Monday, 25 November 2019

The YEET CANNON Unlikely To Land Here:

The latest 'Giggle' from the land of dealer-bling USA is the limited edition Hi-Point YC-9 YEET CANNON:

It seems 313,000 votes were placed to call it thus - a bit like the "Boaty-Mack-Boat-Face" micky take.
In the vernacular "yeet" means to sling something away forcibly ...
It's the cheap clunker 9mm from Hi-Point that most everyone likes to take the piss out of.

Well they sell new under US$200 and are ugly m/f's with a top-heavy slide - that's built that way to tame the recoil - because it's a BLOW-BACK nine.
.. It may be the ugly friend that you got stuck with on a Saturday night in town .. but treat her right and she'll buy the beer all night and feed you breakfast in the morning. - Probably make a great wife.

They do work mostly - and isn't that something?

- I'd have one in a shot as I'm well known for my bad taste - but that will not come-to-be, down here in NZ as it's only got a 31/2 inch long naughty barrel so will be prohibited by our police leaders ... Sad eh,

Marty K.

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