Wednesday 29 June 2022

Christchurch MASJIDAIN MASSACRE Inquiry:

 Coroners Court is to investigate any police responsibility for the Mosque Murders (among other matters) in the Coronial process NEXT YEAR on 15 May-9 June 2023.

  • The process by which Mr Tarrant acquired a firearms licence, whether the licence can be linked to the attack, and if so, whether any identified deficiencies in that process have now been addressed by way of legislative amendments or process changes.

An inquest into aspects of the March 15 2019 mosque attacks that claimed the lives of 51 people will be held over four weeks in May and June next year.

"I remain committed to ensuring the inquiry progresses in a timely manner which recognises and sufficiently accommodates the interests of the families, the scale of work involved and competing demands that need to be managed. In balancing all of these considerations, I have now set down the First Phase Inquest hearing to take place within the four-week period between Monday 15 May to Friday 9 June 2023 at the Christchurch Law Courts.

 Coroner Brigette Windley"

Link to Coronial Services Web Site ..

- There should be a high level of concerned interest about this inquiry from all lawful NZ Gun Owners.

Never forget that SCUM'S name BRENTON TARRANT.

Marty K.

Monday 27 June 2022

More Knife Attacks:

 Last week the spate of shootings in Auckland paused - making room for the multiple stabbing of four innocents that was described by police (District-Commander Superintendent Naila Hassan) as "The attack was not a hate crime -The victims were of different gender, ethnicity and age,” Hassan said.

- At the weekend it was the turn of Christchurch to suffer the fatal stabbing in Sockburn of a defenseless woman when attacked by a male stranger. 

The Police spokesperson stated "community, and the family - need to understand the why - given the random nature of the horrific attack, "I want to reinforce that this was an isolated incident and we are not seeking anyone else." Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price said "this was a traumatic, senseless and random attack on an innocent person" at his media conference. community," - "given the random nature of the horrific attack".

New Zealand does seem to be suffering from a succession of these isolated random attacks on soft targets by a proliferation of violent nutters whose heads are filled with feelings of grievance and hatred.

Our prisons are overfilled and our Mental Health facilities are overloaded by sick persons queuing-up on waiting lists to be prescribed hand-fills of pills to ease and modify their behavior.

The present 'BRITISH' way of pretending to deal with these serious societal issues is to restrict and prohibit WEAPONS while neglecting the treatment and restraint of the violent offenders.

It seems that politicians currently choose the low cost option of 'BANS' rather than using the taxpayers money for services and facilities to actually do something to address the offenders.

In British cities nowadays a common 'weapon of choice' seems to be a sharpened screwdriver ..

Firearms and knives and motor vehicles are TOOLS when in the proper hands - But tools can be made into WEAPONS .. while a violent attacker continues to be a violent offender.

Marty K.

Thursday 23 June 2022

Knife Attack & Ministers PAY:

A multiple knife attack in Murrays Bay & Mairangi Bay Auckland will doubtless lead to further calls to BAN GUNS .. The attacker was stopped by members of the public armed with a metal crutch.

Crutch Used to Stop Knife Attacker:

District Commander Superintendent Naila Hassan emphasized "The attack was not a hate crime -The victims were of different gender, ethnicity and age,” Hassan said.

- It is expected that advisors will be investigating the registration of crutches used as weapons.


The 'average' pay of a NZ Commissioner of Police is $155,317 plus a yearly BONUS expectation of $8,589 for doing the job.

- Government Ministers remuneration is difficult to find - but these rates may apply ..

 Minister for EDUCATION  $236,805 - Minister for POLICE $236,805 as above, Minister for PUBLIC SERVICE $236,805. - LEADER OF THE HOUSE - unknown. Positions all held by Chris Hipkins.   Plus ..

MP FOR REMUTAKA  salary $160,024 .. Allowance for 'Out of Pocket' Expenses $17,000 per year

New Zealand is suffering serious shortages & shortfalls in recruiting POLICE OFFICERS, NURSES, DOCTORS and most other essential public service such as FIRE & EMERGENCY and TEACHERS etc.

- This shortage of basic essential Government services is directly caused by the failure of elected representatives to ensure that the training and recruitment is a high priority & that the PAY & REMUNERATION of ESSENTIAL FRONT LINE WORKERS is adequate to reward and retain them.


Marty K.

How does your pay compare?


And ..

