Saturday 30 April 2022


 Back in 'The Old Days' of the nineties .. when I was active as a licensed gun enthusiast and Dealer - having a NZ Firearms License was an indicator of quality & trustworthiness - perhaps even 'status' as a high quality law abiding citizen. - Maybe "Worthy" covers the value of that Government awarded License - that you had to attend training courses and pass tests to be considered 'fit & proper' to hold.

Where I had once been welcomed into the innermost Armories, Control Centers, and Firing Ranges in both New Zealand and Canberra - they now seek every opportunity to cancel licenses - and want to strip bare my costly certified home security.

Currently the value of a F.Lic. has been entirely reversed in the eyes of our government and their Police Service. - Lawful Firearms owners are now regarded as PARIAH DOGS in our society - to be kicked and stoned with regulations designed to repulse and drive us away as unwanted by management.

Conversely - the obsessive & avaricious millionaires are now upheld as saintly examples and exemplars to be admired and valued in their glory as the very pinnacles of humanity with power and success.

The reality of their accumulated wealth is money lending as 'bankers' - 'take-overs', - tax avoidance through loopholes, - and the use of computer algorithms to skim-off further takings from the nation, being a resource to feed their obsessive greed mentality.

We seem to be living in an era of CORRUPTION being presented as excellence by the millionaire controlled MEDIA.

There needs to be a complete 're-set' of the rules smothering our lives - and a return to more straight forward LAW that respects our RIGHTS and THE TRUTH.

One starting point would be the ending of "Parliamentary Privilege" that protects the liars.

- Then the founding of an Upper House CITIZENS ASSEMBLY - peopled for limited single terms - by SORTITION . This was called DEMOCRACY by the Ancient Athenians.

It's up to YOU,

Marty K.

Tuesday 26 April 2022

Ram Raids Fashionable Now:

 Oh My .. It truly isn't very funny is it - but our media focus has temporally shifted to trainee gangs of teenagers using stolen cars to crash their way into Mall Retail stores and grabbing anything of value - while causing horrendous damage to businesses. - I won't try the joke about police running a "Buy-Back" for high powered automatic cars.

I'd guess that these juvenile yobos will have little fear of being caught as they know that a gentle slap on the wrist with a wet bus-ticket is the worst penalty they might face .. while they might be sentenced to have an all expenses paid holiday with their mates that is designed to enhance their life experience.

The country needs MORE JUDGES, MORE POLICE, & MORE PRISONS to put 'em away and keep them there .. Sure - give them reading & writing lessons and help get them their Driving LICENCES while inside if that's useful, - but give them proper sentences that will stop them doing crime over & over & over ..


- New Zealand? .. From 1 July 2019, 17-year olds became part of the youth justice system. Charges for 17-year olds, filed from 1 July onwards, are treated and counted as ‘child and young person’ charges, and are not included in the adult statistics; they are included in the ‘child and young person’ statistics. Charges filed prior to this date are ‘adult’ charges and are therefore included in these statistics.

Yeah .. So if three 17 year-olds break in and steel your gun after beating the crap out of you - they are treated as children.

Marty K.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

The "Hoi Polloi" - That Was Us ..

A good friend of 73 years duration from UK just died. - Michael & I started infant school together on the same day back in 1949 and remained mates until last Saturday.

We smoked our first cigarettes together - were 'altar-boys' at Quex Road Sacred Heart Church together, dated our first girls together, - and even both ended-up buying houses in High Wycombe in the late 60s just around the corner from each other - after we married our pick of the London girls.

Unlike me .. he actually believed all the old guff taught by the priests and nuns to keep themselves in comfortable luxury .. I only joined the altar boys to go to their Christmas party.

He passed his daughter a message for me in New Zealand from his Stoke Mandeville Hospital bed - "See you on the other side." - Yeah, see ya Mick.


60 Million of us die every year in this world, this is an ordinary event .. We come & we go.

Here's interesting - I just heard somebody use that phrase "hoi polloi" - so I looked it up. - According to Wikipedia  Hoi Polloi is ancient Greek for the many .. whereas hoi oligoi  refers to 'the few' who, when ruling over us we call an oligarchy.

So thinking about all this crap - it occurs to me that we Brits, and Kiwis living as subjects of a monarchy - are also ruled by a oligarchy - it's not just 'The Russians' .. how else could you describe the 766 privileged nobs making law in England's House Of Lords? 

- They get paid around NZ$700 a day for just signing in to eat their subsidized lunches while guarded by armed police .. That lot certainly think of we ordinary working folk as being the "Hoi Polloi" or "Plebs."

Our often armed NZ Police reckon that the number of LEGAL guns here is going down following them spending more than $100 MILLION of our money on confiscations under their "BUY BACK" scheme.

