm:

It is a good 'long weekend' with Monday (Labour Day) being a public holiday here in New Zealand - celebrating the fight for - and gaining of a standard eight hour working day. - Carpenter Samuel Parnell won the right to an eight hour working day back in 1840.

- On the Friday we heard from the CEO of Fonterra - Theo Spierings - publicly voicing his humanitarian corporate concerns for the African victims of the Ebola epidemic:

 - Actually - he expressed his strong concern that this disease might result in the loss of Fonterra exports to that continent to the extent of NZ$150 million - and that they might have to develop alternative sales elsewhere. (Fonterra is a large dairy/milk powder industrial exporter here).

It's good to know that the human face of capitalism is proudly alive here in Gods-own Country.


Saturday up in the hills - was a fine sunny day and my relaxing weeding session in my veggie garden was soothed by a local having fun 'walking-about' in nearby farmland with a shotgun. - I truly enjoy that flat 12 gauge sound of a fellow shooter peacefully exercising in the sun and loosing-off a box of cartridges - but I am aware that there may be some local householders who might nervously frown at that sound.

- Sunday was a good day at the Pistol Club range. There was a good turn-out of members and several guests. One group had developed and cast some ballistic gel into a block and were filming / photographing the action - I hope to post that story and video soon.

Our 'cook' assured us that his Gel was completely edible and "albatross flavoured".

I had loaded some 9mm rounds using 158gn .357Magnum pills with a range of powder charges - to see if they might yield a workable subsonic load to use in my Just Right Carbine (- when I get it back from Auckland.)

Plated Pills.

I loaded the heavy-weights starting with 3gns of AP70N in batches up to 4.00gns of powder - but was surprised to find that all the samples (3.2gn, 3.4gn, and 3.7gn) worked fine - cycling my Glock 17 and passed through the barrel of my "DeLisle 9mm" rifle beautifully sub-sonic. - I didn't try the 4.1gn loadings as the 3.7gns worked the Glocks action solidly, so I'll be un-loading ('pulling') those stronger 4.1gn samples without firing them.
"DeLisle" 9mm Bolt-Action.

The fired cases from both the Glock and the 'DeLisle' showed no pressure signs and the shots through the bolt-action sounded similar to an air-rifle. - Good result.

I had 'down-sized' the .358" diameter 158gn plated bullets through a die, to .357" and I'm well satisfied with the promise of resulting loads. - I'll probably settle on the 3.4 - 3.7gn powder charge as a 'standard' sub-sonic load - depending on accuracy results.

- I have only found one commercially loaded make of 9mm using a 158gn pill.

I also had a happy time shooting the Ruger SP101 .22 Revolver for about 15 minutes while trying to centre the sights on target - before I realised that I was turning the lateral adjusting screw the wrong way! - I made much quicker progress there once I got it right.

.357 Ruger standing staunch next to 8 shot .22" cal.

- Holiday Monday dawned cool, grey, and wet - Heyho - it can't be great all the time eh.,
Marty K.
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Friday 24 October 2014

NZ Police Force IS An 'ARMED FORCE':

When Governor Hobson landed in New Zealand in 1840 - Police Magistrates used their power to appoint men to act as police.

In 1846 an ordnance for the establishment and maintenance of a Constabulary Force was passed - describing it as:

 " A sufficient number of fit and able men who would serve as an 'armed force' for preserving the peace and preventing robberies and other felonies and apprehending offenders against the peace."

Our current establishment of Government representatives and the Commissioner of Police seem to choose an alternative version of historical fact - by claiming that The New Zealand Police has traditionally been an unarmed force - and that to permit their need to be armed would be an undesired change in their status.

Armed Constabulary Badge.
I am aware that there was in 1867 the formation of a further Armed Constabulary to contain violent uprisings of a more military nature, in the land wars - this was reduced in numbers to 776 men by 1870 - while continuing as an armed police force also engaged in road and bridge construction.
It seems to be the "official" management view that our police always have been "generally unarmed".
- This suggests to me that our policies are being held in custody by the limp-wristed & soft grip of a clamorous 'politically-correct' minority.
Marty K.

Thursday 23 October 2014

More Guns For New Zealand Police?: Part 2:

Radio New Zealand reported (Friday 24th Oct) that a criminal defence lawyer Marie Dyhrberg is warning that if all our NZ police are armed - more criminals (her customers) will start carrying guns.

