Tuesday 29 June 2021

Nylon Belly Band Holsters:

Now there's an easily recognized & familiar figure ..

I have just received, mailed direct from China - a 'belly band' holster to try with my range target pistols. - I bought from their trademe NZ Auction site a low cost medical quality? nylon webbing Belly Band advertised as good for various sized pistols .. thinking that you can't go far wrong at nz$40. as such a flexible belt/band could also be used for security of valuables if needed when travelling.

I must be right on the waist size limit at 40 inches ..

- It is very good. - I've been wearing my Glock 19X around the house for some hours dry-firing training on a warm sunny day and it's very comfortable. - if worn under loose clothing for "carry" in U S - I'd say this sort of equipment would answer a lot of issues. Take a look at what is available ..


I have no connection nor prior experience with this business.


Are you getting on the bus looking like that?

Thirty odd years ago a lot of the guys shooting IPSC liked to wear camo gear .. I guess that genuine military stuff is hard wearing when you need to crawl under a cargo-net then race from start position to firing box & throw yourself down prone to shoot weak-handed in the dirt - but frankly jeans, joggers and a comfortable padded full-sleeved top are just as good - without pretending to be a SAS reservist fresh from Afghanistan. 

The best camouflage clothing for keeping a low profile is what everyone else is wearing .. decent quality dull casual. - But PLEASE avoid jandals or 'flipflops' at all times as these will handicap anything that you try to do - they are great for tripping you up & sprained ankles .. Burn them.

Down here the wearing of camouflage clothing on range is now banned by Pistol NZ anyway.

Marty K.

- Bearing in mind that in New Zealand you now need to register a plastic handle for a soft-air toy gun with the police .. how much longer do you think will our police permit the uncontrolled sale of cordless chainsaws to the public?

18 volts of portable decapitation action for under $200 ..

When are 'they' going to ban these?

- Life is good .. and getting better EVERY day ,

Marty K.

Thursday 24 June 2021

The A B C of Ballistics:

A light moment in heavy times .. score 3 points per correct answer .. or more if you like to cheat:

Arquebus is a/- a NZ marine transport for breeding stock or b/- a drafting tool for scribing circles or c/- an early 15-16th century long gun with a hook to steady it on a battlement.

British-Bulldog is a/- a bandy slobbering dog with wide jaws - or b/-  a compact powerful big-bore revolver or c/- two or more London free-thinkers dogging in Hyde Park.

Cannelure is a/- fishing bait brand bought from a supermarket or b/- a jailbait school truant or c/- a groove formed in a projectile for lubricant & crimping to fix it securely in a cartridge case.

Meplat is a/- a flat chested French woman or b/- a 'ponytail' hairstyle sported by an impaired non-binary vegan or c/- the flat frontal surface of a bullet - as in a 'wadcutter' bullet.

Ogive is a/- a street collector / flag-seller for a charity or b/- a rounded point or nose to a projectile or c/- a football chant originally announcing that the Cornish pasties were cooked "Oggie Oggy Oggie" .. response "Oi Oi Oi".

Pawl is a/- the lever that rotates the revolver cylinder - the 'hand' - or b/- a cloth cover over a funeral casket c/- a wet tissue used for hygienic cleaning

Prawl  is a/- shot missed to the left of target or b/- a swelling or bump to stop your hand slipping on the revolver stock(grip) like a 'beavertail. or c/- a pointed tool used to punch a needle-hole in polymer holsters.

( a prawn is a politician who doesn't know the difference )

Police Marksperson is a/- someone who knew how to shoot before joining the department or b/- a work of fiction or c/- the small person chalking tires at the roadside.

Zig-Zag a/- a way for trains to climb steep gradients or b/- a type of revolver action or c/- a brand of nitrated cigarette paper used to form combustible black-powder cartridges.

If you wish to find your score .. Google is your friend: 3 points for each correct answer - If you scored below 3 .. have you considered running for government ..

If you scored better than 20 - can you write an article for this blog?

If you scored above 27 - you should work for D Trump ..

Marty K.

Sunday 20 June 2021

AGUILA Ammunition:

I have been using Aguila .22" L.R. Rim-Fire ammunition since buying my Glock G44 pistol .. with excellent results - but it is remarkable that their Mexican made ammunition smells very distinctively - something like the sweetish aroma of burning polystyrene?

The Aguila factory is on the same site originally developed in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico by Remington - who built that SHOT TOWER. - Here is a link to an American Rifleman review-story that makes better sense than most ..


Remington may - or may not - have sent seventy employees to Mexico to assist in the changeover of "ownership". - 1967 Cartuchos de Portivos de Mexico, SA, - in which Remington had a 40% interest, declared its first cash dividend. Remington had interests in South America & Brazil,  since 1936.