- Of Course the number of illegal guns held as weapons remains an "unknown" despite the INCREASING number of criminal shootings.  Doubtless there may be a degree of 'Natural Selection' resulting from the criminal violent use of offensive weapons by readily identifiable drug dealers and gang members - together with the increasing use of deadly force by our law enforcement employees.

The latest FIFTY PAGES OF EXTRA REGULATIONS police management propose to apply to registered gun club ranges that are used for firearms safety training are - without a shadow of doubt - intended to shut-down sport shooting in New Zealand .. and must urgently be COMPLETELY REJECTED by all Shooters Organizations.


Marty K.

Sunday 17 April 2022

Easter Holidays - Unionism & Gun Club Ranges:

 My first job as a fresh English emigrant in Christchurch 1976, was with a plastics manufacturer - and it was a real eye-opener. 

- Sitting at afternoon smoko  .. the blue-overalled service engineer was complaining that he was going to have to drive up to the Marlborough Sounds TWICE over the coming weekend because he had to tow his caravan up to his holiday batch to accommodate extra guests .. as well as needing to tow his powerboat up for the fishing in the sun over the two weeks of vacations.

Admittedly this joker had been in the country for a couple of decades since landing from the heavily populated Netherlands - but I had to observe that he was "doing OK" when compared to the average European or British worker we had left up there. 

When I explained my happy wonderment that he was raising a flock of Kiwi college kids - owned his own home - plus a powerful motorcar - a caravan - a fiberglass outboard powered fishing boat - and a holiday home on that popular vacation coast .. he laughed and said that the kids and his wife all had part-time jobs to help and that they'd only flown back to visit their family in Holland a couple of times since becoming New Zealanders.

Dare I point-out that this was the "bad-old Days" when New Zealand had ten times as many sheep as people and 'Compulsory Trade Unionism' - that was being condemned by Right Wing Politicians and newspapers as .. the "UNIONS ARE RUINING THE COUNTRY".

- We also had 'State Housing' at low rentals to prevent homelessness, - No housing shortages - Low interest 'State Housing Corporation' First Home mortgage loans, - and our cheap "green" electric power was supplied from hydro-dams built with taxation dollars & run by the (State Owned) Ministry Of Energy.

I have had people angrily argue that I am dreaming - when I recall that in the months before a BOAC Boeing 747 carried us with our two young kids all the way around the world to Auckland - one monthly figure reported for Christchurch had been just 1 person unemployed.

And not a 'foodbank' in sight ..

Thankfully? - This awful socialist nightmare was ended by the reforms of the 1980s, that privatized power generation and much else - and changed the laws to prevent the Trade Unions from continuing to hold back the economy.


I'm not saying that everything was better then .. but a side of lamb for $5 from the Supermarket was a good start - as was my first 'Two-Two' S/A Rabbit Rifle bought from a Police & Customs Auction for $40 ..

New Zealand Police Management have presented  50 Pages of new regulations, restrictions and prohibitions - to limit and close our Firearms RANGES that are used for SAFETY TRAINING of gun owners. - They apparently want them ALL closed-down.

I wonder if the police's own ranges and the military firing ranges will be covered by these same new rules?



Marty K.

Thursday 14 April 2022


 It is most ODD that the reasons stated by our Authorities wanting to record firearms details are seldom the truth. The first regulations introduced in 1860 was claimed to be something to do with revolution in Russia or the Crimean War .. and the next lot of restrictions in 1920 was touted as being for "Crime Prevention" - while in reality our British Administration was very concerned that our heroic military survivors returning from THE GREAT WAR would be infected with hopes of freedom and democracy .. from contagious association with the Bolshevik Russian Revolutions of 1917 AND that they would have brought back empowering GUNS in their kit-bags souvenired from the battlefields and trenches - where they might have discovered a degree of personal self-worth and independence.

I'm not going to try list ALL the various Government gun law changes and introductions of new restrictions on our Basic Civil Rights - as it gets way too complicated with our Police management drip-feeding additional NEW LAWS just about every month currently - while naturally ignoring the Enquiry Court's recommendations regarding police failings in the administration of Firearms Licensing.


I bought a relic WWII revolver last year - A VICTORY MODEL Smith & Wesson 38.

When 'permitted' & purchased the seller told me that this old tool had been registered as having a 'Serial Number' that was actually a production number stamped on the cylinder crane AND also the true Serial Number prefixed with a 'V' (for VICTORY Model).

Now I had indeed earlier heard tell of this fable .. that many pistols here in New Zealand were each registered with exactly that same part number stamped on the crane rather than the proper number that was hidden on the frame under the stock slabs or "grips". 

