Sunday 28 November 2021

Aguila 60 grain Sniper SubSonic .22 LR:

 I've been looking for some of these heavyweight pills for months - but eventually I gave-up the hunt and pre-ordered a 500 round Brick from the World's Largest Gun Shop located in Christchurch. 

- Then they sent an e-mail saying that they had obtained one only 50 round packet into the store and did I want it to be put under the counter for me?

RARE AS HENS' TEETH - Aguila 60 Grain Sniper SubSonic 
- Only From Mexican Free Range BLUE-EYED Red Fowl ..
WARNING: Chickens may have sharp beaks & Do NOT grow teeth .. or.22 cartridges.

- Well YES I did want them .. and that capable worker Chloe gave me a big smile two days later along with the small packet after entering my Firearms License details and zapping my bank card.

- Ask no questions & you'll be told no lies .. but I asked and it seems that a sad shooter having decided that it is now too expensive AND too much trouble to renew a firearms license - offered everything he had to the shop for disposal including this wee unused packet.


A unique design from Aguila  Mexico .. where having produced the long 60 grain heavyweight .22 caliber bullet they needed to load them into .22" SHORT brass cases to maintain the cartridge overall length.

A further issue seems to be that this long slug needs a faster 1:9 rifling twist to stabilize and Aguila  suggest that a 20 inch barrel length is preferred ..

- I'm mainly interested in what these heavy lead slugs can do when fired from a handgun but if they manage decent accuracy from my Ruger 10-22 rifle that will be a bonus too.

Several testers have shown that these rounds YAW &  'keyhole'  and tend to consistently flip-over in clear ballistic gel .. which might be useful sometimes. On our club range - we were surprised to find that these Aguila 'Sniper Sub Sonics' cycled faultlessly in my Glock 44  and hit close to point of aim .. but when shot from my 4 inch Ruger SP101 they impacted high left. - They definitely slammed through the paper target SIDEWAYS from these two pistols and produced the comment "Why shoot a forty-five when they make these sized holes?". - Interesting eh - provided they penetrate some.

Marty K.

Saturday 20 November 2021

Uh Oh .. is The 'BIG ONE' on it's way ..?

 We ain't seen nothing yet .. 

The Collapsed CTV Building:

I'm noticing that many folk would rather just not talk or think about the truly big issues in life ..

The weather .. yesterday's game - sure, or how about the buses or the cost of groceries are all acceptable topics .. but corrupt Prime Ministers .. MASSIVE Nuclear Arsenals or the long overdue big Southern Alpine Fault Earthquake ?? .. "Nah Mate - forget about it 'cos there's nothing we can do eh"..

EMERGENCY happenings often prove the value of the law abiding ownership of guns for providing and retaining wild harvested foods.


I keep a pantry with shelves loaded with cans and dried foodstuffs - I've even got 6 x 2.5 liter bottles of water in there (plus a 1,000 liter rainwater tank outside (toilet paper substitute for the great unwiped?). - a carton of reserve beer regularly rotated is another essential 'back-up' fluid eh.

Only keep stuff that you do eat - & cycle it through regular meals .. there's no value in having a packet of dry beans at the back of the shelf for 12 years and then expecting to eat them when needed - as it will be something like chewing rocks ..

Now .. I buy 1 kg. bags of roast coffee beans three at a time because I'm a real coffee addict - so I keep a supply at hand ready to grind fresh three or four times a day .. But what about if the power & water & sewage & transport & phones & TV & internet are all munted ?

A Trangia lightweight Alcohol Stove:

Now That's a Nice Pair .. A Decent Hand Mill & Stove Top Percolator ..

 - Next to my electric coffee grinder is an efficient hand grinder - and next to my electric jug is a wee alcohol stove and a camping kettle. - In my living room is a log-burner that has a cooking top & it is bolted to the floor - while the wood shed has more than one season's supply of dry firewood.

I reckon that I could live comfortably here for weeks on vegetables from my garden plus what I've got stored in the pantry - plus my scoped & silenced Ruger 10-22 rabbit rifle - without needing any supermarket trips to fight over toilet paper.

- I surely do understand that not everybody has the choice - but why would you live in a city where EVERYTHING you need for life can be turned-off instantly by circumstance or intent?

Duplicated Redundancy is a "belt & braces" meme for a secure life. - If  I was to survive the disaster but my home was totally demolished .. I'd have the garage .. if the garage is destroyed there's always the car .. or I have a couple of sheds to shelter in .. if the sheds are destroyed I can sling my hammock from the strong fence posts in a corner of the garden under a tarp ..

The good old THERMETTE or 'Kelley Kettle':

 I have a gas fired camping cooker - & a gas fired barbecue .. a twig fueled camping stove, a few alcohol burners, a couple of folding Meta Fuel stoves as emergency back-ups. - Be aware that those Metacetaldehyde  fuel tablets are seriously toxic if ingested .. wash your hands eh.

