Tuesday 28 April 2020


Hmm - If you think politics is boring I'm sorry - but if you would like to continue owning your valuable firearms and enjoying shooting sports into the long term future - you will have to bite the bullet .. lock'n'load - and see that your powder is kept dry while you 'scope-out the political scene.

 So - how many Political Parties are there for FIT & PROPER LICENSED FIREARMS OWNERS to chose from and support with our votes?

Mix Those Colours All Together & You Get a Crappy Brown ..

Firstly - there are those FIVE parties currently in Parliament to pick from - then there are more than another 110 wanna-be's swirling around in kiwi society .. while it swirls down the plug-hole.

There are more than 115 different Political Parties (present & past) in New Zealand .. plus other "movements" that have not yet registered as political parties .. that's almost as many political parties as there are politicians in power/parliament here ..

- you can research it yourself here:


''Spoiled for Choice"? .. maybe - but the issue I'm concerned with is shooter's rights and how to get them back .. These career bums from either side in parliament are much like Tweedledum & Tweedledee  with their short-term interest in staying in power with another term of easy money.
Alice with Tweedledum & Tweedledee:

I've always thought that it was THE ISSUES that were the issue .. not the colour of your logo and rosettes .. but the pollies have worked-out that we apes are a tribal lot who get emotionally glued to some type of belief and then seem happiest when we have a crowd of fellows to cuddle up to ..
ROA Only Here 'cos It's So Pretty Out Of The Box:

- But we have got to work with what we've got - for the moment anyway.

Right now the only chance to return some sanity and logic to NZ Firearms Law is to vote strategically .. This is the only chance that we've got to restore sense to our gun laws ..

If we do manage priority A - then we will need to fight to restore DEMOCRACY to New Zealand by kicking-out those smug overpaid career politicians.

The New Zealand Labour Party currently has ONLY 14,000 paid-up members.

- Would it be rude of me to point-out that if less than 6% of the 246,000 F.licence holders .... a mere 14,100 of the 246,000  NZ Licensed Firearms Owners - joined the NZ Labour Party .. THEY COULD CONTROL IT .. & it's firearms policy .. & the present Government.

Shooters need to join the political party of their choice and start to work from within to fix the rules of gun ownership - AS A RIGHT as set-out in the British Bill of Rights 1688.

Next I think that a Second NZ Upper House in Parliament formed as a CITIZENS ASSEMBLY might be a strong democratic advance .. The exact opposite to that "House of Privilege" for the British Lords & aristocracy ..
Enough British Lords (787) To Clog A Main Sewer -

It's strange how anyone with an idea here sets-off to form a NEW group rather than to work from inside of an already established outfit.
Marty K.



Saturday 25 April 2020

Something 'PC' To Do With A Metric BOLT - File Handles & Cannon:

Tools for a lifetime .. or the evolution of a stainless steel metric bolt 

.. I was wandering around a
 big hardware store when I spotted a very attractive & inspirational  M16 x 120 mm (austenitic - non-magnetic) stainless steel bolt .. and I really enjoyed it's impressive heft .. yup I'm like that 😏  .. these things are so handy .. not cheap but .. handy.
- you can learn something new every day eh ..

.. Personal Safety is exactly that .. YOUR business .. nobody else's - but of course government agencies such as OSH are set-up to save the government having to give back some of your money - aiming to reduce compensation claims and medical bills etc.

 - Some political 'leaders' also like to seem to "do something" .. to Prohibit & Ban stuff from legal ownership .. apparently it is for our benefit as lawful citizens not to own anything important or useful eh. 

Now - I've noticed that lots of folk are kinda slow learners and you will see guys (mostly) pick-up a metal cutting file in a workshop and use it without a handle ... until they feel the sticky-tacky blood between their pinkies. 

My stainless steel SAFETY FILE HANDLE is engineered from these M16 bolts to give lifetimes of protection from the danger of injury.
 (5.7mm) Safety File Handle:

This Safety File Handle is thru-bored - in 5.7 mm (7/32") and counter-bored to fit various file tangs. - Machined from substantial quality stainless steel - it enhances your personal  health & safety with environmentally friendly long-lasting steel.


