Sunday 26 March 2023

Voting Firearms Owners:

According to The United Nations one percent of New Zealanders are proficient in "Te Reo Maori" language.

- Another 2.7% can conduct a basic conversation in this Pacific language .. 17% of the population is Maori.

The current governing political party of our country is determined to give this minority language prominence in society by renaming everything they control in 'Te Reo Maori'.

 Law Abiding New Zealand firearms users are now required to apply to TE TARI PUREKE for approval to own a sporting gun.

Law Abiding drivers and road users must now be licensed by WAKA KOTAHI to legally drive or ride on our roads ..

If the LABOUR PARTY Caucus are convinced that the use of "Te Reo" is necessary for New Zealands' future progress - why doesn't the Labour Party change it's name to 

Enslaved Rainbow Workers Party  - and see how well they do in the next General Election?

The current application process for a NZ Firearms Licence involves a pre-paid fee and completion of some seventy pages of compliance & questions plus accompanying  DOCUMENTATION before verification and an 'interview'.

How many currently serving Police Officers have complied with this process?

Marty K.

Sunday 19 March 2023

Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning .. Unarmed Enemies of USA

Anyone who publishes previously unknown facts risks prison from U S Authorities for spying - for example who actually blew-up Germany's undersea Nord Stream GAS PIPELINE on 26 September 2022.

Whose expert deep sea demolition team did it ( Russia? - US Navy? - or a suggested pro-Ukrainian terrorist sail boat?) - by committing an act of war against both Germany and Russia.

Do you recall the My Lai massacre? - Gulf of Tonkin Attack? - Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction ?  ?   ?   ?


Chelsea Manning served almost seven years of her 35 year sentence before being released by order of President Obama ..

Julian Assange was arrested by British police April 11 2019 and is still held.

I want you to see why U S feels it necessary to imprison these two individuals - it's only a 13 minutes of video


Go to

and watch the 13.30 minute hacked military video they published .. Gun camera footage of the airstrike of 12 July 2007 in Baghdad, showing the deaths of journalists Namir Noor-Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh by US helicopter.

- You might also choose to read that Wikipedia page in full if you are not crying too much afterwards.

Marty K.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

Book 'Larnin' (Guns)

Somebody has learned something as they got rid of Police Minister "Nutter" Nash .. 

I just got a parcel of six Gun Books from Louisiana USA - delivered all that way to my door in only FIVE DAYS. - It takes NZ Post longer than that to send me a bill from Christchurch just down the road.

- All that reading to do and so little time ..

Can't complain though, as 'V@DAF@NE' once stupidly sent a new device to Auckland three times ("Computer says" ..) before they urgently instructed an engineer from Ashburton to come-up State Highway 1 & personally deliver & install it for me.

- Take a good look at this soldier and tell me that despite the Pocket Model 1849 Colt tucked in his belt - that this isn't a girl wearing her Civil War brothers uniform .. Go on. - That is a girl.
Page 136 CIVIL WAR REVOLVERS - Myth vs. Reality.

Bert Garber has an interesting range of great Gun Books at  

Anyway .. We do live in "interesting times" with conflict brewing & bubbling all over the globe.
- Ukraine?  - What about Afghanistan? - Taiwan? - Israel? - Korea? - Libya? - Syria? - Yemen? - Georgia? - Are we being informed of what is going-on out there .. the FACTS? .. That would be to expose exactly how useless and corrupt the worlds "Leaders" are at doing what we pay them for.

Do you 'follow' Scott Ritter at all? - he is a well respected writer with expert status ..

He gets very upset later in this video due to personal connection with a bloody conflict in Georgia.

'BRICS' is an acronym for five leading emerging economiesBrazilRussiaIndiaChina, and South Africa - I had to look it up.

The world is a bloody mess and I don't have all the answers .. but I do know that a starting point HAS to be truth, fact, and a desire to have a fair & generous wish for peace.

Every year that I have lived since the end of WWII .. ONE MILLION DEATHS have resulted from warfare - EVERY YEAR.

Registration and confiscation of NZ legal civilian sporting firearms will achieve NOTHING.

Making it too difficult and too expensive to get a FIREARMS LICENCE will hugely increase the number of unregistered illegal guns sloshing about this country.

Marty K.