Various U S based sites have comments about the performance and aroma .. expounding multiple insulting theories  about cat-piss and black-powder and Bubba-style Bullshit - So I had a deeper look at the AGUILA - ELEY - Remington linkage:

Aguila is a brand of INUSTRIAS TECNOS & I understand Aguila (- as Cartuchos Deportivos de México) took-over the Remington manufacturing plant in 1961 and became TECNOS in 1978.

In 2011 Aguila partnered with Tx AT of Houston Texas as their exclusive Distributor.

Aguila rimfire ammunition seems to be made using Eley Prime technology .. and I suspect that there is a financial cross-ownership connection here as Eley production seems to have moved from UK to Mexico for at least some of their Match Grade ammunition.

 A non-toxic primer composition suitable for use in rimfire ammunition comprising, by dry weight percentage, dinitrobenzofuroxan salt, as the only primary explosive, in the range 25 to less than 50%, an oxidising agent in the range 10 - 40%, and a friction agent in the range 10 - 40%, said composition being free from tetrazene.

Further very detailed Patent information may be found here:


I'm NO scientist - but I reckon the different smell might be something to do with the "lead free" chemical make-up of the priming material and propellants used (!!) and the Eley Technology likely varies from others in that it might use some kind of 'piston' to place the priming into place rather than 'squirt & spin' ..

It seems that the two trailer loads of their 7 MILLION rounds of U S bound ammo that were hi-jacked recently have been recovered .. but no HEADLINES there then.

If Aguila would like to invite me to fly over and tour their factory I'd be happy to continue saying good things about their product ..

Marty K.

Thursday 17 June 2021

Here Is The News ..

Private investigator Daniel Morgan was found dead in a London pub car park in 1987 with an axe in his head. - The panel looking at the Metropolitan Police's handling of the murder was due to publish its findings on 17 May. - When the results of inquiries are delayed by Governments it is only because they are unhappy with the resulting findings.

During an earlier Inquiry - crates of documents were being mislaid and discovered by chance. Nicholas Hilliard QC, appearing for the Crown Prosecution Service, acknowledged the Police could not be relied upon to ensure access to documents that the defense might require and that the prosecution was fatally undermined as a result.


The 1,200 + page independent panel report is finally released - and finds that London's Metropolitan Police is “institutionally corrupt” and its commissioner, Cressida Dick, is personally censured for obstruction of the independent inquiry set up to review the murder of the private detective Daniel Morgan .. who was himself working to expose POLICE CORRUPTION.

From it's introduction in 1840 New Zealand Police is modelled on the British police system and all serving NZ officers swear their allegiance to the British Monarchy.

Following a series of accidents caused by truck handbrake failures - & a roadworker's death in Wellington - Police have apologised to the Waka Kotahi (NZTA) over their account of what happened.

Asked what was inaccurate in the crash analyst's account, police stated that the original account from Wellington police "was based on one workgroup's perceived understanding of the situation without considering the national approach to this issue in its entirety".

- This same NZ Police is in charge of developing and enforcing the present ANTI-GUN campaign against private firearms ownership .. are they to be trusted?

Cameron Bayly, the Chief Counter-Terrorism Adviser at NZ Police, recently said Police acting on information from community members prevented two further terror attacks around the time of the 2019 massacre ,, it would be interesting to hear more of these arrests - prosecutions & the resulting sentences.

It is not the licensed sporting firearms owners of New Zealand who are problematic here - or in any other nation .. The Million violent deaths EVERY YEAR around this planet are directly attributed to the weapons used by power-seeking GOVERNMENTS against their opponents.

It was the New Zealand Police who negligently issued the Australian racist murderer BRENTON TARRENT with his License AND Permits to buy the ammunition he used to massacre 51 innocent victims.

Marty K.

Sunday 13 June 2021

GUNS - Motorbikes & The Blues - All The Devil's Work :

 Gottlieb Daimler (1834-1900) -  is accepted worldwide as the father of road transport - but he actually started his working life apprenticed to German gunmaker Raithel of Schorndorf in 1848.

Daimler is said to have also designed two double-barrel pistols .. and for his 'Journeyman's Examination' he submitted an engraved example of his pistols.

NOT a 'Daimler' made Gun .. But from around that period. Liege built.

 German inventor Gottlieb Daimler produced the world's first motorcycle with an internal combustion engine in 1885, using an upgraded version of an engine that had been invented by Otto in 1876. 

Daimler, who had worked with Otto on the engine, left that company and sought to improve on the engine with his partner Wilhelm Maybach. They put their engine on a wooden frame - and Daimler’s 17-year-old son rode the “riding carriage - Reitwagen” as it was called - until he jumped-off because his bottom was being cooked by engine heat.

I think it's fascinating that Daimlers REITWAGEN was promptly condemned as being the work of the devil .. a TEUFLESKARREN or "Devil's cart". - There likely is a similar fear of technology in current GUN BANNING emotion.

