Wednesday 29 May 2019

GUN RIGHTS in New Zealand:

In England a Private Prosecution by Marcus Ball is moving forward against Boris Johnson charging that he repeatedly lied as Mayor of London and as a Member Of Parliament. 
Deliberately Dishevelled Boris:

Johnson has been accused of misconduct in public office after repeating the claim that UK pays 350 million Pounds every week to the EU during the 2016 EU referendum campaign.

District judge Margot Coleman has cited the contention by Lewis Power QC, counsel for Ball, that “there will seldom be a more serious misconduct allegation against a member of parliament or mayor than to lie repeatedly to the voting public on a national and international platform, in order to win your desired outcome”.

Here in New Zealand the KIWI PARTY in cooperation with shooters groups like COLFO has commenced Court proceedings against legislation that BANS ownership and use of various kinds of firearms.

There are multiple (12) contentions sited including that The 1688 Bill of Rights has Constitutional status in NZ law and cannot be abrogated by Parliament.

- and Breach of the constitutional right to bear arms.

The New Zealand Police have repeatedly stated that firearms ownership in New Zealand is "A Privilege"  not a RIGHT .. and at last somebody is defending our basic rights as citizens in the courts.

Sadly it has taken a flawed & hurried Parliamentary anti-gun action to stir anyone into resistance by also seeking justice via an interim Injunction against the recent BAN.

Legal Action is always an expensive business - and legal action against a government will be VERY lengthy and VERY expensive. 


[10] No statement of defence has been filed by the Attorney General. Rather, and as noted above, the Attorney General has filed an application to strike out the proceedings. 

In giving his judgement to the case brought by the Kiwi Party in the Auckland High Court on 15 May Justice Wyle has, at the request of the Attorney General,  struck out all causes put forward to challenge the latest Arms Amendment Act and the process followed by Parliament on the basis that they could not succeed.  He did consider the first cause of action to challenge the Order in Council that made all semi autos in to MSSAs, but concluded that since it was now repealed by the Act it could not succeed. The application for interim orders was declined.
You can read the full judgment here:

Where do we go from here?

Marty K.

Balls For 100 Bore Pepper-box Pistol:

I was day-dreaming about bidding on an auction antique 100 Bore ring-trigger pepper-box pistol - but was curious as to what caliber or size the bores might actually measure .. well, I didn't know.

Something like

- So I started searching online for an  answer ..

Now I fully understand that I'm "not the sharpest knife in the box" - but there are only so many ways to ask a simple question eh ..


- The first site pleased me by being very detailed and helpful .. however it didn't go small enough down scale to have the required information ..

and the next I found was also great .. but ultimately disappointing & lacking.

- the world-wide-web has plenty of crap floating about - and then there is the good stuff like "The Mathematical Shooter" - but, no - they too failed me ..

and "Bob's Blackpowder Notebook"

.. SO MUCH READING OUT THERE .. If you can't find what you need here - I'd give up.
But then -

That's great reading about GUNPOWDER - BLACKPOWDER and a full list of reference articles:

this is but one example .. all about gunpowder ..

I'll tell you true - each of those sites is a bloody interesting valuable resource and full of helpful accurate stuff that is real ... BUT not the answer to my particular query. - Ah I did spot one wrong-un - one writer did an woopsie when he typed that his Ruger Old Army uses .357 inch balls - when .. even at my most OBTUSE I know that should be .457".

ROA .45" With my Home Made Stocks (Grips) & Knife 'Bolsters'.

- .457 inch balls are the best in this .44 (or 45") caliber muzzle-loading Ruger six shooter but .453" balls will do if that's all you can find.

- So to date I still didn't know what sized balls the old 100 Bore pistols used in their day .. but I'm still looking ..


How? .. after wandering around the p.c for hours I tried a different search by typing-in "140 Bore" instead of 100 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ!
Link to list:

100 Bore is said to be 0.360 inch. (140 Bore = .3215").

.. 9 MM would be 103 Bore, .357 Magnum = 102 bore, the .32"s might be 150-148 bore, & .45" should be 51 Bore ..

Marty K.
- Link here to an article that discusses effectiveness of muzzle loading bullets, knock-down and kinetic energy and how very low energy arrows can produce fatalities (clue .. exsanguination):

Sunday 26 May 2019

New GUN LAWS Fruitless In New Zealand:

As a direct reaction to the awful Christchurch Mosque shootings of 15 March 2019 - the New Zealand Government led by Jacinda Ardern took urgent action to immediately BAN "Military Style Semi-Auto Rifles".

These same hurried regulation have also involved restrictions on many other types of sporting firearms and parts widely used in New Zealand .. despite protests from the lawfully Licensed shooting communities.

Has this BAN been effective in preventing further shootings?

April 20 2019, Siaosi Tulua, 39, was shot and killed outside a house on Darnell Crescent, Clover Park, Auckland.
A week later, April 26 2019 "Killer Bees" President Josh Masters was critically injured in a Mt Wellington shooting.
On May 17 2019, Faaifo 'Joe' Siaosi, 23, was killed outside his family home on Piako St, Ōtara. A 21-year-old man has been charged with his murder.
And early Saturday May 25 2019Samiuela Anania Tupou was shot in Ōtāhuhu.
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff With Police Armed with Now Banned MSSA Rifles 
& Glock Pistols. 
 Labour MP for Manukau East Jenny Salesa commented "many of the issues facing our local families and communities in Otara are complex".
"We know that many of our tamariki, young people and families face huge challenges in life: inadequate housing, poverty, family violence, racism and mental health issues to name a few. Addressing these issues in a coordinated way as well as providing early support are priorities for the Government."
My observation is that there have been a dozen gang related shootings in this South Auckland area in the last year and that the "Assault Rifle" BAN has had exactly ZERO EFFECT on the gang shooting crime of New Zealand.
Marty K.

