Monday 30 September 2019

NZ's TWO Tank Designs of WWII:

Did you know that we Kiwis have a long history in military design? - Well that's not wholly true - military activity yes .. BUT I just learned that we did design and prototype two separate expedient WW2 tanks.

The SCHOFIELD TANK was designed by a Wellington motor vehicle dealer E J Schofield in 1940 based on a Chevrolet 6 hundredweight petrol truck and 'Bren Gun Carrier' suspension.
This Light Tank carried a 3-man crew mounting a 40 mm 'two pounder' gun and a belt-fed Besa 7.97 mm machine gun - with the option of using either it's wheels or tracks on suitable surfaces.

It had 6-10 mm thick armor and could manage 45 mph on it's wheels and 27 mph using its tracks.The prototype was sent to England in 1943 for evaluation .. where it was stored for a while before being scrapped.

The BOB SEMPLE TANK was an even finer example of "kiwi ingenuity" being designed by the Minister of Works using  corrugated manganese-steel plate armor that looked much like the "corrugated-iron" that covers most homes from the elements down here.
Built onto Caterpiller D8 crawler tractors from Temuka  & at the Addington Railway works in Christchurch South Island - using 'local' materials, as there were some 100x D8 tractors in New Zealand at that time - they were slow and ungainly .. but they did mount six or seven Bren guns as armament.

Two (maybe three?) were built - but sadly they basically were laughed out of existence and died of shame - being scrapped when the war ended without Japan invading us. - At the time they were a bloody good idea if you bear in mind that we had no other 'armour' down here until the first Valentine Tanks were shipped in October 1941.
NZ Valentine Tank In 1949.

- I'd say that a big source of the ridicule heaped on the 'Bob Semple' was from folk who presumed that the corrugated surface of the manganese-steel top layer of armor was "roofing iron" ripped off of roofs.

Marty K.
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Saturday 28 September 2019

You like Breathing on Sundays? .. & Driving/Flying?

Nothing to do with shooting .. Sorry folks .. but the answer to life, the universe and everything is not 42

.. but it is going to be  Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
By Ninghui Shi - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you'd like to find intelligent life out there .. look no further than these little fellows - This stuff, that I can't pronounce - is a blue-green algae responsible, with all it's Cyanobacteria mates, for having made all our oxygen - thus letting us breath for a while ..

BUT - them blokes in white coats in Switzerland are working-out how to persuade these little fellows to make all the HYDROGEN that we'd like to have as a clean green energy source.

Please do feel free to do your own research - starting here:

Because we need all the help we can get ..

Marty K.

Thursday 26 September 2019

Palmerston North GUNS THEFT Sentence Announced:

A J Harris - a returned deportee from Australia - was sentenced today for the theft of 26 guns and ammunition from the POLICE STATION at Palmerston North.

- His defense lawyer said that his "SUPERSTAR" client "had a mischievous side to his character"

Harris had lived 39 years in Australia since being taken there when a baby. - He does have five children in Australia.

..  while the Judge Lance Rowe said a cultural report showed Harris, of Muaūpoko descent, had evidently suffered from the same kind of deprivation showing the intergenerational marginalisation of Māori deprivation as a previous offender ..

- what a load of bollocks!
Is This An Australian Trying Not To Laugh?
Harris, who drove-off with eleven (or 9 or 13 perhaps?) guns, ammunition & drugs stolen from the Central District Police HQ was sentenced to two years and three months prison.

- Do I need to comment further?
Marty K.

Ruled By 'Mad Hatters':


These images depict our "Mad Hatter" "world leaders" in their chosen head-gear ..
US: A failed businessman who lies repeatedly - being investigated for impeachment ..
UK: An "Old Etonian" who lies repeatedly to voters & the queen.
NZ & UK: An non-elected hereditary aristocrat
NZ: A non-Islamic professional politician.

Surely I don't need to comment?  - But today's New Zealand news is that our biggest national dairying industry FONTERRA has declared a $605 Million loss..

- While the responsible Fonterra chief Theo Spierings received a $4.6 million payout when he left the company last year .. the average salary there is $79,000 a year.

Marty K.

Trickle UP Economics & 'Power Games' - Glock Police Sales:

Here's a recent fact: In USA  - in the last ten years - the top US 100 land owners have acquired 25% MORE LAND (going from 30 million acres to 40 million).