Daimler Reitwagen of 1885 - The very FIRST internal Combustion Motor Vehicle - the 'original' was destroyed by fire at the museum - but there are several highly valued replicas.

Daimler's early interest in engineering landed him an apprenticeship with the gunsmith Raithel, up till his graduation in the year 1852 - after designing two double-barrelled pistols.

He did his apprenticeship with Raithel, a fire-arms maker who produced a short  rifle-carbine. Though he completed his training, learning the nuances of the craft - he left gunsmithing to pursue mechanical engineering. He worked under the guidance of Ferdinand Steinbeis in ‘Stuttgart’s School for Advanced Training in the Industrial Arts’. 

Daimler later spent some time working with Sir Joseph Whitworth in Manchester England where he was associated with development of Whitworth's sniper rifle.

I've been unable to find any images or further record of Daimler's pistols .. but

Here's An Image To Frighten The Horses - & The 'Banners' 
- An AR Pistol - Carbine - Rifle? 
.. No Matter As It is BLACK - the DEVIL's Color.

Black Music .. Motorbikes .. and Guns .. All three examples of condemned development - share a common fearful reaction to an unwelcome 'alien' intrusion that disturbed what was perceived to be a settled and orderly - heads-in-the-sand life style.

Marty K.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

The Science of Ballistics is Wonderful Stuff:

Stick to The Facts eh .. 

The U S Colt M1911 .45" pistol served well through many major conflicts from 1911 until replaced by the Beretta in 1985 .. I make that a successful service life of 74 years.

The Beretta M9 officially took over in 1990 but was in it's turn supplanted by the SIG Sauer M17 / M18 in 2017 ..

- so the great warhorse M1911 was loved for 74 years while it's superior replacement held sway for only 27-32 years .. before the current SIG Sauer took over.

That's a weird success story when you consider that The Thompson-LeGarde tests that are the underpinning of the Hatcher Relative Stopping Power Formula - and the key to recommending the forty-five's selection - were total distortions of fact and really only proved that no handgun was effective at slaughtering cattle beasts .. other than a Mauser .30 Caliber that did kill it's bovine target but was discounted because the testers wanted a "big bore" so badly that they believed the British .455 was bigger and better than the .45 .. despite it really being some 20% weaker.


- or perceptions and aspirations win eh.

I'm not too sure that I can handle that story without counselling & a personal apology to me for being offended by the Pentagon's (successful) disregard for fact.

- Back on-topic .. It may be true that the choice of military handguns is determined by factors other than effectiveness - but how does that worry us as civilians? - If you wish to own the classic military handgun & you are so permitted - Go for it but don't expect it to be the best choice for Law Enforcement or for self defense of a civilian family unit. (or for sport target shooting).

The military handgun is meant to be able to perform at range when full of burger meat & gravel - to destroy targets partially hidden and protected by cover and ballistic armor .. whereas L.E. sidearms will need to consider overpenetration while often dealing with moving vehicles and innocent by-standers.

The truth of the matter is that NO HANDGUN IS A DEATH-RAY - and they are not easy to use well - so if you need to reach-out and touch something - get a long arm .. but they are so bulky & heavy eh.

You really can no longer even choose your handgun effectiveness by caliber .. as there will be a wide range of differing performance rounds offered that will vary in velocity, materials, design detail, construction method, hardness, nose shape - ogive, meplat - hollow-point etc. - Life gets complicated eh.

Of the Billion handguns littering our home planet - most will be exclusively shot at tin cans and paper targets but when needed for urgent social interplay the best equipped of us will need to have at hand a familiar, simple - easy to point "stopper" loaded with controlled penetration and limited energy ammo.

Nothing CONTROVERSIAL there then ..

Jeez Mate Don't Spill Me Beer .. Where'd I leave that forty-five?

No prudent old mum loiters in Crocodile infested ditches, - Tiger country - or in where the woods pile high with bear scat .. even if she has got a Glock in her purse.

Marty K.

P.S. Me? - I like the simple controls of a Glock .. currently mine's a G19X (plus a G44 in .22" rimfire - they both are for fun) and I love my revolvers .. stainless steel Rugers and old Webleys .. Whenever I have my security check visits - the licensing officer just fondles my pieces lovingly while cooing and Ahhing

PPS. Shooting well is simple .. It's just not easy ..

Marty K.

Saturday 5 June 2021

SO .. The GLOCK Is Forty Years Old This Year:

 The "modern" gun is forty y.o. this year - and it's main caliber ammunition - the 9mm Luger was designed 120 years ago in 1901. - (the official definition of  'antique' is to be one hundred years or more old).

Author Stephen King wrote, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” 

You might choose a different date to record but April 1981 was when Gaston Glock lodged his patent applications for the Glock 17 .. although he and his team had of course been working on the design of a winning gun project for some time to arrive at this stage.