So that was my first 're-purposing' of an M16 bolt - as safety equipment - my second project started while admiring my first - the safety file handles ... What if I fitted a chase girdle & TRUNNIONS at the pivot point and used a strengthened dome-nut with a drilled TOUCH HOLE or vent?
 - That would make a black-powder bolt/-cannon ready to mount onto a wooden carriage eh.
Parts Of A Cannon:

I fully appreciate that an M16 stainless steel bolt, re-purposed as a miniature cannon won't be in the same class as a 'Weatherby'  nor even a Ruger .. but it could be interesting to develop as a working model eh ..


- I think that doesn't look too bad for an M16 bolt .. the cannon measures 130 mm from muzzle to cascable. (just over 5 inches)

.. I'm actually trying to learn how to "turn" in my garage using an antique 31/2 inch Drummond lathe .. and getting my holes drilled/bored straight through without "run-out" is an issue so far.

- I've also 'discovered' work hardening of stainless steel that makes further machining almost impossible 😅.

You know something? - I always reckoned that metal-working engineers were underpaid for their skill level - in my day some of them could work to half of one thousandth of an inch.

Marty K.

Rod says: Work hardening of stainless is a pain but it can be reduced by slow spindle speeds, cutting oil and sharp tools (slower is quicker!).  Similarly, drill run-off can be prevented by the use of professionally sharpened drills of progressive diameters (drills should only be about 3-4mm bigger at each pass), slow speeds and cutting oil.  There are many grades of stainless steel and the best grade for machining is 303.  Most stainless bolts are 316 which is tough and prone to work-hardening.  Tungsten carbide tooling is best but it may be a problem on a small lathe as it use requires good rigidity in the machine. A chap by the surname Spary has written some very good books for amateur lathe operators.  Have a look online ....Stay safe

Hi Rod, - Thanks for the tips .. I'll follow through but I have already gone to the lowest spindle speeds now on my cheap pillar drill ...Trying to use the tail-stock to drill on lathe is problem for me - as the small hand turned drill feed handle is too hard for me to rotate .. maybe i need to adapt with some sort of extra leverage?

The tail-stock problem is caused by trying to use blunt drills or too large cut (hence my earlier mention of 3-4mm steps).  As an example, drilling a 12 mm hole in a tough stainless shaft, use the following sequence;  centre drill, 3-4mm pilot drill, 6-7mm second drill, 9-10mm third drill, 11.5mm fourth drill, 12mm finish on slowest speed to get nice finish, all done with good cutting oil ... Cheers  Rod

- Much appreciated Rod - have a well deserved "cold one".

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Angry Shooters Can Mean Effective Voters:

I've been trying to write pro-gun positive stories here now for a while - and since last year's "emergency forced buy-back laws" - I am hearing many angry raised voices from FIT & PROPER Licensed Shooters -

Angry at what police spokespersons have been saying about shooters & their guns

Angry at being made to feel guilty and as if in some way responsible for the awful March 15 shootings

Angry at our Prime Minister rushing through futile ill-conceived & punitive law changes with minimal debate

Angry about valuable sporting firearms being PROHIBITED and destroyed.

Angry at being disrespected and classed with criminal GANGS by Police Association Leadership

Angry at Police for issuing that Australian Racist Murderer with a Firearms Licence

- Crusading Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern continues to lead New Zealand through these troubled times in a manner that is gaining her admiration worldwide .. and anyone wasting their anger by calling her names & cussing while dreaming-up insults to shout at her - is just ineffectively spitting into the wind.

Yes the law changes are stupid & wrong.
Yes New Zealand Licensed Shooters are a law-abiding & select group - blameless of those awful murders.
Yes we are being treated unfairly & undemocratically ..

.. But the non-shooting public largely support the Prime Minister's actions - & if we have any hope of restoring justice we will need to block-vote for the one political party that opposed these law changes in parliament & which has a chance to influence the balance of power there ..
- All that anger will be just so much 'howling at the moon' unless we stop pointing in every which way direction ... we need to steadily focus our rage on the one action that can help restore effective & fair firearms legislation.