That means that the super wealthy have grabbed another 10 M acres of dirt that used to be owned by other folk .. wealth is not being 'Re-Distributed'  .. but is being further concentrated into a tight elitist gang. - More for them - means less for us.

In nature - what goes up comes down again - unless the rules are so corrupted that what goes up never comes down again.

- Here in New Zealand a parallel sort of power-game shift is in progress with guns ..

Semi-auto rifles are being prohibited from trained & licensed civilian sporting ownership ... at the exact same time that our poorly trained police are planning themselves to move towards much more regularly "carrying" assault rifles.

It's a power & status thing. THEY want to be armed and they don't want us to be anywhere near their status.
First Generation Glock 17 
(- This Model Didn't Have Any Serial Numbers On the Frame):

I clearly recall that when I was presenting Glocks to the police here back in the 1990's - the factory Glock Ges Distribution Manager advised me that one issue would be having to overcome the objections from senior police officers at their lower ranks getting 9 mm autos the same as themselves.

 .. and the fix was to recognize these men's superior status & recommend that the Ranking Officers and specialist teams be offered bigger caliber Glocks as in .40" S&W or "forty-fives".

It's interesting to observe that currently there is some attention on the BULLYING of female and lower ranks in the NZ Police Service. - Nothing new there then - as back in the day - there was a top ranked Firearms Officer "Taffy" who I had to negotiate with .. who insisted that "HIS police force would never buy plastic guns" - and even more unreasonably, - that I should be excluded from membership of the Shooting Range that I was developing in Christchurch - because I lived outside the city !

I guess we might suggest that the police use full-automatic machine guns and leave us our "semis" - but they've already got those in their armories anyway .. but there has to be a working idea for them somewhere out there  ..

Marty K.

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Steam Engine Brought-Down a WWII Focke-Wulf Fighter Near Dungeness:

German fighter pilot Heinz Bierworth on 27 November 1942 was conducting a ground attack mission to the Kent Channel Coast of England when he spotted Tank Engine No. 2365 leaving the yard travelling towards Lydd Station at low speed. - He and his companion plane had already caused damage and casualties by attacking other ground targets.

He accurately fired his cannon shells causing the steam engines boiler to explode with jets of high pressure steam that badly scalded the locomotive's fireman ..
Engine No.2365 Was Repaired & Returned To Service:

But as the BMW powered Focke-Wulf 190 flew only 20 foot above the engine - the powerful steam explosion brought down the plane with it's dead pilot into a nearby field.

LYDD town is in the Romney Marsh area of Kent UK where there was much military artillery activity from early times - In 1888 a PICRIC ACID 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol explosive was developed and manufactured there - called LYDDITE.

Lyddite picric acid was useful as a packing load in artillery shells - as it was not shock sensitive when fired ... BUT when subsequently stored in the metal casings it was found to form other compounds with the iron that were very shock sensitive causing deadly explosions - thus reducing it's popularity somewhat.

This railway line has been long "closed" - BUT to this day it still operates carrying nuclear waste from nearby DUNGENESS B NUCLEAR POWER STATION.

Marty K.
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Sunday 22 September 2019

(Dys)functional Assault Weapons:

There really does seem to be a lot of it around nowadays eh ..

dysfunction that is.

Decision-makers in our government are suffering from dysfunctional decision making - perhaps caused by high levels of COin their city work-place air.

Dysfunctional criminals are behaviorally corrupted into increasingly violent assaults by particulate poisons that contaminate their locality's breathing gasses .. air pollution increases violence - of course they then further fuel their behavioral dysfunctions by imbibing dysfunctioning opioids.

Dysfunctional families malfunction inside dysfunctional High-Rise buildings while their children attend dysfunctional underfunded schools .. while there they are councelled but not instructed by paid staff members.
Kalashnikov AK 74
- Strange to say but you don't hear much about dysfunctional semi-auto rifles eh - that would be because they are wholly designed & refined with the requirement that THEY WORK - and if a component fails the owner can get it replaced.

We have dysfunctional sewage & waste water systems, dysfunctional public housing, dys-functioned waterways and supply pipes, neglected & dysfunctional electricity supply grids, - dysfunctional public transport networks .. all being managed to maximize profits for the directors.
Out of consideration I won't mention dysfunctional Law Enforcement 'Services' nor our struggling Health Services .. as my intimate experience with my GP, cardiologists & technicians has been superb - and so far successful 😅 - Gawd .. according to my Driving Licence - I'm functional 'til I'm 80 .. but when I asked Nigel my Doc for a written guarantee he just laughed ..

