Wednesday 30 September 2015

Gunpowder From Pee & 'INEPTOCRACY' T etc:

I've just read a post on 'Active Response Training' that points-out that our brains can't really handle much more than THREE new things at once - so here goes .. (That was #1)

#2: Last Saturday I shot the first load of 6 balls from the fixed sight 7.5" Ruger Old Army and I'm very pleased - "rapt" even - that it shot them onto target very nicely into what is, for me, a tight group.

Considering that this is the used gun that had a bent, jammed base pin and has corrosion-pitting in the bore - it performs "extra good". - However the nipples (cones?) were found to be distorted and hard to cap so they'll be coming out of the cylinder  asap to be spun-up in a drill press and polished down to a taper fit with the #11 percussion caps.

#3: "Neville" e-mailed me this picture of a pithy T-Shirt message - and I have to agree that it somewhat  captures what our current Government is about:

 .. Yup!

I came across "Cody" on Youtube for the first time the other day - and his demos on making gunpowder - totally using 'found' natural raw materials is fun and worth knowing eh:

and Part2

- "Mad Scientist" - naah, very sane I'd say. Thanks Cody. - Oh was that 4 things?

Marty K.

Sunday 27 September 2015

Lever-Action Shotgun Aussie Row:

Our Australian cuzzies are having a bit of an issue over a "new" model of shotgun that is (- or is not) about to arrive in their gun dealers shops.

Lever-Action Adler A110 - Made in Turkey.

Current 'Aussie Rules'  were introduced following the "Port Arthur" shootings and involved bans and 'buy-backs' of thousands of semi-auto guns .. but the Adler A110 has put the cat among the pigeons again. This seven shot lever-action meets the current regulations in every way - being manually operated.

 - But when 7,000 advance orders were placed by shooters - somebody (Gun Control Australia) noticed - and has been screaming "murder" about this operating system being as 'quick-fire' as the now banned semi-autos - and that its Australian entry will "undermine" the National Firearms Agreement.

(ex)Prime Minister Abbots Government placed a "temporary ban" on this firearm - but then did a bit of a "back-down" one month later under pressure from Liberal Democratic Senator Leyonhjelm.

I smell a rat - and think that the "back-down" isn't and that there is a good chance that their Police Working Group will be considering a re-classification (capacity reduction) and another 'Buy Back'.

- Do I see the shadow of "adjunct associate professor" Philip Alpers gleefully hopping up & down behind this 'working group'?

Armed Aussie:

- Only time will tell whether those 7,000 Aussies will have to claim back their $800 deposits - and all decent folk with lever-action repeaters will have to start queuing-up outside their nearest Police Station to hand in their rifles.

Maybe the fact that Abbot was recently deposed as prime minister and replaced by Malcolm Turnbull may affect the outcomes - but I for one won't be holding my breath.

Marty K.

Thursday 24 September 2015

Is an Advanced Gun Oil 'Canola" cooking Oil?

I've seen several on-line claims that one "Advanced Gun Oil" is little more than the same cooking oil that you'll have at home.
If you poke about on-line you'll certainly find some warnings and claims that this expensive gun-oil is actually little more than canola cooking oil.

Some 'experts' have tested 'FireClean' - advertised as an "Advanced Gun Oil Lubricant Cleaner" ..
- and are saying that it appears to perform exactly as canola vegetable oil does.
 - 'Canola' oil is another name for 'rapeseed oil'.
That is not to say that it doesn't work as advertised - but that the average working shooter might save his cash - and instead use the straight 'good-oil" that can be found in food supermarkets or your home kitchen shelves.
Even the FireClean makers patent application is said to clearly state that it comprises three types of vegetable oils.
Take a look on-line if you enjoy a good exposure discussion.
Seems to confirm that you need to have eyes up your exhaust pipe when dealing with corporate advertising eh. -
So "gun-oil" might be "canola oil" - and "canola oil" might be "rapeseed oil" and .. they definitely want your money.
Note: If you are cooking or eating it - be aware that both canola (rapeseed) and olive oil are high calorie fat.
Marty K.

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Glock Cutaway Video - Great!:

Here's a superb to-the-point look at a rare cutaway training model Glock G17.

You can't beat actually seeing exactly how the different bits work - even though you already know the story and how the system operates.

