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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Lever-Action Shotgun Aussie Row:

Our Australian cuzzies are having a bit of an issue over a "new" model of shotgun that is (- or is not) about to arrive in their gun dealers shops.

Lever-Action Adler A110 - Made in Turkey.

Current 'Aussie Rules'  were introduced following the "Port Arthur" shootings and involved bans and 'buy-backs' of thousands of semi-auto guns .. but the Adler A110 has put the cat among the pigeons again. This seven shot lever-action meets the current regulations in every way - being manually operated.

 - But when 7,000 advance orders were placed by shooters - somebody (Gun Control Australia) noticed - and has been screaming "murder" about this operating system being as 'quick-fire' as the now banned semi-autos - and that its Australian entry will "undermine" the National Firearms Agreement.

(ex)Prime Minister Abbots Government placed a "temporary ban" on this firearm - but then did a bit of a "back-down" one month later under pressure from Liberal Democratic Senator Leyonhjelm.

I smell a rat - and think that the "back-down" isn't and that there is a good chance that their Police Working Group will be considering a re-classification (capacity reduction) and another 'Buy Back'.

- Do I see the shadow of "adjunct associate professor" Philip Alpers gleefully hopping up & down behind this 'working group'?

Armed Aussie:

- Only time will tell whether those 7,000 Aussies will have to claim back their $800 deposits - and all decent folk with lever-action repeaters will have to start queuing-up outside their nearest Police Station to hand in their rifles.

Maybe the fact that Abbot was recently deposed as prime minister and replaced by Malcolm Turnbull may affect the outcomes - but I for one won't be holding my breath.

Marty K.