Thursday 27 April 2023

Police EXEMPT Guns & Liars With NUKES:

In October 1962 I took a day off work .. I was 18 years old.

- I took the day off work because - if I was going to be vaporized by a nuclear bomb I wanted it to happen at home with my Mum, and not in an oily toxic plastics factory where I was working a hand operated Injection Moulding machine 12 hours a day. - the problem was THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS.


So - What's the difference between GUNS and NUKES?

- Well you can use a "gun" to set-off a nuclear bomb and kill tens of thousands eh ..

'Tube Alloys'
We folk 'Down-Under' can claim an early input into things nuclear - as New Zealander Ernest Rutherford started it all in 1917 when he "split the atom" ... and Australian physicist Mark Oliphant lead a team of 'two enemy aliens' at Birmingham University that worked-out that nuclear fission could be used to make a BOMB while working for the British Government's war effort, under the Top Secret 'TUBE ALLOYS' team - established as a cover name to hide whatever WMD they were developing.
- That name was deliberately chosen as to be MEANINGLESS ..

British Tube Alloys were there first and in 1943 they were absorbed into 'The Manhattan Project' in America - but were later kicked-out when some of their number were discovered to be spies feeding nuclear secrets to USSR - so this resulted in the independent British Bomb being tested in Australia between 1952-63.

So - let's get back to "LIES" .. as a wee example - Tube Alloys was a lie, - set-up by the UK government to hide the truth - and the media were then prevented from exposing the truth to the people by D NOTICES.
In the United Kingdom, a DSMA-Notice (Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice) is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security. DSMA-Notices were formerly called a DA-Notice (Defence Advisory Notice), and before that, called a Defence Notice (D-Notice) until 1993.

So a "Democratically Elected" Government does what IT wants rather than what it's voters want - and LIES about it over & over. - This is 'DEMOCRACY' as we know it.

My guess would be that if ordinary law abiding folk were told that murderers could be executed & they could keep a gun for self defense from criminal predators - they would be less 'anti gun'.


- Mass murderer BRENTON TARRANT is permanently confined by 18 personal guards in the 'PRISONERS OF EXTREME RISK UNIT' - part of Auckland Prison - at an estimated cost of  4 Million Dollars every year.

Marty K.

.. Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
1863 Gettysburg Address.

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Gun Licence $$ UP - Drivers Licence $$ DOWN:

 Todays News:

From OCTOBER 1 this year DRIVERS LICENCE fees will be reduced by an average of $86 TO IMPROVE COMPLIANCE and to ensure that everyone has the skills and knowledge to be safe ..

Meanwhile  "Police Spokespersons" are recommending that FIREARMS LICENCE fees be raised by around 500% .

- It is rational to expect that police requiring massive increases in gun licencing costs is aimed at REDUCING COMPLIANCE - and CUTTING THE SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO BE SAFE.

POLICE  SAFETY  Business Unit ..

Marty K.

Sunday 16 April 2023

Old Crap & Shiny Toys .. Wadcutters:

The Ukraine population is said to have dropped by 10 Million, with 1 Million having fled to Russia and the rest into Europe - while Ukraine's military losses exceed 250,000 dead.

Voltaire  1694-1778 : “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished - unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”


They taught me to shoot on the school range in the CCF when I was 14 y.o in 1958 - and they also taught me that 'the atom' was the smallest particle of matter possible, and that every fully loaded double-decker London bus would be carrying one "homosexual" as 2% of the population suffered from this 'deviation'.
Now, some 60 plus years later we have 'Hicks Bosons' and 'Up-quarks' - 'Charm quarks' - and even 'Down quarks' with Gluons - and I do now understand that there are more varieties of  'non-binary' rainbow genders than might fit on a London bus - if only they could agree to sit together peacefully.

- I do NOT understand that light can behave as a stream of particles or as a wave - nor do I understand 'QUANTUM SUPERPOSITION' whereby a particle can occupy two different places at once. However I do accept it as being scientific fact.