Criminal Defence Lawyer MARIE DYHRBERG.
Marie Dyhrberg has campaigned for years against officers carrying tasers - and is on a consultative body with police on the use of force.

She is quoted as saying: " In my view it's going to increase the danger and ultimate safety of police officers and members of the public if all officers and frontline are going to be armed because the natural response to that is going to be that the criminals are going to be armed as well."

Greg O'Conner - President of The Police Association stated that nine police officers have been shot in New Zealand in eighteen months.

 - This surely indicates that the criminals are already carrying more illegal guns - assuring criminal defence lawyers of an ongoing and lucrative professional career.

This is New Zealand.

Marty K.

Guns For Police in New Zealand Today:

The New Zealand Police Association yesterday unanimously passed a motion calling for the right for all officers to be armed at all times.

The Police Comissioner Mike Bush who opposes this move - said that arming the NZ police would change their relationship with the public beyond repair.
Commissioner Mike Bush.

- It is his well intended say-so that determines whether our police may carry - or will have to continue the current regime that requires arms to be locked in an armoured box in the trunk of patrol cars**.

On NZ National Radio this morning - an anti-gun whacko called to say that the police might better consider preventing armed attacks on themselves - by introducing new gun-control laws !!

- as if the guns being used in current violent attacks and shootings are presently legal?

- Mind you, I wish that such sentiment were correct - as I'd get a law passed banning Ebola,

 - and how about a law to ban wife beating and sex attacks on children? - Oh, are they already illegal?

Meanwhile back in the real world - The Canadian Parliament gave an extended standing ovation to The Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers - the man who shot and killed the lone jihadist terrorist shooter who had murdered an unarmed duty guard before hi-jacking a car and entering the Government building.

- The members of the Canadian Parliament then sang their National Anthem.

New Zealand minority parliament member Winston Peters supported the Police Assoc. call and added that he also wanted the security guards on Government buildings to be armed.

** Note: It would be remiss of me not to mention here - that New Zealand Firearms law specifically states that it is an offence to leave any firearm unattended in a vehicle.

Life is good,

Marty K.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Taurus 'VIEW' Revolver And some Spetsnaz Pistols:

I thought that I was dreaming when I first saw a photo of the Taurus 85 'View':

The see-through side panel is made of polycarbonate and permits an interesting clear view of the guns action being cycled. - Polycarbonate is a very tough polymer - it's often used as layers in bullet-proof glass - and should prove to be as scratch resistant as any metal gun finish.

You'll be able to see when it needs cleaning - if you can bear to put many rounds through it!

The "View" is a five shot snubbie in .38 Special that weighs only 9 ounces. - This gun may be great for carrying - but will no doubt be an absolute pig to shoot, as it's aluminium light-weight small frame and short 1.41 inch barrel make very obvious.

 - They seem to be 'aiming' this novelty at women shooters - as it comes in a couple of pretty colours for "the little woman" - while ignoring the fact that any lightweight gun (even when painted pink) is the most unfriendly tool you might gift to a 'significant other' unless you really want to put her off of guns and shooting permanently!

I'd bet good money that the "View" roars like a tiger, kicks like a mule, and spits flames out of the muzzle like a drag-racer on shut-down. - Not likely a problem here in New Zealand as any pistol licenced for sport shooting here has to have a barrel over 4 inches minimum length.

-Not at all like these silenced Russian pistols two of which are built to use captive-piston rounds.

Another picture of Russian special weapons.

"From quiet to silent: Soviet Spetsnaz pistols L to R: 9x18 PB integrally suppressed pistol, 7.62x63 S4M Silent pistol firing PZAM gas-seal ammo, and 7.62x35 MSP silent pistol, firing SP3 silent gas-seal ammo.

- There are plenty of youtube clips on the Russian guns - but don't you wish they'd learn to speak English?!

Marty K
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Monday 20 October 2014

10MM Auto - Duplex Loads & Guns to Shoot Them:

'DK none' has posted a comment on my earlier story where I told how I had "worked-up"  a duplex load for my G20 Glock 10mm (18 March 2014).

