Tuesday 31 March 2015

"Shot" Sheep Were Killed By Dogs - Not Guns:

Radio New Zealand today (Wednesday April 1) interviewed the Police Otago Coastal Area Commander Jason Guthrie about last Junes reported "shooting deaths" of 215 sheep.

The sheep were found killed over two consecutive weekends on two Ngapara farm properties inland from Oamaru - and was reported as a mysterious shooting rampage by armed maniacs.

Commander Guthrie reports that Police are confident that the 215 sheep were killed by two local dogs that have been identified - and no shooting was involved. - A police detective has conducted a thorough investigation - including sheep skulls being sent to Australia for examination by a  Forensic Veterinarian - and find that the deaths were caused by the crush injuries typical of dog attack.

As further confirmed by the total absence of any projectiles or bullet fragments - no fired cases nor any bullet wound evidence on the dead animals - it is conclusive that no shooting was involved in the animals deaths. (Police used metal detectors in a thorough search of the area.)

Further, the investigating officer conducted live firing tests using a suppressed .223" calibre rifle and the sound of shooting was clearly audible from the test firing - whereas there had been no sound of firing when the animals died.

Local farmers are reluctant to accept that shooting was not involved and say that dogs couldn't have killed that many of their stock.

 I note that historically - Otago farmers had no problem blaming thousands of sheep deaths on Alpine Parrots, (Keas)

 .. And not so long ago, - the death of dairy cows - caused by "swede poisoning" was blamed on lead poisoning supposedly from a clay shooting gun club!

Marty K.


Last weekend I was intrigued and excited by something "John-Boy-The-Farmers-Lad"  (JBTFL) showed me on range.
" Have You Seen This?"

- He had a small plastic container with hand-made .36" Calibre PAPER CARTRIDGES to fire in his new Uberti percussion six-shooter. (-These guns are very affordable!)

'JBTFL' researched how to make the paper cartridges on Youtube and the result is genius - a totally hand made process using 'roll-your-own' cigarette papers formed on a shaped wooden dowel.

Load-up the gun with the paper cartridges , plenty of grease, - pop-on the caps - and the result was nice holes on the down-range target with clouds of white smoke and the tempting smell of fried potatoes hanging in the air.


Self-contained Cartridge (Ball & Powder)
Home-made Former
JBTFL says that he used a 21gn spout on the powder flask - and the whole process seems to have been trouble-free, fun, and low cost. - What a hoot - what's to argue about!
- that's just one Youtube video - there's plenty of others. - A totally combustible cartridge that's made using cigarette papers - that is quick and easy to use - a kind of 'case-less' ammunition from history - Genius.
There is such a variety of fun that you can have shooting - that you could do it every day.
- thanks for the pictures JBTFL
Marty K.

Monday 30 March 2015

How To 'Read' a Fired 9x19mm Case?:

Last weekend I managed to get on the range both days and there was time to have a decent play and chat quietly with the guys too.
9mm Just Right Carbine Silenced

I was having a look at my heavyweight 158gn sub-sonic loads in 9x19mm. - I've only found one commercial 9mm that is offered in 158gn - the 'normal' sub-sonic load seems to be 147gn - if you can find any.
9mm Lee-Enfield - Silenced

I'm unsure about my "home-brews" being totally the best that I can make them - so I'm looking for clues that may indicate how well they are working.

- From left to right, 158gn plated projectiles (.357" dia.) 
- then five 9mm cases fired in my Just Right Carbine - (Silenced)
-Then five fired cases from my Lee Enfield Bolt Action 9mm "DeLisle" silenced rifle.
- Finally five cases of the same sub-sonic load fired from my Glock 17 pistol.

Now my 'issues' are like this! The primers fired in the JRC show a degree of extruding somewhat into the firing pin hole on the JRC bolt-face - that might indicate high pressures.

Some of the primers from the 'DeLisle' look to be slightly flattened and the firing pin indents look close to over penetrating - but that may just be a longish firing pin.

