Monday 30 November 2020

It ain't Rocket science

Cordite Rifle Propellant ......

 - Well actually it is. 😀

It seems that after "Gun Powder"  we moved on to the Nitro 'Smokeless' Powders that were 'Single Base' or 'Double Base' powders .. then we got 'Triple Base' - but the propellant mixes have become more & more complex with additives for this and additives for that - that they really now are all multi-based.


- This next link might be a real 'time waster' as I found vast amounts of new tech stuff to think about .. I started reading it to learn how these nitro compounds were controlled as rocket fuels but NASA dragged me in and held me there for an hour or so ..

- But if you are really into the shooting sport and fancy being able to make your own ammo from the four ingredients

- that process is fairly simple if you are not a clumsy bugger who's all thumbs & not allowed in the kitchen near hot surfaces or the knife drawer .. and if that is you well you definitely shouldn't be handling firearms either.

I really find making my own rounds with a die-set on a simple 'single stage' press very satisfying and economic - but don't kid yourself that you'll save money by rolling your own as you'll be shooting MUCH MORE of it for fun and likely you'll try variations such as heavier & lighter loads plus perhaps even DUPLEX loads where legal - these are now of course banned in NZ.

I taught myself  'Hand Loading' by reading books all about it - but it might be better if you have a mate who is re-loading and happy to show you what is involved.


I hear that the January Shot Show 2021 has been cancelled because of the pandemic .. that is disappointing for the US firearms industry - but let's hope that technology & progress may advance some in that year - perhaps better than before. - Can you name more than one one single new milestone from recent Shot Shows ?

Marty K.

Friday 27 November 2020

TARRANT Terrorist Royal Commission Report - Progressive Delays:

 So the BRENTON TARRANT ROYAL COMMISSION REPORT is completed and released to the Governor General 26 November .. some twenty months after the massacre and after an intervening General election.

This full Report has also been passed to Minister for Internal Affairs Jan Tinetti 

- who is due to table this report into "The Terrorist Attack" to Parliament on DECEMBER 8 2020.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern:

 Evidence given by ministers and public sector bosses to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch terrorist attack will be suppressed for 30 years. - An interview with the Australian-born terrorist will never be released out of concern it could inspire and assist further attacks.

Actually there is considerable doubt that PM Jacinda Ardern will allow the public release of the report.
Poto Williams - new NZ Minister Of Police.

So December 8 is the next shaky stepping stone towards Truth, Fact & Accountability.

Marty K.

Monday 23 November 2020

NZ's Clean & Green Cover Is DIRTIED:

 "Green & Clean New Zealand"? -  I'd say more appropriately .. 'Contaminated - F*cked-Up - Shit Upon & 'Covered-Up'. ......

Are you a Licensed Firearms Owner hoping for Fair & Reasonable treatment & regulation?

Do you remember the phrase "an orchestrated litany of lies" ?






- Remember WHITE ISLAND ERUPTION 9 December 2019  22 DEAD


Was justice served in ANY of these tragedies? - Was the cause and responsibility publicly identified? - How much was shoved under the carpet?

Were rules properly enforced in each instance - or were wages paid to people who were living high 'on a pig's back' - Taking the money but NOT doing the job?

WHY TEN YEARS after the Christchurch earthquakes are some 3,000 home owners having to take a Class Action against their Government Owned Insurers SOUTHERN RESPONSE ?

- Why are valued tourists having to shit at the side of our roads?

- Why is Ex-Minister Of Police Nash still being paid to talk crap?

Questions without proper answers,

... NZ Transparency International Joint 2019 Least Corrupt Country ...

The Government has extended the time available for the TARRANT ROYAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY, with the report now due on 26 November 2020. - Will the NZ Government release this report to the public?

Marty K.

Saturday 21 November 2020

Girls Can Do Anything .. Hunters From Way Back:

 The PR Machine tells us that men are the hunters and women are gatherers (..with a baby balanced on the hip) - but SCIENCE is now clear that this story is typically bollocks.

This 9,000 year old hunting kit in a leather bag was found carefully placed at the side of it's hunter owner to be used in HER next life in Peru.

The latest scientific tests make it simple to determine binary sex from ancient bones and this particular hunter was found to be a young woman aged between 17 to 19.