An election Party Vote for David Seymour's act party can work .. please try to persuade your shooting mates to also understand this one chance.
You don't need anyone to say this .. but united we stand ...

& Please get your family & mates to join SSANZ - we need numbers - it's only $20 but it all helps to fight the cause.

Marty K.

P.S. In Canada - following the Nova Scotia shooting murders - their 'Public Safety Minister' is signalling that he will introduce similar rushed BANS on "assault rifles" together with stricter storage requirements and "bans" on handguns etc etc ....

Monday 20 April 2020

Govt WEAPONS are Dangerous - But Who's Got The Most Plutonium?

I know that the Government and "Media" .. together with some of our top police bosses - keep telling everyone how dangerous gun owners and their guns are to the rest of us - but that really takes a huge dose of  DOUBLE THINK to accept.
.. because it is the government and the police who are the ONLY big users of  weapons in New Zealand. - Our Licensed Firearms users have only sporting guns for hunting - clay shooting and target shooting on gun ranges.
.. Criminal Gangs Also Like To Have Weapons For Their Security:

Just for a laugh .. I thought we'd see how many of you endangered shooters can say where in this beautiful world is the biggest store of plutonium .. "the  most dangerous toxic substance  currently known to man"? - Ralph Nader quote ( - try Novichok nerve agentPolonium or that Australian favourite Thallium ..)

Obviously it has to be one of the BIG POWERS with plutonium .. but which one?

USA - Russia - UK - China - North Korea - France - India - Pakistan - Israel ..? - That lot have between them some 14,000 NUCLEAR WARHEADS

 - so which of those nuclear governments has got the biggest store of PLUTONIUM ?

Look - I won't drag it out for too long & bore everyone - as my main point is - that the reason we don't know this stuff is because our media journalists won't talk or think about the really serious issues.

It's a sort of denial thing .. don't think about it and maybe it'll go away eh.
THORP Plutonium Repository Cumbria:

So most British New Zealanders may be surprised to know that the largest & ever growing dump in the world - of some 140 tons of plutonium - that costs more than 200 million dollars a year just to store 'securely' - is held by the mother country GREAT BRITAIN.


I think that they are currently a bit embarrassed by this massive Sellafield Cumbria coastal nuclear facility & dump - PLUS of course - the 100,000 tons of URANIUM  that they also have stockpiled around the UK.
 - These figures are constantly rising so I may be a little out of date ..
Coastal Cumbria UK - Worlds Largest Stock Of PLUTONIUM.

- So we and our elected representatives all focus on GUNS and their dangers to society ...

Nuclear Free & proudly British New Zealand. - Don't think about it & it may 'go away'.

It's really strange that 21st Century communication is now SO easy with free web-cam video calls around the world anytime you want ... but real information in this I.T. era is so lacking.

Marty K.

Sunday 19 April 2020

Pandemic SURVIVORS .. Re-Posted:

Is it a good time to re-post this piece about pandemics?

Over three years between 1975 and 1977 - The BBC showed a very popular TV series 'SURVIVORS' that ran to 38 episodes before being cut for "lack of funding".

Survivor's story line was about a flu-like deadly pandemic that decimates the world's population before any remedial action can be taken .. and their theme has the disease accidentally escaping from a research laboratory in Asia and rapidly spreading around the world by infected air travellers.

- the few survivors flee from the cities and try to build small subsistence communities while relearning rural living skills ..

Written by Terry Nation - I've always thought that this original series was excellent and very thought provoking - So much so that I am the proud owner of the BBCs boxed multi DVD set!(Amazon records that I bought the set 4th April 2013 .. Great value shipped for NZ$40 ).

- Mostly filmed in rural Herefordshire locations .. apart from the dated '70s model cars - this primer for preppers has aged well.'

Paperback Terry Nation Book:

- And now I also have a 2008 paperback of the book (first published in 1976).

 Terry Nation was a great writer who invented the Daleks , Doctor Who, and Blakes 7 as well as Survivors.

The book too is well worth your time - while the final section (Book3) is totally different to the TV Series.