- Why don't we citizens - as owners of this dysfunctional list - replace the managers of these dysfunctional organizations for NOT DOING THE JOBS THEY ARE PAID FOR?

- Perhaps the answer may be found in the efficient and fully functioning advertising, marketing, and public relations departments (known in my group as 'BULLSHIT ARTISTS') - set-up by the profit takers.

Note: While traditional public relations and advertising may rely on altering the presentation of the facts, - "spin" often implies the use of disingenuousdeceptive, and highly manipulative tactics.

Now here's a Dysfunctional example ..  days ago ( a Friday) on State Highway One, - I slowly passed a roadside array of FOUR "Impact Attenuator Trucks" ("crash cushions") all lit-up and brightly flashing:
- That's FIVE in a line (including a 'work truck' carrying plastic cones) - all impeding traffic movement - I drove towards & safely past one lone worker operating a pile-driver off the road behind a steel permanent roadside "armco" guardrail barrier - North of Amberley.

 “How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political power to keep wealth in power?

We need a new story .. The only answer to Aneurin Bevan's  question seems to be .. That you can fool some of the people most of the time.

- To keep company with "Dysfunctional" (impaired functioning) .. I reckon a good match in this era would be 'Deluded' (mislead into false beliefs) - there seems to be plenty of that around if you listen to talk-back radio at all - & a third companion 'D' would have to be "Demented" (unable to think clearly) eh.

 I think I've 'developed' the 21st century 3-Ds of Democracy.

 Delusions, Dementia, Dysfunction:

Marty K.
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Rod Comments: Hi Marty

I see the Health & Safety crap on a daily basis down here.  On Friday they were doing road works on a side road, 100 metres from the intersection with the highway.  It is a controlled intersection with compulsory stop signs and concrete islands which effectively prevent high speed cornering.  The highway was blocked for about 200 metres either side of the intersection with hundreds of road cones, two stop/go girls, warning signs, and trucks with flashing lights, and a single lane passage.  All they need to do was have some cones and staff at the side road, either side of the road works on a very lightly used road.  No, they had to block a main highway for several hours.

The same company also does roadside cleaning from time to time (two staff along the berm with spikes and rubbish bags).  This involves all the crap signage, two trucks (front and rear) with extra signs and flashing lights, and another truck for the rubbish bags.  That’s three vehicles and five staff to pick up a few bits of rubbish on the grass berm.

I wonder if the H&S wallies have cones, signs, and flashing lights around their sharpened pencils, or their pieces of paper labelled ‘Warning, sharp edges’?


Friday 20 September 2019

Time To Fight Back Against Gun Ban .. But You Won't:

I support Rods 'call to action' to oppose the so called 'assault weapons ban'.

I've been thinking and whinging about this lying anti-gun propaganda for years ... but the issue is WHAT ACTION MUST WE TAKE?

We law abiding quarter million licensed shooters are trying to get a fair & balanced approach from the authorities - BUT the Politicians and Police have wriggled to the very end of the seesaw with all their combined weight while playing loud music that trades on our mourning & shame over the acts of a murderous international terrorist.
We are outweighed by these politically motivated liars .. But that doesn't mean that we shooters are in any way guilty or that our reasoned arguments are wrong.

It only means that they are just not listening to our case.

- So thinking out-loud as I'm writing - somehow we need to MAKE them listen to us ..

BUT - right now I'll bet the value of two of my firearms to the Sallies that way too many of you will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Marty K.

Wednesday 18 September 2019


I am am happy to post the following statement from valued friend & firearms expert Rod Woods:


An open letter to New Zealand

New Zealand is at a critical cross-roads.  The ‘tail has been wagging the dog’ for far too long and the balance needs to be redressed with some urgency before our Democracy is gone forever.  We are suffering under the dictates of a minority Government, a Prime Minister who was not elected to the post by the voting public, and who has not only pronounced socialist views but also displays a profound lack of commonsense and worldly experience.  Furthermore, our MMP system allows the appointment of MP’s who do not represent any electorate and exist as mere party drones, full of ‘left-field’ ideas and a distinct lack of understanding of the daily lives of NZ citizens. To cap it off, we have the Police stepping outside their normal bounds of law enforcement and actively creating legislation, further compounded by their seemingly incessant demands and statements that simply exceed their legal authority.  New Zealand is not ready to become a ‘Police State’! 