- Is it better to assess a situation from what is said or - from what is done?

Monday 13 March 2023

M K R (Military):

NEWS FLASH: It has been announced that the CORONIAL INQUIRY into the CHRISTCHURCH MOSQUE MURDERS has been postponed until October.

Hand Milking - according to Jack Hargreaves:  .. is not just a matter of pulling up and down. The job is done with a squeezing rolling motion of the fingers that reproduces the suckling calfs tongue "... In the war (WWII) when we learned revolver shooting they gave us a long series of hard finger exercises that produced much the same ache in the forearms."

There are multiple possible meanings represented by 'M K R' .. but todays sermon is about the phrase MAXIMUM KILL RATE

In an earlier time back around 1970 I was part of the development, - tooling & quality control - laboratory analysis etc. of injection moulded release mechanisms for cluster bombs.- I worked in plastics injection moulding both as a Technician & Quality Controller. (- In New Zealand I later worked as an airline forklift-driver - storeman for 29 years).

We set up a lab to test 'melt flow viscosity' of the polymer used - and to prove it's glass fiber content to MOD specs - while developing the tooling and production of components for the "anti-tank" BL755 Cluster Bomb - that releases 147 individual bomblets to parachute down from each bomb (dropped in pairs).

They are meant to explode above ground level for maximum effect rather than risk being masked by growing field crops such as rice or wheat.

You can look this up in Wikipedia to confirm that I'm not blowing smoke up you fundiment .. but these delights were first USED by Britain in the 1982 attacks against Argentinian troops in the 'FALKLAND WAR'.

A single cluster bomb produces a total of more than two hundred thousand fragments.

Now I want to be very clear that these murderous devices were designed, funded, manufactured and deployed  - NOT BY LICENSED GUN OWNERS - BUT BY OUR BRITISH GOVERNMENT .. the same people claiming to want to increase SAFETY by limiting private firearms ownership.

Another "Jack" was my contact throughout the project - a most pleasant Military Cross holder who at one time mentioned "MKR" to me and explained that while he had personally overseen the loading of prototype bombs onto RED CROSS marked aircraft destined to fly to VietNam for appraisal - the main approval was to achieve a high Maximum Kill Rate on range - where animals are tethered to evenly spaced posts to determine kill efficiencies. - I guess the bombing range posts look much like a freshly developed vinyard planting?

The FACTS of life can be very interesting eh - but please don't be cynical about the function of our "Leaders", or ever question their morality - as that might distress them ..


I was just reading Jack Hargreaves (Out of Town) talking about his 1920s childhood and regretting the passing of the earth privy "The earth privy has no equal as a means of human waste disposal ... if it's dug more than fourteen feet deep - its decomposition will keep pace and it will never fill up."

Here of course we call them "LONGDROPS" but only dig them rather shallow & somewhat aromatic.

- rather like our politicians ..

Marty K.

Friday 10 March 2023

Cheer Up - It May Never Happen ..

There are some 10 BILLION rocky planets in the known Universe - Some of them may have intelligent life eh.

Our 'Mother Country', Non-EU Britain - after 13 years of Tory rule .. is now full of advice on how to turn-down the temperature of your heating boilers - turn-off the radiator in the bedroom - draw the curtains to reduce heat loss and buy a "Wearable" HOT WATER BOTTLE to cuddle in the house to keep from freezing. - Wrap up in a 'neck warmer' and use a thermos flask with a hot drink for comfort - because wage earners there can't afford their energy bills.

Here in NZ I like guns and watches, and performance cars and motorbikes and quality antiques and quality food. (And being warm in winter).

- Don't forget those flood victims here up in the East and North of the North Island who will still be shovelling mud & sewage sludge well into next winter.

ANYTHING that gives pleasure deserves to be treasured as we are only here once.

The first job is to look after the essentials but then - try to make life fun for everyone.

The antique percussion pistol above is an English .44" caliber smooth-bore muzzle-loader with Birmingham Proof marks. It is in fair condition considering it would be nearly 200 years old ..

The watches with the pistol, loaded 'in tandem' are SEIKO quartz movement "Tankos" that pay homage to a well known Cartier Tank watch designed back in 1917 by Louis Cartier, who was inspired by a then new Renault TANK 
.. I reckon they look BRILLIANT.