( - The paper-back's cover-illustrations are from the much later 2008 TV "remake")

There are quiet a lot of guns featuring throughout the original series - mostly shotguns - but also rifles, military semi-autos that seem to be FN.FAL  (L1A1 SLR?) - and some handguns.. plus crossbows.
Greg & Abby:

The later 2008 Survivors is different again from both the book and original TV Series.

- It has the  same main story characters and general pandemic disease story line - but I feel its twelve episodes suffer in comparison with the '75-'77 version and is less memorable. - And it seems that the producers felt the same - as it was chopped early.

I see that there is a audio-book available from Big Finish Productions too.

Anyone watching or reading Terry Nations story must have their eyes opened to just how vulnerable organised society might be to "the plague" - certainly it has happened before,

 - even as recently as the influenza PANDEMIC of 1918 - That virus may have killed 100 million people worldwide.

No other event has ever killed so many (8,600) New Zealanders in such a short - two months period.

Marty K.

Friday 17 April 2020


Wikipedia says:

"In lawfraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right."

In New Zealand we have THE SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE ..

The Serious Fraud Office investigates and prosecutes serious or complex financial crime so that New Zealand is a safe place to invest and do business.
The SFO’s physical office is currently closed as a result of COVID-19. 
The SFO website says:
There is no legally binding definition of corruption in New Zealand.  - The definition used by the Asia Development Bank is:
"Behaviour on the part of officials in the public or private sector in which they improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves or those close to them, or induce others to do so, by misusing the position in which they are placed".

Minister responsible for SFO

The Government transferred ministerial responsibility to the Minister of Police from the Attorney-General in 2009. The change was made to promote coordination among law enforcement agencies.  
act Party Leader David Seymour was the only MP to oppose the forced buy-back of military-style semi-automatics in the wake of the March 15 mosques massacre in Christchurch.

Jacinda Ardern said the legislation further restricting guns in the country will enshrine in law that owning a firearm is a "privilege” rather than a right.

There is a General Election coming.

Marty K.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

"Smart" Electronic Defences:

- Around five past every hour following the hourly news - Radio NZ National repeats a COVID-19 health message "from your Government" - I note that this message - tailored for your well-fare - is just about - word-for-word - the same as those run on British LBC radio in London. - Who copied who?

My old 110 kg cat eats more than I do .. Oops I need to deduct my weight from the moving analogue bathroom scale reading eh - that's a five kilo old queen cat .. but she still eats a lot .. Definitely she gobbles down much more raw hearty-beef and veal mince than I do 😺.
- From time to time a sneak-thief feline from across the paddock creeps-in through the cat-flap and cleans up Lulu's bowl .. my cobber 'J' says that I need to modernise and get an electronically barred feline security door that releases by scanning the cats security ID chip .. but that would entail taking the old lady to the nearest vet by appointment .. to have her modified.

- and then I'd have to wait for the COVID-19 virus lock-down to end so that a builder might install the battery powered A.I electronic RFID security entry block into my laundry door .. & then I'd have to ask someone like 'J' to program the RFID electronics and test the function by crawling through the wee door - Too much trouble & expense eh - easier just to put the cat's bowl into the fridge ..

So ...  'No names - no pack drill'  but a friend who shall be nameless - who loves his electronics - his home has multiple surveillance cameras recording all movement, - intruder alert lighting, burglar alarms - voice activated room lighting & other multi-functions etc all remotely accessed and viewable-changeable by 'phone from anywhere on the planet ..

"Nn-npd' had a bike .. no ordinary bike but a customised quality go anywhere machine that he had extensively upgraded with heat-seeking satellite guided radar-assisted fire control - information technology and direction finding - distance travelled and average speeds computer-recorded - constant video caching with full hi-fi sound recording - strobe/security blinking lights, - cruise control and automatic tyre re-inflation and auto-rain detecting wipers .. Yeah all right - I'm exaggerating about the tyres & wipers.