I have read the new Arms Amendment bill, Stuart Nash’s so-called ‘second tranche’ of firearms legislation that has just been introduced to Parliament.  This bill is, without doubt, the most unconstitutional, undemocratic, repressive and dictatorial attempt at legislation ever considered in this country.  This bill reflects the aims of a very small group of people (probably less than ten) within the Police, Government, and ‘academia’ who are hell-bent on a fanatical crusade to remove all firearms from private ownership.  At the same time, these people are actively advocating the routine arming of the NZ Police with semi-automatic 9mm pistols and 5.56mm (.223) AR15 rifles. This small group of zealots seems to have no qualms regarding the Police use of extreme ‘Gestapo like’ tactics in enforcing their objectives upon the 250,000 law-abiding licensed firearms owners of New Zealand.  Clearly, this group seeks a divided nation of obedient, unarmed ‘serfs’, ruled by a small ‘elite’ hiding behind a wall of well-armed thugs masquerading as the NZ Police.
This small group is presenting this charade to the public of New Zealand under the guise of ‘public safety’.  The reality is that the public has never been at any risk from the ordinary licensed firearms owners.  Sadly, there have been a couple of prominent examples of deliberate attacks on innocent people (Gray and Tarrant) but both of these have been perpetrated by people who were permitted to obtain, and retain, firearms licences despite warning signs that should have been acted upon by the Police, as required by the law of the day.  It should also be noted that both these psychopaths deliberately set out to break the law

Legislation that blames the equipment, vilifies and penalises a large and innocent sector of the law-abiding community, is nothing more than a dishonest ‘smoke and mirrors’ attempt to hide the true facts and failings of a government department, a tactic reminiscent of Europe in the 1930’s. The small number of criminals who illegally possess firearms are also of no significant threat to the public, and generally confine their misuse of them to ‘tribal-like’ disputes between rival gangs and drug dealers.  Ironically, it seems that it is the Police themselves who pose the largest threat from firearms to public safety with deaths and injuries to innocent bystanders and damage to property, a threat that is only going to increase as the Police resort to general arming. I do not wish to denigrate the daily efforts of our front-line Police, but put the blame firmly at the door of Police National Headquarters where the insufficient funding, and consequent inadequate training, has been the cause of the many firearms ‘incidents’ by Police staff.  One training day per year (or less in some cases) with very limited ammunition is not a safe grounding for the public carriage of loaded firearms. Having personally witnessed the poor level of marksmanship and safe firearms handling by members of the Police on several occasions, I have grave fears for public safety if the general arming of the Police occurs.

Historically, firearms have been an integral part of New Zealand society since the first settlers, whalers and sealers arrived here in in the early 1800’s.  They were a tool for harvesting food and providing defence, giving rise to the country’s first organised sport, rifle shooting, which was widely supported by the people and Government.  Nowadays, shooting is a popular and healthy sport with many Olympic and Commonwealth Games medals to its credit, a food-gathering tool for many, and a necessary part of our agricultural and conservation sectors.  The proud prowess of our armed forces in the international conflicts of the past 120 years is largely due to the shooting heritage of New Zealand.

This new bill opens with the statement that the ownership of firearms is a ‘privilege’.  Not only is this in complete opposition to the established practices of the past 200 years of NZ history, it is also a denial of one of the basic rights of NZ citizens as written in the Bill of Rights Act 1688 NZ, a cornerstone of our legislation and  democratic system. This Bill of Rights Act contains the basic rights that we all enjoy and take for granted, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of travel, the power to vote, trial by jury, etc. etc.  If the Government attempts to negate one of these rights then all are in jeopardy!

The distinct lack of opposition to the first 2019 Arms Amendment Act, and the complete lack of understanding of the ramifications of what has already been foolishly rushed through without consultation, has been widely noted by the voting public, including a large number of non-shooting citizens.  Indeed, the first round of legislation is not only misunderstood by the public but also the general Police, and, notably, the Minister of Police himself!  I have seen letters by him that prove he either does not fully comprehend the law, or chooses to misrepresent the truth to a fellow MP.  Our members of Parliament need to consider their future and act only in the interests of democracy, not mindlessly following misguided policies.