- There are very good reasons why the Glocks are so popular and successful (and why many other makers have followed with their own version of a Glock).

 - The short answer is that they work.

We've all got our own beliefs and bias's (yes- even me - would you believe! ;-)) - but for you "seekers of truth" there is a worthwhile tale on The Firearm Blog called "Handgun Experiences from 'Battlefield' Las Vegas" - where 'Ron' tells it how it is - in his experience of millions of rounds fired on range from hundreds of guns.

When I was the New Zealand Factory Dealer I'd throw my (unloaded) G17 onto the concrete floor and hit it over & over with a sledge hammer - then insert a loaded magazine and empty it down range - then asking any S&W and Colt owner to give me their gun to try it - Funny enough but I never did get any takers.

I find it fascinating that the Battlefield Range also speaks well of their Advantage Arms .22" rim-fire calibre conversions for the Glock. - Mine certainly has worked (and continues to work) pretty well - provided I use decent ammo.
Advantage Arms Plus a Glock17 = Affordable Fun.
- Buy one.

- Every time that I use my "converted" Glock in .22" RF I have to wonder WHY the Austrian factory refuse to bring-out their own rim-fire model.  - I  do understand the problems with USA Legislation and the 'points requirement' for importation - but they might well consider that every practical problem has a practical solution.

I (for one) could suggest a way to easily achieve the needed US points for a small calibre polymer handgun.

Marty K.

Monday 21 September 2015

Not BLACK-Powder.. the Real Golden Powder?

- Back on June 6th 2015 I blogged about different gun powders -  'Colourful Gun Powders'  - and how there might be an alternative blend (not modern 'smokeless powder') that could be used instead of the dirty corrosive old 'Black Powder' that is made from nitre, charcoal & sulphur (sulfer).

A key alternative formula seemed to be Skip Kurtz's 'Golden Powder' which is a 60:40 blend of Potassium nitrate : Ascorbic acid and there's a fair bit of information about this early attempt to develop a superior black powder alternative.

Skip Kurtz was a long-time singer and stage performer and a keen shooter and gun collector - who wrote his own book about the sorry tale of his twenty-six years trying to bring his invention to shooters:

- Driven by curiosity I gave in and paid far too much for a copy of his book to be sent from Amazon but I guess it was worth it to read of the greedy, underhand dealings of many competing investors who seem to have acted like crude teenagers brawling over a torn bag of lollies.

While the book tells only one side of the tale - the stories of dirty dealings leave a nasty taste - but it certainly explains how patent disputes and poor manufacturing methods coupled with financial failings - have lead to several inferior versions that bombed commercially .. as well as the current successful black-powder substitutes.

The book includes pages of copied documents and patent records as verification of Skips story and Court cases. - Well illustrated with some good shooting interest.

- When I finished the book I looked for any updated information online and found his obituary:

Earl F 'Skip' Kurtz died September 21 2013 aged 76 in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Marty K.

Saturday 19 September 2015

.45-70 Derringer Fired on The Range:

- Just a quickie for entertainment only:

I just watched Big Daddy Hoffman (and his son) fire a two barrel  American Derringer Corp. derringer (M4 Alaskan) chambered for .410" shotgun - and the second barrel in the somewhat larger .45"-70 round ..

The .45-70 when so fired does seem to smack straight-back into the palm of their hand rather than rotate up and rearwards to imprint on the forehead.

There doesn't seem to be anything much useful to say.

Engraved Version M4 - That's Pretty.

 Perhaps it may be worth adding that this M4 Alaskan actually has a 4.1 inch barrel - the .45-70 loaded cartridge is just over 2.5" long.

Marty K.

Friday 18 September 2015

Night Firing Ruger Old Army Photo:

Such a brilliant (literally!) photograph that I had to post it ..

Ruger Old Army - "great balls o' fire!"

