Friday 31 January 2020

'CUNNINGHAM Speed Strips' For Revolvers:

Bianchi International & others make excellent functional speed strips .. for quick(ish) reloads when revolver shooting - an alternative to bulky spring-loaded poky-twisty  'speed loaders'.
No question but that they work fine ..

- My first reservation is that if you wanted to buy some strips for use in local target competition they will cost considerably more than just your cash here in NZ .. they will also try your patience and persistence .. as you likely will be required to first apply for an IMPORT PERMIT from your friendly local police firearms office 

 .. which permit may well then be refused by Police HQ on the grounds that you used the wrong colour ink or that somebody else in the country has already imported some or that you haven't stated clearly & EXACTLY (range, date, time, weather-forecast, qualification certificate # of the Range Officer etc etc & which Pistol NZ  listed competition you intend to use them in) or .. any other excuse the National Firearms Office can dream-up to refuse your application ..

The "doozy" example of this was when a senior ranking officer at Police HQ F.O last year refused a Keltec PMR 30 pistol entry to New Zealand on the grounds that it was a Prohibited Weapon - claiming that the pistol was a CARBINE !

Hey-Ho .. back to speed loader strips. - Here is a clever idea that originates with revolver guru Grant Cunningham via Jim Downey  of BALLISTICS BY THE INCH - and posted on Facebook by Greg Ellifritz of ACTIVE RESPONSE TRAINING.

MAKE YOUR OWN ..: Link ..

I don't need to explain further as excellent instructions and images are linked above : - These do work.
.. Just a tiny observation .. "vinyl" used to describe flexible materials may cover various  polymer types other than polyvinyl-chloride. - I cut strips from a microwave 'splatter cover' - & I'm also trying rubber strips cut from a particularly filthy & spider infested old car inner-tube that I gleaned from a corner of my auto-mechanic's workshop 😅.

- As sure a eggs is eggs we need to practice using these - if you point your revolver's muzzle to the sky (like I did) when peeling the speed strips .. the loaded rounds will smoothly slide back out from the chambers and drop straight into your hands.

Have fun - as Life is Good .. Increasingly I anticipate that kiwis will need to "do our own thing" in the face of dumb impediment & obstruction to importing shooting related materials from the bully-boys-in-blue of both police and border protection. - Get used to using locally produced ammunition and equipment .. think about reloading and bullet casting.

Marty K.

Thursday 30 January 2020

Young Guy Has ONLY Ever Used SOFT-AIR Guns:

Long term friend 'J' ordered me to watch this ..

They're having such a great time ..

It's so cool - seeing these men smiling so much on range: Liku from Japan has a great story that shows how "IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD".

Thirty-two minutes of fun .. watching a young guy's dream come true. He is so fast & accurate with both pistol and rifle .. you'd swear he was an old hand.

'J' was saying that I'm always "going-on" about training, dry-firing and practice and visualisation and even 'myelination' .. and here was proof that I might (maybe) have a point 😁
- That's a link below, to my earlier scribblings on the subject:

Winners train and practice .. that will be a lot of the real stuff - match play en all.

- The top shooting competitors burn a lot of ammunition for sure ... BUT they will also dry fire plenty at home .. because you can't spend all day - every day, on the range in all seasons and weather.

.. but even when you're on the line about to shoot - visualising HOW you are going to sequence your shots & movement & reloads helps speed your shooting above a casual mindset.

You don't want to concentrate .. but rather FOCUS.

The science of it all is myelination. full stop. - Check it out on Wikipedia eh .. (if you can be fecked).

- Those old guys who used to say "Practice makes Perfect" knew something - despite being daft old farts.
 - And those stupid bloody teachers who made you (if you're old enough) learn your 'Times Tables' and even learn poetry - actually were getting inside your heads and smoothing your neural pathways - in anticipation that one day you might decide that you needed to learn how to do something essential for your future.

I wish I had listened more ... but puberty and all that seemed more urgent at the time eh

Marty K.
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Wednesday 29 January 2020

Sentence for Theft of Two Police Glocks?