Make no mistake!  Do not be swayed by the Government claims that this bill is for ‘public safety’ as the contents of it do nothing other than infringe the rights of the people, and do not address the criminal misuse of firearms.  The NZ Public are not, and never have been, in any danger from the 250,000 licenced firearms owners of New Zealand.  The greatest danger to the public, and the future of democracy and freedom in New Zealand, would be to allow this bill to proceed into law.  The alternative will prove to be disastrous!

I challenge the news media, politicians, and my fellow Kiwis to examine the claims in this letter with an open mind. For too long we have been subjected to a diet of lies, misinformation and pure propaganda. The real facts need to be seen and understood before it is too late!

I stand ready to debate, and expand upon, my comments above with politicians and news media in a public forum at any time.

Rodney M Woods

Monday 16 September 2019

Trump Is "Cocked & Locked" - Condition 0,1,2,3, or 4?:

President Trump is claiming that the US is  cocked and locked  to attack Iran following reported Houthi Yemeni drone attacks on two Saudi Aramco oil refineries.

I'm not going to write about these attacks or the Saudi attacks on Yemeni targets for years .. it's Trump that I'm interested in - as I doubt that moron has the slightest idea of what he says ..

The phrase he used possibly originates from the Colts M 1911 semi-auto pistols and was clarified into five possible carry 'conditions' by guru Jeff Cooper:

Condition 0 - Means the pistol is loaded with a round in the chamber and the hammer is cocked but safety not applied.

Condition 1 - Known as "cocked and locked" - means that a round is in the chamber, the hammer is cocked, and the manual thumb safety on the side of the frame is applied.

Condition 2 - A round is in the chamber and the hammer is down.

Condition 3 - The chamber is empty and hammer is down with a charged magazine in the gun.

Condition 4 - Pistol is UNLOADED. The chamber is empty, - hammer is down and no magazine is loaded in the gun.

- There has been plenty of debate about all four-plus-one ready options to carry .. they probably still get excited about that debate in bars all over USA .. But moi - I'm a Glock person anyway, like so many law enforcement organizations and defense forces world-wide .. meaning that the argument is a bit passé eh.

A 1911 has two manually operated safeties plus some holsters are designed with a leather holster strap that can be snapped into place between the cocked hammer and firing pin. - The debate as I've understood it centers around the speed of presentation balanced against perceived safety and the shooters best assurance should they loose control of their pistol and someone snatches it .. they will then be hoping that the criminal will be confused by the guns controls.

- Face it - even the American forces have mostly moved-on to Berettas .. are they now worried about how to holster-carry those?
That G19X 'Coyote Tan' Coloration Doesn't Look So Pink in Reality eh.

I do understand that the "cocked & locked" words can be applied to other styles of firearm.

Meanwhile - back in the jungle - we've got two "leaders nutters" Trump & UK's Johnston straining at their leashes and threatening to take destructive action that has zero benefit for ordinary folk's lives. Sighs.

Marty K.
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Saturday 14 September 2019

CRAPPERS In This Life:

A 5 MILLION POUND 18 karat CRAPPER has been stolen:

Edward Spencer-Churchill, the founder of the Blenheim Art Foundation, told newspapers ahead of its installation: "Despite being born with a silver spoon in my mouth I have never had a shit on a golden toilet, so I look forward to it."

Now It would be misleading to claim that this dunny was seriously commissioned by some super-rich nutcase like Donnie Trump to do his business on .. BUT neither is this solid gold throne of any benefit to man or womankind. (unless they are caught "short").

I'd opine that such "art" is just another example of the excessively rich & powerful demonstrating the 'trickle-down' theory .. that makes clear the total stupidity of all those deluded peasant slugs who stand in line to cheer and gasp in awe at their masters.

Surely - by now - Everyone with an IQ above 50 MUST realize that the "establishment" exists for it's own pleasure, and for it's purely selfish desires to stroke itself at every opportunity.

You really can't believe a word that they tell you - as they will either be deliberately lying out of a desire to corrupt the process .. or they will just be so stupidly ignorant of we peasants struggles to survive - as to naturally and simply be wrong.

Something inside me hopes that these Blenheim Palace sewer-rats will get away with melting-down this "precious metal" shitter and somehow manage to redistribute it's value downwards .. but I doubt it.

