Wednesday 27 July 2022

Do You Get The Difference (Private Enterprise v Predatory Capitalism)?

 Is it time to be angry yet? - Do you see wealth and power moving ever higher and being embedded into a shiny layer sitting way up over your head - while your children and their kids struggle to find somewhere to live?

The world's four biggest oil and gas companies have taken $1.99 trillion in profits in the past three decades.  - No wonder they have to price our fuel so carefully ..

Marketing - Public Relations - Propaganda and indeed Fascism - are all about FEELINGS - All want to pander to our emotions rather than respecting the truth. 

- Forget the facts - "Just tell 'em anything that they'd like to hear" ..

"Selling the SIZZLE - NOT THE STEAK"

New Zealand Police management and their tame politicians have spent the last several decades enacting regulations specifically designed to demonize lawful firearms owners - the single most worthy group of law abiding kiwis - turning them a new criminal underclass of pariahs.

As a compliant group of 240,000 citizens who have always respected the law - we are much easier to control than the troublesome & transient gang members.

If you were to stubbornly persist in harvesting wild food and trying to help control introduced feral animals by hunting - they are intent on making it so costly and complicated to meet licensing requirements that you will eventually abandon the effort needed to comply - and by default become a law breaker .. thus 'proving' their assertion that gun owners are undesirables.

The idea is one of UNEQUALITY .. some of us are more valuable than others.

We have let the skin on top of our custard get thicker & tougher while the jug below is filled with tasteless watery yellow slops .. - EVERY law that this tacky top layer imposes is designed keep the public cash flowing without friction into private contractor's pockets.

 "Entrepreneurs provide jobs and incomes for ordinary workers."  Nothing to do with taking maximum profit then.

& they don't want you being anyway independent or owning any guns. - Get your food plastic-wrapped from the Supermarket like the other workers.  Ordinary Kiwis need to accept being treated as a resource - like a field of cabbages, - just sit there quietly without decent housing or care, & pay-up for everything until 'they' are ready to cut & package you for market.

Have you had enough repression yet? .. Are you getting sufficiently peed-off ?

FASCISM: We think with the blood of out Nation.

- So what was BREXIT then? 

What was Trump's "Let's make America Great Again" about?

Housing Minister Megan Woods .. "Govt promises 8000 new homes as part of Infrastructure Acceleration Fund"

Failed  KIWIBUILD rehashed

A Trillion dollars is a million dollars - multiplied by a million. Or if you prefer, - a thousand billion dollars.


  • If you had gone into business on the day Jesus was born, and your business lost a million dollars a day, - day in and day out, 365 days a year, for 2,737 years it would take you until October 2737 to lose one trillion dollars.  
  • Time to consider a FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX . - An APTT (Automated Payment Transaction Tax) is the fairest form of wide based taxation that is possible .. which is why all the wealthy oppose it. - You might even replace VAT & GST by a much fairer APTT.  
  • Marty K.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

FACTS trump LIES ..

In recent years - on numerous occasions - NZ Police managers and their Association President have repeatedly claimed that our criminal GANGS are being supplied with illicit firearms by dishonest and lax firearms owners. 

This spurious attempt to denigrate our fit & proper legitimate firearms owners - is their single main justification for wanting to establish a FIREARMS REGISTER.

Police Association President CAHILL.

Thursday .. Speaking with NZ Customs about New Zealand Gangs forming 'Global Networks' to import drugs, weapons and other illicit goods - Security analyst Dr Paul Buchanan from 36th Parallel Assessments said 

"The number of drug interceptions of all types fluctuate from year to year but have trended up overall from a low of 452 in the first quarter of 2011 to regularly peaking at more than a 1000 in a three-month period from 2016 onward."

"Between 2014 and September 2020, there were 5,887 firearms, 11,265 firearms parts and 220,063 other weapons picked up at the NZ border."

So, over this same period - How many guns were recorded as handed to gang members by legitimate Licensed shooters for gangs to use in crimes?


Marty K.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Hera Cook Wants to BAN Advertising of Guns ..

