Monday 30 December 2019

What IS A Gun (Officially)?

You probably think that you know what a GUN is .. but that's likely not the full story as these understandings are passed into the hands (and bank accounts) of "professionals" such as lawyers, police, and politicians ("briefs, beefs, & bents") - who get paid to determine officially - for an adequate fee - just what constitutes a firearm:

- As I write this in late 2019 - the Arms Act 1983 defines or "Interprets" for all time what is a firearm here in New Zealand. - However .. by next week or any other future date - they may possibly have rewritten this definition  'By Order In Council':

Arms Act 1983 - Reprinted as at 1 July 2019:
Section 2 Interpretation -  Part 1 ..
means anything from which any shot, bullet, missile, or other projectile can be discharged by force of explosive; and
anything that has been adapted so that it can be used to discharge a shot, bullet, missile, or other projectile by force of explosive; and
anything which is not for the time being capable of discharging any shot, bullet, missile, or other projectile but which, by its completion or the replacement of any component part or parts or the correction or repair of any defect or defects, would be a firearm within the meaning of paragraph (a) or subparagraph (i); and
anything (being a firearm within the meaning of paragraph (a) or subparagraph (i)) which is for the time being dismantled or partially dismantled; and
any specially dangerous airgun

This above is a very comprehensive & all-encompassing interpretation of what is a firearm .. for example if I were to have an engineer's workshop vise bolted to a workshop bench and if I were dumb enough to clamp a .308" cartridge between it's jaws and discharge it by sharply hitting it with the rounded face of a ball peen hammer ... according to the Arms Act 1983 - the workbench complete with vise (& hammer?) may now be classified as a firearm within the meaning of the act.

- So what then now is a Prohibited Firearm? .. Section 2A is a new insertion into the amended 1983 Act defining a

Prohibited Firearm:

2AMeaning of prohibited firearm
In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, prohibited firearm
means any of the following firearms:
a semi-automatic firearm (except a pistol), other than—
a semi-automatic firearm that is capable of firing only 0.22 calibre or lower rimfire cartridges and that has a magazine, whether or not detachable or otherwise externally fed, that is capable of holding no more than 10 cartridges commensurate with that firearm’s chamber size:
a semi-automatic shotgun with a non-detachable tubular magazine or magazines that are capable of holding no more than 5 cartridges commensurate with that firearm’s chamber size:
a pump-action shotgun that is capable of being used with a detachable magazine:
a pump-action shotgun that has a non-detachable tubular magazine or magazines that are capable of holding more than 5 cartridges commensurate with that firearm’s chamber size:
includes any other firearm declared by Order in Council made under section 74A to be a prohibited firearm for the purposes of this Act.
Section 2Ainserted, on 12 April 2019, by section 5 of the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Act 2019 (2019 No 12).

- This is the current legal status here in NZ .. If you can find any benefit to the civilian population from such prohibition as proscribed above - you are wiser than I,

Marty K.

Saturday 28 December 2019

Velocity Loss In DIMPLED Sub-Sonic Projectiles:

This Was An April Fools Day Joke Image - but ..

PLEASE don't shout at me here if you know the answers to my conjectures .. because I'm a modern person who may become offended, tragically disadvantaged and litigious 😃.

Recently thinking about slingshot shooting pointed my head at spherical sub-sonic projectiles -  I read that balls fired from catapults / slingshots may achieve up to 190-200 feet per second.

But it's a sad fact that a spherical ball loses speed about three times faster than modern "pointed" bullets do on average. Therefore, the effective range of those earlier weapons is much less than a modern firearm.

 - whereas my very quiet pistol calibre projectiles from a well silenced firearm might be flying at perhaps 800 ft./sec.

Scientifically - anything below 1125 feet per second is SUB-SONIC at sea level .. (767mph)

- Now step sideways from the range onto a golf course and it seems that the USGA and the R&A (.. the European golf governing body) have a rule that the velocity of the golf ball shall not be greater than 250 ft. per second. 

Golfers have long opted for DIMPLED balls because they hold their velocity better - so can travel further. - When testing golfing equipment - the USGA uses a swing speed of 109 mph to simulate a pro's swing speed & this results in an actual golf ball top "muzzle velocity" of around 180 mph  (264 ft/sec). 

Now the smarter readers will have noted that both golf balls and slingshot ball ammunition are mostly departing at similar velocities of around 190/200 foot per second AND both may cause serious injury upon impact.