Marty K.
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Knuckle Duster Guns - James Reid 'MY FRIEND' KNUCKLERS:

 ‘Never shoot a man if you can knock him down.’
                                                                                                                                            James Reid

US Patent No. 51752 was granted for this rim-fire 'pepper box' revolver December 26 1865 - and one site records that Belfast, Ireland born gunsmith James Reid made 13,940 of them in New York State (- plus 1,160 odd versions with a barrel?).

.. Made in rim-fire black powder chamberings of seven shot .22", - & the five round .32", plus the biggest sized .41" caliber - between 1865 and 1883.

They are small revolvers built to fire from the chamber without any barrel - and are shaped so as to be useful as knuckle dusters in a punch-up.

Note: In my very limited experience of bare knuckle fighting .. it seems likely that you will easily break your hand by punching any hard object - so personally, moi, I'd suggest using the open-hand "heel" to the top lip - or the padded side of any bare clenched fist to rock your dancing partner's skull.

- Here are links to three quality & useful videos about these small pepper-box pistols (- or even 'pepper pots' if you prefer):

.. and even a link to my own earlier mention of these New York 'Knucklers'

- Hand engraved and nicely made by Reid's sons & workforce - I've never seen one of these down here in New Zealand .. but you never know your luck eh - In 19th Century New York these 'two-two' "My Friends" sold for $8 each with a hundred rounds of ammunition

- & the 'thirty-twos' for $12 with a box of 50 rounds - so if you see one for that price please grab it for me. - I'm not lusting after the 3 inch or 1.75 inch barreled version, unless it's a real bargain eh.

 There is a 288 page book devoted to these  “James Reid and his Catskill Knuckledusters,” that I nearly ordered from Amazon - but they wont send it direct to me in NZ .. so the cost of extra postage and the poor exchange rate brought-on "a fit of the meanies". - Failing the book .. here is a quite detailed history of the man and his guns:

Marty K.
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Thursday 12 September 2019

NZ Police President MISCONDUCT?:

Today, being "Friday 13th" is claimed to be 'UNLUCKY' by some "believers". - this 'paraskevidekatriaphobia'  phobia is someway related to an early christian biblical story about 13 people eating together.

The New Zealand STATE SERVICES COMMISSION publishes Standards of Integrity and Conduct that set the standards that apply to most State Services agencies that they list ..

However  - POLICE are not included among those listed agencies - as needing to comply with these standards.

Our New Zealand Police instead have their own code that I have researched with mixed results. The NZ Police 'code' seems remarkably unspecific and vague regarding correct behavior - but it does list certain MISCONDUCTS & SERIOUS MISCONDUCTS.

He aha te whanonga hē?
This is behaviour or actions that breach this Code of Conduct or other Police policies. While misconduct may not justify dismissal it may result in formal disciplinary action.

He aha te whanonga tino hē?
This is behaviour or actions that breach this Code of Conduct or other Police policies and employment agreements and seriously undermine or damage the trust and confidence Police has in you, calling into question if the employment relationship can continue. It is behaviour or actions that may justify dismissal."

- The following is the eighth listed police 'SERIOUS MISCONDUCT' in the Code that may justify dismissal:

Knowingly making a false declaration or statement (including incorrectly recording data)

Link to Police page:

I have personally heard (& read) Detective Inspector Cahill (President of The Police Association) repeatedly make statements about our firearms regulations that seem to me to be deliberately incorrect & misleading.

- He has claimed that criminal gangs in New Zealand get their illegal firearms by stealing them from licensed shooters. (July 2014 An Auckland man who spent $50,000 on rifles and shotguns he modified and passed onto gang members has been sent to prison for nearly six years.Peter Edwards was sentenced in the Auckland District Court on Friday to five years and 10 months on firearms charges, as well as charges of supplying methamphetamine. Judge Nevin Dawson said Edwards, who had a firearms licence, bought .22 calibre rifles as well as shotguns from a gun shop before cutting them down and adding pistol grips.He supplied them to members of the Head Hunters gang but refused to help the police get the guns back.).

- Cahill has stated that Police do not know where guns are in New Zealand - while in fact EVERY Firearms License Holder's address is registered with the Police.

- Cahill has stated that Police don't know how many semi-auto "assault rifles" have come into New Zealand - whereas every imported firearm has been recorded & granted an IMPORT PERMIT by Police.

- Will Police senior management take proper action over these SERIOUS MISCONDUCT false statements?

Marty K.

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Scots Police 'Grab & Go Bag' Ridiculed:

Well we've all used the phrase "You can't win them all".