The site near Malla Fasari, Puno District in southern PERU confirms that close to half of these early-mid Holocene hunter burial finds are female (not LGBTQIA++ as determined by GLAAD Rainbow persons).

There is actually little reason beyond sexism to think otherwise - as the system of ALLOPARENTING whereby offspring is cared-for by others such as grandparents is widespread and well familiar to New Zealanders.

There is plenty of interest in wild harvesting - Hunting - by women here in NZ and long may they enjoy the outdoors and the benefits of adding natural meats to their family's diets ... Well for as long as we can still afford the Licence fees and manage the regular renewals by completing the 35 PAGE Application Form FRM23FLA

Right now there are multiple NZ state departments making it harder for the law abiding - police have ever more expensive, onerous & restrictive regulations to apply, - DOC are scattering poison baits over our forests and mountains, - While Forestry restrict hunting on their lands.
The butchering of wild harvested meats as food for third parties is very limited - when have you EVER seen wild rabbit offered as a healthy food in a supermarket here?

Girls ... Enjoy hunting while you can,

- Last week the police person conducting Firearms Licence Reference checks with a mate commented that the applicant was lucky to get in before the new system started now as it made getting a licence impossible ...

From the horse's mouth.

Marty K.

Thursday 19 November 2020


 I have spent many hours considering this new NZ police policy before commenting - because they have stated that anything said by a shooter may be used as evidence of being unfit to retain their Firearms Licence.


Form FRM23FLA.


Please think about this carefully ... If you want to JOIN THE POLICE their web-site says .. 

GETTING STARTED IS EASY .. just complete a 1 Page Profile form.


- Form FRM23FLA requires that you first pay the non-refundable application fee and then proceed ..

The police firearms licence procedure is here. Please look yourself:

It is clear to me that police senior management have told their anti-gun section to create a new process deliberately designed to discourage all applications and renewals for a Firearms Licence.

If you want - you can skip that first part and go straight to FRM23FLA using this link:

Back in the 1980's I thought that my holding a Firearms Licence placed me on the side of the Law as a Fit & Proper Person - willing to assist front line officers where-ever possible.

Such action as this is proof that NZ Police management no longer wishes to serve & protect the NZ people - but are seeking to enforce an unacceptable power-seeking armed police state.

Marty K.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

UK Police Caused 96 Hillsborough Deaths .. NZ Al Noor Mosque?

 15 March 2019 will long be remembered as the day Australian BRENTON TARRANT repeatedly pulled the trigger on the innocent worshippers in two Christchurch Mosques.

Recent arrival TARRANT was quickly granted his New Zealand Firearms License by NZ Police authorities without proper checks, diligence or interviews - and they then gave him written permits to buy a huge quantity of rifle ammunition by mail.

Police Licensing procedures had been much altered & curtailed following funding re-allocations - and the well tried Mountain Safety Instructor system had been withdrawn before July 2018.

NZ Police has long boasted it is founded on U K Policing structures & traditions .. and senior Police Management strongly claimed that TARRANT'S killings resulted from there being too many loosely controlled guns in the country. - It is interesting to record that the Police Commissioner together with his Senior Managers from that time - plus the Minister of Police Stuart Nash have all moved-on from the roles they held when Australian killer TARRANT was given his Licence and the Permits that let him commit his awful atrocity.

I hope that one British tradition our NZ Police will not hold close is the U K Police proven habit of shifting blame for their own failings and negligence onto innocent bystanders. The terrible loss of 96 lives & 766 injuries at Liverpool's Hillsborough Football Stadium in 1989 was blamed by them on  "hooliganism & the actions of drunken fans".

 - It took more than 27 years for those British subjects to obtain justice from repeated police cover-up lies accusing the fans of degrading offences ... and for proper charges to be enforced upon UK Police Management.

I am also fairly hopeful that our Government announcement of a Commerce Commission Inquiry into "GROCERY PRICES" in our city supermarkets will not divert voters minds from the release of the ROYAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY report into 'The MOSQUE MASSACRES' - and to what degree were there failings by Police and Government Security Organisations.

Because of TARRANT'S late GUILTY Plea there was no trial or public examination of the events.

