Friday 30 December 2022

Scum On Top:

 Can somebody in The Beehive explain to me how registration of lawfully owned and used sporting firearms is supposed to discourage terrorists & out of control criminals from violent crime?

When you consider how we organise stuff to live on this unique planet - It is surprising that we haven't extincted sooner.

Fancy dress Bishops In Our British Government ..

Much of our "leadership" claims to believe in various brands of winged spirits, devils, and gods with harp playing angels on the clouds above and horned red imps torturing unbelievers in a firey Hell under our feet - Some club teams reckon that every martyr has 72 virgins gasping to service his sexual needs in Heaven and 80,000 servants to keep him fed and watered. 

These prats are our LEADERS, - they pray to those fabled super-masters of the world while ripping off as much of our cash into their bank accounts before leaving it all behind.

We have a Head of State MONARCH whose family was chosen by 'GOD' to rule over us ...

- Oh well .. perhaps we should lower the voting age to sixteen ..

Bearing in mind at all times that we New Zealanders ARE British .. what do you think the IQ or the criminal morality might be, of a British Government that spent 

NZ$ 70,503,422,633.(37 Billion pounds), on a COVID "TRACK & TRACE' scheme  that completely failed to work in any useful way?

God help us if these 'leaders' are the best of us - while exactly HALF of the rest are of below average IQ.

2023 presents a new opportunity to ditch King Charles III and his fellow parasitic aristocrats from our corrupt administration - to form a CITIZENS ASSEMBLY Upper House womanned by 'sortition' for one year terms only - on the same just basis that we decide serious criminal cases in our higher courts.

- THAT might work better to bring logic and common sense to the management of this beautiful "Switzerland of The Pacific".

Marty K.

Monday 26 December 2022

True Democracy Defends & Respects It's Citizens:

Most firearms owners will be aware that some independent countries are NOT anti-gun but actually require their citizens to be armed, and to be able to defend themselves and their homes .. eg SWITZERLAND where every citizen has access to the so-called MILITARY STYLED ASSAULT WEAPON.

Swiss Motorway

Here is a video that shows something of Switzerlands preparations to keep themselves safe - of course most of that shown is 75 year old obsolete stuff - because the current preparations are 'SECRET' and restricted ..

The presenter is purile & inane with annoying music overlay but facts show through despite the producers attempts to ridicule the results of Direct Democracy:

In contrast -  New Zealands' current anti-gun legislation is:


Even Kiwi Catapault Is Likely Illegal Now ..

We used to have such safe practical affordable firearms regulations with training provided for firearms licences by The Mountain Safety Council - before political stupidity & lies reacted to police neglect ..

Marty K.

p.s. You can reliably expect any reaction by our NZ Government to a war escalation to be too little & too late - so the prudent might want to get some IODINE supplement to combat thyroid radiation damage .. likely not to be needed but ..

I note that Ukraine seems now to be further attacking into Russian homeland territory with drones ..


Friday 23 December 2022

Threats & 'Geiger Counter' Radiation Detector:

 Isn't it weird how the dumbos worry about lawful gun ownership - when every kitchen has a drawer full of sharp knives ..


Some people don't duck when they hear a loud noise .. They might not even blink.

- Me? - I flinch, blink, and duck for cover while seeking for the threat, - does that make me a coward? - perhaps so - as I'm also sh#t-scared of stuff like chain saws and power bench-saw blades. - It doesn't stop me using them but very carefully.

I guess maybe my survival instinct is self preservation working ... Do you know how the Austrian GSG Anti-Terrorist personnel operate at airports? They carry full-auto Glock 18 pistols and if there is action in a terminal building they draw and fire off a full magazine of 9mm into the air - causing all the innocents to hit the floor ... fast reload with a 30 rounder AND ANYONE STILL STANDING IN THAT SPACE IS DEEMED TO BE A TARGET.

I think it pays to be aware and reactive.

I was once using a Router m/c and the high speed blade 'snatched' the wooden item I was holding & whipped it past the cutter with my fingers gripping it.  - A little blood goes a long way eh and I never saw the original tip of that finger again but it healed over cleanly in a week or so.

Everyone? knows that Russia is at war in Ukraine and that 'The West' NATO & NZ are piling-in with full support for Ukraine. - Some Europeans have moved to AMBER ALERT and are wisely prepping with essential supplies & emergency cooking-heating stuffs.

Others of course are oblivious to possibilities and are doing nothing.

I wouldn't have much idea of which Radiation Detector is the best but anything would be better-than-nothing if the organic stuff hits the fan eh.

'Survival Lilly'  is a sensible vlogger ..

being based in central EU in GSG country - here testing a range of 'Geiger Counters'.

I bought an affordable one from AliExpress and am very impressed with the quality, packaging and service .. all I need to do is find an old radioactive watch & learn/practice how the meter functions.

YES I know the odds on a nuclear war are 50-50ish .. but the Boy Scouts motto of  'Be Prepared' impresses me, so far as I didn't have to scramble to buy toilet rolls in our last three EARTHQUAKES - or didn't need anything else come-down-to-it.

You see folk asking in U S "What is the best gun for self defense?" and a sometime wise reply is "Bring what you got".

- What "YOU got"? .. plenty of toilet tissue?

Marty K.

Monday 19 December 2022

Handmade "Boolitts" .. or a "NEW Nuclear STRIKE AIRCRAFT"

STOP PRESS: U S President Trump has been referred to their Dept of Justice on FOUR CRIMINAL CHARGES re. inciting a revolution there ..

B21 RAIDER .. Coming To Your Local SOON ..