.. It got stolen.
Naturally Nn-npd's electronic virtual security recorded the theft - Scumbag sneaking up drive into garage - mounting 'Pegasus' and riding-off. - Yes the cameras recorded this costly incursion but the low angle sunlight produced only a silhouette I.D image .. well even low IQ scumbags know enough to pull their hoodies down over their pinheads .. I bet the creep wasn't even wearing a certified bicycle safety helmet.
PEGASUS Was Most Wonderful To Behold:

OF COURSE naturally the police are largely disinterested by-standers to this event - despite having used Nn-npd's satellite linked & atomic-clock timed security video virtual recording previously to calculate that a sadly departed motorcyclist had accelerated to over 180 kph from a traffic stop before terminal impact .. clever eh.

- Mind you .. if you leave your electric remote control garage door wide open some scumbags see that as an open invitation.

- What is the point of an infra-red camera that can record a virtual image of low-life creeping around your house - Wouldn't a locked gate that physically limits entry be better?

.. especially if you have guns or valuables at home


Jacinda's Laughing:
Virtual Security: Having the urgent police contact number in your phone contacts list ..
Real Security: Four armed DPS Police officers in two cars outside your home with engines running 24/7 .. Link:


And further - dare I note that a recent study points-out the bloody obvious that a firearm IS more effective than Bear Spray against Grizzly Bear and Black or Brown or Kodiak or Polar ursis ..


Marty K.

Saturday 11 April 2020

Flint & Steel Fire Making - Part 2 TINDER & Kindling:

WARNING: 'PRIMITIVE' Fire Making  seems to be a bit addictive for survivalists - preppers - hunters & campers / trampers outdoorsy types one'n'all ..

If you struggle to get a fire started using "flint & steel" - the issue will likely be your TINDER .. (NOT THE BLOODY DATING WEBSITE):

I need to be clear about tinder and kindling - as they are different - or they need to be very different stuff. - Tinder such as dry char-cloth, punk-wood or ARMADOU fungus - ground-up or processed into a sort of cloth is the stuff you need to get it going (Otzi The Iceman had it in his pockets when found) - perhaps the easiest stuff for you to get is cotton wool balls from the chemist or dollar-shop - and you can make things work even better by smearing your balls with a little  Vaseline  ... as fuel.

tinder needs to have fine small particles with large surface areas ('light & fluffy' does it ..) that will catch a spark and then react to heat by starting to burn or at least GLOW or smoulder and smoke .. It mostly is natural materials like fine plant fibres or dried fungus.

Kindling (NOT THE BLOODY WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS FROM DRUGS & ALCOHOL !) is fine dry grassy-feathery wood shavings then small twigs or sliced dry wood 'splinters' that will next readily take fire from the tinder .. then you can gently add progressively larger stuff as the fire gets going ..

There truly does seem to be almost a non-theist (or atheist?) religion around fire-making .. with multiple gods to be worshipped and loyally presented with burnt offerings flaring in the night-time wilderness .. It's great eh.
I can almost get where religion comes from ..

Wikipedia says:   Archaeology
Evidence for fire making dates to at least the Middle Palaeolithic, with dozens of Neanderthal hand axes from France exhibiting use-wear traces suggesting these tools were struck with the mineral pyrite to produce sparks around 50,000 years ago. At the Neolithic (that's 12,000 years ago) site of La Draga, researchers have found that fungi was used as tinder. - Hearths are one of the most common features found at archaeological sites.
.. Those old Cavemen and cavewomen must have been expert at the knowledge & skills needed to survive and thrive eh .. they didn't have any social support services.

- This next video is not very well recorded - BUT it's expert fire-making fact content is great;


It's all a load of fun eh - but in this hi-tech 21st Century a Bic lighter works fairly well for pagans ..

Have fun - Be Happy - and stay safe

Neolithic Fungi for readers: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5918798/

Marty K.

Friday 10 April 2020

Flint & Steel Ignition? - I Never Really 'Got It':

Well I confuse easily .. it's the Irish in me 😃.

How do you confuse an Irishman? .. Show him two shovels and tell him to take his pick

Whenever I saw something written about flint fire-making I'd pay attention but I wasn't getting anywhere but was confused. - But NOW I know why ..

Making fire from rocks can work in both directions .. depending on the rocks or minerals: BINGO!

There's THREE separate & different methods ..
If one of your rocks is the grey marcasite form of "fools gold" iron pyrite - it has sulfer (sulphur) in it. - FeS is an iron sulfide.