Twenty-one new District Court judges have been appointed 21st January 2020 - ten of them Maori .. and others are said to be female & from "diverse backgrounds" - these new judges raise the number available for hearing trials to 172 .. What about some new prison capacity too?

On August 17, Hori Gemmell, 24, appeared in the Invercargill District Court facing two charges of reckless driving in Gore, two charges of theft, two charges of unlawful possession of a pistol, - unlawful possession of ammunition, - one charge of unlawfully taking a motor vehicle three days earlier plus a 'breach of release condition' ..  

He was meant to be sentenced early January at Invercargill District Court - Have you heard anything?

.. Have police done a deal and employed this crim as a FIREARMS OFFICER because he now knows more about Glocks than they do?

Gemmell was discovered 😏 August 16 in a wardrobe under a pile of clothes at a Te Tipua house & he pleaded guilty to the charges by video link 19 November. - Reportedly he had sold one of the pistols to a friend for $1,500.
This 24 y.o. repeat offender had done a runner when spotted by police and rammed two patrol cars .. officers had abandoned the first car to give chase .. leaving it with the keys and guns in - our runner circled back and drove off with those keys that he then used to unlock the gun box and steal the two Glock G17 9mm pistols .. both of which were eventually recovered.

I feel that if police are issued with arms they should retain safe control of them at all times .. as if they were Firearms Licence holders ? 
Pistols such as the Glocks can normally be safely and securely retained in holsters until required for use against a target.

Marty K.

Thanks for joining Sporting Shooter Association of New Zealand ..

Tuesday 28 January 2020

19th SEPTEMBER 2020 is JACINDA DAY: .. Half-Hearted & Dis-Armed?

It's a numbers game - 246,000 NZ licensed shooters

Quote of the day: "To turn $100 into $110 is work ... To turn $100 Million into $110 Million is inevitable." Seagrams heir Edgar Bronfman.

Right now there's 7.8 Billion of us sitting around on the dry bits of our blue planet - numbers going up by 81 million each year ..
That's Me .. Waving About Half-Way.

When there was only half as many of us (3.9 Billion) .. around 1970 ish - we could all have had twice as much room eh. - Check it out - find a bit of grass in UK where you CAN'T hear the traffic noise 😏.

- So we've each got half as much land available as we'd have had 50 years ago - EXCEPT the billionaires have grabbed much more of it from us - you see .. HALF of the world is actually owned & controlled by just 1% of the wealthiest GREEDIEST thieves .. so you don't get half as much as you used to have back then - you get only half of half as much now.

Ah - something like half of these billionaires live in USA eh

So WHY would the "controllers" .. Bankers, Corporates, and their Politicians - with their personal armed guards - want to disarm the ordinary family folk who are trying to hang on to half of what they've got and to raise their kids?
 .. Can you think of why they'd want us all helpless and unarmed?

- Can you think of any reason?  .. It doesn't have much to do with their party colours or which "ist" they say they are .. nationalIST, socialIST, communIST, fascIST, libertarionIST, conservativIST, capitalIST, monarchIST - because without exception they want POWER - CONTROL & WEALTH.

.. Vote-out one lot and vote-in another crowd ... expecting much to change?

We can't easily fix the world .. but we can vote-out Jacinda - New Zealand's anti-gunner.

I've been told that maybe I'm an anarchist .. because I think that we the people should tell them, - the administration - what to do .. rather than let them tell us? - sounds fair to me .. something like the SWISS have - Direct Democracy plus a Citizen's Assembly ?

Just changing the 'board of directors' and the under-management improves little while business goes-on as normal - We've got to change THE SYSTEM. - Add some controls .. not bloody "de-regulate".

.. But first we have to get shot of Jacinda's gang.

- And hang-on to your firearms eh, - you might NEED a bunny for tea.

Marty K.

Monday 27 January 2020

Know Your POLICE Service:

Hon Stuart NASH is the current MINISTER OF POLICE:
.. has an anger management problem

 Bush admits he was fined & disqualified from driving for six months for drink driving
 when he was a detective constable in Auckland.