Picture 'posted' by 'THE DON' on the ROA Club site - Great Shot eh.
- Here's one of my amateur attempts at an action shot:
 All I can say is "that it ain't easy!"
-too early - too late!
Mind you - my Olympus camera when set on 'P-auto' - goes "click .. oh, you want to take an action shot do you - OK - clack."  - too late.
Years back I was trying to catch a photo of local arab fishermens net full of glistening sardines as it was being lifted by the breakers - while they were unloading their catch onto a beach in Oman  - After clicking about a dozen times I just gave up!
- It always amuses me to find blobs of grease that have also made their way to the target area. Black powder shooting can be a grubby business. - I guess that I'm easily pleased eh.
Life is good,
Marty K.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

"Outrage" over Scientists Glocking Pigs:

Radio NZ National seemed to be excited to report today that some pigs had been shot - possibly because a Glock pistol was used..

A Crown agency is defending research in which scientists tied live pigs to a surgical table and shot them at close range with a Glock pistol

Were They All Called "Babe"?
(- this little piggy went to market ..)

The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) says the Otago University study was on blood-spatter patterns such as those found at crime scenes.

Animal rights group PETA is outraged that the scientists shot the anaesthetised pigs at point blank range as part of the research and said the methods used were violent, cruel and indefensible.
ESR spokesperson Stephen Corbett told Morning Report the five pigs had been anaesthetised by a vet, and were shot as humanely as possible.

Mr Corbett said the researchers acknowledged there were limitations to using live pigs, but they had tried other things like computer modelling and mannequins.
"Good robust research underpins justice systems about the world, so as a result of the experiment we are a long way further down the knowledge path than we were."

Mr Corbett said the use of the pigs was the best solution, but was not perfect, and the organisation does not plan to do it again.

Ah, 'PETA'  - maybe they'd have been happier if the "violent point blank" shooting range had been extended to 25 or 50 metres?

- I wonder were the pork chops from anaesthetised piggies grilled for dinner - or did they have to cremate them? - Now that would be something to complain about.

Marty K.

Ruger Base Pin Welded and Repaired:

When the bent & jammed (as bought used from an AKL Branch Dealer)  ROA 'Base Pin' snapped while I was trying to straighten it - a big gloomy cloud settled overhead .. but then Rod e-mailed saying that it would be an easy repair for a skilled TIG welder and I cheered-up considerable.

I Googled  "NZ Canterbury TIG welder" and found Eagle Engineering near Amberly - so off  I raced in the Honda and the kind gentleman stopped what he was doing and set-up the broken parts nicely aligned in a V angle before quietly 'gluing' them back together. -Brilliant:

They undertake all sorts of welding and machining / fabrication (and are also pretty good now at firearms work!)

The Welded and 'fettled' ROA Base Pin is closest to the Rule.

It took me less than an hour at home to file and smooth the weld to fit the revolvers frame - All done and re-assembled - and now I can take a photo like this one below ..

Yes - There are three 'Old Armys' in my Safe now!

I'm seriously planning to have one of them converted to a 'shorty' with a 5.5" barrel that will be at home in the Bianchi holster .. we'll see.

Right now I'm a lot happier eh,

Marty K.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Cast Balls .457":

I had become a little nervous lately about finding supplies of .457" balls for the black-powder Ruger Old Army - they are not widely available - you can't expect every gun shop to carry a wide range of low demand muzzle-loading gear .. and if their stocked .457" balls are 74 cents each I will have to start shooting dried peas or rice balls.

I was beginning to think that I might need to invest in a Lee production pot and a mould to cast my own - but then 'Cutters' e-mailed me a link to a New Zealand producer and it's looking good.

Some Good Kiwi Stuff.

Logan Ruddell of SPALL-CO came-up with the goods at the right price - and the cast balls measured  .457" plus - not being perfectly round in every direction as cast - and the surface marked readily when tested with the old thumb nail test for softness / purity.

They are located in Hikuragi - up North where they don't get our frosts or snow.  Ph.(64) 021 585757   e-mail:

- Worth a look at what they've got for shooters ..

Marty K.

Sunday 13 September 2015

UK Gun Laws On Review:

There are some thirty-four Acts of Law that govern the use (and misuse) of "firearms" in Britain - the main law is their Firearms Act 1968 but the rules were last updated in 2014.

The various regional Police Forces are known to differ considerably in how they interpret and enforce this confusing array of rules - and this leaves the defendants to argue their cause the best they can afford by paying for experts and lawyers.
Emotive Appeal.

The last Commonwealth Games held in Scotland lead to temporary exemptions and special security arrangements being made to permit the shooting sports to happen - outside of the then current rules.