If you want to get deeper into the aerodynamics, there are two types of flow around an object: laminar and turbulent. Laminar flow has less drag, but it is also prone to a phenomenon called "separation." Once separation of a laminar boundary layer occurs, drag rises dramatically because of eddies that form in the gap. Turbulent flow has more drag initially but also better adhesion, and therefore is less prone to separation. Therefore, if the shape of an object is such that separation occurs easily, it is better to turbulate the boundary layer (at the slight cost of increased drag) in order to increase adhesion and reduce eddies (which means a significant reduction in drag). Dimples on golf balls turbulate that boundary layer.
The dimples on a golf ball are simply a way of creating turbulence in that boundary layer.
Yes I fully understand that normal bullets are supersonic therefor none of this applies to them .. but might there be an argument to dimple the surface of elastic driven slingshot steel balls and maybe other sub-sonic projectiles such as those fired from captive piston cartridges such as the Russian silent SP-4.
My further guess is that a dimpled surface should reduce metal to metal friction losses as this type of projectile progresses up the barrel.
- Going back to our round balls or spherical shot - there is an accuracy issue that results from spin of a spherical projectile - known as the MAGNUS EFFECT .. where a ball can be seen to curve away from it's path as the result of lift generated by spin - such as when a golf ball is mishit or "sliced" ..
- Spin shouldn't cause too much problems for slingshooters but,

Just to add some perspective .. Russia has announced deployment of their new nukes missile system AVONGARD that can fly at 20 - 27 times the speed of sound - delivering 2x megaton nuclear war from 27 December 2019 - at something over 12,000 - 19,000 mph .. meanwhile NZ police are prohibiting & seizing our .22" rabbit rifles with 11+ round magazines.

Marty K.

Thursday 26 December 2019

Opinions versus FACTS - & Unlawful Acts:

We all know why "gun control" is a hot topic right now .. there's no way that an Australian maniac can come into Christchurch in clean-green New Zealand and there horribly massacre and injure so many innocent victims without a shocked reaction.

However my issue with this immediate situation is that "authority figures" are using this tragedy to further their individual careers and political ambitions by loudly voicing their opinions and beliefs .. before the investigations, evidence and FACTS are released to the public ..

- Should anyone who is unable to control themselves from either unlawful - or uncontrolled violent & angry behaviour be permitted to possess firearms or to influence the regulation of such important tools?


- Within hours of the end of the hurried "Buy Back" compensation scheme for "PROHIBITED WEAPONS" on 20th December - the very first reported firearms offence was when police officers were called to a property in Dunedin following allegations that an unnamed Senior Police Officer affected by alcohol consumption had assaulted and injured his partner on Friday evening, - after which an unlicensed gun was allegedly found at the home.
Next - Chester Borrows who is a Christian believer & evangenical church Lay Preacher, ex-police officer, & prosecutor & MP .. currently serving on government advisory committees on justice & law ..  has lost his drivers licence following repeated driving safety offences.
- Current Commissioner Of Police Mike Bush lost his driving licence when disqualified for a drink-driving offence in 1983.
- Police Minister Stuart Nash (He is a great-grandson of the third Labour Prime Minister Sir Walter Nash.) -  has had to apologise for swearing at Air New Zealand staff when the Police Minister was booked on an early morning flight from Napier to Wellington on July 3 2019. -  & Nash was also involved in an incident over use of gym equipment in January this year 2019 at Parliament's gym requiring security staff to be called.
A previous Police Minister - The Honourable John Banks who was responsible for inventing the MSSA classification of firearms in New Zealand left Parliament after being convicted of filing a false electoral return – a verdict which was later overturned .. and he was working in the illegal trading in liquor from premises used as a beer house in his early years. - When he was young - his parents Archie and Kitty were imprisoned for procuring abortions. His father was a career criminal and his mother an alcoholic - while Banks claimed to have handled the Reising sub-machine gun weapon used in the famous BASSETT ROAD MACHINE GUN MURDERS.
Another unlicensed former Police Minister Judith Collins New Zealand MP has told the National Rifle Association to "bugger off" out of the nation's affairs as it introduces sweeping gun law reforms.
- Don't even ask why the NZ High Court ordered ex Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley to pay back 6 million dollars from her Mainzeal NZ activities ..

Should any of these individuals legitimately be considered to be 'FIT & PROPER PERSONS' to own or use firearms - or to direct their regulation?

Don't expect self serving people like these to fix problems in New Zealand - THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

Marty K.
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Wednesday 25 December 2019

A Miracle Knockdown Gun:

.. So the fact is that there's no such magic thing .. there ain't no unicorns out there worth engraving your heart on.
BUT - if you go with reality and work at improving your performance in every part you may achieve the best you are good for.

