Thursday 24 September 2020

Election Promises Cheaper Cigarettes: etc:

 NZ Government quote of the week -Tuesday "THE ARMY DOESN'T TOLERATE VIOLENCE IN THE RANKS"..

Err whaaat? - Is that with or without the grenades, LAV's, missiles & machine guns??

- Never mind - the proles will buy that along with all the other mushroom fertiliser eh .. maybe tell em that you're going to make cigarettes cheaper to buy ..

 .. The also run parties happily promise they'll fill your wish list with golden ticks .. when they've no chance of being held to it .. but what is even worse - your Party votes for those groups NOT currently in Parliament will certainly be re-allocated to the opposing parties under the MMP Sainte Lague formula.

I've concluded that the biggest single issue that is corrupting our modern lives has to be that the millionaire owned media just promotes all their millionaire's bullshit lies & opinions - daily slopping into the feed bowls. - DOUBLE THINK from '1984' seems to just flow continuously like weak porridge into the voters ears.

As shooters we rightly are angry about the stupid changes to the 1983 Firearms Act that restrict and punish legally Licensed gun owners ... The single chance we now have is to change the make-up of Parliament by 


& local candidate vote National.


Marty K.

Friday 18 September 2020

AND Furthermore .. Dissonance Around NZ Police PCCK

- There's that old saying that goes "Only in America .." but I'd like to note that the stupidity of the latest changes to our local kiwi firearm laws strongly suggest the new phrase "Only in New Zealand" may soon replace it. 

NZ Police management are tying themselves into knots to generate deterrent policies of their choosing to restrict licensed / endorsed shooters .. with this latest example about using a carbine-like stock attachment 'PCCK' for handguns at the Police approved-certified pistol clubs.

Dissonance is inconsistency between one's actions and one's beliefs:

They have invented a new class (of NON-FIREARM) that they are calling a Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit ...

A Glock Semi-auto Pistol Mounted into a Roni "Pistol Carbine Stock"

.. Whereas in the "gun free" Mother Country of Great Britain - the only cartridge firing Handguns currently permitted to target shooters are the very similar sized LBP"Long Barrelled Pistols" that have to be modified with a lengthened barrel plus a grip or stock that is extended to the rear:

Of course "ordinary" pistols/revolvers ARE available all over UK - 
for the Police, criminals & DRUG DEALERS .. Just not for the legal subject shooters ..
Permitted British Long Barrelled Pistols

- It certainly seems somewhat illogical that one British jurisdiction is demanding long handguns - while our British New Zealand Police executive seem to be ploughing their own furrow by introducing restrictions & impediments to restrict the use of long handguns by some competition shooters ..

Illogical sure - but not unexpected - as the hundreds of pages of new legislation introduced by police here are wholly illogical, un-reasoned, & punitive and will have zero affect on the violent use of weapons in New Zealand crime .. the only purpose seems to be to camoflauge and obfuscate exactly  how New Zealand firearms regulations were so underfunded and unenforced as to result in white supremacist mass murderer BRENTON TARRANT being granted a Firearms Licence and issued with a permit by Police to buy thousands of rounds of ammunition for his guns.

Marty K.

Please carefully use your Party Vote at the coming Election. -
- If licensed shooters divide their party votes between two or more different parties .. they are halving their voting power.
- Also remember that all Party votes for groups that fail to enter Parliament are added to other parties.

Wednesday 16 September 2020

More Nonsense From NZ Police - Conversion Stocks

 Oh Dear ... Oh Dear ... Oh Dear

Our "Authorities" seem to be intent on making themselves a laughing stock throughout the world.

- Actually it might be laughable IF it wasn't so pathetic and expensively punitive & pointlessly restrictive on fully law-abiding fit and proper licensed New Zealand firearms owners.

Here in New Zealand a handful of fully licensed and properly vetted sporting firearms owners - complete with properly interviewed referees .. have purchased plastic conversion stocks that enable them to mount their properly licensed and registered target shooting handguns as a sort of pistol calibre carbine for use on-range

Glock 17 Pistol Mounted in RONI Stock

Let's be clear here - these stocks don't alter the handgun's performance or capabilities in any way .. they are not "bump stocks" or magic sniper telescopes - all they do is add considerable bulk and expense to give a three point grip when used rather than a single or two handed grip.