There have been several criminal shootings up in Northland in recent weeks that are being blamed on illegal "GUNS & DRUGS" with calls for ever more "gun control". - As far as I know .. the drugs at issue are all ready 'CONTROLLED DRUGS' and NZ Firearms law could not now be more complex, confusing or useless for controlling drug pushers and Gang violence. 

 - Predictably police union leader Cahill is calling for GUN REGISTRATION .. but the new MINISTER FOR POLICE Potu Williams doesn't seem too optimistic. (- What might work would be employment and housing and a decent future life prospect for whanau) .. What a waste of space that Cahill is.

Police need increased funding and resources - while their management must transfer it's attention from licensed FIT & PROPER shooters and start to arrest and imprison criminal parasites.

- If the cells are already full in our part-privatised overcrowded prison system - THEN START BUILDING MORE PRISONS.

- Under current firearms law - Front line NZ Police staff should be required to obtain firearms licences endorsed for 'P'  'E' and 'B' class arms.

Marty K.

"For clarity, the report will not be publicly released by the Royal Commission on 26 November 2020, it is for the Government to decide how and when to release the Royal Commission’s report."

Monday 16 November 2020

Prohands GRIPMASTER goes 'TACTICAL' - & Gun Control:

- According to the stats .. there are 1.825 Billion BIC lighters sold every year - isn't that interesting - I wonder if there is a Tactical model?  - I generally laugh when the marketing bullshitters try to persuade shoppers that their product is exactly what they need because it's TACTICAL ......

Coyote Tan Tactical baseball cap ..

I use my non-tactical  Gripmaster  whenever I think of it - to help strengthen my handgun shooting grip and reduce "flip-up". - I think it works .. but there is no way to compare my current hand power with how it would have been if I didn't squeeze the springs now & then.

The issue is that most trigger pull weight exceeds the mass of most handguns - excepting 'hair-trigger' tuned target firearms - making it difficult for ordinary peasants like me to shoot accurately.

GRIPMASTER Are Not That Expensive

The latest development from GRIPmaster is that they have added a TACTICAL Laser Pointer to their 'Pro Model' that will really upset you by jumping and flashing all over the room to tell you just how bad your aim is while you try to squeeze & hold it steady .. 
- Of course it costs twice as much as the basic units ... but if it helps improve your accuracy & safety when shooting it will prove invaluable.

Link to their website:

I reckon that having a wee bit of muscle strength in my fingers-hands helps me NOT to worry about Glock's mushy spongy trigger feel - and you might scoff at this ... but I actually prefer to shoot my Ruger revolvers DOUBLE ACTION ..
- I feel it's very important to have grips on your pistols that fit your hand size and best trigger reach - to suite your fat /thin short /long pinkies.
Hand TOO Small For Grip
- To watch how badly a wee two-two can jump about when you "limp wrist" & don't hold it properly  (from 6-7 minutes in) with thumbs crossed behind the slide and repeatedly placing a hand in front of the gun's muzzle - watch this linked video ... but what is truly concerning is that some 250 odd people have commented favourably about this nice guy's video ... welcome to "the real world". - I'd bet that if the test-shooter mounted his gun with a proper stable platform by firmly gripping it - his failure-to-fire rate might well change.

.. I've found that the o/e grips on Ruger revolvers don't suite my hand shape so I fit HOGUES rubber stocks - and the large back straps that Glock provides do the job for me on their service pistols ... but I'm not sure how folk with small but beefy hands can improve their lot.

Marty K.

Thursday 12 November 2020

COVID-19 Contactless Logistics Prevented By Firearm's Law:

 The biggest single safety rule around Corona Virus is ISOLATE. Avoid all unnecessary contact.

Following the Christchurch Mosque Massacres March 15 2019, when Australian BRENTON TARRANT murdered 51 innocents - New Zealand Police influenced Government to introduce firearms prohibitions & regulations they had previously planned to restrict the use of guns by licensed FIT & PROPER PERSONS.

Extensive Amendments to the 1983 Arms Act have included restricting the purchase and transfer of firearms related goods by the introduction of new S43A 'paperwork' and associated limitations on the carriage and delivery of goods between licensed persons.

