Sunday 28 August 2022

Country Life - With A Gun & Wallabies:

 New Zealand's HAKA VALLEY is deep into "God's Country" -  More properly titled Hakataramea Valley of South Canterbury it is truly beautiful - and "wild country" to an ex-Londoner such as myself - who grew up thinking London's Hyde Park was a forest wilderness where horses were ridden by the wealthy and scary geese bullied toddlers for their bread crusts. 

A schoolmate & I spent our teenage summers at London's Serpentine pond strutting around with our chests puffed-out to max trying to pretend that we had coke bottles hidden in our budgie smugglers ... Once only, we winter swam in the lido there with snow gently falling, after climbing the locked enclosure's fence and diving from it's frozen slimy spring-board. We attracted a small knot of red-nose overcoated scarf wearing dog walkers to admire our 1960 blanched shivering torsos. - Ah to be that young (and stupid) again ..

I have shot over properties of The Haka and would love to boast of my tally of it's pest wallaby .. but naah - those that I met bounced off into the scrub while my Chinese Type 56 got lighter with a smoking hot barrel.

I wonder how many new shooters will be attracted to help control & hunt these imported pests in the next ten years -  now that it takes many months - years even - to apply for a pre-paid Firearms Licence by completing more than FIFTY PAGES of the Application Form and several thousands of hard earned dollars to pay for police's security demands, safes and alarms.

I once drove solo the gated length of The Haka Valley high country from Waimate to the top - exiting North back to civilization via Burkes Pass - on a glaringly sunny day in my hot turbocharged 4WD Subaru with Vivaldi's superb chamber-music belting-out from a c.d. - masking the rattle of rocks below from the metalled road surface. Memorable.

Alongside the sheep & cattle that stock our hills - there are hords of introduced wild pig, rabbit and wallaby .. deer and goats too in places, for shooters to wild harvest. - We are SO lucky to have escaped from the corrupt insanity of Great Britain to live in one of her finest colonies New Zealand.

The population of Britain is very dense.

Last week's NZ radio 'Country Life' is well worth listening to with it's focus on pest control in our land. We all know how shooters are being repressed by new restrictive licence regulation - while the economy is being further depressed by the ravages of feral pests in need of control ..


P.S: Back in time again - on hitting that lonely road from the Mackenzie Country at the top of The Haka - I was absorbed watching that rolling cloud of brown dust in the rearview mirror behind the Subaru - until I saw my speedo showed a petrol-sucking velocity that was most inappropriate for a dirt road .. 

Marty K.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Defence Forces - On Leave in Ukraine:

I am wondering how many members of our New Zealand Defence Forces have been granted 'leave' to fight in Ukraine? - Where are our SAS elite warriors right now?

Before I start .. I need to recomend C&Rsenal. - Their video reviews of military arms (both ancient and modern) are SUPERB.

Every law maker and "gun control activist" would gain much enhanced understanding if they were to watch C&Rsenal's Othais & Mae 'Small Arms Primers' explain and show how guns actually work ...


Every national Government that I know maintains military forces to serve as the 'Power Force' to enable that government to achieve it's policies and political wishes by the application of deadly force.

- Public Relations currently requires that these armed forces be known as "Defence Forces" whether they are actually designed for OFFENSIVE deployment or for Defensive use.

The phrase “Si vis pacem, para bellum” is adapted from a statement found in 4th century Latin author Vegetius Renatus's tract De Re Militari - it translates as “Therefore he who desires peace, should prepare for war".

I fully support our budget for defensive force deployment .. when all is said & done - if New Zealand had no means of defending our Fisheries Zone regulations and other basic territorial assets - they would be pirated and stripped within decades.

There is an obvious and moral RIGHT for every individual or grouping of individuals to defend themselves and their families from aggression .. and anyone failing to prepare to be able to protect and defend themselves would be VERY NEGLIGENT.

In a world where there may be groups of aggressive & lawless offenders - EVERYONE has a responsibility to prepare from the simplest of requirements such as having a secure home with doors that can be secured against intruders - up to ensuring that their loved ones are capable of defending themselves from violent attack.

The present Government of NZ and our current Police heirarchy are hell-bent on limiting basic civil rights and appear determined to limit lawful access to firearms for the law abiding here while neglecting and under resourcing LAW ENFORCEMENT of the local criminal underclass - while seeming agreeable to aiding self defense in remote European territories.

Marty K.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Cutting Remarks:

- "Don't take offence .. Otherwise I'll have to build a gate".

For me - a good quality knife ranks most as high as a decent firearm - in that both are TOOLS that can be relied upon to save life whenever needed.

Obviously any tool can be misused .. but that is down to the abuser .. NOT THE TOOL.