American TV recently held an unveiling for their latest 'ANGEL OF DEATH'  - The B21 Raider 'Strike Aircraft'  from Northrop Grumman. - This superb stealth nuclear attack plane is great value for taxpayers @ an estimated cost of only 750 MILLION Bucks each (Double that for some reality eh) & is true value for your tax dollar as it can kill and completely vaporise hundreds of thousands of ordinary folk on every single mission flown. 

This is fantastic news and it MUST be true 'cos their Chief Exec. is a woman.
Ah - you can relax a bit as even if the crew get fried at the controls - the plane can continue robotically as it doesn't need any crew onboard.


Oh Yes .. they also just announced a "breakthrough" in nuclear electricity generation where they scientifically managed to 'light-up' a laser controlled FUSION event in a lab - Hmm - they told us about seventy years back that 'CALDER HALL' in UK when opened by the late Queen was going to give us cheap power in our homes too. LASER CONTROLLED FUSION IS NOT ABOUT ELECTRICITY.

It is about a 3rd and 4th generation of nuclear scientists learning new skills for the military delivery of destruction.

My latest *NEW* shooting iron is a thirty year old replica Remington New Model Army percussion revolver known now as an 1858 Model. - A much used 30 year old Uberti copy of a 160 year old sixgun. - Yes we are still permitted to load and fire target handguns in New Zealand as long as the Clubs remain functional and we can afford the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS Licence FEES, ENDORSEMENTS, SECURITY COSTS, SAFES & Permits etc. etc.

Consider now, that the 'modern' Glock pistol was created FORTY YEARS AGO. 1982

I'm playing with these black-powder guns as I think that it is rewarding to develop skills and to experience the basics of how it all works by "doing it yourself" - by working at "hand made" stuff.

This below link is to a Jack Hargreaves TV video about long gone old country skills and ways of life (buttons, brass, leather and horses.

BUT you'd learn a much different current reality from Russel Brand linked below ..

Marty K.

Sunday 11 December 2022

Political Trickery by 'Conflation':

How can you tell when a Politician is lying?

- What is a political party actually doing when it links the lawful legal ownership of sporting firearms - to acts of terrorism and criminal gang activity?

 - Are they trying to slip something past you?


The act or process of combining two or more separate things into one whole, especially text or ideas.

- Say your Government introduces 'clean water' legislation to address an issue of industrial-agricultural pollution of New Zealand waterways caused by multiple commercial discharges including faecal SEWAGE release into rivers .. but clause 63 (a.  states something like .. The discharge of heavy metal pollutant such as lead or lead alloy of any detectable weight on to any terrain subject to precipitation and drainage into any waterway as defined by note 37 B. of this act shall henceforth be controlled and any breach committed subject to a fine not exceeding 10 million dollars and/or seven years imprisonment.

- This would be classic 'CONFLATION' into an anti-pollution Act of a clause totally banning the use of conventional ammunition by any shooter in the whole of outdoors New Zealand, including all target shooting ranges - other than under exempted police & NZ Defence Forces control.


My example sub-clause is of course imaginary - but not impossible to conceive of in this era.

.. Stay AWAKE - because if so aware .. you naturally will observe that those who conflate will certainly be also those who constantly seek to ACCUMULATE.

Hereditary King Charles III of New Zealand 
& Queen Consort Camilla
(with 800 unelected aristocratic members of The House of Lords)

There is an intimate connection between greed and power - and with both lying and cheating ..

- Are YOU convinced that your 'elected representatives' are acting in the best interests of the majority of New Zealanders .. or are they protecting and promoting minority 'corporate business' wishes & profits?

Marty K.

Friday 2 December 2022

Aimed Fire versus "Spray & Pray" Thugs:

- Some 'modern' capitalist economics is ridiculous .. I have been buying very tasty supermarket Hot Smoked Peppered Salmon lately - The fish is Atlantic salmon from Norway - cooked & prepared in Belgium, for a wholesaler in Australia - before somehow arriving down here in NZ for $10 a vacuum pack.

- On December 19th 1854 - 38 y.o. U S Captain Jonathan Rutledge Davis was walking to a Sierra Nevada California gold claim location with two companions when they were ambushed by fourteen armed men of  "The Sydney Ducks Gang" a mixed nationality collection of killer robbers. (Don't blame the Aussie neighbours eh).

Both of his companions immediately fell with deadly wounds but those scum, who had robbed and killed nine men in the previous three days didn't oughta picked on Davis - who was a veteran from South Carolina's Palmetto Regiment in the war with Mexico. 

Captain Davis was known to be a crack shot and a good swordsman so he downed SEVEN of the attackers before another four rushed him armed with knives and a sword. - His revolvers now being empty he used his large Bowie blade to kill three more men and seriously wounded a fourth. - The remaining three cowardly thieves ran-off and escaped before suffering the same sport.

There were witnesses on a nearby hill .. a hunting party of miners who rushed to the scene - eighteen of them - and who later buried the eleven killed badmen - including three who "died from their wounds" while they recovered 491 dollars in gold coin, nine gold and silver pocket watches, plus four ounces of gold dust.


I've read six or seven versions of this story and it is clear that aimed HEAD SHOTS from Davis' .36 caliber Colt Navys were the cause of termination for the majority of the 11 unlamented interred - much against their intention and calculated odds.

- Buying a violin does not make one a musician. (Col. Jeff Cooper ?)

PRACTICE, TRAIN & SHOOT REGULARLY .. if you wish to be useful and safe.

Google for different dramatic versions of the tale .. but the page from WikipediA is factual:

Our surviver-shootist man lived to be over 70 - paying his way with more prospecting & lawyering .. but his final departure date seems to be unrecorded ..

Marty K.