NZ Courier businesses and the Government N.Z Post are largely refusing to carry any firearms related items blaming "Safety Regulation" - while book importers have made a decision to end imports of shooting publications

These obstructive and punitive regulations serve no useful purpose to reduce criminality in New Zealand - considering that firearms crime is below 3% of violent crime anyway .. but they do prevent the lawful commerce between Licensed Firearms Dealers and their Licensed Firearms Owner customers and direct these sales into face-to-face person-to-person sales by ordinary folk wanting to avoid time consuming 'paperwork'.

These amendment to the much amended 'Regulations' should be suspended and withdrawn until such time that the life threatening PANDEMIC is brought under control and the value of these rushed rule changes can be re-assessed in the light of the awaited release of The Royal Commission Of Inquiry.


- the last paragraph of the latest progress report says ...

"For clarity, the report will not be publicly released by the Royal Commission on 26 November 2020, it is for the Government to decide how and when to release the Royal Commission’s report."

Marty K.

Monday 9 November 2020

NZ GUN LAW (& Aguila .22" Ammo):

 I know that I said I didn't get my Glock G44 to test rim-fire ammo - but I made an unplanned gun shop visit to GUN CITY SOCKBURN and while there bought a few packs of hotter .22"  loads just to try on range.

Aguila .22 HP Super Extra Hollow Point 38 Grains 1280 fps ..

Aguila .22 Supermaximum 30 Grains  1,700 fps

Aguila .22 Interceptor  40 Grains  'High Velocity'

- All three are copper-plated and higher priced than the Mexican lead solid points previously tried.


I was in Christchurch to get a police "Mail Order Form" as now needed to remote buy ANYTHING from a firearms dealer. This paperwork plus internet system means that if you want to buy something without going there ... I had to make a two & a half hour drive to the HQ Firearms Office to get a form, - sign it and hand it over with blank spaces for them to e-mail permission to the dealer .. for him to send the item to a freight depot that will entail another similar but longer car trip to collect it.

I have to spend more than FIVE HOURS driving in & out of Christchurch to comply with the latest NZ anti-gun legislation in order to buy a "non-firearm - non-ammunition" ANTIQUE from a Wellington auction.

That NONSENSE is grossly corrupt and punitive regulation that can only serve as a disincentive to all FIT AND PROPER Licensed Firearms Owners bothering to comply with New Zealand law.

My local Police base/station/office is UNMANNED and unavailable except by prior appointment.

When I approached the Christchurch HQ Firearms Office it's counter was manned by a VOLUNTEER who was preparing letters to mail-out to 100s of BURGLARY VICTIMS.

He (No.1, Counter Volunteer) called a clerical staff member to the counter who did not know what to do regarding my "mail order compliance request" - so he (No.2) called another member of staff (No.3) who got me the needed firearms form. This form requests dealer & buyer license details plus two pages of 'boxes' that I wrote N/A into before signing. As the police person (unnamed No.4) who knows the regulations was unavailable (on a break) we suggested to the Firearms Office (No.2 staff member) that they photo-copy the Auction Catalogue Lot entry & attach it to my Mail Order Application Form as supplementary supporting data to progress a 'Permit' to be transmitted to the remote Licensed Dealer-Auctioneer in Wellington .. authorising him to transfer the package to a carrier-courier who accepts firearms movement.

My understanding of (part of) these new regulations is that my 'Firearms Dealer-Auctioneer' may not send this antique to my home location - but is required to only courier it to another approved dealer or Freight Depot.

Non-Functional ANTIQUE PEPPER-BOX Muzzle-Loader Black-Powder

- It seems also that the Courier's 'approved dealer' is only 'Authorised' to handle 'A' Category firearms so would be unable to accept any other category such as 'B' 'C' 'E' or 'P' items needing to be transferred.

Try to Rest peacefully in your homes - as the Nation is NOT in good hands ..

I think the time has come to publicly state that there is a section of the population that needs to LISTEN rather than to TALK.

Marty K.

Thursday 5 November 2020

KIWI SENSE (or The Naked Truth)

PR or Public Relations is so widespread and 'normal' that even public broadcasting services run pointless advertising for ten minutes in every hour - boosting their own programs.

Right now New Zealand has great mana for our smart Leader Jacinda and the way that our "Team of 5 Million" dealt with COVID 19 .. we do seem to be a decent sort of place to live when compared to loony-tunes-UK and Trumps America .