 Hera Cook who calls herself 'Gun Control New Zealand' - was on RNZ National this Wednesday morning saying that gun dealers are advertising guns to "children and women" .. and it must be stopped

Mz Hera is world famous in NZ for her study & intimate knowledge of female genitalia - indeed she has published her writings .. but sadly she knows very little about firearms and their legitimate uses. - Cook doesn't let her ignorance limit her opinions as she just makes it up as she goes.

If the above link works you will hear her audibly sighing a lot - which is a sign of depression - In between her sighs she blames the police for publicly promoting gun crime with increased reportage implying increased gun crime - and irresponsible people for buying guns and passing them on to others.

Mz Hera will likely next want to renew & extend the 'Buy Back' to calling-in gun BOOKS for burning ..

I recommend she returns to scrutinizing women's pudenda to lift her spirits .. as that does seem to cheer-up around half of the population anyway.

Marty K.

Friday 15 July 2022

ALTOR Single Shot Pistol:

Two years ago the ALTOR Single Shot handgun was shown to the world .. Well the American shooting world anyway. 

There really is nothing new about single shot pistols as the earliest of firearms were all 'single shot' and much ingenuity has been exercised over the last five hundred-plus years to develop repeating arms.

This derringer's standard barrel is 2.9 inches with the rifled bore stretching for 1.5 inches only.- The metal parts are Stainless Steel while the lightweight grip frame is made of Type 6 Nylon polymer containing 30% glass fiber.

I'd say that it would be unlikely that the New Zealand Police 'service' would agree to issuing import permits for this wee arm .. as their management's anti-lawful-gun prejudices are obvious - despite the fact that historically they were once persuaded to permit target shooting again here only using single shot target pistols ..

The Altor is a low cost simple gun intended as a 'back-up' or just-in-case emergency tool that can be kept in a fishing box or camping gear pack. As a firearm it might well serve as a humane killer "bolt-gun" for veterinary use - It can be bought in U S for around $100.

I really like the very basic spring-loaded trigger function whereby as the finger presses the trigger to the rear .. the angled ramp surface 'cams' the trigger-finger down and pushes it off the trigger face, releasing it to fly forward and the striker to hit the cartridge primer. 

Link here to a short video demonstration of the Altor:

Here are two reviews of the ALTOR Single Shot .. "surprisingly accurate" ..

Alex Malcom is the guy who dreamed-up this concept that is produced in Phoenix Arizona. ..

The Six Main Components of The ALTOR Nine:

 An impressively simple but sophisticated design using modern injection molding and CNC Machining technology for mass production. This pistol has two separate 'safeties' ..

Marty K.

Courier Business's Having An anti-gun 'Movement' ..

 The ANTI-GUN freak-out hysterics are spreading around our beautiful planet like a horrid monkey pox virus.

Every time another hate-filled killer slides past the under staffed Healthcare & Law Enforcement workers to kill his victims - the simple minded start shouting that they want guns banned. - Naturally whenever these voters get excited, the politicians seize the opportunity to stand before the cameras making more promises to the gullible.

American UPS now joins the screamers and has declared itself as no longer going to carry any firearms or parts. - I suggest that you remember their name along side Levi's jeans and Boycott them.

Here in New Zealand our Firearms Dealers have responded to parcel carriers refusing to move our gear - by setting-up their own courier network that is helping essential pest control and wild harvesting to continue.

Despite my hearing, eye-sight, and short term memory all deteriorating as I become an octogenarian - the UPS name joins with the killer BRENTON TARRANT & Levi's as trash to never be forgiven or forgotten..

These Dingbats calling for action against guns and basic civil rights are simple minds looking for simple answers to their problems.

The REAL answer to reducing violent crime is not simple ..

Improve MENTAL HEALTH Services as part of much needed increased funding for our National Health system. PAY OUR NURSES MORE.

Improve our LAW ENFORCEMENT by increasing the Police budget to allow proper training and recruitment and a return to local CRIME PREVENTION.

