Saturday 26 February 2022



Some quotes to consider ..

"All men seek to rule, but if they cannot rule - they prefer to be equal" 

'God created men - Col Colt made them equal'

'The gun has been called the great equalizer, meaning that a small person with a gun is equal to a large person, but it is a great equalizer in another way, too. It insures that the people are the equal of their government whenever that government forgets that it is servant and not master of the governed. - Ronald Reagan.


It seems that our ancestor Homo erectus ..  around 2 million years ago - developed the structure of his shoulders that enabled him to THROW stuff fast, hard, and accurately. - Useful when you & your mates are wandering about with saber-toothed tigers and smaller stuff that you'd like to eat.

- Time flies eh ..

- Travel forward - to a mere 420,000 years ago where you might find a closer ancestor throwing a spear made from a sharpened and smoothed yew tree branch at some creature .. perhaps even at YOU.
The CLACTON SPEAR 420,000 years old
 .. Natural history Museum, London.

Now - this is most important. - The use of  'Ranged Weapons' to reach out and touch someone was and IS a game changer.

Ranged Weapons or projectiles - shift the balance of conflict fighting from one-on-one muscle-based tooth'n'nail - burnt stick poked in the eye gore .. to a more skillful - practiced thinking man's game.

- When there's a mob of hairy tough fellers with big teeth gibbering at you to come closer .. a few well thrown spears should end the discussion - even when there are more of them than you.

- Coming further forward to a mere 17,000 years ago or thereabouts and we know we had advanced to using  ATLATL .. Spear Throwers or what our Aussie brothers call 'Woomeras' that add an extra lever to the propulsion system and increase the spear's velocity to as much as 60 mph - 88 ft.per.sec. ..
And to this day - if you can get your arthritic old hands on your pistol and focus one watery eye on the situation - you'd still have a fair chance of beating off any stronger attackers.

Isn't it strange that some governments don't want the disadvantaged & weak to have the means to defend themself from predatory attack? .. well NO IT ISN'T - as politicians are themselves largely HYPOCRITICAL GREEDY PREDATORS and want to emasculate all their subjects and increase their own power and wealth at every turn.
FOUR Armed Guards Rotated 24 Hours a Day For Gun Banner Jacinda:

Marty K.
.103 Caliber Eichelberger-22 rimfire .. Now that's what I'd call a 'Mouse Gun'

Friday 18 February 2022

How Long Do You Remember Injustice?

 I don't claim to be 'the sharpest knife in the box' - I am fairly slow thinking and getting slower .. but I TRY. - I have written & posted 1,477 pro gun, pro lawful-shooter blog-posts over the last eight and a bit years with the intention of supporting and promoting legal responsible gun ownership in NZ.

The people who I have shot pistol with over the years both here and in Australia are proven trust-worthy, responsible and safe. Good folk to associate with.

Back in 2014 - I could see the ANTI-GUN campaign was building & strengthening but nothing that I have since tried seems to have made any improvement - & nobody else has managed to slow this growing animosity towards the uppermost law-abiding Kiwis either.

When I got my Firearms License here some forty odd years ago - lifetime licensed shooters were regarded by Police as being special law-abiding - high quality New Zealanders .. Gun owners were "on our side" - while we felt that the police 'were on OUR side'.

Sad how things have changed eh.

In the 'Mother Country' there have recently been so many failures and breaches of trust by London's Metropolitan Police .. so many instances of corruption, racism and criminal behavior scandals, that police there are being referred to as "LIONS LEAD BY DONKIES" . 

Britain's most senior police officer - openly homosexual Commissioner Cressida Rose Dick has finally resigned.

- Are there similar issues with our New Zealand Police management and political direction ..? You might well think that - but I couldn't possibly comment.

"Clamping-Down" on legal law-abiding gun owners while violent gang crime is soaring - is definitely a misdirection of crime fighting resources and finances.

Blaming licensed firearms users for the police neglect that resulted in the Christchurch Mosque Massacre 15 March 2019 by BRENTON TARRANT  - who was not vetted properly - is a futile and distorted response to an awful act of murder.

Forty years ago the then training & testing licensing process was effective and efficient - when enforced properly with adequate resources.

The new process is complex, laborious, expensive, & time consuming, serving mainly as a deterrent to becoming a lawful and safe firearms user. These new regulations, as intended, will definitely reduce the number of legally owned firearms in New Zealand. - But will these laws reduce the number of ILLEGAL guns in New Zealand or their violent use by our criminals - drug dealers and nutters .. of course not.


Ireland - The Plantation: From the year 1606 forward - some 20-30,000 Scots were carried to the North of Ireland to depose Irish Catholics from their farms. Many of these homeless Irish became 'Tinkers' or 'Travelers' living under canvas from roadside carts - and their dispossessed memories hold to this day.

