Saturday, 21 November 2020

Girls Can Do Anything .. Hunters From Way Back:

 The PR Machine tells us that men are the hunters and women are gatherers (..with a baby balanced on the hip) - but SCIENCE is now clear that this story is typically bollocks.

This 9,000 year old hunting kit in a leather bag was found carefully placed at the side of it's hunter owner to be used in HER next life in Peru.

The latest scientific tests make it simple to determine binary sex from ancient bones and this particular hunter was found to be a young woman aged between 17 to 19.

The site near Malla Fasari, Puno District in southern PERU confirms that close to half of these early-mid Holocene hunter burial finds are female (not LGBTQIA++ as determined by GLAAD Rainbow persons).

There is actually little reason beyond sexism to think otherwise - as the system of ALLOPARENTING whereby offspring is cared-for by others such as grandparents is widespread and well familiar to New Zealanders.

There is plenty of interest in wild harvesting - Hunting - by women here in NZ and long may they enjoy the outdoors and the benefits of adding natural meats to their family's diets ... Well for as long as we can still afford the Licence fees and manage the regular renewals by completing the 35 PAGE Application Form FRM23FLA

Right now there are multiple NZ state departments making it harder for the law abiding - police have ever more expensive, onerous & restrictive regulations to apply, - DOC are scattering poison baits over our forests and mountains, - While Forestry restrict hunting on their lands.
The butchering of wild harvested meats as food for third parties is very limited - when have you EVER seen wild rabbit offered as a healthy food in a supermarket here?

Girls ... Enjoy hunting while you can,

- Last week the police person conducting Firearms Licence Reference checks with a mate commented that the applicant was lucky to get in before the new system started now as it made getting a licence impossible ...

From the horse's mouth.

Marty K.

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