Improve our EDUCATION SERVICE with increased funding and PAY - to allow the introduction of CIVICS as a subject alongside properly taught fact based history & Driving Licenses etc.

Improve HOUSING availability so that ordinary working families have a place in life to LIVE.

Fund and build new Corrective Detention Facilities to keep the anti-social away from society until they learn to live properly.

Curtail the transfer of PUBLIC MONEY into private wealth by closing the many TAX LOOPHOLES & use the public money to benefit the public.

Introduce a FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX . - An APTT (Automated Payment Transaction Tax) is the fairest form of wide based taxation that is possible .. which is why all the wealthy oppose it. - You might even replace VAT & GST by a much fairer APTT.

Introduce a true Democratic Citizen's Upper House of JURORS - not power-seeking career politicians .. to oversee their Parliamentary activities.

- THAT will do for starters

Marty K.

Tuesday 12 July 2022


 Todays "personal interest" story .. My Irish father left Ireland alone aged 15 for England - later joined the British army and served for over seven years throughout WW2 from 1938-1945 as a Corporal with the Irish Guards and both No.1 and No.2 Commandos - in Egypt, Norway, Italy and "North Europe". - About eight years later he was upset when showing me London 'corner shop' Room to Let cards that stated .. NO BLACKS, IRISH OR DOGS.

Because I support MY basic human right to defend myself, I am grouped in with the 'Libertarians, Trumpists and Fascists .. but as any of the jokers at my pistol shooting club will tell you - I am a "Stroppy Communist Lefty Pommy-Pinko"

It's a tribal failing that we need to group basic ideas into clusters .. PUTTING YOU INTO YOUR PLACE. - Some arrogant bigmouth will assume that because I am "pro-gun' I also will be a "Pro-Lifer" anti woman's-rights. - You are supposed to be either 'RED' or 'BLUE. -They call this "footballism" - as if we are supposed to pick our team and follow it loyally for life.

What about ACTUAL POLICIES - do we get a say on any policy? 

We are SO lucky to live in this democratic nation eh ..

Hmm - well New Zealand certainly is a most pleasant place to live - but it is important that we kiwis value the Facts rather than the emotional feelings that we all have - because these feelings can be messed with by professional marketers skilled in human psychology.

These 'persuaders' boast that they sell "the sizzle rather than the steak."

Factually - New Zealand is a MONARCHY rather than a 'Democracy' - but our system is said to be  'CONSTITUTIONAL' - However this is an uncodified constitution, sometimes referred to as an "unwritten constitution". - We are constantly assured by those in power how privileged we are to select our Government and periodically change it.

The Hereditary Queen Of The Realm of New Zealand

Members of our governance system claim it is the very best available

How many of these "world leaders" have even heard of a 'Higgs Boson'? 

- Our kids will likely know more about the JWST than they do ..

- We citizens are supposedly protected by an unwritten, uncodified, vague constitution that shifts around depending on the ruling club.

How well are they doing?

1/- Our LAW ENFORCEMENT is under-resourced, UNDER PAID, and UNDERSTAFFED (except at the top layer).


3/- EDUCATION? - We are short of Teachers because of low pay - classrooms are overcrowded and our educational standards are falling.

4/- HOUSING & SOCIAL SERVICES? - We are short of skilled builders, we are short of Housing, and some families are living (and dying) in cars, sheds & garages or high cost emergency accommodation MOTELS.

5/- VIOLENT CRIME? - Since NZ abolished Capital Punishment our MURDER RATE has risen to around four times what it used to be previously. - Hardly a single day passes now without a murderous attack, a shooting, or a stabbing.

- Those 5 issues, plus 'Defense' are exactly what we expect our Administration to provide and manage for us.

Add in POWER, Clean safe WATER and Food - together with rubbish removal & sewage disposal and you have what most of us value as the ESSENTIALS OF LIFE.


Let us help our Career Politicians to govern by forming an 'Upper House' of un-elected Citizen Jurors each serving one paid term only - to examine & pass (or not) every law change and to propose bottom-line amendments. One Hundred and One Kiwi's - rotated from work life for a time with legal advisors, to improve how our laws are democratically set for the benefit of society.

