Tuesday 28 February 2023

Shooters Led By The Nose?

Todays sick joke: 

One in every hundred U K Police officers face charges for criminal offences this year .. 


..by the Nose? - not really as there is NO LEADERSHIP of lawful shooters. - We just get blown around by the power-seeking Marketing Psychologists who constantly manipulate & influence the nations opinions - while hiding reality.

Did you ever wonder why the "Right Wing" party uses BLUE for it's rosettes and the 'Lefties' use RED?

What do you reckon would result if the two party campaign managers got together down the pub over a nice double Malt and decided to swap their colours? - How many voters would follow their team colours and change their party loyalty? - bear in mind that EXACTLY HALF of our citizens are of below average IQ and susceptible to influence.


Blue reminds us of the ocean and sea. It can make you feel calm and confident ..  blue makes it feel like a secure, trustworthy place: .. It is normal and right for our leaders to be priviliged, rich and powerful - Just look at those beautiful diamonds - and doesn't he speak nicely.
Red suggests energy, passion, power, determination & immediacy. - These guys will shake 'em up and sort it all out for us .. 
What a sick joke how all this 'democracy' is generously offered to voters every few years - when the alternative would be actual on-going direct democracy as works great in one nation presently. That might be no good 'cos voters would have to think about issues .. We need a CITIZENS ASSEMBLY of jurers to put the country first in debates.          https://quuu.co/blog/marketing-psychology/
Meanwhile - NZ residents in FLOOD STRICKEN areas say they are having to arm themselves against looters and are sitting in vehicles overnight to protect their property - while Police spokespersons state there is no increase in crime activity. - - Standby for armed police to confiscate any legally owned arms from these rural folk "for safety reasons" and to refuse their Firearms Licences because 'SELF DEFENCE' is not a legitimate reason to have a firearm according to New Zealand Police. 
Perhaps they should teach civics, neuromarketing and public relations at secondary school eh. - Then those of us at the bottom might better appreciate that 'LEFT' & 'RIGHT' don't really matter - we should just stop giving all our public money to those privateers at the Top, who are disarming the decent while robbing us blind by diverting public tax revenue into their personal accounts.
Marty K.

Tuesday 14 February 2023

A to B. - Apathy to 'Burnout' In Shooting Sports:

- Is there a reason NZ supermarket net profit margins are around 5% here while the worldwide average runs at 1-2% ?

Consider that in 1992 The National Government promised New Zealand families cheaper, more efficient electricity supplies by corporatising the national Generation & Supply Grid & selling it off to their mates. The result of this "efficiency" is that electric power now costs us 104% more than it used to at that time.

- Is there any reason - other than voter apathy?


How much ACTION have we seen in recent years to resist repeated legislative attacks on lawful firearms users?

I don't mean e-mails to politicians - I don't mean "Press Release Statements" to media - I don't mean futile 'Polls' or Questionaires .. 'Submissions' or 'Petitions' presented to Parliament.

In 2020 The KIWI PARTY Inc. attempted but lost an appeal in the Court of Appeal over anti-Gun legislation. - I know of no other action by any shooters organization.

NZ .. Nothing Zilch

- How about a prosecution of the Commissioner of Police for the Improper use of Police funding to re-establish a Firearms Register when it has already been determined by the Police themselves - in 1983, that such a register serves no useful purpose?

Further - that creating a known to be insecure police register - unlawfully misdirects essential funding away from crime fighting for Political Purposes and therefore amounts to Misapropriation of police funds.

COLFO? .. SSANZ? .. NZDA? .. Pistol NZ?

Marty K.

P.S. - If  'funding' is seen as an excuse for inaction by our organizations - I am sure many members would be happy to contribute to a joint emergency legal account to ensure some ACTION.

Friday 10 February 2023

Many UK Police Unsuitable For Service:

My Firearms License will soon need to be renewed by a police employee who will, I expect, have little experience or knowledge of firearms. 

A regular range mate - the President of my Pistol Club is a retired Commanding Officer in the British Brigade of Gurkhas and a past 'Queens Messenger' Diplomatic Courier - and who similarly will be baulking at having his fitness to own firearms questioned by junior police staff. 

The latest news from the "Mother Country" UK is that HM Inspector Of Constabulary Matt Parr reports that one tenth of Police recruits employed are unsuitable for public service.

Parr said his team had looked at a random sample of officers and found that one in 10 should never had made it through vetting. - That “adds up to hundreds of people who have joined the police in the last three years that we don’t think should have”, - he said.

Parr said public trust in the police, and particularly the Metropolitan police, was “at a low ebb” after violent crimes committed against women by serving officers such as Wayne Couzens and David Carrick, who last month admitted 49 criminal charges including 24 counts of rape.

- Sir Mark Rowley Commissioner Of  The Metropolitan Police said "We haven't applied the same sense of ruthlessness to guarding our own integrity that we routinely apply to confronting" - The Police Chief has revealed that the London force is currently investigating 1,000 sexual abuse & domestic violence claims involving about 800 of its officers.