- And, to me, the Glocked cases look perfectly normal and they eject gently without ricocheting all over the place!

The 158gn plated bullets are 'flat nosed' rather than 'conical' but feed perfectly - and I pass them all through a sizing die stamped .356" - but they are squeezing down only to .357" measured by my micrometre.

 Overall - I'm content that these 'indicators' add-up to a satisfactory and safe load that I'm going to bulk load and use regularly - and that the distinct features of the fired cases are just the way it is with these particular firearms.

I'd appreciate any comments from your experiences - especially from anyone using a JRC in 9mm.

Marty K.

P.S. On the Saturday one very clever young farmer was trying-out some hand rolled PAPER CARTRIDGES in .36" calibre for his new percussion six-gun. I'll try write something about that soon.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Global hunting Survey:

The Fieldsports Channel # Global Hunting Survey has appeared on line recently - and is worth a look on a quiet day.

A couple of results about us down here claim that the biggest users of bullets (per capita) are Aussies and Kiwis where 35% of us claimed to fire more than 1,000 per year. - Maybe a fair enough result? - certainly I and my mates in the Target Pistol shooting club would burn that much powder while claiming to also be hunters.

Interesting Video - But has Crappy Intrusive Music!

- and another interesting finding  - that is very logical when you consider the strict laws limiting real guns - is that the biggest ownership of air guns is UK and Ireland where 60% of hunters say that they own air guns.

Why do video producers feel the need to air rubbish music to overlay what they are showing us ??

- I've been completely put-off of watching local TV motorsport by the noisy modern 'music?' that is played - when what any true petrol-head would really like to hear is the roar of the engines and the smell of the hot tyres.

- Oh well - mustn't grumble eh - I'm just proving what an old fart I'm getting to be !

Marty K.

Monday 23 March 2015

Kaikoura Landowners Want Shooting Law Changed:

Landowners in the Puhi Valley and Blue Duck Valley north of Kaikoura on the radio today called for the law that permits shooting from public roads to be changed.
Currently it is lawful to shoot from a road provided it does not endanger lives - but some farmers in this area think that it should be banned in an attempt to stop poaching on their private properties.

- It is already illegal to have a loaded gun in a vehicle while travelling on a road - but local tourism lodge business operator at Te Puhi Peaks Station, -  Nicky McArthur says " There needs to be a total ban on shooting from the public roads".

Red Deer In Kaikoura

A total ban would cause difficulty for local farmers who routinely shoot from roads onto their own properties.

- There are several distinct issues being raised here by the property owners - Trespass, Poaching, Careless, Unsafe rifle shooting, Tourist business, Commercial deer shooting etc. - but the sporting shooter seems to be the easiest target for them to blame and attack.

Marty K.

P.S. Kaikoura means Crayfish Food (Kai = food)

Wednesday 18 March 2015

"Cloverleaf Drill" & Reloading;

Greg Ellefritz posted this idea for a simple fun handgun drill that requires good concentration but is easy on ammo..

The 'drill' is to set-up your paper target close in to the firing position - say at only five feet distance to start - and fire  - any calibre:

One shot holding the gun with both hands -

One shot strong hand only -

One shot weak hand only -

- The game (aim) is to get the three holes touching - in a cloverleaf. - Easy eh !

Gregs photo of his target shot with a Glock 21 .45" ACP Shot at 10ft.

When (if!) you get good at this - you move the target back further away - perhaps to 10 foot.

This is a great idea to challenge yourself while not burning much ammunition (unless you get obsessive ;-) )



 Just about everyone I know in Pistol target shooting reloads their own brass - other than a few shooters who stick to .22" rim-fire for precision shooting.

- If you haven't yet tried reloading - have a chat to someone who does reload and see how practical it can be - basically the more you shoot - the more cash you save.

My messy home set-up - the simple press is on the right Corner.
- a Home-made 'loading block' next to it.