Strange to report - but I have never heard what the crime figures looked like for that period when Scotland was awash with "banned" handguns, rifles & shotguns. - Surely the murder rate went sky-high eh.

There is to be a 'half day Conference' held next month organised by the UK Governments law reform advisors to see what if anything they can do "to improve" the restrictive and confused state of controlling law. There even seems to be disagreement over what actually is a firearm and what does 'lethal' mean!
Prof. David Ormerod QC.
This short conference is called by the Law Commission For England & Wales to discuss the "wide ranging consultation paper."
Be aware that what happens in the UK is often copied in New Zealand - as our 'democratic representatives' are not well known for having many original ideas of their own. - I recall that NZ gun law is up for parliamentary review currently anyway.
There sometimes seems to be a need to be seen doing something. (anything!)
Marty K.

Saturday 12 September 2015

New Australian D.F. Rifle Thales F90 Video:

The Australian choice of the Thales F90 type weapons system is very interesting  - in the light of the New Zealand choice to go away from the Steyr AUG Bullpup type and adopt an AR15 pattern rifle.
Dare I mention that New Zealands Chosen AR15 /M4 model firearm is now a 50 year old design that has always been reputed to be a bit of a jammer when it gets dirty - caused by its 'Direct Impingement' design. - Rude folk call this operating system "Pooping where you eat".

The M16 commenced service with US Military in 1963 in Vietnam - and has undergone various improvements since then - including the manual 'forward assist' to push the action into battery when grubby.
M16 Forward Assist
No way am I qualified to question the Wellington Headquarters announcement that they are intent on ditching the Bullpup design - as I've never shot one.

Lewis Machine & Tool LMTCQB160DG Rifle
NZ Choice.
 - However it did seem to me that their main complaint about their old Steyrs was that their 1:1 sighting system and worn-out barrels made long range marksmanship difficult.
The Irish Government decided that they could update their Steyrs with new parts including better long range optics.
The Australians have adopted an improved version (Thales F 88 -90) of their current Steyrs with better optics etc.

Personally - I'd much prefer an AR15 type rifle for sporting purposes - but the compact bullpup design has a lot going for it in military combat situations.
Marty K.

Thursday 10 September 2015

"Snail" Cappers Arrive ex USA:

- So todays good news is that the two snail cappers that I ordered have been sent from USA without any hang-ups and they look well made from solid brass.

I had to make a minor adjustment to the feed nose of the 'side finger' - bending it a little with a small pair of pliers. This is to be expected as it probably would have been fine with #10 caps but the larger #11 caps needed a wee bit more clearance.

- The combined cost of the cappers and international post is higher than it would have been at last years dollar exchange rate - but that's life eh. This device should make loading and shooting black-powder a bit less fiddly.

So to the bad news? - well I guess that we can kid ourselves that every mistake should be treated as a positive 'opportunity' - however, I am sad to say that the ROA I bought from a large Dealer has its share of negatives.

It was a used gun but the Auckland salesperson assured me that it had NO CORROSION, that the bore was in "unworn" condition - while overall it was good with only normal scratches and dings from use.

When I took delivery in Christchurch - the person serving me couldn't find the tin of #11 caps that had been sent down as part of the deal - claiming that it had not been sent and would arrive later separately .. but eventually went off and brought it to me.

- These turned-out to not be #11s but #10 size caps, but somebody will use them I expect..

Dream on!  The next day it took several hours to unjam the new Rugers BASE-PIN (spindle) and remove the cylinder - because the base-pin was bent - and it snapped when I tried to straighten it. These are very hard to find and expensive.

Broken 'Base-Pin' shown below Trigger Guard.
20 cent Coin is Ideal For Unlocking The 'take-down screw'

However - with the cylinder out of the frame I could now run a brush through the barrel ("unworn & as new" !) to find that there are five large areas of deep corrosion pitting close to the muzzle end.

I won't name and shame this Dealer as truly I should have learned my lesson years ago .. when ending every deal with this outfit - you need to count your fingers after shaking hands.

I have just read the small print on NZ Posts 'YouShop' site and they clearly state that firearms and firearms parts may not be sent via this service.