Rifles and Shotguns are much more effective and useful for hunting - than my favourites the handguns .. Whatever you choose I'd urge you to buy the best quality that you can - in a caliber that you enjoy shooting.
Beautiful Quality .. Heavy Too:

 - Certainly 'bigger & hotter' may make a greater impact down range - but if you flinch a bit or get a sore shoulder or start to lose your hearing .. is that a win? - Loud noises - especially BANGS & BOOMS might impress some folk but mostly will only hurt your hearing.

IF you have a pistol that hurts your hands .. you might try rolling-on a prophylactic rubber grip sleeve or changing the grips for a set of 'Hogues'. - If the dollars are an issue you might cut a length of bicycle inner tube to fit over the hard stocks.

.. I am no expert ... I've done most of the cock-ups that we usually tend to stay quiet about. - I had an 'A.D.' with a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun years ago when I stumbled in a frozen ploughed field .. it was an old "hammer gun" and one barrel went off as I tried to stay on my feet .. my mate Frank reckoned that he felt the wind of the shot pass through his hair.


Train and practice on range at every opportunity by making it fun. Make sure you practise the right stuff .. don't practice & ingrain bad habits.

Competition both formal and casual with friends really helps by adding some stress into the mix.

If the cost of ammunition is a big issue - 'DRY FIRING' works very well to improve performance when done safely.

If you need corrective lenses/glasses .. bloody well get some. - I'm not vain. (You should be wearing safety glasses anyway).
Just about everyone can squeeze a trigger - but strong fingers & hand muscles help remove the shakes - I use my red Gripmaster  while watching the TV screen .. maybe you might build up your arm strength by holding a full can of cold Kilkenny out at arms length .. I'm not vain.

Buying and owning a gun does not make you a shooter. - Listening, Reading, Training, - Attention to Safety, - a calm attitude and PRACTICE will go some way.

- Natural ability and good hand-eye coordination helps a lot.

- Stay away from STUPID. - He's an OK guy .. but not around guns.

Marty K.

Sunday 22 December 2019

When They've Taken Them All - PART 2:

There's a whole new world of SLINGSHOTS out there waiting for New Zealand shooters after Jacinda ..

- In Part 1 of my 'When They've Taken Them All'  I was gently thinking about bows & catapults.

BUT then I started thinking further - and that lead me to UK & "Gamekeeper John" ...

& The English Slingshot Federation ... who'd have thought of such a thing?

That's a great entertaining & interesting video - well worth watching for several reasons:

Slingshots using 8mm or 9mm steel or lead ball achieve optimum penetration and velocities of between 50 metres/second to 150 metres per second (- 492 feet.per.sec.)

1/-  Catapults / Slingshots are FUN and accurate.

2/-  That's a great bunch of lads having fun in good company.

3/-  If we don't stop all this ANTI-GUN stuff real quick here in NZ .. we may face a similar shooting future here.

.. You think that I'm joking?  .. just wait & watch while you do nothing but moan about it.

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Marty K.
P.S.  Some more thoughts about slingshots:


More Good Reading:

P.S.2 .. Now that the NZ book shops are censoring what you can buy from them and are allowed to read .. NO IMPORTED GUN BOOKS .. Click on this link - have a read - and then right at the bottom you can subscribe free of cost to American HANDGUNNER

Thursday 19 December 2019

New GLOCK 'G44' is a .22" R/F:

Shooting people have likely been expecting a Glock rim-fire semi-auto ever since the 1990's .. but Glock Ges. had held it's peace on that topic for something like thirty years - despite innovating various models in multiple calibres all along the way towards this coming 2020 year - when Glock U.S. will now unleash the new Glock G44 rim fire iteration.

My guess is that there are around twenty different models alone of 9x19mm Glocks .. including the different generations & S.F short frame versions - but the very best of all (right now) is my G19x in coyote tan (- that's "dingo shit" in aussie-speak).

- I have run an Advantage Arms .22" Conversion Kit on a G17 for years - and it has worked pretty much as expected .. in other words it has been fairly reliable with a few brands of rim-fire ammunition but certainly was not good enough for any "life & death" situation.
Advantage Arms - Glock 17 conversion
- Yeah It Worked  mostly ..

Glock certainly took their time - three years development *and testing .. it seems firing 1.2 million rounds - before presenting their .22" rim-fire model . Probably because they didn't need to hurry - they were busy building and selling more centre-fire handguns than anyone else on the planet .. including licensed production in places such as Russia - plus many unlicensed "copies" in other locations.

- I'll have to order a G 44 in the new year as TFB 
seems to do a thorough review and reckons that the G 19 sized blow-back action "G 44" two-two is better than the rest.