I was going to introduce you to the various Deputy Commissioners - Assistant Commissioners - and 'Deputy Chief Assistant Executives - plus the 'Chief of Staff' - but there are 20 of them.

- If you'd really like to see their cheery looking pictures best you go to their own page -

 ..  Not  that  I'm  saying  that  our  Police
 "Service" is top heavy 
at all
- It is no wonder they cut funding from the important firearms licence administration, vetting and training sessions - they may need all that resource to pay the top management team eh.

I did try to find which of the x 21 was in charge of police firearms policy & implementation but that information seems restricted .. possibly such policy matters are dictated by the Police Association President?

It is IMPORTANT that you understand that 
 Standards of Integrity and Conduct that apply to 
most of the State Services agencies ..

However  - POLICE are not included among those listed agencies as needing to comply with those National standards.

New Zealand Police have their own separate code of conduct:

Currently Police are trialling ARMED RESPONSE TEAM patrols .. these have their own information web site where they do ask for your input & thoughts - please be careful what you say:

NOTE:   Classical Western philosopher Socrates established the fact that one cannot depend upon those in "authority" to have sound knowledge and insight. 

He demonstrated that persons may have power and high position and yet be deeply confused and irrational. He established the importance of asking deep questions that probe profoundly into thinking before we accept any idea as worthy of belief.

There is currently sitting a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Attack on two Christchurch Mosques on 15 March 2019 Order 2019due to report 30 April 2020. - You can read all the rules about this commission here:

(- Sections 5, 6, 7 in the Terms of Reference are very important.)

A BIG Thank You To All Of You Who Have Signed-up Already to SSANZ .. 

Please ensure that you have joined The Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand - it only costs $20 to be represented ..
Marty K.

Sunday 26 January 2020

Ballistics - BALLS In Jelly:

Here's a bit "different" again - but we kiwis might need to consider just what else is 'out there' for hunting small game - and modern slingshots could maybe quietly serve a purpose if Cindy is allowed to get away with her prejudicial cutting of our civil rights.

These metal balls are well sub-sonic at around 250-280 ft. per sec but they can do the job as non-firearms ..

This is an interesting look at penetration of a calibre range of steel & lead balls when shot into ballistic Gel & some wax:

OK - I do realise that these slingshots are not 357 Magnums - but these UK hunting types are making effective shots on small game at around 30 yards and are having lots of unlicensed useful fun.

If you liked the first video you should appreciate these further hunting scenes from the UK:

Sling shotting must be big as there is quite a supply industry established .. and it looks to be very skilful.
Rolled Rubber For Ballistic Bands:
- while we're talking a load of balls - ex HRH Harry of Sussex is a fair rifle shot .. I wonder if he'll get more into defensive carry & shooting when domiciled in North America?
'Harry of Sussex' Shooting in Jamaica

Marty K.
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Thursday 23 January 2020

New Zealand LEAST CORRUPT IN WORLD in 2020:

Yeah well .. This finding by 'Transparency International' should be very reassuring to NZ Firearms Licence holders. It seems that we live in the world's LEAST CORRUPT NATION ... ah - hold on a minute - that is the PERCEPTION that we are not a corrupt nation - it's not based on any fact eh.

Perceptions are funny things eh.  I doubt that this 'survey' looked anywhere into our recent firearms PROHIBITION law changes that are being hurried through Parliament while ignoring all opposing submissions .. ('parliament' comes from the French to talk about stuff !)

- Well there's still hope that our elected and un-elected 'representatives' may take breath for long enough to notice that they are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on punitive rules that will totally fail to improve safety or to reduce violent crime.

We may improve the chance of fixing this nonsense by uniting into a "lobby" and joining with other F.Lic. holders in SSANZ.

Marty K.