We could again lead the world.

Marty K.

Note: JWST is the new James Webb Space Telescope. Who knows what it will discover for us?

Saturday 9 July 2022

Home-Made Assassin Guns In 'Gun-Free' Japan:

 This killer didn't follow the Media-Propaganda and spend thousands of yen on a computer controlled 3-D Printer .. he just went out and found some metal pipe, steel-wool & dry cell batteries to cobble together with some duct tape onto some sawn timber.

- Of course, in Japan - He wasn't legally allowed to do that.

The knowledge to make this kind of percussion arm is widely available ever since the 15th century - but some 21st century dreamers and lawmakers think they have the right - and the ability - to suppress information from society and to enforce their will onto those they seek to control.

The same GUN BAN noise makers, that oppose any access to personal self defense for law abiding citizens - have no issue with Government forces deploying nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, autonomous robotic killing drones, and various high capacity weapons - in their interest.

This rare Japanese assassin was so politically motivated and hate filled as to buy some gardening substances to mix as propellant while building an arsenal of simple 'Black Powder' arms that are not even classed as firearms in the U S A.

 "small government" policies naturally entail underfunding Mental Health as part of neglecting general public health services .. while under resourcing prison services with minimum sentences to match the reduced funding for general Law Enforcement & policing.

The closing of our police stations and limited 'service' - austerity cost-saving for ordinary families is a 'new norm' - while the Diplomatic Security Branch steps-up their protective vigilance for politicians and VIPs.

The customer pays for it all - despite their purchases containing less and less.


I came across a thought the other day .. Imagine a new tribe of "Obonob" simian animal was discovered where a ruling hereditary master group guarded the 'tree of life' and kept all the best food, fuel & shelter for themselves while their weakened relatives crowded about them begging for just some to be thrown for them to compete for .. Wouldn't the scientists denounce it as a blind alley aberration that would self-destruct & die-out in short order?

Marty K.

Tuesday 5 July 2022

NZ Police Themselves Confused By New PANTOMIME Regulations:

 Living in a low population rural location has some differences to city life. - It is very dark at night so the stars are clear & bright - but this same solitude seems to tempt some  'A-holes' to dump their neglected unloved cats out here. My old cat Lulu expired after some 18 years sharing my space & duvet - so when a wild black'n'white moggie began hanging about in my garden there was no question but that I fed it my remaining stock of cat food. It remains skittishly nervous to this day but is now looking sleek & well fed. 

- I spotted a second dumpster puss devouring some very stale dry bread thrown for the birds .. crouching defensively over the crusty lumps and gulping down every crumb .. but this one came when I called it over and it was offered a bowl of meaty treats - even following me inside to sign our civil contract as "Fluffy" 

#3 is a scrawny jet-black sneak-thief who creeps through the cat flap at night to noisily devour all & any 'leftovers' .. these I now top-up before turning off the lights and going to my pit. 

Well three's enough for anybody - but, there's more - as an abandoned black hen arrives every morning from the shrubbery demanding feed wheat and rolled oats - and she pushes #1 'Scaredy-Cat' off his outdoor bowl in a very businesslike manner .. My early morning duties are very much a pantomime of giggles - as 'Fluffy' sings tail-twitching falsetto to 'Scaredy-Cat' through the front door glass to announce it's feeding time for the outside staff .. twice a day now.


- I recently sold a legally police registered small, German 'C' category pistol to a private museum-collector. 

What a pantomime that proved to be .. "HE'S BEHIND YOU"

From the first agreement to sell - to lodgment of the package with the Dealer for carriage - it took some 37 days with 27 e-mails - mostly resulting from answering Police's irrelevant queries & supplying requested details.

How long is the barrel? - Around 3.5 inches.