Just buy a basic die set for your most used gun and a simple single stage press and have a go. - It really is easy to do as long as you focus and are careful. - You can measure the powder into the cases using simple scoops.

Lee powder Scoop.
You may well find that it is very satisfying and relaxing to load a hundred or so used cases to take to the range and re-use - maybe the start of a new interesting hobby.

There's sure to be some youtube videos on reloading if you look.

Marty K.

Monday 16 March 2015


My family - both here in New Zealand and in UK are not shooters. - Indeed it might be fair to say that they are - on the whole - 'anti-gun'.

My relations who are very solid citizens - focus their lives on their careers and on giving their offspring the best educational support and opportunities for keeping afloat in that high density population - while at the same time themselves studying and upgrading their own qualifications in an effort to maintain their careers and incomes in an upward direction.

 The British branch seem to all be vegetarian - having years ago decided that the supermarket meat products available are so poorly produced by 'factory farming' and so adulterated with hormone growth chemicals, antibiotics etc., - that they are all better-off without eating such product.

British law basically bans gun ownership with few exceptions - so the only contact that Brits generally have with firearms is through the lurid media reports of illegal violence, murder and mayhem - so it's not really surprising that they generally "are against it".

The islands that make-up the UK are very crowded with 64.1 million inmates and have much less room to stretch than the lucky folk of North America, Australia, and us here in New Zealand - where we maintain a basic right as law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms.

However, I feel that shooters here are neglecting our public image and risking an almost total loss of public support. - Our 'media' exclusively report hunting accidents and criminal gun use - and who can blame them - as there certainly is nothing much positive to tell.

- Bikers  hold annual motorbike rallies delivering Christmas presents for kids in hospitals and without fail they get great footage on all TV channels and in the papers. - What do we do?

I strongly feel that time is long overdue that our National Shooting organisations apply a levy on top of membership fees - say Ten Dollars only - and also add a similar fee on all competition entrees - and present the monies each year to help a deserving charity - complete with the best publicity we can extract.

 - We need to gain a friendlier - and less "antisocial" image for our overwhelmingly law-abiding members.

What A Great Effort Above.
We could do it too - all it takes is a few dollars & a little thought and effort.
Marty K.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

NZ SIS "Spy Studio" Building Coming Down:

The old SIS Building - until recently occupied by Munki Studios is about to be demolished in a few months time.

National Radio today Wednesday interviewed the Munki Studio owner Mike Gibson about the SIS (Security Intelligence Service) Building located on Taranaki Street corner with Martin Square (65), Wellington.

Mike Gibson Pictured in his Recording Studio.

This building, complete with its own 'Armoury', went-up in 1948 - constructed next door to Govt. Defence buildings - and a lot of "Military Specification" concrete went into its construction. The New Zealand SIS moved in in 1969 staying until 1980. - The feeling is that protest marches held outside were found to be 'too close to home' prompting the spies to relocate.

There was a hidden "white door" that is said to have been used for receiving covert stores for the SIS from army trucks.

- There is said to be a network of tunnels connecting covertly with other Govt. properties - including a 'rifle range' two floors underground in the next-door building (now demolished). - Mike Gibson says there is a tunnel entrance from the basement but it is blocked with rubble.

The 'Spy Building' is characterised by pokey rooms with the floors covered with 'Govt. Issue' lino. - there are security glass windows between the rooms and the window frames have at one time been fitted with microphones.

The NZ Security Intelligence Service was established in 1956  as a civilian organisation during the Cold War to spy on left-wing anti-government activities within New Zealand and has frequently drawn 'Bad Press' due to its indiscrete activities - not least of which was an operatives brief-case being left on a journalists fence in 1981 and found to contain three cold meat pies, a 'Penthouse' Magazine, and notes taken of a meeting!

Rebecca Kitteridge - Current Director of NZ SIS.

