Thursday, 12 November 2020

COVID-19 Contactless Logistics Prevented By Firearm's Law:

 The biggest single safety rule around Corona Virus is ISOLATE. Avoid all unnecessary contact.

Following the Christchurch Mosque Massacres March 15 2019, when Australian BRENTON TARRANT murdered 51 innocents - New Zealand Police influenced Government to introduce firearms prohibitions & regulations they had previously planned to restrict the use of guns by licensed FIT & PROPER PERSONS.

Extensive Amendments to the 1983 Arms Act have included restricting the purchase and transfer of firearms related goods by the introduction of new S43A 'paperwork' and associated limitations on the carriage and delivery of goods between licensed persons.

NZ Courier businesses and the Government N.Z Post are largely refusing to carry any firearms related items blaming "Safety Regulation" - while book importers have made a decision to end imports of shooting publications

These obstructive and punitive regulations serve no useful purpose to reduce criminality in New Zealand - considering that firearms crime is below 3% of violent crime anyway .. but they do prevent the lawful commerce between Licensed Firearms Dealers and their Licensed Firearms Owner customers and direct these sales into face-to-face person-to-person sales by ordinary folk wanting to avoid time consuming 'paperwork'.

These amendment to the much amended 'Regulations' should be suspended and withdrawn until such time that the life threatening PANDEMIC is brought under control and the value of these rushed rule changes can be re-assessed in the light of the awaited release of The Royal Commission Of Inquiry.


- the last paragraph of the latest progress report says ...

"For clarity, the report will not be publicly released by the Royal Commission on 26 November 2020, it is for the Government to decide how and when to release the Royal Commission’s report."

Marty K.


  1. The chances of us ever seeing this report in its entirety are about those of a celluloid dog chasing an asbestos cat through hell.
    It would show that government parsimony and police ineptitude resulted in the death and injury of 100 innocent people.
    That cannot be made public. Before the election it would have cost them power and after it popularity.
    I predicted exactly this delay and obfuscation as early as June 2019, and I am being proven 100% cirrect