Here in New Zealand, - I cannot understand how NZ police officers who are expected to use MSSAs (with unregistered dangerous, high capacity magazines), and 'auto' pistols, in public - are not required to be vetted for or to qualify as Fit & Proper for a standard NZ FIREARMS LICENCE.

Normal target pistol shooters must currently be accepted as approved association members and attend range activities 12 times per year to maintain their costly renewable ENDORSED Firearms License.

- How can the New Zealand public accept that the officers of our civilian Police Organisation are exempted from the SAFETY REGULATIONS required of everyone else?

Unless something has changed recently - members of our police are controlled by exactly the same laws as are all NZ residents.

Perhaps our current Police heirarchy believe that they are above the law. - That would be an outrageous path to madness.

Regarding police carrying arms .. They really tie themselves in knots claiming to be traditionally an Unarmed Police Force - as right from 1841 they carried pistols.

- The Constabulary Act 1846, and The Armed Constabulary Act 1847 eventually led to The Police Forces Act 1886. - There is little room to argue against historic fact.

Registration of firearms in NZ was abandoned by Police in 1983 because police records were inaccurate, out of date & completely USELESS - serving no purpose.

Registration provides a SHOPPING LIST for criminal gangs.

Now we are about to waste tens of millions of dollars starting the whole futile pointless process again .. diverting hundreds of police employees away from essential crime prevention.

Marty K.

Sunday 5 February 2023

Handguns And Police In New Zealand:

I have lost some of my nine lives (had I been a cat) - at least three times ..                    1/- 🐈 Was when a surgeon poked my heart with a catheter instead of just using it to squirt some dye, and around five minutes after the lights went-out - I came back with four red burn marks on my chest.

2/- 😺Was when I spent about five odd hours "on the slab" while multiple surgeons and nursing staff turned-me-off  & cut me open for by-pass surgery with my sticky fluids being recirculated by ancient mechanical pumps and refrigeration devices ..

3/- 😹Was when I enjoyed  'Mallory Weiss Tears' in my esophagus and just about filled a bucket with blood three times .. before, during - and after the repeated emergency surgery.

I can report that despite these multiple death experiences, purely for education - there were no angels or long departed relatives calling me to cross over - and most surprisingly to all concerned .. my brain seems to have not deteriorated noticeably - and my mental health wasn't injured when my by-pass neighbour in the Dunedin ICU received open heart massage next to me before being transferred to the cold store.

In 60 years of driving both here in NZ & elsewhere I have also had several life threatening crashes that might count as subtracting from my allocation of Nine 🐈editions .. (and naturally there were also the original 'heart attacks' that I self medicated with high dosage aspirin - do they count?)

None of my red 'departure cards' resulted from my prolonged & close associations with military styled semi-auto arms, shotguns, pistols and 'dangerous' high capacity magazines.

'Time Flies when You're Having Fun'.

Wow - it's 33 years since that author was brave enough to examine our NZ police relationship with firearms.

- Back at the begining in 1841 there were only 57 sworn Policemen in New Zealand - each carrying flintlock pistols shoved down their trousers waistband ..

.66" caliber 'New Land Service' Pistol - Single 9 inch Barrel.

Technology has advanced some since those days & I finally managed to introduce Glocks through an obstructive "Chief Inspector Taffy" - who in the '90s planned to buy some Indian made copies of the WW II High-Power s/a because there was "no way my police force is going to buy plastic guns". 

Even back then, biased opinion was offered as a trumpcard to defeat fact.

It took repeated letters to the then NZ Police Minister (and the UK 'Met') to winkle my banned sample Glock out of isolation in a locked cabinet at Upper Hutt to be included in the police trials - which naturally it won.

Who can guess what might replace the 9mm Glocks one day when they themselves become outdated?

- You'd be brave to guess eh .. but right now I'd be imagining a move towards a high capacity smaller caliber - higher velocity 'auto' round .. perhaps something in a 5.7mm or 8mm "bottle-neck" cartridge for dependable feeding into a non tilting rotating barrel ??

Plastic cased? Electically Ignited? Integral Optics? Dunno.

What I do know is that currently our politicians and police management are colluding to label civilian gun owners as dangerous violent armed undesireables.

- How can it be - that the single most checked, interviewed, compliant, law-abiding - referenced & endorsed sector of New Zealand Citizenry - that is Licensed as FIT & PROPER to own firearms ..

 are simultaneously undesireable Pariahs to be shunned, controlled, and penalised as a threat to the nation?

Licenced Firearms Owners are more checked and approved than the Police themselves are, - certainly our record for stability and lawful behaviour is superior to that of some of our country's politicians.

Time is long overdue for the repeated punitive attacks on law-abiding sporting gun users to be ended and wound back to a system that works at least as well as it used to ..


Marty K.

Oh my ... The Minister Of Police office holder is once again Stuart Nash of the Labour Party.

 He has held the position since 1 February 2023.