My Antique Original Colts '1849' Pocket Pistol
With My 'repro' Uberti Remington New Model Army:
I reckon there are THREE good(ish reasons for me wasting money on my 'toys'

1/-  I like them .. they make me happy when I play with them & consider their antiquity, quality & function.

2/-  They mostly will increase in value as time flows on.

3/-  They might become critically useful under emergency conditions.

'Tickity-pop' or 'Belt-&-Watches'

Now I'm not suggesting that anything could possibly go wrong in 2023 .. with all those well paid career politicians looking after worldly affairs, plus our lesser national issues - BUT keep a few extra cans of baked beans in the pantry just in case eh and maybe put a carton of Stella Artois beer in the fridge to wash the beans down when you get thirsty ..
One 'old' gun that I have really enjoyed is a top-break Webley revolver with a four inch barrel in the old .38 S&W caliber.
This nicely made piece fits the hand comfortably and remains an effective accurate shooter - despite the shooteratzi expert's derision that because this round was developed in 1877 it is puny old fashioned rubbish.
There are good reasons the British military stayed with this handgun caliber until 1963 .. IT WORKS.
I use Lee 9x19mm dies to seat .38"/9mm bullets into the short rimmed brass - but my absolute favorite bullets in the Webley are hollow based lead wadcutters that reliably fly to the center of the target and do interesting things when pushing into firm media .. see my earlier testing:

Of course these wadcutter rounds can face either way into the brass to make a huge hollow point pill.
- More about wadcutter use here ..

Stay Happy,

Marty K.

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Today's News.. The Lunatics ARE Running The Asylum:

 A pair of used sneakers have just been sold for more than THREE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS ..  (worn in a ball game by some joker called "Jordon"?)

- "They" have invented two new human Genders to be known as Cis-Female and Cis-Male.

- Apparantly it means that you are not exactly what you are .. born a girl - you are a cis-girl? while somebody 'other' who declares themself to be 'a woman' is only a woman - and not a 'Cis-Woman'.

Today GOLD is priced at $2,005 an ounce (What is an 'ounce'?)

Here in NZ - folk diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 6-9 months life expectancy, are being told they can see a 'Specialist' in 10 months time ..

Nga Pirihimana O Aotearoa (New Zealand Police) are spending multi-millions of tax-payer dollars establishing their new 'Business Unit' Te Tari Pureke to 
re-introduce a 'Firearms REGISTER' that they abandoned in 1983 as having no useful function and being hopelessly inaccurate.
Well I expect it may help the 96% of New Zealand residents not speaking Te Reo Maori become more familiar with that language.

Since 1995 kiwi farmers have been voluntarily reducing off farm contamination into our waterways with the result that nitrate levels have risen further.


- What they do may not be CRIMINALLY CORRUPT - but it is corrupt.

The average Household Income here is $80,000 a year while the average HOUSE cost swings between ONE MILLION - $750,000.

- This suggests that if someone could save 10% of their income it would take around a 100 years working to buy a home for a family with an expected lifespan in NZ of 82 Years ( and a working life perhaps of 47 years) without interest payments.

Our elected "leaders" preside over a beautiful productive uncrowded land that is collapsing into miserable chaos from the shit job they are doing to manage it's affairs in a way that further increase Corporate Profits.

Why do you think they want to take your guns?

Marty K.

Monday 10 April 2023

Fabulous Firearm Fables:

 Do you, like me find it fascinating that bullets for  a .38" Special measure .357 inch - while the bullets for the smaller caliber .36" revolver measure .38" diameter?