The saying "There is nothing new under the Sun" - is itself rather ancient - as SOLOMON is recorded in his wisdom to have said it around 3,000 years back - but it is very true about the Glock 17 and it's tribe. This superbly successful pistol design pulls together multiple ideas that have all been used previously over the last 600 odd years that have passed since gunpowder started to go bang in portable guns.

The Glock G19X Colored 'Coyote Tan' 
- Makes a Change From A "BLACK Gun" eh

The business founded & operated by Gaston and Helga Glock (divorced 2011) - together with a team of very useful gun 'experts' - combined the simplest features that would work together into a semi-automatic firearm that worked

They scared the pants off the opposition.

I used to take a lump hammer to the range and demonstrate how you could beat the crap out of a Series 1 G17 by slamming it repeatedly with the hammer on the concrete floor and making it skitter about before loading a magazine and throwing 17 holes into a downrange target. "Any Smith & Wesson revolver owner wanting to try this?" - I sold a few eh ..


If you want to learn about these guns .. buy some books or try googling for on line reviews. Some folk love them and other sad unfortunates hate em .. but just about EVERY gun manufacturer has copied the original and sells it's own branded version now.

Media 'journalists' love to scribble inaccurate outrage and sensationalism whenever they smell a dollar - spouting ignorant nonsense about ceramic terrorist guns that are undetectable by X-Ray machines. - Poor quality science fictions that frighten the naive and fearfully gullible stupid.

There are stories I could tell about my involvement with the Glock - not all happy - but the guns are excellent working tools.

I discovered Glocks in the mid 1980s by reading a story in a Guns & Ammo magazine that I picked-up in a local High Street shop - but all gun books have now been removed from New Zealand retail outlets and are no longer imported for sale.

CENSORSHIP is being imposed by our current regime as part of social engineering.

I'd love to see Pistol New Zealand or anyone - import & distribute gun books as a revenue earner ..

Marty K.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

L66A1 Pistol - Not A Bridge Over Troubled Water:

This wee story of violent conflict in Ireland is small potatoes when you compare it to the  
U S Administration's planned  $1.5 TRILLION spending on it's nuclear delivery systems in coming years .. including  $505 Billion on warheads and their production facilities. - I guess that the very best we can hope for is that this will be a total waste of money and that none of these 'WMD's' will ever be used.

 .. But the L66A1 was a .22" rim-fire caliber Walther PP British Army undercover weapon. - The more factual records I research - the more cynical I get about the stories told by media and politicians .. to excuse what the feck is going-on.
British Army Walther PP - L66A1 .22 Rim-Fire.

In the British Armed Forces weapon designation system - The L number (for Land Service) - weapon identity number system is a numerical designation system used for the type classification of British Armed Forces weapons and related stores.

The L66A1 is the number allocated to some 3,200 *Walther PP s/a pistols in .22" Long Rifle caliber purchased by the British Ministry Of  Defence in 1974 for use by off duty personnel of the Ulster Defence Regiment in Northern Ireland. - The guns were serial numbered in the range 41693 to 45088 and were classed as PDW .. Personal Defence Weapons.

* I am regularly reminded by my mate J that "Walther" is properly pronounced in the Germanic languages as "Valter" .. never mind eh.

I have read (unsubstantiated) that these weapons were reputed to have also been issued to "undercover units" and various 'Loyalist' groups. - However I also read that the 'Undercover Teams' were issued with the .32" acp (7.65mm) version designated as L47A1.

After some ten years of hard service these pistols were recalled and later disposed-of by sale with some 1,700 odd going back to Europe while the 'smaller half'' of some 1,500 went into U S via Interarms.

It is difficult to access full military details from this violent period - but at some stage of the army owning these pocket pistols they underwent refurbishment involving the replacement of the firing pins and a refinish using carcinogenic Suncorite lacquer.

When the notorious 'B' Specials were disbanded 1969-70 - most of those loyalist volunteers merely moved across to become members of this new British Army Regiment .. It is noteworthy that the 'B' Specials had been equipped with Webley .455" caliber break-action revolvers ever since 1920 - but they lost these in 1970 when disbanded.

The UDR Ulster Defence Regiment served as part of the British Army for somewhat longer than the Walther PP's - for some 22 years from 1970-1992 .. but was on active service continuously for that whole term. The UDR consisted of mostly Protestant volunteers until 1976 when the 'instant commissions' were supplemented with some full time officers being emplaced.

These Walther pistols are straight blow-back double-single action and are well liked .. with one exception in that they could give a nasty slide-bite if you placed your grip a little high. - the British Military use of these compact 'two-twos' places them in company with Israeli Mossad counter terrorism operators.

Nice little shooters.

Marty K.