Wouldn't it be great to possess an original Cartier Tank wristwatch? .. but, failing that degree of wealth - it amuses me to put one black faced & one white faced SEIKO Tanko onto a cheap 'Nato' strap and talk to folk about why I'm wearing two watches on one wrist ... before showing them the other wrist.
I'm H - A - P - P - Y, I'm ... (does my ulna look fat in this?)
I bought those two used watches separately from sellers in INDIA -  they can be sneeringly called "Bombay Specials" by arrogant watch snobs but I'm very happy with the various watches I have from India. - Now, SEIKO date from 1881 in Japan and they make quality watches at a good price ... mostly - but their 'budget' bracelets are cheap & nasty crap and they seem to insist on using a rather soft glass for their windows.

WARNING WARNING These "Tank Watches" are built to be decorative and functional BUT they are by no means 'TOOL WATCHES' and are therefore  not water-proof. - I gave myself a scare this morning while hanging-out a line of washing to sterilize in the sun ... my old plastic pegs were grubby so I washed them-off under the garden tap and then noticed that my Twin-Tankos on their Nato strap were splashing it all over. - Uh Oh .. but I put the rig in a sunny window for an hour and so far so good.

Now there may be the odd deluded dickhead out there scoffing at me for buying old used watches from India .. but consider this - Can you buy NEW antiques? - If you want to enjoy the quality and design features of earlier times, such as original Colts revolvers - they will be SECOND HAND USED & OLD.

Many watch people seek to buy the Rolexes as the best luxury brand to aspire to - but there are SO many 'homages' & look-alike "Relaxes" - that I'd really like to own a Grand Seiko 'Spring Drive' before I go up the chimney .. Quality combined with Technology.

Bear in mind that even genuine 2nd & 3rd generation Colt S/A revolvers were built from parts sourced from  A Uberti Srl.  ITALY .. and how many "Microbrand" and Swiss Watch makers buy all their components or assembly from Chinese factories.

Marty K.

Friday 3 March 2023

CORONIAL ENQUIRY POSTPONED: "POLO" .. 'Leaders' Lying By Leaving Out:

 How many folk still believe that Ukraine is winning their war with Russia?

How many BILLIONS of dollars and thousands of lives wasted will it take before the light dawns??

How many people believe that New Zealand's criminal gangs and terrorists will act less violently as a result of our new multi-million dollar Firearms Register?

How many NZ voters think that our sharply falling prison inmate numbers (3,100 less than in 2018) are an indication of reduced crime resulting from improved Law enforcement - or is it a result of hugely reduced sentences for the guilty?

- Yet it's not their fault that many workers & voters are befuddled & deluded .. they accept what they have been told to believe by their government's claims.

'POLO' - lying by omission of fact - the POWER OF LEAVING OUT.

- How did we arrive in the 21st Century with the heirarchy of our under resourced Police wasting 100s of Millions of Dollars on re-establishing a longarm Firearms Register that was abandoned by Police themselves as being without value. (Minister Nash once estimated the cost might be $53 Million - so we can safely double and re-double that figure).

Government Members don't now concern themselves with wasting taxpayers money as long as a decent percentage of that expenditure is transferred long term into their personal accounts by way of salary, expenses, and privileges.

Not all CORRUPTION is criminal - for instance it is not criminal to maintain 'Loopholes' in tax laws that enable hugely profitable corporations to avoid and minimise their civic obligations .. but it is CORRUPT.

It may not be CRIMINAL to divert essential police funding into an ineffectual pointless political 'REGISTRATION' policy - BUT IT IS CORRUPT.


Murdering SCUM BRENTON TARRANT Still Breathing In Prison ..

Coroner Brigette Windley said the Inquest into the 15 March 2019 terrorist attack at Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre, due 15 May - was unprecedented in New Zealand in terms of both scale and scope. But in a decision released today, Windley said while all counsel had been working diligently and productively, the volume of information needed to be disclosed was putting increasing pressure on parties to keep the May hearing on track.

The inquest so far involves more than 120 interest parties (and growing) and 12 experts and an extensive body of complex digital and documentary evidence.

Windley said given the concerns she invited counsel submissions on the viability of the May date.

  • There are more than 120 Interested parties to the inquiry, - a number which is still increasing.

Marty K.