A/- "Two Stones Method"If you strike your lump of marcasite/iron pyrite with a different HARD sharp edged rock or a piece of steel it will give weakish sparks that last a little because of the sulfur content of the pyrite .. It works.

B/-  But the later more modern system from the Romans times - was from the other direction - where the hard sharp 'flint' or chert stone was used to scrape or knock sparks of molten metal from hard high-carbon steel .. It works.
You Can Strike The Steel With The Flint OR Strike The Flint With The Steel ..
You might Use Other Hard Material Than Flint - Such As Diamond, Quartz ..

C/-  'Ferro-Rods' are something else again .. much more modern & scientific .. 'Ferrocerium'  is a synthetic  pyrophoric alloy invented in 1903 .. made from iron and a rare earth element cerium  .. don't worry about it - but when you use a hardened steel striker on a ferro-rod (or even a sharp flint works on ferro) - it throws really hot strong iron sparks .. It works.

- This ferrocerium is the same 1903 stuff that sparks the gas in your Bic or Zippo lighters - so a ferro-rod isn't really primitive fire lighting eh .. but it will do - and does do the job, even when wet.

Note: that black surface on a ferro-rod is a protective coating that you need to first SCRAPE OFF.

I can learn something new every day ..

Worth watching:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZsS343rkWk


Wow .. now that's cleared-up - I feel much better.

So your flint-lock firearms used system B/-  a hard sharp flint rock to scrape or rip molten steel sparks from the high-carbon hard steel frizzen onto the gun powder in the pan.

- And that was more or less how guns worked for around 400 years.

Flint & Steel is a technique that uses FRICTION generated heat .. as do Magnesium Fire Starters but with highly flammable magnesium tinder first scraped from a block of that metal. - A fire flame is a mixture of incandescent gases often brightly luminous. The solid or liquid fuel materials do not burn - but have to be first turned to gas vapour by the heat from the sparks and ignited.

Marty K.

Wednesday 8 April 2020

First or Third World Nation?

So the long delayed Public Enquiry findings state that New Zealand's Government EARTH QUAKE COMMISSION was poorly prepared to deal with an earthquake .. & many repairs to damaged homes are inadequate - substandard and were underfunded ..
How can A Govt Agency Specifically Set-Up to Deal With A Serious Issue 
- Be Poorly Prepared To Do That?

Some 10,000 stored face masks badly needed to help preserve basic hygiene from viral cross infection have been found stored & unusable due to the degraded and perished elastic headbands ..
Many of our essential HOSPITALS are neglected failing buildings needing urgent upgrading

Front line essential supermarket food staff are reporting that "customers" are abusing them. There are increasing reports of racial abuse, spitting, scratching, - persons throwing baskets at staff and acting in a stressed manner ..
.. While their shop management are claiming government emergency funding but NOT passing it on

A friend once said -

While our privileged beneficiary leaders concentrate on their own re-election chances - by being seen to do something - rather than working at the long term essentials - there is little hope of a better sustainable life.

Those abusive sub-human scum are likely from that underclass who normally feed on take-aways & fast food washed down with fizzy canned drink - or beer - not by cooking meals from real food .. could it be that their recreational pills and smokes are also in reduced supply?

Starting right at the top at government level - way too many big salary earners here "pay lip service only" - happily taking the money but not doing the job.

New Zealand IS a beautiful country of the 1st Level but we can do better - much better.

COVID-19 is not the only sickness spoiling our lives ..  try corrupt greed - disinterested apathy - laziness - and neglected, poorly trained low IQ's .. & you then get what we seem to also suffer from - antisocial uncontrolled scum behaving like famished sewer rats.

We need to re-establish decent basic non-p.c standards of behaviour. - It's not just Firearms Law that needs restoring ..

Properly fund our essential Health Services
Increase police numbers
Close the tax loopholes
Confirm The RIGHT to self-defence
Build Prisons to keep the scum off our streets
Re-introduce CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for murderers

.. It will take time to fix it all - but I am volunteering to push the drop button or to throw the high current switch.

Marty K.