Then - What capacity is the magazine? ( - as not allowed to fire the gun no idea .. but estimated that the small grease-packed magazine might accept x7 rounds)

- Then a week later ..What is the serial number of the magazine? ( I've never seen a s/a pistol that had a serial numbered box magazine .. are they confusing a 'C' Cat. antique compact pistol with a prohibited MSSA having "a HIGH CAPACITY CENTER FIRE MSSA MAGAZINE" owned by a collector? - It seems that they were ..

The required Police generated PERMIT TO PROCURE was eventually passed to the licensed/endorsed purchaser and then mailed to me to complete the transaction .. BUT when received ex NZ Post, I found that the permit had only TWO DAYS before it EXPIRED. - I had to complete the vendors section of the form - pack the item - and organize to make the 150 minute return trip to a correctly licensed FIREARMS DEALER in Christchurch to engage with their network Courier System .. this was possible within the two days - but after carriage the Permit would have expired - making it unlawful for the buyer to take possession.

Further e-mails and efforts to contact the local arms officer eventually yielded the instruction message to not worry about the expiring Permit and "SEND IT".



How on earth does the police hierarchy think that they will achieve ANY meaningful value from applying total chaos to record the details of every long-arm carried in New Zealand since the earliest sealers, whalers and settlers landed here .. when they are not capable of properly securing the few registered 'endorsed' items they claim to administer already?

- The arms officer dealing with a previous S&W revolver I sold had to ask for my assistance as he had found record of at least THREE other revolvers elsewhere claiming the SAME serial number.

I hope that the Flying Spaghetti Monster comes to help our overworked and under resourced frontline officers deal with the necessary functions of policing while they are elsewhere engaged.

Marty K.

Saturday 2 July 2022

Private Armies:

You might know the name 'Blackwater' in connection with "military contractors" serving in war zones such as Iraq - The deployment of private armies allows Governments to disown responsibility for the slaughter of combatants and civilian "collateral deaths" in their dirtier invasions. -"Who Me?" .

I could list a few hundred business's names here as being involved around the planet in the bulk killing game - and there would be a similar length list of countries and instances of their involvement .. but that VERY RISKY process would need much research to write some large book .. and although I am old now - I don't want to shorten my life expectancy more than prudently considered.

Anyway, - 'Blackwater became 'Xe Services' - then they were 'Academi' then  Intenational Development Solutions was it's operational subsidiary - then it merged with 'Triple Canopy'  part of 'Constellis Group'  ..

Who knows what they call their current accounts now? - These modern mercenary groups or Private Military Companies sprout-up out of the ground like toxic mushrooms in resource rich areas - to profit from the killing of and removal of obstruction to the theft of assets such as OIL, GOLD, DIAMONDS and other minerals such as 'rare earths'.

We likely will begin to hear more of the Russian 'WAGNER GROUP' in our media - as Western propaganda machinery gets itself sorted as to who is "in" and who is to be demonized next, in the reports from Ukraine ..

Their quandary is that Putin's forces belong to the same right-wing corporate pirate class as themselves, rather than being 'Lefties' .. the usual enemies. Half of London's CBD investment property is owned by Putin's mates. - There is no question but that this mercenary mob are paid killers and war criminals acting as shadow forces in many theatres of war .. but don't let their activities 'overshadow' or mask the killings our Western covert forces are busily conducting.

When did we last hear about whatever is happening now in "liberated" post Gaddafi LIBYA ?

- If you have the time to prepare your own expose on "WAGNER" activity - read this link carefully:

- It's a big entry ..

I would like to suggest that - terrible as is the existence and use of these professional killer groups by business's and by their despicable controlling elites - most every government on our planet recruits, trains, and pays it's own official specialist ELITE Forces to conduct secret operations in 'deniable' circumstances.

I once was discussing 'GUNS' and Capital Punishment with a (church elder) friend who avowed that OUR New Zealand Government was against all killing of any kind - until I reminded him that the NZ SAS was a well known and admired group of military killers who were rewarded with higher pay rates and medals for their efforts, as directed by the Government.

But - we are told that we need to "control" sport gun ownership in New Zealand eh . .

You can read about the U S's  "Blackwater" here below if you are not already exhausted:

Marty K.