The same year that the SIS was formed - the NZ SAS and the 'Combined Signals Organisation' (Now GCSB external spy network) were also founded.

NZ SIS Seal.

So - a historic and significant building is soon to disappear for ever - taking many secrets with it - If only walls could talk there might be some great stories.

Marty K.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Fishing Line Casting Cannon:

Monday 9th March radio news told of the sad death of a 74 year old Kaipara  man who was killed when lifting a  home-made surf-casting cannon from his flat-deck ute.

This 'cannon' was evidently well engineered and used a Swedish Bofors barrel to fire the baited line out to sea.
40MM Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun.

 I am very saddened that such an "accident" has claimed a life - strict adherence to the basic firearms safety rules may well have prevented this death.




Down here I've heard of folk Surf-Casting using 'kontiki' Rafts to carry-out their line - story goes that you use a boiled sweet to secure the baited line until the wave action dissolves the sugar and away you go fishing.

- A decent off-shore wind and plenty of baited hooks should produce a feed.

I've also seen a home-made "cannon" built from heavy steam pipe that was an attempt to launch a steel spear or harpoon  to propel a baited line out to sea beyond the surf line. These guys were using 'Blasting powder' (coarse black powder) as a propellant and seem to have survived long enough to re-think and abandon the enterprise while they were still intact.

There are commercial line casting 'cannon' built that use compressed gas to fire a slug of frozen bait way out to sea - such as the SandBlaster BaitCaster - a kind of potato gun.

While no doubt costing plenty to set-up - I'd say its size and launch system are considerably safer than trying to build a firearm type cannon to do the job.

Marty K.
After researching & writing 1,036 blogs I've got something NEW to try .. I've signed-up to Patreon. - In over five years I've not made one cent from this .. NOW you can send me a wee support $ - starting from $1. to get all this stuff from New Zealand - over a year that's nearly the price of one Shooting magazine. - Am I worth it?


Friday 6 March 2015

IWI Tavor 9x19mm:

Well - what can I say? - I went looking for footage on the Tavor in 9MM - and I found some.

It seems that the 9MM conversion kit runs at around $800 . that's not too much for an awful lot of fun!

Mind you - I think that I've found the first small mistake that they've made - Why'd they use an all steel 32 round magazine when they could have engineered the gun to accept Glock Magazines?

- All that's as maybe - here's Jerry Miculek having a good day on range with a Tavor  SAR in 9mm:

Like the man says "Woo - that's fun ain't it"

- Makes you wish that you lived in the US of A.

Marty K.

Thursday 5 March 2015

IWI / IMI Tavor - Bullpup 5.56 Nato Cal:

The Tavor design is said to be "easily considered more reliable than the M16 / AR15 design".

The IMI Tavor TAR-21.
The TAR-21 is designated to be Israels standard issue rifle by the year 2018.

The Tavor being easily field stripped, made from polymer, fully waterproof, technically designed as a tribute to the Russian AK47 long-stroke piston and heavy bolt-carrier - has earned the title 'Glock of rifles' because it does everything that it needs to -and does it reliably.

So that's piston operated, rotating bolt-head to push-out any crap, - and a kit to convert to 9x19mm available - what's to argue about?

- I'm not setting myself-up as any kind of expert here - just attempting to introduce what may well be the ultimate answer to the question " AR15 or AK47? ".

Check-out this video clip:

"Long live the Republic" ! - Now made in America.

Does any Kiwi Importer plan on bringing in some Tavor SARs? - I mean it would be good to stock what is reputed as being THE BEST.

Here's hickok45 doing his  best not to like a Tavor. - Like he says - he has very big hands and is long-limbed and over-height and maybe would be more comfortable with a longer butt-pad! - as it is he is having to bend his elbow to an uncomfortable degree.

And then  Hickok45 even goes to a Chapter 2 follow-up:

Life IS good, - it would be even better if I had a home shooting range as good as Hickok45 does.

Marty K.