He pointed-out that in the USA -"Double Tap"  make and advertise two duplex loads for the 10 mm cartridge. One load is a bullet and ball, while the second loading is a twin projectile version. I had no idea that there was anyone making commercial 10mm duplex loadings.

- Their 190gn Equaliser round consists of a 135gn JHP projectile loaded in front of a 55gn solid. They say that the 'solid' consistently impacts a little higher than the JHP ( two inches at 10 yards).

 The recent 'American Handgunner' magazine (Sept/Oct) that I bought ran an article on 10mm guns - Apart from the Glock G20 - it seemed to consist of a list of 1911 "also-runs" complete with pretty photographs of half a dozen pricey semi-custom chequered grips and extended 'beaver-tails' that may (or may not) survive having a few boxes of 10mm ammunition run through them.

 - Pretty toys but.. You could even buy a set of 10,000 year old Mammoth Ivory Grips for your 1911 10mm (for only $450) - consider how that might improve your effectiveness.

- The best of the lot seemed to be conversion on a Ruger Blackhawk built by Hamilton Bowen.

Custom 10MM Ruger Blackhawk by Hamilton Bowen.
- There is some impressive choice of guns and gear in America - that you'd need to be very patient and insistent with our regulatory authorities here in New Zealand - before you might get your hands-on an example here!
SIG-Sauer have announced recently that they will be releasing a 10mm version of the SIG 220 in January next year - and it will be made in both D/A and single-action only versions. - with any luck at all we will have an alternative to the Glock G20 to compare the best calibre handgun cartridge performance.
SIG 220 - Coming to your locality soon in 10MM ?
 Marty K.

- I read online that Kel-Tec are making a new high capacity pistol - The Kel-Tec PMR-30 in 22 Magnum (.22"WMR) that uses a THIRTY round 'double stack magazine.

- This announced WMR-30 gun is generating a lot of comment on the gun webs for multiple reasons.

- It seems that it is both very good & very bad, needs a careful procedure to load the magazine if you want it to work, that it is very ammunition sensitive, & that the WMR ammo costs as much as 9mm, - Dealers are charging big bucks for them, etc. etc. - and the ultimate turn-off for some, - it's made of plastic!

- Sounds like my kind of toy - provided it works and I could afford the ammo. - Like I've admitted before - I seem to have no taste!

After researching & writing 1,036 blogs I've got something NEW to try .. I've signed-up to Patreon. - In over five years I've not made one cent from this .. NOW you can send me a wee support $ - starting from $1. to get all this stuff from New Zealand - over a year that's nearly the price of one Shooting magazine. - Am I worth it?

Sunday 19 October 2014

'Delta Grip' from Ergo Grip:

I noticed this new product in an 'American Handgunner' magazine I bought here last week - and thought that it looked so different as to deserve some attention:

Delta Grip from Ergo Grip
Their website doesn't say much about them - but offers then for sale at US$20.00 (19.99 !) and claims that they are an improvement on the standard S&W grips.
- Like most novel innovations it looks a bit odd - but at the price it shouldn't break the bank to try one on your round-butt Smith & Wesson J Frame revolver. - The guy in the video says that the grip is meant to give a more natural grip similar to a Glock - that sounds fine to me. - Anything that can do that has to be a good thing ! - I know, I know - there's plenty of folk out there that would want to make Glocks more like S&Ws .
-Fair enough:
- Mumble mumble - Why do people buy a double-action revolver and then shoot it single-action ?? - mumble mumble - toothless grumble into my old grey beard ! - And where did he get those fluro-green grips?
Marty K

Wednesday 15 October 2014

New Zealand Police Association AGAIN Calls For Arming Police:

 13th October 2014:

NZ Police Association President Greg O'Connor is again calling for all police to be armed stating  that only a pistol on an officers hip allowed police to take immediate action.

He was commenting on a recent incident when two unarmed police officers grappled with and disarmed a man who fired a shotgun at their vehicle.

He said that the Police Association was calling on all political parties to realise the time has come to fully arm the New Zealand Police.

The Glock 17  9mm is the NZ Police Issue Handgun.

 - If the time has come here in New Zealand to recognise that the level of violent crime is now so serious as to justify all Police being armed all the time (I believe this is so) - then they will need to seriously upgrade their training regime and qualification standards.