Marty K.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

'Staggerlee' & another ROA .44":

The song says that - in 1895 -  'Stagger Lee'  ("Stack"? or "Stag"? - flash dresser, pimp & bad man) - shot Billy Lyons between the eyes with his 44 .. but was then upset because he said that he'd aimed for the right eye.
The legend goes that Lee was robbing a coal mine - a card-game at the mine in St. Louis - but the true story seems more likely that 'Stagger Lee' Shelton shot Lyons because he took his Stetson hat during a saloon card game ! (a little bit - maybe!).
But, - then again - history records that 'Stagger' Lee Shelton was an organiser for the Democrats and that Billy Lyons was also an organiser .. for the Republicans - and was actually shot four times in the stomach. - There's even an argument over was 'Stagger Lee' black or white! - Blues singer Mississippi John Hurt claimed 'Stagger Lee' was a white man.
It's a great story anyway .. Ref:
Do you like country blues? 

The Ballad Of Stagger Lee.
He gets into the song soon(ish)

- So OK -  like the top photo shows - I've had a rush of blood to the head and I've bought another Ruger Old Army .44" - going to give this one the name "Stagolee" after bluesman Mississippi John Hurts great singing.

(Do people who give names to things like cars, guitars, guns, - have a problem? (" I need a friend"!)


Stagolee is a fixed sight 'Round-top'  7.5" S.S. ROA - and these are said to be rare models. Most fixed sight round-top guns were 5.5" barrels - built for cowboy action shooting (CAS).

 - For the same reason - the short adjustable sight 5.5" guns are said to be rare - as I read that only fixed-sights were approved for CAS competition.

You know - there are claims coming out of the backwoods that the Old Army is a good squirrel gun and will fill the pot - as it might just be the most accurate revolver around Tennessee.
"Gotta nice mess o' squirrel cookin while I pick on ma banjo - Whats dat squeelin back of de house?"

Great music .. Great guns those Rugers.

P.S.  A certain gun shop in S.I. has a Speer plastic box of a hundred .457" lead balls on the shelves priced at NZ$74. - I know that lead has become expensive but .. 74cents a shot not counting the cap and powder?

- You can see how some folk get rich eh!

Marty K.

Friday 4 September 2015

Latest US Gun Buying Panic:

'USA Today' reports that the recent increased calls for new gun controls have again fuelled increased sales.

The FBI reports that the August figures for Dealers background checks for gun purchases have peaked at 1.7 Million - the highest recorded figure since August 1968. (June & July also recorded new highs).

National Shooting Sports Foundation spokesperson said " Whenever there is a call for gun control, sales increase".

While the FBI doesn't track actual numbers of gun sales - the figures are a strong indication of a market upswing.

Mart K.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Buying ex USA via 'YouShop' Pt 2:

The 'Skechers' have landed!

I am happy to report that NZ Posts forwarding address service 'YouShop' has done me proud and they delivered my new shoes in perfect condition from USA in a timely manner .. Top Marks.

We Live In the 'Packaging Age'

My only niggles would be .. 1/- so much packaging -it must have cost as much as the shoes.
         2/- My strong new footwear from US was (not unexpected!) Made in China

'YouShop' sent me 5 e-mails letting me know the progress across the Pacific , through Customs and down the islands to my mailing address - I'm guessing that the package was scanned at each step and an automated message activated.

That's only eleven days from ordering to delivery.
 - Hell, I've waited longer for stuff from local New Zealand retailers - in fact I'm still waiting for stuff ordered over three months ago from one dealer  - but I've actually given up on them totally and dismissed their business from my contact list.

I suppose the same sort of slack performance happens elsewhere - but there surely are a lot of people here who take the money that they are paid and don't do the job.

- Here's a story for you. I supplied 'a retailer' with stock (Glock items) many years ago and they wouldn't pay for them even after six months - so I went round and demanded the gear back from their display.. Fair enough eh - but then - a further six months down the line they paid me! - Wow they were smart.

Who says there's no justice?

- So now I'm considering just what else I need to buy from the 'land of the free' .. a gunsmiths screw-driver set? - some full-moon clips? - a fluffy toy?

Life is good,

Marty K.
Note: YouShop specifically refuses carriage of any firearms and firearms parts. - What their justification might be for rejecting completely lawful and safe goods from the mail system is unknown.