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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

"Cloverleaf Drill" & Reloading;

Greg Ellefritz posted this idea for a simple fun handgun drill that requires good concentration but is easy on ammo..

The 'drill' is to set-up your paper target close in to the firing position - say at only five feet distance to start - and fire  - any calibre:

One shot holding the gun with both hands -

One shot strong hand only -

One shot weak hand only -

- The game (aim) is to get the three holes touching - in a cloverleaf. - Easy eh !

Gregs photo of his target shot with a Glock 21 .45" ACP Shot at 10ft.

When (if!) you get good at this - you move the target back further away - perhaps to 10 foot.

This is a great idea to challenge yourself while not burning much ammunition (unless you get obsessive ;-) )



 Just about everyone I know in Pistol target shooting reloads their own brass - other than a few shooters who stick to .22" rim-fire for precision shooting.

- If you haven't yet tried reloading - have a chat to someone who does reload and see how practical it can be - basically the more you shoot - the more cash you save.

My messy home set-up - the simple press is on the right Corner.
- a Home-made 'loading block' next to it.

Just buy a basic die set for your most used gun and a simple single stage press and have a go. - It really is easy to do as long as you focus and are careful. - You can measure the powder into the cases using simple scoops.

Lee powder Scoop.
You may well find that it is very satisfying and relaxing to load a hundred or so used cases to take to the range and re-use - maybe the start of a new interesting hobby.

There's sure to be some youtube videos on reloading if you look.

Marty K.