Wednesday 22 January 2020

2020 SHOT SHOW - what's New?

I actually laughed out loud ... according to 'gunsholsterandgear' - what is new at the biggest gun show in America ... are a reproduction 'Colt single action army' from Uberti and multiple "Glock Compatible" cloned plastic striker-fired pistols.
Uberti Dalton M1873 - Simulated Ivory Stocks?
NEW?  .. that's the link but I wouldn't bother going there as it's the same-old-same-old tired offerings from a worn-out American gun industry that obviously can't be bothered to think - as they're too fat & sweaty sat in their oxygen depleted HQ offices.

- You really don't need an image of yet another cloned plastic pistol copy eh .. Aw but there's a new Colt Python ??? revolver  - 1955?? - timing?

Instead I will post an image of something old but something new straight from Glock Ges after 35 years of avoiding the challenge to produce a dependable RIM-FIRE version of the best handgun built anywhere in the planet so far ..
Composite steel-polymer slide and Fluted Chamber - Now THAT IS New eh
 .. Especially if it's as good as it should be ..

I guess that the new G44 Might even qualify as 'American' - it being said to be made there?

Glock USA Smyrna Georgia.

However .. I understand that all manufacturing tooling, machinery, fixtures, gauging, materials - and small components originate from Glock Ges in Austria so ... I understand that Smyrna do mould the plastic packaging box there as they are considered too bulky (volumetric) to ship in.

God Bless America 
(seems he always was a GROPER)
Marty K.
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Tuesday 21 January 2020

GANGS & What Arms Amendment Submissions Said:

Police Minister now admits NZ has a gang problem ..

Total submission items = 4,210
Total items analysed to date = 3000
Total Actual Individual Submissions = 2738
(Note 2738 of 3000 due to parliament database data errors and submission support items)
Sub Total Fully Reject Bill = 84.6%
Sub Total Partially Reject Bill = 5.9%
TOTAL Fully and Partially Reject Nash's Bill = 90.5%
Sub Total Fully Support Bill = 4.2%
Sub Total Partially Support Bill = 1.6%
TOTAL Fully and Partially Support Bill only = 5.8%
TOTAL submission in Others category = 3.7%

Police Minister Nash wants to pass his Bill with less than 6% public support - because some police want it ..

I've heard police spokespersons say that they are New Zealand's BIGGEST GANG - which makes sense, as our lesser criminal gangs appear also to have plenty of influence and consultations ..

Methinks that New Zealand's 246,000 "compliant" shooters and gun owners outnumber the 9,000 police even if they join with the drugs supply "biker" gang chapters ..

So what's the difference between a 'gang'  and a 'lobby' ? 😏

.. I know .. gangs have a patch that they wear on proper occasions .. when they want to have influence & 'authority' - like a police shoulder patch eh.
- What sort of a "patch" could NZ gun owners use ??

Marty K.

Monday 20 January 2020

YOUR Personal Security:


I'm not saying that it's easy .. but it really IS simple.

If you'd like to argue with me about this - please do as I'd love to feel more secure .. there's a comments section below - but first read this linked story about the deadly volcanic eruption on White Island:
AFTER An Event Presence .. Sure:

- Here's a couple of quotes from respected individuals:

Real schools ought to provide people with techniques of self-defense, but that would mean teaching the truth about the world and about the society, - and schools couldn't survive very long if they did that. Noam Chomsky
Sadly we now live in a time when our NZ police-state is strongly restricting the basic human right to SELF DEFENCE. - while at the same time they are imposing BANS on a wide range of firearms that far exceed their publicly announced policies.
Truly .. if you think that 'Civil Defence' or 'The Police' or 'ACC' or even 'The Army' are there to help you and will prevent any harm happening to you and yours - I'm sad to say but there is one word (in one of our official languages) that describes this belief .. DELUDED.

- I must admit that the Fire Service and The Ambulance Service exceptionally are heroic.
I fully understand that our "British" NZ society includes services such as social security, unemployment payments, pensions, law enforcement, etc - but ACCESS to these services is increasingly restricted for normal tax payers. 

- Observe that our nations 'management team' are providing themselves with personal armed police security while your local police station may be closed or 'unmanned' .. while Police suggest in their Arms Code .. that you "Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or City or District Council for advice on how to defend your self. They can advise you of self defence courses or groups in your area."