The old .31" black powder Caliber similarly uses larger bullets than the .32" caliber arms .. and naturally the 44 MAGNUM bullets measure only .429 inches

Well everyone knows that the answer to this, and the other Big Question, of the meaning of life - is 42 

The in)famous 'Thompson-LaGarde Tests' in 1904 to select the best caliber handgun for the U S Army by shooting cattle beasts in a meatworks - are on record for admiring the effectiveness of the "large" British Eley .476 Enfield cartridge - this is most interesting considering that this round actually uses bullets that measured the standard .455 inch. (The brass case was .476" diameter).

I do become a little impatient whenever I read how Sam Colt (1814-1862) invented the revolver - when the earliest known revolver is an 8 shot in a Norwegian museum - the 'Stopler Revolver' made in 1597.

I do make rude scoffing noises when I hear about
Sam Colt's PEACEMAKER Single Action M1873 - The Gun That Won The West - the one that makes all people equal ... because this fine sixgun was designed  TEN YEARS AFTER COLT'S DEATH by gunsmith inventor William Mason who adapted a Remington top-strap design to meet the U S army requirements. 
-  Little known Mr Mason also patented the S&W swing-out cylinder and star ejector mechanism.

The most seriously deluded claim is that "Guns Kill People" .. truly awful in it's consequences because this lie excuses politicians from taking effective action against the murderers who kill in hatred - and the causes of violence like poor social conditions that result in mental illness and high levels of crime.

Every firearm is an inert tool much as is a vegetable peeler or a golf club.

However - 'Religion Kills People' is a historic fact - and it would be far more accurate to state that 'GOVERNMENTS KILL PEOPLE.'

Still - it is we who let these politicians do whatever they feel like doing to us.

- It is us listening as they claim that HEALTHCARE is too expensive - when they underfund services & reduce corporate taxes so that their donor sponsors can get bigger profits ..

Marty K.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Black Powder guns for "Black-Heads" or "Pin-Heads"?

GUNS .. The Past May Be The Future:

I ain't no expert - being very much a student of ballistics .. and it's interesting, that the older I get, the more I like old stuff.

The current inane punitive attacks on law-abiding gun owners are making it so difficult - expensive and "anti-social" to own & use 'modern' firearms - that any other legal option becomes very attractive.

Under NZ's much amended ARMS ACT 1983 certain original 'antique' firearms made before 1900 that generally cannot fire metallic cartridges (and other black powder miniature cannon etc.) are exempt from the legal requirements (and police regulations) of the Act. 

- Legal to possess as antiques but NZ police say that it is not legal to fire them unless registered ..

In recent years I became even more interested in shooting registered "Black Powder Firearms" as a slower cheaper and more absorbing form of HANDS-ON hobby interest.

Please do your own detailed research into the law - as it is written by lawyers to enable lawyers to make money - and for enforcers to be paid to make arrests ... but the answer shown linked here is pertinent ..

"Modern" Six Shot Ruger Percussion REVOLVER:
Other Brands Are Available ..
The percussion system was invented in 1805 eventually displacing FLINTLOCKS - that were the main-game for personal arms for around THREE HUNDRED YEARS.

- Simply put, the PERCUSSION CAP contains a little explosive compound that when hit makes a FLASH that ignites the Black Powder propellant. If you just want to make as much noise as you can quickly - these are not for you - but if you relate to the finer things of life such as slow sex and Escoffier dining - together or seperately - you likely will enjoy the art of perfecting 'cap and ball' shooting.

Gathering together your well crafted firearm .. your choice of propellant, percussion caps, soft lead balls, lubricant grease, inert fillers, wads, patches, rammers, cap-dispensers, flasks or horns, powder measures, prickers, and swabs ... then LEARNING how to shoot them effectivly can be a character-forming pleasure that is wasted on the young and ignorant.  *BOOM*

'Stuff'' doesn't generally leap out of thin air as a perfect *NEW* wonderstick .. some joker has an idea then other thinkers improve on it stage by stage eh ..designs move forward & materials improve little by little tweak.