- I sold this revolver again after deciding that it was surplus to my needs and merely cluttering my gun safe. I advertised it on PNZ Trading Post. - All 'above board' and 100% legal - the target shooter new owner even happily sent me an image of his first target results - all in the x10 Ring.

THEN CAME THE 'PHONE CALL - and a follow-up e-mail from police asking for help with their registration records. - I'll try to 'anonymize' this as the officer seems to be a good guy trying to sort things out.

"needing more info to work out who actually has what, as I can so far find at least 2 S&W’s with similar numbers and that are in the wrong places.  - Can you clarify for me who you got it from?"

- Hmm Obviously Firearms Registration is an Invaluable Tool in CRIME PREVENTION eh.

Here is a link to a history story of NZ Gun Registration:

- We law abiding gun owners have a MASSIVE problem here in New Zealand. - Currently we are regarded by deluded Police management - the 'Media' and by our elected politicians as being scum-of-the-earth potential killers and murderers - while these same national 'leaders' and opinion makers seem to consider criminal drug dealers and gang member-prison inmates, as down-trodden victims of colonialism - worthy of financial subsidy and privileged treatment.

Now - talking about the vague people. It is a sad FACT that exactly half of our population has below average intelligence. This places a real responsibility on we gun owners and shooters to be patient and to help them understand the realities of life. 

It is possible that the abhorrent invasion of Ukraine by Russian military is opening some eyes to their personal lack of knowledge about firearms & weaponry.

Marty K.

P.S. - If you have a new puppy .. here is an idea for naming it ..

It seems that the Ukrainians are having such success using their Turkish supplied Bayraktar TB2 loitering drones against Russian tanks - that they are writing songs and naming newborns after them ..

It surely is a funny old world eh.

Friday 8 April 2022

Jacinda, United Nations & Power:

 If you shoot a '45' - Won't you be at risk of demolishing nearby buildings? - but if you instead rely on a smaller 9mm .. Won't your bullets just bounce off the bad guys?

Opinions that you see and hear from the millionaire owned news media are not always based on truth.

Power can be a fun debate, to enjoy at your favorite bar after the day's work is over - but keep it light eh. - If you are going to debate other important stuff like politics and religion - better stick to coffee and keep the volume down eh ..

- Up in "The Mother Country" UK - they are referring to the nation's 'top three' Tory Millionaire "Leaders" as 'BODGER'(Johnson) - "FISHY"(Rishi Sunak) - and 'SMUG'(Rees-Mogg).

It seems that 'Fishy's' wife (who is richer than the Queen) has resided in UK for some 15 years and is 200 MILLION Pounds wealthier this year than last,  .. having been exposed as a "non-dom" resident for taxation avoidance purposes  - now volunteers to PAY UK tax on her wealth .. if we insist.


A Million seconds is 11 Days

A BILLION seconds is 31.71 YEARS ..

A TRILLION seconds is more than 31,688 YEARS and 269 days.

You might have seen some folk blaming our current ANTI-GUN law changes on "horse-face" and The United Nations - or sometimes on "communist lefties" - but the moves towards these illogical Gun regulations had been around for decades earlier and were born of the cuts in government spending on police resources, - cuts that themselves were directed by TAX REDUCTION for Corporate Business interests to enhance their PROFIT.

- What would anyone expect to happen - when you drastically reduce Law Enforcement in a 'free society'?

- Would you expect people suffering from similar cuts in their education and employment opportunities to stand in line promising to behave better - so as not to embarrass the overworked police?

Have you heard the name 'BLACKROCK' - or are you familiar with 'VANGUARD' in the chatter during smoko breaks?

Hmm .. perhaps not eh - but those Corporates have grown truly very big in what happens in our lives ..

Blackrock - controlled by a bloke called 'Larry Fink' - is a finance investment outfit worth above 13 TRILLION DOLLARS .. Money Lenders. - This is bigger than the economies of either Japan or Germany - while Vanguard comes in second at over 7 Trillion Dollars. - They are very influential in Government policies. -These non-government organizations exist only to take profits for their owners.

Of course in our world now, there are individual Billionaires who are racing forward to becoming 'Trillionaires' in their own rights.

- Say you had one Billion Dollars and you invested it in a safe, no-risk bank account at 3% - that would give you $82,191 a day - EVERY DAY - and growing.

A Trillion is a Thousand Billion - or, - a Million Millions.

- So we are cutting the top taxes that are needed to pay for essential Health Care, Education, Pensions & Police - to increase the wealth of these privileged gang members living at the top of our heap.

- OR, would you perhaps prefer for our lives to be administered by a direct democratic system such as a 'Citizens Assembly'?

Time to wake-up to all this stuff & start THINKING - and VOTING.

Marty K.