.. The builder who sells you your home has LIMITED LIABILITY by law .. do you?
21 January - today's Active Response Training post from Greg Ellifritz ('No-one is coming to save you') in USA ends this way:

"The reality is that while there are some cops who are extremely well trained and competent, most couldn’t save themselves in an exceptionally violent physical attack.  Why are you depending on them to save you? - My friend Dave Spaulding says: You must be an active participant in your own rescue.”  Truer words have never been spoken.
 If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, you can’t simply outsource your protection to others."
Marty K.

Thursday 16 January 2020

SSANZ: Sporting Shooters Assoc New Zealand:

Here in New Zealand there are something like 246,000 licensed firearms owners who have proved to the licensing authority that they are FIT AND PROPER PERSONS TO OWN FIREARMS.

- Following the awful shooting attack on two mosques in Christchurch - our NZ Govt lead by Jacinda Ardern took rapid emergency action to "ban military style semi-auto rifles".

This action was widely supported by the public (.. including some shooters) BUT the regulations rushed through parliament into law have done much more than effect this type of firearm. The list of other types of firearms and parts now PROHIBITED, additional restrictions and charges - together with punitive obstruction & delaying tactics must have been long prepared by police ready & waiting for an excuse to be imposed.

Law Abiding licensed gun owners are now being vilified by some as nutter members of a GUN LOBBY.

This is wholly wrong .. until the recent funding cuts for the Police licensing process - the former training sessions and face-to-face scrutiny of license applicants ensured that all Firearms Licence holders were stable law-abiding valuable citizens who live to a higher standard than average.

And there is no united GUN LOBBY (yet) in New Zealand - but we now need one. 

Every gun owner who values her / his sporting interest MUST immediately join SSANZ.

For only $20 you get a voice and a vote:

We HAVE to fight these unreasonable prohibitions and restrictions .. or lose all of our rights for ever.

The home raids by armed police teams have started

Marty K.

Sunday 12 January 2020

NZ Govt. Owned MQ-9 REAPER UAVs :

General Atomics hunter-killer UAV 'REAPER' is sometimes also known as 'PREDATOR-B'.

Reapers carry upto 1,000 kilos weight of missiles or bombs with a cruising duration upto 28 hours.

- A small dark shadow overhead?
 - you might care to bend-over and kiss your ass goodbye ..

Currently offered as a bargain starting at US$ 8 Million each (conditions & terms apply)  PLUS of course the essential ground control bases, training, & expendables.

While the USAF run about 200 of these .. Our RAAF cussies over the ditch are lashing-out A$ 300 million for maybe 8 (or 6 only - reported variously) - so by the time they've got them deployed operationally they should expect it to have cost at least 600 Million eh .. as government spending usually costs at least twice what they announce.

It is likely a Reaper was used to take-out the head of Iran's Quds Force Soleimani - possibly using a recently developed specialist version of the Hellfire missile - that deploys steel cutting blades as it contacts using a reduced explosive impact. - Either way it has been reported that the disassembled remains were able to be identified by a ring on a finger.

Governments have the habit of enforcing their political will on others by appropriate means .. while our developing New Zealand police state is deploying internal armed police teams to search for an old lever action rabbit rifle - with an invalid search warrant.

Police are said to have targeted this small bore manual action rim-fire because an image of it was used in a Parliamentary Submission ..

- Here is another of the informed & opposing submissions - from down South - well worth reading:

Our current regime must put on hold their current expensive changes to NZ Firearms Regulation .. and at least demonstrate some respect until the Royal Commission's findings into the Mosque Massacre are released.

The money that they will save will go some way towards the purchase of MQ-9 Reapers to replace our six P3 Orion nuclear capable Maritime Patrol Aircraft that are past their use-by dates.

Marty K.

Thursday 9 January 2020

POLICE STATE NZ? - What A State:

Hmm .. there are definitely signs of a Police State developing here - I 'suss' there is a level of co-operation at the top strata between Police-suck-Politician - of "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" ..