I cannot judge which quoted salary is FACTUAL.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

Police Minister Was Arrested:

 Current fresh Police Service Minister Chris Hipkins was arrested back in September 1997 for taking part in what was said by police to be a "violent student demonstration". - However in 2000, Mr Hipkins, by then president of Victoria’s student association, announced that the aggrieved protesters were suing the police and the speaker over alleged wrongful arrests, assaults and breaches of human rights (they were not violent, were fed COLD McDonalds and had to sit on a concrete floor etc.) ..

This action was settled out of court on payment of  $200,000 compensation for the 41 complainants.

- Today 22 June 2020 - Former Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has admitted that he has formally apologized to New Zealand journalist Charlotte Bellis after releasing personal information without her consent, making incorrect statements and for the "distress" the process caused.

It does seem that our new Police Minister is familiar with traditional police management procedures -  releasing confidential information - and with making incorrect statements.


More Law Enforcement news from the same day .. NZ police caught 5000 drivers breaking their restricted licence rules by carrying passengers when they shouldn't last year - and prosecuted just one of them.

An OIA response shows they issued written warnings to 10 only. Police say they try not to take a "purely punitive approach".

That is an interesting statement .. police try not to punish offenders but are actively clamping down and scrutinizing lawful FIT & PROPER firearms owners for being lawfully licensed & registered - and who have NO history of being arrested.

The fishermen among us will be familiar with a species of worm used for fishing bait - known as the NIGHT WRIGGLER - but it would be a little hasty to apply any such name to a politician or a Police Minister eh.

Marty K.

Sunday 19 June 2022


 .. So I decided that I fancied a new 'SoftAir' plastic pellet toy gun to practice (play) with at home. 

- Did you know that here in New Zealand the retailers are instructed by police that you may not buy such a toy unless you prove that you are a member of a toy gun club?   

"The reason we need you to belong to an airsoft club isn't our decision but is a sales condition given by the firearms office on our import permits."

- I explained that I was an endorsed Firearms License holder and member of my local Target Pistol Club, but

 ..To order an Airsoft Gun, you will need to provide us with a proof of age and proof of airsoft club membership (for restricted airsoft guns) before we can dispatch your order.

1. With your proof of age, we will require you to take a close up photo of your face with your ID being held up next to your face.

Please email this photo to support ..............


To be clear - The item concerned is a plastic and pot metal homage to a Glock pistol that releases harmless lightweight 6 mm plastic beads.

It really is time to get angry about the imposition of such stupid restrictions - if you value basic human rights & freedom.

Marty K.

Tuesday 14 June 2022

New Govt. Independent 'ENTITY' Established .. for SPORT:

An independent body to strengthen and protect the integrity of the sport and recreation system is to be established. 

“There have been a number of reports over the years into various sports where the athletes, from elite level to grassroots, have been let down by the system in one way or another.

“Protecting and enhancing integrity in sport and recreation is a key priority for me as Sport and Recreation Minister, and this new entity is a step in the right direction,” Grant Robertson said.

This New Sporting Code Body for all NZ Sports will be introduced by 2024

The aim is CLEAN SPORT .. high standards and codes for athletes & sports integrity.

This New standalone integrity entity for sport will be Government FUNDED but INDEPENDENT of Government.

There is a strong message here for The New Police Minister Chris Hipkins that an INDEPENDENT 'ENTITY' is still needed for FIREARMS LICENSING - and is achievable - as recommended by the Royal Commission Of Inquiry into the Christchurch Mosque Massacre.

"We need to get serious about the causes of crime, as much as we are about punishing after the fact," Hipkins said.


- So it is important that 'SPORT' is controlled by an independent Entity .. But FIREARMS LICENSING is to be left with an under resourced and overworked Government Police Service that has already shown itself to be incapable of performing this duty in a dependable, unbiased and secure manner. - Ignoring the Royal Commission's specific recommendations.

Marty K.

Friday 10 June 2022

Wahine Hunting Kai:

 Every Possum stew, - Rabbit pie - Venison sausage and Goat curry we eat is not only delicious kai but it is doing the environment a service - providing healthy outdoor recreation and helping the New Zealand economy. - That is not to mention harvested duck breasts, wild pork and wallaby tail casseroles.

 How can these deserving mothers and women get their firearms licenses now that our police are requiring prohibitive paperwork & fees .. and then lawfully harvest wild food for their children?


This fine woman Pania Marsh is able to show others how to feed their families with healthy wild harvested feral animals .. BUT will they be able to hunt legally in the coming years?