Emergency 'META' Pocket Stove:

I guess that being interested in staying healthy and comfortable can be a sort of hobby when you truly like being alive eh.

NZ gets earthquakes & big winds, UK gets floods, snow, PM Johnston, and they store tons of plutonium, USA is big enough to get all of that despite having only 5 percent of the planets population but that's including Trump.

Even small intellects such as squirrels work hard storing nuts - while bears store-up body fat before the fall. - Farmers plan to store grains & hay for winter - but some city folk queue-up looking for fries with whatever,  when they get hungry.

Marty K.

    Saturday 13 November 2021

    Government Restrictions on Civil Rights:

    I just read this " .. stubborn and stupid are often neighbors .."  - Love it.

     I'm of 'two minds' about firearms regulations .. Perhaps I'm nuanced about regulations imposed over our basic civil rights.

    Everyone has the RIGHT to self defense and to possess whatever they need to protect them self - but criminal nutters should be restricted from access to arms and they ought to receive additional real penalty when convicted of using weapons in any criminal act.

     The earliest New Zealand 1860 ARMS ACT introduced licensing restrictions on civilian ownership of  "ARMS - including any gun, pistol, or other firearm, and any sword, cutlass, pike, bayonet, or other instrument of war."

    That's 161 years ago - enough time to assess it's license effectiveness and success at ending violence against the innocent?

    This futile Act also placed controls on lawful ownership of "Gunpowder or Warlike Stores." - but failed - like all later Gun Control Acts - to include knives, screwdrivers, hammers, .. or indeed motor vehicles and cans of petrol, - acids and alkalis (corrosive drain cleaners) and any other 'domestic items' - such as lengths of timber, pillows, metal pipes, bricks, wrenches, golf-clubs or baseball bats - chain & wire garrotes, poisonous garden plants, saps, archery bows, lumps of brass, - rocks, trained dogs etc. - or even more recent clever Government inventions like nerve agents and contact poisons - commonly used as weapons against the innocent.

    Our latest NZ Government proposed legislation is a disgusting example of 'Doublespeak' suggesting a new Firearms Authority that is 'INDEPENDENT' of the police while being an internal department of the Police ..

    All of these politician's "control acts" share the intent to remove the ability (- POWER) from ordinary law abiding folk to help feed and defend themselves - but do little to inconvenience the ruling classes or their military and police forces - neither do they impress any violent criminals. 

    - The nature of such restrictions is wholly undemocratic .. provided you accept that




    Disarm the people by denying that most basic of human rights and you weaken their ability to remove charlatans, demagogues and dictators from office.

    You can't un-invent anything. - Make as many redundant,  duplicate and duplicitous arms laws as the politicians may claim to be important - but the issue of criminal violence will remain until they address the real problem of criminals and various other brands of psychos by restricting their civil rights .

    I feel that the only effective way to reduce the use of weapons by law breakers is to remove the offenders from society for extended periods of time.

    The worlds Governments might perhaps agree to break-up all of the 14,000 nuclear warheads and to stop making them .. but the knowledge would remain and might be seen any time as an opportunity by greedy criminals & terrorists.

    If an armed population is a polite population .. what sort of society is an unarmed one?

    - Angry, dependent, fearful & threatened,  - offended & opinionated while "knowing it's rights?

    Marty K.

    Friday 12 November 2021

    The Facts Of Life .. I Don't Want To Think About It:

    Image of Evil From Politicians:

    It's interesting that our 'local' Governments are publicly concerned about reducing the number of firearms held by law abiding gun owners while there are real & competing threats to humanity that are largely NOT being dealt with .  

    ONE Reality that our 'leaders' are talking about:

    The end time doom of our world is not much addressed in the media as it would need thought and understanding of complex facts .. but there may be 3 likely ways that mankind will terminate our 300,000 year history of degrading Earth's beauty. - None of the ways are rifles or handguns.

    MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE or 'Global Warming' .. disrupting the cycles of life.

    PANDEMIC (man-made?) spread of an infectious disease epidemic by perhaps a VIRUS.

    NUCLEAR WARFARE causing massive destruction & radiation contamination followed by a Nuclear Winter.

    Another Reality ..
    Coronavirus .. Yet Another Possibility ..

    World leaders have spun their chosen propaganda for 100 years that COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM are wicked inhuman threats to the best use of capital for our good.
     GUNS ARE BAD  .. but the ever present FACT is that it is greedy CAPITALISM that directs us all into a polluted whirlpool of poisonous sludge pouring into our seas and the very air that we need to breath. 

    Confrontation and conflicts arise because someone WANTS what someone else has ..

    - It is the control or "ownership" of resources for profit by the millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires we have allowed to rise into power that is fucking our world .. not the fair distribution of food - healthcare and other resources.
    These "leaders" control what you see and hear on television - and it is THEY who fear you having any guns or independence.


    - Not control & ownership by the powerful and greedy few.