Extremist/Fundamentalist Police senior Management are demanding restrictions to the basic human right of self defence - and restricted firearms ownership - in exchange for them deploying political pay-back squads with intimidation tactics and threats on those daring to disagree with this authoritarian regime from Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern the forty year old  40th Prime Minister of New Zealand.

This woman has been a career politician since she was 17 and she worked as a political adviser to British PM Tony Blair before returning here with pommy insider control techniques. 

Ardern has displayed deep contempt for the few "democratic" processes that remain inside the REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY system. - Her administration leap-frogged over any public consultations on firearms regulation and shows total contempt and disdain to the strongly opposing expert public submissions.

YES - we do seem to have stepped much further away from any "democratic" pretence that covers the way that our place really is controlled - solely in the interest of the powerful and wealthy top 10 paraders.

  "Well you get to vote every three years don't you?"

Her police promoted 'BUY-BACK SCHEME'  prohibition has been (and IS) an expensive total failure with only a third of the estimated numbers of evil weapons being surrendered.

- So what will now happen .. with maybe a 100,000 new criminal gun owners invented within kiwi society?

.. Dawn raids by black-clad assault troops kicking-in doors - with house holders held face-down on the ground by a muddy boot ? - New Zealand as you want it.

Days after writing the above comes the report of the first intimidating raid on a lawful licensed firearms owner:

So the cops got a warrant to search for a legal gun. 
They were there for...
They confirmed that the only reason they knew the family had it was because the gentleman in question put a picture of it in his submission to Parliament. 
Because it MAY now be illegal. 
Despite the user's obviously lawful intent.
Do you like THAT precedent?
So if you ever HAD a .22 with a big mag - legally - you could be raided tonight.
A picture showing you being lawful that was taken a decade ago gets you raided NOW.
What has become of this nation? 

It's a very sad state of affairs .. The badly under resourced - underfunded - & undermanned POLICE seem to feel that as they have lost overall control of the criminals - they can only specialise & take selected action against the "low hanging fruit" of registered F.Lic. holders ..  who shouldn't be too much trouble to dominate as they're decent people .. not violent nutters and dysfunctional psycho prison inmates.

I remain 100% supportive of our front line police in their difficult work trying to restrict the activities of an increasing mob of under-educated spaced-out and dishonest sociopathic spitting freaks who don't know if they are "Arthur or Martha". - However .. the demands of police extreme christian commanders are unacceptable.

This whole corruption of modern society seems to stem from the under funding of essential social structures in order to cut taxes and increase the wealth of the power holders.

Marty K.

Tuesday 7 January 2020


Our New Zealand Police and their tame politicians regularly voice their opinions based on the "success and necessity" of the UK Mother Country's ban on civilian firearm's ownership - as justification for their attacks on sporting gun users here in New Zealand .. despite their own NZ crime figures showing no issue resulting from the historic granting of firearms licences to 'Fit & Proper Persons'.
- Here's a factual  list ..

United Kingdom Mass Shootings since the 1997 Firearms Act Amendment:

Imperial Gardens Nightclub Shootout\Norman Lindsay Murder 1997 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Orchids Nightclub Hackney Shoot-out, 1999 7 wounded by firearm
Rochdale Shooting, 1999 5 wounded by firearm
Chicago Nightclub Yardie Shooting, 2000 8 wounded by firearm
Belfast Rex Bar Attack, 2000 4 wounded by firearm
Hayfield Pub Shooting \ Hugh Scott Murder , 2001 1 Dead & 3 injured by firearm
Darren Bell Murder, 2001 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Peter Denyer Murders, 2001 4 Dead by firearm
Birmingham New Year Party Shootings, 2003 2 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
West Belfast Highfield estate Paramilitary-Style Attack, 2003 4 wounded by firearm
Premonitions Nightclub Shooting, 2004 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Croydon Spotlight nightclub Shootings, 2004 2 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Birmingham Ruthies Cafe Shooting, 2005 4 wounded by firearm
Newcastle Burrendale Park Road Shooting, 2005 4 wounded by firearm
Brass Handles Pub Shooting, 2006 2 Dead & 2 wounded by firearm
David Bradley Murders, 2006 4 Dead by firearm
Ipswich Zest Nightclub Shooting, 2006 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm. 1 wounded by stabbing
Sheffield Beeley Wood pub shooting, 2006 4 wounded by firearm
Broomhall Sheffield Drive By Shooting, 2009 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Massereene Barracks shooting, 2009 2 Dead & 4 wounded by firearm
Cumbria Shootings, 2010 12 Dead & 11 wounded by firearm
Custard Factory Birmingham Nightclub Shooting, 2010 4 wounded by firearm
St James’s Crescent in Brixton Shooting, 2010 5 wounded by firearm
Coach House pub Shootings, 2011 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Homerton Shooting \ East London Shooting, 2012 5 wounded by firearm
Horden Shootings, 2012 4 Dead & 1 wounded by firearm
Bootle Shotgun attack, 2012 4 wounded by firearm
Dale Cregan Cotton Tree Pub Shooting, 2012 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Birmingham City Centre Costcutter Hockley Shooting, 2015 4 wounded by firearm
Brady Street Shooting \ Whitechapel Playground Shooting, 2016 4 wounded by firearm
Forest Gate Drive By shooting, 2016 5 wounded by firearm
Doncaster Drive By Shooting \ Cantley Lodge Pub shooting, 2017 4 Wounded by firearm
Manchester Moss Side Shooting August, 2018 10 wounded by firearm
Birmingham Barbeque Shooting July, 2019 4 Wounded by firearm

.. But we BANNED GUNS ...

.. Now if they 'd like to make any excuses regarding violent crime levels in our British homeland .. I add further similar FACT from much closer to home - from our cuzzies across the ditch in AUSTRALIA:

Australia Mass Shootings after 1996 National Firearms Agreement
Chippendale Blackmarket Nightclub Shooting 1997 3 Dead & 1 wounded by firearm
Mackay Bikie shootout, 1997 6 wounded by firearm
Wollongong Keira Street Slayings, 1999 1 Dead & 9 wounded by firearm
Wright St Bikie Murders, 1999 3 Dead & 2 wounded by firearm
Rod Ansell Rampage, 1999 2 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Kangaroo Flat siege, 1999 1 dead & 4 wounded.
Cabramatta Vietnamese Wedding Shooting, 2002 7 wounded by firearm, no deaths
Monash University Shooting, 2002 2 Dead & 5 wounded by firearm
Fairfield Babylon Café Shooting, 2005 1 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Oakhampton Heights triple-murder suicide, 2005 4 Dead by firearm
Adelaide Tonic Nightclub Bikie Shooting, 2007 4 Wounded by firearm
Gypsy Jokers Shootout, 2009 4 Wounded by firearm
Roxburgh Park Osborne murders, 2010 4 Dead by firearm
Hectorville Siege, 2011 3 Dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Sydney Smithfield Shooting, 2013 4 Wounded by firearm
Hunt family murders, 2014 5 Dead by firearm
Sydney Siege, 2014 3 Dead & 4 wounded by firearm
Biddeston Murders, 2015 4 Dead by Firearm
Ingleburn Wayne Williams Shootings, 2016 2 dead & 2 wounded by firearm
Brighton Siege, 2017 2 dead & 3 wounded by firearm
Margaret River Murder Suicide, 2018 7 Dead by firearm
Prahran Love Machine Nightclub Shooting April, 2019 2 Dead & 2 wounded by firearm
Darwin Australia Shooting June, 2019 4 Dead & 1 wounded by firearm

.. but we BANNED GUNS (too) ..

As far a possible I have specifically excluded knife crime .. while acknowledging that edged weapon use in violent crime has also greatly increased following police attempts to restrict firearms.

- Would anyone like to forecast how futile the various new amendments to our New Zealand 1983 Arms Act and the subsequent multiple Orders In Council will be?

Marty K.
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