Brits seem to be wetting themselves giggling and ridiculing Scottish Police's good advice - to be just a little prepared for emergencies.

.. Not really surprising if you consider their every day insulation from reality.

 - The bulk of Brits live in centrally-heated flammable units using gas fuel piped from distant Northern Europe - eating microwaved precooked foods grown on a different continent, .. electricity, water, sewage, & garbage all pipe-lined to & from places unknown (and un-cared) .. WHY would any of this "intelligentsia" be concerned about their personal responsibilities?

When outside in the "fresh air" - their ears are cloaked in constant traffic noise while their lungs & throats are coated with toxic gases and particulates - when inside their brains are rendered dysfunctional by elevated CO2 levels affecting rational judgement. 

Their leisure time 'entertainment' consists of a constant stream of advertising and psycho-based mind altering marketing - while their tabloid easy-reading news is mind-bending opinion based propaganda.

No wonder many of them voted to remove the British Isles from Europe while yearning for the return of a strong leader such as Churchill or Thatcher to make Britain GREAT again.

- Who said "Forgive them Lord - They know not what they do"? - These 67 million poor suckers have been conditioned to an artificial reality and never given a window into the truths of their overcrowded & neglected existence.

This advice from Scotland's Police to consider ones security certainly trumps earlier 'rounded' English police advice to issue blunted knives to 'at risk' dysfunctional families eh .. canny folk the Scots.
Marty K.

Monday 9 September 2019

The Atomic Scientist's NEW NUKES:

So what's the difference between TACTICAL and STRATEGIC  Nuclear Weapons?

Well .. always bearing in mind that Tactical weapons form part of the overall strategic threat to 'the enemy' (that's you and me) ..

- I'd say that, roughly speakingTACTICAL nuclear weapons are designed for use by the military against other Military Targets. - whereas ..

STRATEGIC  nuclear weapons are designed to be targeted by the governments in a bigger way against our countries and their populations.

However - this type of label is really a Government political construct or "SPIN" - as they all are genocidal WMD designed to destroy life on earth.
Trouble is - as I see it .. that we are no longer watching "Sci-Fi" movies on the screen - but this crazy stuff has become real and now .. but a small consolation might be reports that the main atomic powers do claim to have have reduced the numbers of their deployed nukes lately ..

According to the latest Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ..

"The Russian navy is also developing the Status-6 (Poseidon) – a nuclear-powered, very long range, nuclear-armed torpedo. Once deployed in the mid-2020s, the weapon would be carried by specially configured Oscar submarines known as the Belgorod-class (Project 09852)."

I find that snippet of information concerning as it seems that just having nuclear missiles, gravity bombs, torpedoes & mines etc actively deployed is becoming dated, not enough, & old-fashioned ..

.. the NEW GENERATION arriving to kill our kids is going to be fleets of nuclear pulse-jet powered extended duration, robotic, unmanned loitering nuclear munitions sent-off into the skies and oceans to cruise about for months at a time loaded with dozens of 'thermo-nuclear' warheads.

Am I paranoid (or maybe just 'aware')?

These people truly are INSANE .. I am relieved that they haven't yet developed nuclear powered giant moles to tunnel into the ground and work their way under each others cities to wait for orders to blow the lot ..

Oops - what did I just say? - Hasn't 'sapping' and mining been a military technique for centuries - and it would be too much to expect that our "leaders" have neglected that possibility eh - perhaps it's still a developmental secret?
"Thunderbirds" Thought of Tunneling MOLES In 1964:

- If I disappear from blogging you might guess that I've trodden on somebodies toes eh.

Who knows? .. but all the world's mothers can sleep easy because New Zealand has prohibited semi-auto rifles and high capacity magazines.

- Before I go - may I enrich your knowledge & happiness with two names:


These two persons jointly planned & developed the science that produced the thermonuclear SUPER BOMB ..  All "hydrogen bomb" warheads used today by all nations are built to their still secret basic design. - They really tried hard in America for success. "Teller" was born Teller Ede in Budapest 1908.

Ukrainian Stanislaw ULAM to his everlasting credit also proposed Nuclear Pulse Propulsion in US..

Your small happiness that I mentioned should stem from the fact that both Austria-Hungarian born men are now deceased (and that they both really disliked each other).

Russian Sodium Cooled Nuclear Ram Jet Motor.

Marty K.

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