    Are all of our futures truly in the hands of THREE MEN? - The presidents of USA, Russia and China?

    From This ..

    .. to This - 100 Megaton Nuclear Drone Submarine With a 6,200 mile range ..

    Marty K.

    Monday 8 November 2021

    Oh My Gawd It's Fantasy time ..

     Considering that we appear to be entering Christian Biblical END DAYS for New Zealand firearms private ownership - thanks to Jacinda - did you ever try to rationalize that fabled Christianity story? 

    -- There's this superhuman entity that created the whole Universe - all the stars & planets - but he is simultaneously both himself - his father - and the 'Spirit' of his grand-father. - So he tupped his mother who then gave birth to him but remains a virgin despite being married to a Palestinian carpenter called Joseph. So God then performs many wondrous miracles for the locals including raising the dead, making wine, and healing the sick .. but they decide he's an anti-free trade activist so arrange for the Romans to execute him by crucifying but after he's dead he comes back and then goes up to his place Heaven inside the pearly gates up in the clouds where the airplanes, rockets and satellites spin but haven't yet knocked any angel off their seats. - He can change anything he wants .. but doesn't because he wants us to do it all the hard way by developing a "Christian Ethic" and to work for the Bishops, Monarchs & Wealth Creators.

    Currently our immature New Zealand teen-aged girls are sporting Tourette's style tics they have learned caught from "social media" .. no doubt they will be diagnosed as mentally ill victims of colonialism suffering from stress and prescribed with mind altering medications to depress their cerebral functions.

    It's just as well that few here much under the age of fifty are interested in hunting or shooting sports - as they will likely have a record of mental health issues, - both self-me
    dication and prescribed .. body piercing, self-harming and tattoos - but would maintain their "right" to not follow any safety instructions.


    However .. IT IS A FACT that 60 years ago October 30  1961 Russia exploded the largest ever nuclear bomb designed to be 100 megatons but that yielded around half of that. 
    - The fireball grew to 60 miles across and forty miles high.

    It seems that nobody in government at that time was surprised by this massive demonstration of insanity ..

    Marty K.

    Monday 1 November 2021

    Plastic Perfection Practical Partners .. Spelt with a 'G'.

     I really value my Glock G19X .. well I highly score all the Glocks that I've shot - apart from a very early 'compensated' G17L Long-Slide which I never 'clicked' with & that cracked it's barrel at one of the compensator cuts .. No compensator ever worked for me nor enhanced my IPSC results. 

    Might there be some biomechanical  'sweet spot' of the G19X ergonomics at work - with the full size grip frame resonating with the 9mm recoil from the shorter slide assembly? 

    - There certainly is plenty of room on the handle for my fist and the trigger reach puts my squeezer where I'm comfortable.

    - My tan G19X is such a sweet shooting gun that it deserves a special reward to show my appreciation. I did buy a G44 .22" rimfire to keep it company in the gun safe - but that's not truly in the same class as the G19X - despite it working hard to keep-up it remains a bit of a lightweight with it's 10 round magazines eh.

    So I bought a cheapish Casio G-Shock Yellow-White Special Color DW 5600TGA-9 watch. This watch makes me laugh .. it's like horror boxer Butterbean dressed as a Barbie-doll (I bet that would sell).

    Other Colors Are Available ..
    - Well the stupid watch makes me smile - and it's made as strong & simple as a Glock .. it is affordable and it works as dependably as a Glock too .. And it's got 'ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS' printed on it so it must be good eh. - Both tools are practical & robust (tactical if you will - but I'd prefer utilitarian) for edc.

    However you look at it .. 'polymer' for one & "resin" for the other - they both show appropriate use of engineering plastics and are time proven from the mid 1980's.

    In the early days - about forty years back - G.Ges. used to get it's salesmen to throw their pistol onto the concrete and whack that Austrian Army Gen.1 gun with a lump hammer .. chasing it about demonstrating how tough & unmarked it was and still shot "perfectly" .. I did it a few times but got a bit nervous in the end. But I never did have a helicopter available to throw one out of.

    - And I've read tales from a couple of watch reviewers of throwing their DW5600 'G-Shocks' at walls and rolling over them with their truck wheels - so that makes another pairing for the brave or stupid eh.

    So is a G-SHOCK watch the Glock for Time Lords? - Certainly this gear is not for snobby buggers.

    I don't need a "smartwatch" or 'blue-tooth connectivity' .. no atomic time-keeping, GPS, or 'complications'. (nor do I want a 'reflex' red dot sight stuck on top or a torch hanging underneath the Glock).

    It seems these clever folk have sold more than 100 Million G-Shock watches - so either in Coyote Tan or special yellow-white livery - both tools are modern "classics" .. there likely are around 9 Million Glocks built so far.

    Look - If it makes you happy - DO IT - we are only here for a while eh - and smiling makes you feel better every time - and you can practice any time.

    Marty K.