The earliest surviving cutting tools are FLINT BLADES, scrapers, hand axes and knives - plus of course arrow-heads and spear points. While seeming basic stone-age crude to the learner - the production of flint tools from the basic nodules is highly skilful work. Flint is a form of QUARTZ.
 Tools Flint Cutting.

Various minerals can be included within the microscopically small cryptocrystalline structure of flint.  Different mineral inclusions give rise to different colours.  Freshly broken Flint is commonly black, grey, green, white or brown. The following semi-precious stones are all forms of quartz similar in struct water, though it is typically 10 per cent. Some or all of this water may evaporate and leave the surface causiure to flint:  Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Jasper, Obsidian, Onyx and Opal.  The microscopic structure of flint is capable of holding water molecules – as much as 30 per cent of the mass can beng changes in colour and making the flint more brittle.  Opal, for example, has a water content as high as 20 per cent, and often loses this water, and its rainbow colouration over time. 

Here is something that I didn't know until today - a flint blade is SHARPER than the best steel blades.
Obsidian -- a type of volcanic glass -- can produce cutting edges many times finer than even the best steel scalpels ( As can diamond).
    At 30 angstroms -- a unit of measurement equal to one hundred millionth of a centimeter -- an obsidian scalpel can rival diamond in the fineness of its edge.
     When you consider that most household razor blades are 300 to 600 angstroms, obsidian can still cut it with the sharpest materials nanotechnology can produce.

    An obsidian blade is 3 nanometers thick, capable of cutting BETWEEN your cells, allowing for a much more painless surgery. A stainless steel scalpel is .4 MM thick, meaning it doesnt cut between the cells. It tears through them. Steel scalpels tend to leave scars, even if temporarily. We have no reported cases of obsidian blades leaving scars in the skin.

    Where a modern steel knife beats Flint is in it's overall strength & durability - steel doesn't CHIP so easily. You can't beat the functional value of a low cost 'ring lock' Opinel Blade as a working tool ..

    And I haven't even mentioned how FLINTS  advanced the ignition of BLACK POWDER in guns ..

    Marty K.

    Monday 15 August 2022

    PAINFUL & Unnecessary DEATHS:

     How many people die here in NZ from gun inflicted injuries? - In each of the last two years published figures, New Zealand recorded 2.4 gun-related deaths per million people.

    But if you go back to 2014, New Zealand had less than one firearms death per million people, so there has been a steep rise over the past few years.

    What or who is the real killer here?

    - The biggest causes of death in New Zealand have nothing to do with firearms - but are cancer - heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases.

     Currently - of the 35,000 deaths registered every year - Cancer deaths make up 30.2% of all deaths, - ischaemic heart diseases 15.8% - and cerebrovascular diseases 7.8% in 2015.

    The meaning of ISCHEMIA is deficient supply of blood to a body part (such as the heart or brain) that is due to obstruction of the inflow of arterial blood.

    The biggest single business in New Zealand is FONTERRA - the producer of 30% of the worlds Dairy exports.


    The problem is - that while this Corporate is highly PROFITABLE .. the foods it supplies are reported to be heavily linked to OBESITY & HEART DISEASE - dairy production is damaging our water quality and is a major contributor to NZ's Global Warming footprint and to the promotion of CANCERS - as well as a wide variety of immuno-diseases.

    Consumption of both main proteins in DAIRY .. CASEIN & WHEY, is found to be seriously involved in the activation of cancers.

    Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the author of The China Study, says through his studies he has found casein to be the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered. This is an excellent book to read. 

    I am not particularly a "Greenie" nor an animal rights nutter - being a hunter and shooting enthusiast .. but I do suffer from ARTEROSCLEROSIS and my heart was damaged by a 'HEART ATTACK' - being lucky to still be here enjoying life, following A TRIPLE BI-PASS & various life saving procedures and medications.

    Both my sister and my oldest friend died of cancer - while my father died far too young from his terminal heart attack.

    There's little point in getting angry with me about my above writing about 'Dairy Produce' .. CHECK THE SCIENCE FACTS FOR YOURSELF.

     " "Milk promotes healthy bone growth" "

    Our current Government leaders would claim to be highly concerned about any avoidable loss of innocent life here - believe me, but untimely death from cancer or heart attack IS both painful and violent.

    I suppose it would be futile to expect a financially motivated New Zealand Government with a Police Minister who would fail qualification for a NZ Firearms License - to be concerned about truly massive numbers of untimely DEATHS - or for them to take any effective remedial action on unhealthy consumer export product.

    Marty K.

    Monday 8 August 2022

    The Most Effective PIPSQEAK 22:

    Please Please Please remember to tell your shooting mates DO NOT TO BUY ANY  LEVI"S  stuff. They & their boss are actively sponsoring anti-gun activities.

