Sunday, 1 November 2020

MOSQUE MURDERS Royal Commission Inquiry & Police Minister GONE:

 I wish once more to try to express how sorry I am for the 15 March 2019 cruel murderous attack on good people trying to lead productive lives with their families in New Zealand.

I hope that the delayed Royal Commission Of Inquiry report when released will not make the victims' sad loss even worse.

Now my guess is that this inquiry report is well completed and the public release content is already at the printers ..

The Government has extended the time available for this inquiry, with the report now due on 26 November 2020.

No doubt this report will have been examined - edited - redacted - analysed and submitted to PR Consultants for advice in recent days on how much whitewash to spread over it's pages.

So can you guess if blame - responsibility will be laid for the FIFTY ONE DEATHS cruelly murdered by Australian  BRENTON TARRANT ?

Will The Royal Commission list any important failings of  jurisdiction by POLICE and BORDER CONTROL and by those meant to be working as ANTI-TERRORIST Agencies ?

This Report will be very significant for the future of New Zealand sport shooting.

Here is a VERY significant change ..

Stuart Nash The Police Minister throughout the last three years is GONE from Police - Replaced as Minister For Police by Hon POTO WILLIAMS: 

Marty K.

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