We shooters and our ORGANIZATIONS need to help & support WAHINE TOA HUNTING with her costs buying ammunition and firearms as she is doing a most necessary job - an essential job.

Her story is exactly the sort of  'heart warming' narration we gun owners need to put before the media at every chance.

Will these struggling families be able to find the application fees, install Police approved security in their homes, and then complete the 75 PAGE LICENCE APPLICATION FORM - plus supporting documentation - while running a busy family home?

Organizations such as COLFO and SSANZ would be wise to look into setting-up  systems to help shooters fund & complete their FIREARMS LICENCE APPLICATIONS and RENEWALS and to encourage them to stay lawful.

We NEED a network of experienced gun owner 'computer-savvy' paperwork pushers who have learned the intricate police requirements - to complete these challenging stupid & futile forms.


I fully understand that these committees and clubs are currently run by busy volunteers .. BUT we need to engage PAID officers who's job is dedicated to encouraging & preserving our sport.

Part-Timers would be fine until we put the membership fees at a proper level to protect both our sporting investments and OUR RIGHTS.

This woman Pania Tepaiho Marsh is truly New Zealand 'royalty' - doing her utmost to lift struggling families from poverty & hardship .. whereas our official monarch is now applauded for discussing marmalade sandwiches with a cartoon "Paddington Bear" on her "Roman Bread and Circuses" jubilee show ..

Marty K.

P.S:  How about shooting clubs arranging for members who are builders, carpenters & handymen to help install Security and SAFES into their fellow shooting mates houses ..?


Sunday 5 June 2022

BULLSHIT & MONEY - There's A Lot Of It Around Eh ..

 "Samuel Colt invented the revolver" .. 

The Worlds OLDEST Revolver Existing was Made in Germany 1597

- "Colt's" Model 1873 "Peacemaker Six-gun" was actually designed by William Mason 11 years after Colt's death.

- "Anyone born in America can grow-up to be President" .. (provided that they are a multi-millionaire.)

"U S - Land of the free and home of the brave". The USA has the highest incarceration rate of the entire world at around 2.2 million prisoners - or some 25% of the worlds prisoners. (The Fourteenth Amendment to the U S Constitution preserves for the states the full power to restrict an individual's right to vote due to a criminal conviction.) - No voting when in prison.

"England is the worlds OLDEST DEMOCRACY"? .. as long as you ignore Ancient Athens and Iceland of course. - And UK is actually a 'Constitutional MONARCHY' not a democracy. - Switzerland has had 'Direct Democracy' since 1874 .. earlier in some of their Cantons.

There are 800 odd unelected  Members of the British House of Lords .. whereas there are only some 650 elected MPs. - Britain's Head of State is also unelected.

Currently here in NZ, as in many other 'Western Nations' - we are seriously short of NURSES, TEACHERS, POLICE, HOUSING, - HOSPITALS & COURTS (& Legal Assistance) and Government FUNDING FOR BASIC ESSENTIAL SERVICES - but we are NOT short of WEALTHY BUSINESS PEOPLE, PRIVILEGED POLITICIANS, OLIGARCHS and ROYAL FAMILIES who are not paying fair taxation.

There are said to be around 46 MILLION MILLIONAIRES IN THE WORLD. - Maybe 2,200 BILLIONAIRES .. a few of these bigger sicko psychos are racing to see which will become the first TRILLIONAIRE.

"Every Pound comes from the ground".

These elite GREEDY FREAKS don't get rich by building hospitals or digging food out of the ground - They get their wealth by TAKING IT from you & me. 

They sell stuff for more than it costs while avoiding paying TAX.

British 'politician' Chancellor Of The Exchequer RISHI SUNAK is believed to have 200 Million Pounds in the bank .. while his wife Akshata is worth perhaps 185 MILLION POUNDS in her own name ( - Her father is worth 2.5 BILLION DOLLARS).

The most blatant bullshit around guns in New Zealand is our police NOT BEING REQUIRED to obtain a Firearms Licence - while they ARE expected to use firearms AS WEAPONS. 

Our police have exempted themselves from the need to qualify as 'FIT AND PROPER' to use guns .. so perhaps they might apply that same consideration to not having any DRIVERS LICENSE for patrol cars next?

Of course - world wide - Politicians and the wealthy all retain armed guards around the clock while opposing the basic civil rights of their servants & subjects to defend themselves.

Why do working people promote the wealthy & venal privileged classes to control their ordinary families futures? - Very odd .. unless they are being LIED TO.

Marty K.