NOW .. there is a somewhat neglected and generally unknown upgrading of the Cap'n'Ball system called 'PINFIRE'  - where the percussion cap is inserted (sideways) into a metallic cartridge together with the powder and bullet as one self contained case that is fired by an integral brass FIRING PIN that is struck by the hammer where it projects at right-angles.

Over a short number of years from 1835 (60 odd?) - this pinfire system became very popular in Europe with pinfire guns being made in many calibers from 2mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm and even 15mm (.590 inch), - plus there were various bored shotguns using the pinfire system .. but eventually competition from both the 'Rimfire' and 'Center-Fire' cartridge systems came to dominate the self contained cartridge usage.

Indeed there were tens of thousands of military pinfire arms exported to America for both sides of the American Civil War where they were efficiently deployed - but it has not often been seen as profitable by U S writers and experts to show & tell of historic European guns to prospective consumers in U S home Trade magazines. - Who is familiar with the many large bore Webley Bull-Dog revolvers used in winning-the-west?

- Consider that within U S the Austrian GLOCK pistol is now called "AMERICAS' GUN".

Those middle years of the 1800s saw fantastic advances in technology .. and because nobody then seemed to like anybody else - the machinery for killing each other and all animals, birds & whales really grew it's market appeal.

Now Extinct American PASSENGER PIGEON
One Shooter Could "Bag" 5,000 a day:

Bison Skull Mountain .. They were ground-up for fertilizer:

I recently saw a cartoon suggesting that instead of looking at intelligence in animals ... we should look at stupidity in humans.

I was once showing a damascus barrelled antique percussion pistol with drop-down triggers to some target pistol shooters - when one commented "That's RUBBISH - it hasn't even got a trigger".

Marty K.

Sunday 2 April 2023

Three Calibers in ONE Gun:

 A second-hand gun can be a great 'Buy' - or - in USA - a "Goodbye" to an assailant ..

For years now I have watched for new input from Tamara Keel - & this piece is bloody interesting (provided you are interested in the rights to SELF DEFENSE as retained by some U S residents).

Her used 'Custom' Glock .. I don't get this stippling thing in the States

- BUT I DO get the value of caliber versatility eh .. Tamaras' story is about one of her Glock pistols that operates in .40" S&W, 9x19mm, and .357" Sig..

Never tried it as in her story but I have run .40" S&W in pistols designated as 10mm Auto ... and I have an affair going with my 4 inch Ruger SP 101 revolver that sings in 327 Federal Magnum - 32" H&R Magnum - .32" Long - & .32" 'Short'.

- Before NZ Police made it "illegal" I also had fun loading this gun with home made "duplex" cartridges that pushed-out both a conical bullet and a round ball into the black circle cardboard with each trigger pull. - The semi-rim .32"ACP can be fired in this revolver but you need a stick to poke-out the fired brass .. If I may count the duplex 327 Mag and the duplex 32 H&R Mag as additional separate calibers that would be seven different choice rounds from one revolver eh.

I also - way back in time - developed duplex rounds for my 10 mm Glock that printed lovely "snake-eyes" on target at around 15 metres .. very fun for IPSC style shooting until the local Director discounted them.

Incidently - an authorised NZ Police 'examiner' once declared authoratively that there was "NO SUCH THING AS 327 FEDERAL MAGNUM" - until I silently directed his gaze to the barrel markings on my stainless steel revolver ..

HEY HO ...

I like to point-out that the "mouse-gun" THIRTY-TWO caliber .. in either rimless auto or revolver rimmed style is in reality an 8 mm caliber that I reckon has a huge future ahead in a high pressure cartridge - maybe in a bottle neck round I'd call a 9mm case necked-down to 8mm. - Remember that this sized hole is the same as the old .303" British and the Russian "AK47" and the so called "30 Caliber" rifle rounds.

I have two American 'GO TO' writers who KNOW THAT OF WHICH THEY SPEAK  -


As my mate 'J' likes to say "Google is your friend".

Life is good,

Marty K.