- But the reality of NZ looks more like the image of activist Tama Iti blasting a flag in protest .. rather than an All-Blacks Haka ..

Record Says That Flag Was Actually AUSTRALIAN - Not NZ - A Smart Feller That Tama.

Of course that also shows it's the accepted IMAGE that matters in our world - not the facts.
- PR avows that it's the SIZZLE that counts - Not the steak ..

My self-image is a little conflicted too .. as I was UK born of an Irish father - and I'm proud now to be a Kiwi - I'd be honoured if I could have had Maori ancestors.

Starting year 2022 NEW ZEALAND HISTORY will for the first time be taught in school National Curriculum here. This has caused a new debate as to what will be taught ... I thought that a factual record of what actually happened might answer that question - but PR matters are again trying to creep into the story books.
NZ Armed Constabulary Wore Simple Maori Style Blanket In Wet Bush Country:

- This raises the idea that teaching is not about imparting facts anymore - but rather it is about "giving students the means to learn". 
- Unfortunately this opens wide the doors to 'multi-media' 'social-media' 'alternative fact' and OPINION filling vacant cerebrial space that's not been lined with taught FACT.

School Kids have got used to having a choice of what to believe instead of facts.

This explains why anti-gun opinions seem to over-ride firearms facts - leading to stupid prohibitions and 'Buy-Backs' with hundreds of pages of amendments to law.

Will this much admired land shamefully end-up with a Pakeha History and a Maori History to choose - rather than a factual historic record?
A 1900 Land Court.

Marty K.

Sunday 1 November 2020

MOSQUE MURDERS Royal Commission Inquiry & Police Minister GONE:

 I wish once more to try to express how sorry I am for the 15 March 2019 cruel murderous attack on good people trying to lead productive lives with their families in New Zealand.

I hope that the delayed Royal Commission Of Inquiry report when released will not make the victims' sad loss even worse.

Now my guess is that this inquiry report is well completed and the public release content is already at the printers ..

The Government has extended the time available for this inquiry, with the report now due on 26 November 2020.

No doubt this report will have been examined - edited - redacted - analysed and submitted to PR Consultants for advice in recent days on how much whitewash to spread over it's pages.

So can you guess if blame - responsibility will be laid for the FIFTY ONE DEATHS cruelly murdered by Australian  BRENTON TARRANT ?

Will The Royal Commission list any important failings of  jurisdiction by POLICE and BORDER CONTROL and by those meant to be working as ANTI-TERRORIST Agencies ?

This Report will be very significant for the future of New Zealand sport shooting.

Here is a VERY significant change ..

Stuart Nash The Police Minister throughout the last three years is GONE from Police - Replaced as Minister For Police by Hon POTO WILLIAMS: 

Marty K.

'FATCAP.22' Fixes Issues With .22" Rim-Fire:

OK  .22" rimfire is great because it's small and cheap and it is easy to shoot but ...

Full  versus  HEELED

The .22" Long Rifle rim-fire cartridge can be problematic in a box magazine fed auto because it is NOT RIMLESS - and it has another problem in that it is greasy externally lubricated due to it being a heeled or stepped bullet.

- So why can't we just combine the features that we WANT into one cheap'n'easy round that is rimless - while primed & ignited without a separate centerfire primer .. like this brilliant concept:

THAT Will Fill Your DOUBLE-STACKED MAGS Right To The Brim

Ah but" I hear you say ".. that unsupported rim won't be pinched or crushed properly by the firing pin" -

but I reply Oh yes it will because you shove a nice solid EXTRACTOR into the groove right in front of where the striker impinges that will serve as the anvil to crush-ignite the priming.
.. Problem solved with a nice cheap rimless two-two that's made using similar tech to the current rim-fire Long Rifle 22"s.

Genius ain't it - maybe?

Marty K.

P.S,  I don't know why makers offer .22" round-nose solid bullets for Match or target shooting - when according to Wikipedia .. " In target shooting, they(hollow-point) are used for greater accuracy due to the larger meplat. Hollow point bullets are more accurate and predictable compared to pointed bullets which, despite having a higher ballistic coefficient (BC), are more sensitive to bullet harmonic characteristics and wind deflection."\