Further more - there is a strengthening argument that if our kiwi police need to be armed for defensive purposes - Firearms licences endorsed for 'Restricted Weapons' need to be amended to permit gun owners to use their arms for self-defence and arms retention purposes - outside of their homes - police approved certified ranges, and firearms related businesses.. 'Self-defence' needs to be recognised here as a valid reason for possession of an appropriate licence and firearm.

The NZ Police Arms Code currently states (page 41) "Self Defence is not a valid reason to possess firearms."  - this conflicts with the Crimes Act - and indeed, were it true, then the police themselves would have no justification to bear arms.

Marty K.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Decisional "Self-Defence" Training - And a Northwesterly Wind:

I came across this excellent post by 'Defensive Daddy' (signposted by Active Response Training) and although the whole article is well worth reading and absorbing - I thought that this particular idea was 'of the moment'. - "The Bell Curve: Shooting Practice By The Odds". (September 18, 2014)

Previously I have talked about training by using a range of differently marked & varied circles/shapes (numbered, lettered, coloured) and getting a mate to 'surprise' call the shot. - This new trick idea comes in to play when you don't have a co-operating mate handy - just pre-prepare some note-cards with the same target markings as your hand-made aiming points,- shuffle or 'cut' them face down and read the top one to 'call' the target and then draw / fire.
Decisional Training Drill Target Aim Points.

Re-holster etc. - put that card on bottom of the stack - and repeat. - As when training with a mate - you can use this solo 'Decisional' snap target system for live fire on range and when using an air-soft firearm at home or even for dry-firing practice.

- So you'll have a pack (deck) of cards - some with numbers, some with coloured shapes, some with letter I.Ds etc. to relate to your prepared target - that might be the reverse side of an IPSC Target?

- The idea is to make you have to think or 'do a double-take' before deciding on shooting. - You'd better pick a day at the range when there isn't a strong blustering Canterbury NorWester ** wind blowing - or you'll spend as much time picking-up your target stands and chasing cards around on the gravel as you do shooting!

'Defensive Daddy' also talks about shooting distances and target sizes - and probabilities of needing to reload and shoot one-handed etc. - All good stuff.

- We are undecided down here as to whether the title "Shaky Isles" or "Windy Isles" is better!

Life is good,

A "Bit of a NorWester'!

** The Canterbury (Eastern) side of our NZ Southern Alps mountain range experiences strong warm winds from the prevailing North-Westerly air flow. This wind is labelled as an 'adiabatic' wind - this relates to the way that the moist wind off the ocean has to rise over the Alps cooling and dumping high rainfall on the South Island West Coast - then as it flows down on the Canterbury side it is compressed and heated (in a similar way to the air in a bicycle pump) and races cross country whipping-up our soils into the air to be dumped into the sea off of our Eastern coastline.

Some Brave Cantabrian !!

Marty K

P.S. If any of you have something you'd like to 'guest post' on here about rifle or shotgun shooting or hunting etc. or any gun related topic - I'd really welcome your input.


Sunday 12 October 2014

Yeah - I AM a Ruger Fan!

I have two Ruger revolvers - a six inch barrelled GP100 in .357"Magnum and a wee four inch barrelled SP101 22RF eight-shot. Both chunky stainless steel revolvers have been fitted with Hogue Monogrips that seem to fit my hands better than the original Ruger rubber grips with the very nice inset wooden panels.

357Magnum & 22RF Rugers.
I guess if you are a S&W fan you'll already be moving-on to read something else - But I really like the feel and look of these two strongly built guns and the SP101 was built in June this year fitted with the 'high-visibility' fibre optic front sight that seems to work well for my way of shooting.
- Both pistols are capable of tighter groups than I normally make - but that's because of my impatient snap-shooting style and my scratched grubby old aviator style corrective lenses. I hardly use the single-action way of firing - but get reasonable tight slow fire group results if I try.
I find the trigger D/A action fine but a little heavy to some tastes - and I can "stage" the release to adjust the sight picture on both revolvers - but try not to develop this bad habit - by using a positive strong grip while ensuring that my thumbs are fully clear of the trigger fingers rearward travel.
Although the Ruger 357Magnum is said to easily handle a continuous diet of Magnum loads - my re-loads are gentler stuff - indeed I added a few extra granules ( 0.3grains) to the powder charge as my light load wasn't sealing the brass fully in the chambers - to eliminate the dirty 'blow-back' streaks I was getting on the brass cases from them not "obturating" properly.
I also have my stainless silenced Ruger 10/22 s/a rifle - all three guns have proved to be reliable and well made (as they should be, of-course). - So that's three out of three to Sturm-Ruger.
Ruger 10/22 "Shiny Thing"
- Hands up all of you who spotted him shooting with crossed thumbs - That's something you'll only do once with a semi-auto !
Marty K.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Auckland Shootout Decision:

Allen George Lum (aged 41) was this week sentenced to Two years & one month in prison after shooting and killing his neighbour. He was found guilty at Waitakere, West Auckland of having an un-licenced .22 rifle - but was not charged with using it to kill his neighbour - as this was found to be in self defence.

The shooting death occurred when Lum who was moving-in to an apartment - was threatened with a sawn-off shotgun by 23 year old Joshua Roach who objected to Lum parking his vehicle and blocking the shared drive while unloading furniture.

- The next day Lum smashed Roaches Ford Falcon vehicle windows and was again threatened  by the shotgun wielding Roach who returned and shot one of Lums teen-age sons in the neck. - Lum used an un-licenced rifle (described as a military-style semi-automatic) to shoot and kill Roach - but was not charged with the defensive shooting.

Lum claimed to have found the 22RF rifle under the carpet in a stolen van he was searching for goods.

This is New Zealand.

Marty K.

Friday 10 October 2014

Technology links Shooting to SCUBA:

I'm feeling rather pleased ("chuffed" with myself as we POMMIES would say!) - I just found an old photograph of myself diving sometime back in the 1974 /75 era and tried to scan it into my PC - really just to see if I could do it. - Well "simple" you might say - but to an old fart of %*****y who was brought-up using a brush and pan to collect the milk-mans horse poo from the street outside our London home for dads roses...

 - For someone who learnt to write by dipping a pen nib into an inkwell I feel that I have made something of a moon walk!

A Younger ME - Forty Plus Years Ago.
In an early story (SCUBA Diving Into CANNISTER SHOT 10/01/2014) I told how I dived onto the wreck of the Volnay bringing-up lead-shot-canister - melting-down the lead into home-made weight belt weights.
I reckon that 'gun people' have a bit in common with 'car-nuts', bikers, fliers, divers, hunters,  'screen-ager' geeks, maybe even blacksmiths and engineers in general. - Is there perhaps a fascination here with how things work - what happens if I try to do 'this'?  - No idea if this is so - except that's the way I have found things in my personal experience.
All these types seem to buck convention by doing individual activities (not 'team sport') that tend to involve heavy toys that make noise. - Swimming against the tide of the PC Crowd .
Marty K.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

AllOutdoor - 38 Special Story and 9mm G2R RIP Ammo:

ALLOUTDOOR run good posts - and one recently outlines the 'Profile of a Cartridge: History and Development of the 38 Special."

38 Special

A useful story about a very useful cartridge (- my earlier piece 29 Aug 2014 " 38 Special - Confusing History" also looks at it). - But the ALLOUTDOOR article is followed-on with an extended discussion by readers comparing the 38 Special to the 9mm round.

Some 9MM Cartridges

- The thorough comment from John O'Renick is the one most worth reading. - The conclusion seems to me that the higher pressure 9mm can do almost anything that the 38 Special does - but more efficiently. - Don't blame me for it - just read all the comments and make your own judgements eh.

9mm G2R R.I.P - That's a WOW for looks. (Do they work?)

These correspondents still haven't managed to answer my question as to what is actually "special" about the 38 Special - but that name seems to have been applied to several other cartridges before sticking with the current round - so it aint all that special at all.

RIP - Looks Like It Does!

It Will Probably be Banned from Import into NZ.
- But it is 'lead-free'.

- Well look here - if we all agreed about everything - there wouldn't be much to talk about eh - it would be so quiet in the bar that you'd hear the bubbles in your glass popping at the top!

- Life is good,

Marty K.

P.S. There is a worrying suggestion on the internet that the Ebola virus may be carried and transmitted by dogs - without the canine showing any symptoms. - This is proposed by researchers as an explanation for some infections that have occurred with no known contact with persons found to be infected. - If proven to be a fact - this would be disastrous.