(- If you'd like to answer one man's 'How Long do you hold a grudge?" Try this ex IRA Man's story. - It's a lot of fun too:

The British ruled the region of Palestine-Israel from 1917 to 1948 when the State of Israel was formed - Both Jews and Arabs have lived there for many many centuries - episodes of conflict are remembered for generations by many and resentment continues in force ..

How deeply would we delve into the Hindu-Muslim conflicts of that Indian Sub-Continent and it's PARTITION in 1947 under the dissolution of the British Raj into Bangladesh, India and Pakistan?

Do most New Zealanders have a clear knowledge of the settlement of our beautiful islands and the disputed land transfers that resulted in the New Zealand Land Wars?

- Is there a time when historic injustice might be forgotten .. can be forgiven?

- It may be decades before New Zealand's lawful shooters recover from their current loss of rights and property.

Marty K.

Monday 14 February 2022

The Giant Killer - U S Army's Smallest:

 - I used to be a big guy - so wasn't challenged to fight that much as a lad - but American Richard J Flaherty was only four foot nine - just 144 cm tall when fully grown - and he had it tough growing-up.

Richard J FLAHARTY in Vietnam:

He was the smallest man ever to serve in the U S Military - but in his four years service he rose to the rank of Captain .. earned a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, plus a Purple Heart while with 101st Airborne Division in VIETNAM, 3rd Special Forces Group & 10th Special Forces Group (Green Berets)

A short Wikipedia page records his life detail:

Here is another version of his interesting story - military life & death .. fascinating reading ..

On the surface he ended-up homeless in Florida for 15 years - but there is record of "military contract" work in Rhodesia & Angola followed by CIA involvement in Nicaragua - plus time as a BATF&E agent.

PTSD - an alcohol problem & likely drug usage - plus paranoid fears that he was being sought and followed by enemies were all part of his latter days. - Were his fears FACT?

I'm just introducing this strong character to you - his life story is shadowed in secrecy - from 'doing prison time' for possession of a silencer to covert work for Government agencies .. and it ended as a homeless man killed in a 'hit & run' accident .. even his death and interment add mystery to his life - There is a book:

Marty K.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Heavy Metal or Polymer Technology:

 "Are you a 'wheel-gun person' or an 'Auto-Fan' .. Polymer? - Blued? or 'Stainless-Steel'? 

Open Sights or 'red dot' electronic optical? .. I've tried various types but my old eyes and lenses ("glasses") cope best with standard post & notch "IRON SIGHTS".

Hmm .. if you are serious about these important shooting skills I reckon that you need to work with all of the best options.

Indeed if you live in one of the British domains of Australia, Canada, or New Zealand you ought to be considering also which alternatives will remain to you after these administrations have stripped privately owned firearms from the law-abiding.

Could Be A British(NZ) Life-Saver .. 
Provided You Can Find Some Rubber & a Small Stone Eh ..

- Slingshots (catapults), Bows & Crossbows, Air-Rifles - and perhaps you might research your small game trapping skills, - Ferreting and hawking - and even pig killing on foot with dogs and a 'sticking' blade ..

- Spear Fishing .. line fishing & foraging? - because there won't be much hunting going on.

Take a look at UK to see New Zealand's prospects .. their residential areas are crawling with foxes since fox hunting was banned while every tree is infested by feral Grey Squirrels - Tree Rats .. "Ahh but they're so cute".

It must be time for some genius to develop a compact precision aimed, rubber-band powered 'small game rifle' for throwing 10mm steel balls hard (- they doubtless will ban lead soon). There is one offered from China but the price is high .. and the elastic-rifle must be designed with built-in eye protection from detached driving bands.

All the feral pests will soon join with the rabbits, stoats and wasps spreading uncontrolled across our bush and farmland - opening opportunity for more poisoning & helicopter warfare. - there are supposedly already 100 Million possums looking down at the feral wallabies from our chewed tree canopies.

A sensible Government would re-introduce bounties to encourage hunters and the fiber industry .. But we don't enjoy any sensible government here - so don't rely upon the people who caused the problem to ever fix it. - Did you know there are already an estimated 2.5 to 3 Million feral cats in New Zealand?

 Meanwhile there may remain a few years to enjoy the use of your legal tools of any type remaining available.

Recall that old meme "Power Corrupts but Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" - sometimes attributed to the First Baron Acton .. Well there is good reason to not deny this - but there is another option - that the psychopaths are attracted to career choices THAT GIVE THEM POWER such as the priesthood, control over children in special schools .. and, of course - politics.

 Marty K.