    One of the longest lived old saws in the shooting worlds is that the .22 inch Rim-Fire Long Rifle cartridge is an ineffective "Pip-Squeak" of a round .. only fit for fun target practice on paper Bullseyes.

    Hmm - Well I've watched a beef steer start for the freezer by dropping without a twitch - from a 'two-two' through it's skull, and I seriously don't make a habit of staring down that wee barrel hole.

    The British authorities used some 3,300 Walther PP .22"s in 1970s Ireland - issued as the L66A1 Personal Defense Weapon - for undercover use and as take-home guns for security personnel.

    British Army Walther PP - L66A1 .22 Rim-Fire.

    Mossad - that world renowned Israeli team of some 7,000 operatives - for many years relied on the Beretta Model 70 & 71 two-two to decide the outcomes of various argumentative confrontations ..

    Mossad's 'KIDON' & 'METSADA' units are rumored to have now changed over to 9mm sidearms - but I'd guess they have retained some rim-fire units for the quieter moments of death.

    This same useful group uses silenced Ruger 10-22s to pacify individuals in a troublesome mob ..

    Of course there are some clouds around to take the gloss off of this very affordable .22" round .. Nothing is ever perfect eh. The First issue is 'reliability' - in as much as there is a chance that an occasional round will fail to fire. - Some of the cheap loose-packed bulk ammo may have one or two rounds in every 100 that are DUDS so you need to train and practice with your gun at ejecting the dead round from it's action in a speedy manner.

    Then in my experience not every BRAND likes to work properly and cycle every semi-auto efficiently. - This really does mean that you need to buy a packet of each type of long-rifle cartridge you might fancy and fire them through YOUR GUN before going back to the shop and buying a few 1,000 rounds to store ..

    - This way you get to be comfortable and familiar with your piece and you get to pick the best feedstock for it. - I tend to choose a bulk low-cost brand for range time fun & training while I get a better quality brand for more serious use - when it counts.

    You need to be aware that this wee round actually needs a STRONG firing pin strike to ignite through the metal of it's RIM.. Metal alloys are variably hard as used by manufacturers from batch to batch.

    • The IDF uses it as a mid-range system that is “less lethal" than military caliber rifles (5.56mm/7.62mm) and capable of hurting severely enough to stop them committing violence (throwing rocks or molotov cocktails). 
    • I used to own a bolt-action Anschutz two-two fitted locally with a full body silencer and I reckoned that it made less sound than a soft handclap on a crowded street ..
    • The regular debate in U S shooting media is "Can a .22" be used for self defense carry?"                                                                                                                                                       - Well it helps to fill the spaces between the full page adverts eh                                                                                                                                                                                          
    • But of course - You have to HIT what you are aiming at.
    • Marty K.

    Wednesday 3 August 2022


    So the 'GOLD' Medals awarded at both Commonwealth & Olympic Games are as fake as politicians .. being made from gold plated 'Sterling Silver' - this silver alloy is itself 7.5% copper. Strange to say but both the Silver and Bronze tokens are actually still made from "silver" 92.5%:7.5% copper - and the 'Bronze' which is 88:12 Copper/Tin.

    Can you spare a copper mate? Winners DO get a ribbon and a box to keep their tokens in.

    Both "old money" Jacob Rees-Mogg & I are Poms born in Hammersmith London .. but I don't think that there is anything else that we share. - Where did he learn to talk that way - Eton & Oxford?

    Mogg at Work in Parliament

    One long-gone Laborite said of the Tories .."If You Are Selling Shoddy Stuff - You Have To Be A Good Salesman."

    This staunch Welsh man also famously said ..

    "So far as I am concerned TORIES are lower than vermin," 


    You know something .. I just made this connection - Those people at the top are acting like they are Gods .. Watch this ..

    These people are making SO MUCH REAL MONEY for such small effort - they think that they are super human GODS & above all scrutiny.

    Such is their wealth that they don't want any of their subjects having access to guns in case they seek out justice and the return of some of their rights ..

    Ah yes - those quotes I started with are from Nye Bevan in the '40s.

    Marty K.


    a thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality, feeling, etc.. 
    a badge or favour worn to indicate allegiance to a particular person or party.  archaic
    a word or object conferring authority on or serving to authenticate the speaker or holder.  archaic
    a staff or other object given to a train driver on a single-track railway as authority to proceed over a given section of line. 
    a voucher that can be exchanged for goods or services, typically one given as a gift or forming part of a promotional offer. 
    done for the sake of appearances or as a symbolic gesture. 
    denoting a member of a minority group included in an otherwise homogeneous set of people in order to give the appearance of diversity.