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Tuesday 7 October 2014

The Wild West Frontier? - U.S. East Coast was Wilder First!

Virginia, Carolina and Florida were all very wild places on the Eastern seaboard of America to live way back in the 1500s and earlier - perhaps some 250 years plus before the Western Frontier became the familiar American "wild west frontier". **

The impetus for the push into the west is well known - as the greed for beaver pelts - that were in much demand for their short 'under fur' that made the very best felt for the tall hats that European fashion of the day demanded. - 'Mountain Men' are often presented as wild misfit loners on the run from civilisation - but were in fact mostly keen business-men grasping at the opportunity to trap and trade fur-skins for massive profits - provided they survived long enough to enjoy the money and take it back to a settled area.

Beaver Skin

Carolina and other neighbouring areas missed-out by not having as many beaver populations to exploit - but what they did have was the white-tailed deer. - The mottled crew of  pirates, slavers, plantation raiders, and unwashed thieves that operated in these (later) Southern States were pleased to prey on both the local 'indian' population and the huge herds of white-tail.

- Yes folk, the southern states were founded on slavery and buck-skins. - In the 1580s Thomas Harlot of Roanoke wrote .."Deare skinnes dressed after the manner of Chamoes or undressed are to be had of the natural inhabitants thousands yeerely by way of trafficke for trifles: and no more wast or spoyle of deare then is and hath beene ordinarily in time before."

Matchlock Musket

A full hundred years later - a Thomas Ashe wrote.."white-tailed deer were in such infinite herds, that the whole Country seems but one continued Park."

60,000 skins a year exported - but this had doubled by 1706. - A single hide bought thirty musket balls, - 16 hides bought a woollen blanket. - A musket cost 35 white-tail skins - from traders making huge profits of over four hundred per-cent from the sale of such goods as a hoe blade.

- The term for the enriching "buckskin" - shortened to "buck" - became, to this day, the accepted slang for US currency.

 - Amerindian slaves were even more valuable than deerskins (but you couldn't call a dollar a "slave" could you?)

It wasn't only the Africans who were traded into captivity in the Americas - while the local tribes through-out the continent fell and died from introduced hairy white-mans diseases - their numbers were literally decimated (reduced to one tenth) - but they were still taken and sold into plantation slavery in huge numbers - being shipped to many other areas including Barbados.

- All this trade driven murder and mayhem was excused as being diplomacy with the previous Spanish conquistadors and their Jesuit run Mission corn plantations. - Oh yes - the 'power of the dollar' right from the beginnings. ( - let's hear it for the GOP !)

** The First Frontier: The Forgotten History.." by Scott Weidensaul. - A great read - and a true 'eye-opener'.

Marty K.

Monday 6 October 2014

Live Pigeon to Clay Shooting -100Years:

Heads up - both ISIS and Ebola are coming - meanwhile here in NZ - The North Canterbury Clay Target Association is celebrating a hundred years of good sport in healthy outdoors locations in the fresh air.

They are holding an "Old Time Shoot" in full period costume at their Fernside Rangiora club site on Saturday October 11. - Let's hope they have a good day as we had overnight snow up here last night!

The club was founded at a meeting held 15th June 1914. - The members shot clays from the outset - but for many years into the 1940s - live bird shooting was popular. The live bird traps were located in sunken bunkers operated by young boys sitting in a confined box being paid to operate the traps. On hot days it was sweltering and in cold weather the wee lads would shiver as they pulled live pigeons from cages and inserted them into the birdcage-like traps of netting and wire hinged to release the birds mechanically when the shooter called "pull".

- A lever would be pulled to randomly select a trap and release the shooters live bird.

Live Pigeon shooting was an Olympic games sport in 1900
Modern skeet and clay shooting are much evolved sports:
For some time glass balls filled with feathers were used as targets.
Antique Glass Targets now Rare and Collectable.
Marty K.
After researching & writing 1,036 blogs I've got something NEW to try .. I've signed-up to Patreon. - In over five years I've not made one cent from this .. NOW you can send me a wee support $ - starting from $1. to get all this stuff from New Zealand - over a year that's nearly the price of one Shooting magazine. - Am I worth it?