As part of ever increasing and ineffective anti-gun regulations - the NZ Police are introducing yet another layer of administrative paperwork to confuse the issues of firearms ownership here.

They have invented yet another new acronym "PCCK" (Pistol Carbine Conversion Kit) to throw into the legislation alongside "MSSA"s - which will no doubt be used to confuse the media commentators and to frighten the timorous.

In all fairness to Police .. they do seem to be also concerned that soft air toy gun shooters have been buying toy PCCKs to run about with at their clubs popping them off at each other in competitive games ...
The real problem arises with registered & licensed antique arms collectors who invest thousands of hard earned dollars in non-shooting highly collectable Boer War C 96 Mauser pistols .. like the one used by 'Laurence of Arabia' as these (and other collectables  including some Lugers) come complete with a wooden "leg of mutton" holster that also clips onto the Mauser's grip converting it into a kind of carbine:

Currently Police are proposing that current Licensed Collectors wishing to retain their legally owned property need to complete a Permit to Possess Form - FRM67A - PCCK. 

There is a strong likelihood that these registered collectors will also be required to deface & devalue their important museum pieces by permanently stamping or engraving these stocks with an invented serial number.


I suppose that in these COVID-19 blighted times there is small compensation that there will be employment opportunities for many specialist Firearms Law Consultants to guide both the public and the Police employees on the correct current interpretation of the hundreds of pages of Amendments to the 1983 Firearms Act so far added by Tranche I and Tranche II by Police Minister Nash.

Please get all your whanau & friends to vote at the soon coming ELECTION and impress upon them the importance of PARTY VOTE for act  - the only party committed to reverse this police & Parliamentary firearms insanity.

Marty K.

Monday 14 September 2020

Charlie Upham - The world's only WW II DOUBLE V.C.

 Scholars apparently still argue as to when World War II started - with the 1931 Japanese invasion of Manchuria? - 1936? - perhaps 1939. - Kiwi Author of  SEARCHING For CHARLIE Tom Scott notes that there is an argument that WW II was actually a continuation of the First World War after a long intermission ..

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany 9th September 1939.

New Zealander Captain Charles Hazlitt Upham VC and Bar is the only warrior ever awarded TWO Victoria Crosses For Valour in WW II.

Military historians state that if there was such a thing as natural justice in our world .. Charlie's military record would fully justify the award of some Eight Victoria Crosses.

Charlie Upham was a killer. He was such a killer of German WW II enemy soldiers that when he died .. 49 years later in 1994 aged 86 - the German Association of former Afrika Korps placed a respectful death notice in the NZ Christchurch Press.

Charles Upham Memorial Statue in My Local Town Amberley Hurunui:

Captain Upham had a habit of carrying a pack filled with the grenades he used to attack and destroy enemy machine gun teams.
- His wartime bravery has resulted in some modern opinionated people claiming that Upham was a psychopath.

As a POW his defiant behaviour and repeated escape attempts resulted in his being classed as dangerous with solitary confinement and transfer to Oflag IV-C Colditz.

- However fact shows that civilian Charlie was a peaceful New Zealand farmer.

In today's New Zealand it is likely that he would have had any lawfully owned firearms prohibited and destroyed.

Marty K.

USE YOUR 'PARTY  VOTE' CAREFULLY - as votes for an "Also Ran" Party are redistributed & counted for other successful parties in a NZ Election.

Hi Marty


I had met with Charlie Upham on several occasions and he was a hard case but a thoroughly decent bloke.  You will be pleased to know that his grenade bag (made from goatskin) has survived and is in the possession of a Christchurch collector along with some other pieces of his memorabilia.  The bag is roughly the same capacity as a gas mask bag and would have held a dozen grenades easily.  It looks a bit like a leather shopping bag.


Charlie came to Cheviot in 1974 to open the Running Boar range and brought his old Springfield .22 5 shot bolt action to fire the opening shots.  He fired 4 shots, 2 in each direction, and scored no hits.  His only comment was “The bloody Germans couldn’t run that fast!”




Monday 7 September 2020

Policing CUTS ... Prepared?

 If your home is broken into RIGHT NOW ... do you seriously expect any police action or real interest?

