Friday, 22 November 2019

.. When They've Taken Them All ?

Are you any good with your yumi & ya?

.. How about a catapult ?
I was earlier reading the NZ police's new security order for persistent licence holders who apply for a 'P' Endorsement .. 'P' is said to mean "prohibited" .. but ..

- If you have the effrontery or balls to apply to still own a freshly prohibited firearm or part - a condition of your ongoing right is stated by order of police - that when you securely lock it into your certified and police approved gun safe - in your soundly constructed home with examined & approved intruder resistant door, window closures & alarms ...

 ... you must first disassemble said prohibited firearm removing an essential component - that then itself has to be stored in a SECOND approved certified safe AT ANOTHER ADDRESS where the approved inhabitant has no access to that part AND does not own any firearm which that part will fit.

- If you don't believe me - check out the freshly announced regulations at the link above..

This is totally outrageous.

.. So a yumi is a Samurai bow - they are unusual in that they are asymmetrical with the part above the grip being twice as long as the bit beneath .. the ya is a long arrow.

I'm losing heart here .. but when they have finished emasculating all of us properly licensed persons you may be interested in a man-powered weapon.

These law changes are so bad that shooters MUST fight them until they are exposed & withdrawn .. but don't expect any medals for being right. - there is plenty of history where the correction of abusive nonsense has earned the "whistle blower" herself ridicule and hatred .. check-out Darwin's evolution theory:

Martin K.
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P.S. This is an amusement eh -- you might need to look twice:

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