- & here's "sootch" burning some brass "rapid fire" and demonstrating how to turn the new rim-fire  'auto' inside-out:

.. and in a further video sootch compares the G 44 to the Walther PPQ 22 .. both good guns:

The usual crowd of  'glock-knockers' have again escaped from their minders and are shouting rude comments about this novelty - but listen carefully Bubba .. if you don't like Glocks .. DON'T BUY ONE.

Marty K.
* Just imagine how even the USFA ZiP 22 LR might have run like a clockwork mouse - if they'd have had three years development before going to market 😎.

Sunday 15 December 2019

'Us & Them' GUN LAW in NZ:

Here's a 'big word' that closely describes our Government's (via the police) attitude to firearms use in New Zealand:

DICHOTOMY.. difference between two completely opposite ideas or things: There is often a dichotomy between what politicians say and what they do.

The level of violent crime and the threat of terrorism here in New Zealand is perceived currently to be so great that NZ Police are now deploying patrols by specialised armed staff in covert armoured cars.
Note: These Police 'models' Are Wearing "Standard" Uniform
For The Publicity Images:

The weapons available to police law enforcement patrols include 40mm grenade launchers, - H&K sub-machine guns, noise grenades, Bushmaster (type) Military Style Semi-Auto centre-fire rifles and carbines, and Glock 9mm s/a pistols, - Taser high voltage stun guns, body armour, and attack dogs.
Actual NZ Police AOS Officer Kitted-Out in Black Uniform:

Law abiding citizens are denied by police the right to defend themselves with legally owned firearms - indeed we are told by police that our RIGHT to own firearms is a "privilege" and that we should join council run groups to learn "empty handed self defence".

.. Article 7 of our British AND New Zealand Bill Of Rights clearly states:
Bill of Rights 1688 (February 13).

" Subjects’ arms. That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions, and as allowed by law:"

- By the passing of the (NZ) Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 - the British Bill of Rights, unmodified, became part of New Zealand law.

- So that is the dichotomy .. police claiming themselves to need every available type of portable weapon invented to defend themselves - but at the same time they deny law abiding citizens any such right.

We all should remember that police - together with sheriffs & marshals - are appointed as part of society to deal with law enforcement for that society - Not as a military offensive arm of government to enforce the political aims of that select establishment group.

Basically our NZ police are saying to us "Don't do as I do - Do as I say." .. this is unacceptable.

Please join & support COLFO's 'FAIR & REASONABLE CAMPAIGN'.

Marty K.

Thursday 12 December 2019

NZFA ZiP.22LR - One Modern Pistol I'd NEVER Heard Of:

With all my reading .. it's strange that this S/A pistol came & went without me even noticing (unless I've just forgotten😏) - especially as it is close to being an unconventional  "palm-squeezer"  .. if it had worked.

The NZFA ZiP .22 LR was a bold & radical concept that sadly failed:

I've shot lots of different 'two-two' semi-autos over the years - and none of them has been wholly reliable. - They tend to be ammo brand sensitive and need to be maintained in what ever way that particular individual pistol likes .. some pistols definitely don't like too much lubrication oil .. preferring to be clean but rather dry?
One Reason For The ZiP .22 LR Shape .. Modular Attachment:
It must have cost a fortune to have the injection moulding dies built for the ZiP - and prototype set-up for the initial proving runs back in 2013 .. that cost will likely be what finished-off this small maker - who's earlier traditional single-action revolvers are reputed to have been excellent quality.
 The ambitious project included several excellent ideas - a very low barrel axis, - designed to use Ruger 10/22 rotary magazines - and polymer made components excepting springs etc with a decent length 5.5 inch barrel ..but
The designer/owner of USFA - Douglas Donnelly only managed to market these for around a year before shutting up shop - my guess is that when reviews one after the other reported that the ZiP.22 didn't reliably function - his sales will have simply evaporated - leaving the debts. It's a cruel world.

.. VIDEO ..

- Again this is mere conjecture - but it seems to me that if you can envisage something .. it CAN be built and made to work .. but maybe tight finances limited the development & adjustments that all new ideas have to undergo.

The lightweight plastic bolt seems to be one key problem - as it cycled too rapidly .. it might be that this one component could be transformed by using copper or steel dust as a filler in the polymer to increase it's mass and slow it down.

Who knows - but if someone bought the tooling cheaply they might be able to modify it into a reliable firearm and then change it's name from that unfortunate "Zip".

- Deep pockets would be needed for a gamble ..

- The Two 'Charging Rods' Above The Muzzle Need A Design Modification Too:

Marty K.