- No? - I well remember that police were organised specifically to keep residents safe - in New Zealand the ARMED POLICE FORCE APF was formed in 1846.

 'Frontline' police workers continue to this day to be dedicated and heroic in their dangerous work of trying to control the nutters in our beautiful land .. but they are seriously handicapped in this work by their warped leadership - that focuses politically led "policies" through a dust-storm of under funding and "ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY".. in other words - COST CUTS.

Police powers are not military ... they are subject to the same criminal laws as are their families & neighbours - so their ongoing employment and pay will be further badly affected by this COVID-19 pandemic.

Have you yet noticed the new phrase THE POST COVID ECONOMY ?

- All of these extra costs and "shut-downs" are likely to end something like a quarter of our business's .. and the rest of us will be left paying for the Billions that we are borrowing in emergency payments.

As Licensed firearms owners we are all hoping to stop further anti-gun laws from emerging - perhaps even dreaming of stopping and reversing Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 that resulted from the BRENTON TARRENT MOSQUE MURDERS.

Prime Minister Ardern wants us to forget and never again mention TARRENT's name - but you'd be wise to remember and use it at every opportunity - otherwise kiwi hunters and shooters will continue to be blamed for what he did on March 15 1999.

Private Security Workers

Who can tell what the future will be like? - but you can guarantee that the essential services of POLICE, HEALTH, EDUCATION, & SOCIAL SERVICE will continue to be increasingly underfunded while the tax burden will get heavier.

Directors of New Zealand's CORPORATIONS and BIG BUSINESS will pull-back their money to keep themselves comfortable in their Head Offices - and expect them to increase their private security staff.

The U S has many insiders expecting a near collapse of society's norms - gun sales and ammunition are rapidly peaking ..

Here in New Zealand we gun owners have a BIG problem - if this Labour Party Government is returned in the coming election they will doubtless continue their emotional attacks on fit & proper firearms owners - but a National Party Government are unlikely to withdraw the recent amendments to the Arms Act. - The one single chance of improving firearms law is if sufficient 'Party Votes' are registered for the act party who are committed to change & reverse the fiddling stupid law changes. Please vote.

  Link: to an American perspective on future policing from Greg Ellefritz:

Marty K.

Tuesday 1 September 2020

Introducing Dick Casull - Little & Large.

Premier Grade Freedom Arms Model 83 454 Casull

The late Richard J. "Dick" Casull (February 15, 1931 – May 6, 2018) was a Salt Lake City born gunsmith & Cessna 180 pilot who worked with both Elmer Keith and with P.O Ackley experimenting & developing "Wild-Cat" high powered cartridges.

His best known cartridge is the high pressure - high velocity 454 CASULL cartridge dating from 1957 .. (The cartridge can develop over 60,000 C.U.P.). Mr Casull was 87 years old when cancer finally got him - but he had been a bit of a wild lad and designed / made his first gun when 11 y.o.

454 CASULL Is Bigger In every Way than The Three 'Normal' Magnums.

- But I reckon it's very interesting that Casull in 1978 was also behind developing & building the the Freedom Arms mini revolvers that are made currently by North American Arms in .22" R.F. and .22" WMR.

I got interested in this story because I'm curious about the performance of .22"Magnum (WMR) rounds in handguns ... particularly when fired from very short barrel revolvers. The WMR cartridge is very useful and performs great on small game when fired from a 16 to 18 inch barrel ... but when poked-out of a one or two inch tube as in a mini revolver or derringer - I'm thinking that shooters might better save their money and use a gun chambered in the ordinary cooking "two-two" rim fire ammo.

I've stood next to a long barrelled - six inch - revolver firing WMR and that was unpleasant with muzzle blast and flame. They certainly feel & sound powerful ... but they'd be lucky to be leaving a one inch barrel having accelerated to over 700 foot per second - which is the same as the ordinary NON-MAGNUM rim fire round manages.

There's a chart in this linked story that shows most .22" WMR loadings making only 730 ft/sec from a One Inch barrel -

Casull's Belt Buckle Revolver

No kidding but these mouse-guns are deadly dangerous to anyone standing in front of their small exits .. just seeing one pointing in your direction will tell you to get out of town - even without hearing one barking to batter your eardrums. - Whereas the .454" Casull is a solid "Grizzly Bear" gun.

Marty K.