Saturday 25 May 2019

Aircraft Carrier Toilets:

Do you sometimes feel that you are "Treated like mushrooms" - kept in the dark & fed on bullshit ??
An Illuminating Image Of The Ordinary Citizen ...
.. Feed Me Seymore.

One small example of British Bullshit for the public might be the Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers.
Is That The Captains Car Parked on Deck?

The 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) declared that the UK needed only one aircraft carrier - however, penalty clauses in the contract meant that to cancel the second vessel would be more expensive than actually building it.

Above Water:

These two behemoths .. HMS Queen Elizabeth & HMS Prince of Whales were ordered as some sort of last ditch effort to pretend that "Brittania" still rules the waves.
Red Nose Day.

Incredibly - these two super-carriers will be crippled right from conception .. they should have been nuclear powered but they couldn't afford it .. so any time they move out of port they'll have to be trailed by a fleet of turbine-fuel & diesel tankers ..

They should have been equipped with catapult launchers and cable landing arresters  - but you guessed it - they couldn't afford them so they changed to STOVL planes that will be operationally too heavy to land again without dumping their fuel and armaments - so they are "developing" a new technique of nearly-vertical landing at 70 mph .. 

 - now they've realized they haven't got enough jolly-jack-tars & jackess's to run the things even without any planes aboard so they've decided that they'll run these two joke-boats alternately .. turn & turn about ! 

This is not to mention in AUSTERITY BRITAIN that these money-drains are currently estimated to be costing in excess of 7 Billion pounds - PLUS the reduced number of F35 planes will exceed another 13 plus Billion pounds.

Under Water:

The British Trident Nuclear Missiles urgently need four new DREADNOUGHT submarines to garage them .. estimated costing currently some further 41 Billion Pounds.

- Incidentally - Britain does not own it's Trident missiles or warheads - they are American owned and controlled despite being on UK's navy ships (they are not armed either - some deterrent).

Someone's making money out of it.

Bear in mind that these government administrations are the professionals and we voted for them - they know what they are doing.

Captain Nick Cooke-Priest is no longer in charge of the HMS Queen Elizabeth because he is believed to have been sacked for using the aircraft carrier's official car on weekends

Marty K.

Thursday 23 May 2019

REVOLVERS of Quality:

There are more D/A revolver makers out in the big wide world than some folk might think .. so if you find one that looks good but doesn't have a "known" name on it - check it out.

The classic petrol-head world whispers about "BARN FINDS" - a Bugatti hidden beneath bails of hay in an old collapsed farm building - even a forgotten Vincent Black Shadow V-Twin leaning against a garden shed wall

 .. dream-on mates as it's not going to happen eh - Keep looking - keep looking.
Colts Python.

You will likely have read the odd story lauding the quality & finish of a classic Colt Python? .. well, - not to knock it but 'you ain't seen NOTHING yet'.


Two names to tattoo on the inside of your eyelids: KORTH and MANURHIN
.. and maybe a third name JANZ ?

- My usual disclaimer ... I don't own one .. have NEVER shot one .. and don't have any expertise.

Korths are German made while Manurhin are French .. if you are a 'wheel-gun' man and do find a six shooter with one of those names engraved on it - don't let go.
 - You might have to sell those old diamond rings your missus doesn't wear anymore - and pay the price - but do it - as it will be worth the hassles.

The reason that Rolls-Royce cars and Rolex watches are quietly displayed by the discriminating wealthy is quality engineering .. same with these two handguns.

Look .. I've got a Chinese made black plastic digital watch I bought in the souq at Mutra (Oman) nearly 13 years ago - and it's still working (just) & I'm on the third replacement strap - but I don't flash it to young women. Cheap stuff can work but that's it.

- Real quality doesn't need gold plating - it just IS.  These guns are built from the strongest-toughest hardened tool steel parts that are then fitted by gun-makers .. not just assembled.

Revolvers such as these two Europeans can fire many thousands of full-house rounds and still continue tight and accurate .. you will not "shoot out" one of them.

The reason neither of these maker's names are "household" names like Colts, Ruger or S&W is because they don't budget millions of dollars on marketing.
Rugers LCR.

There are of-course other builders of quite decent repeat-fire handguns - and if you treat them well while not hammering them to death - you'll have a chance of getting your money's worth - but they are built down to a price - using polymers, - castings and metal-injection-molded parts - metals chosen for ease of machining and forming rather than their wearing ability.

Korth review link:

You don't get a Mercedes for Ford prices anywhere ... but I will suggest that when a top maker like Manurhin contracts with a manufacturer like Ruger to use one of their guns as the basis of an "economy line" they will have checked the field for winners.

All those other makers out there serve their part of the market - firms like Taurus, Charter Arms, Chiappa all produce worthy tools too.

 - Way below these legit makers come various "Saturday Night Specials" Even these paperweights with peeling paint chips over grey shit-metal can be "interesting" - even if they don't blow your skirt up.

Korth are currently now making their Sky Marshal revolver in 9x19mm .. looks like a good value novelty - so their name may get better known:

I've only just read the name 'Janz' & I truly know nothing other than that they are way-too-rich for me

 - he is a Holstein/German outfit that makes dairying equipment as well as Korth based revolvers?  Link to JANZ:

- This is getting way 'over-the-top' .. How much is US$40,000 in kiwi ??
Marty K.

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Billionaire Bug-out Bunkers:

I can't remember where I read this - but it's pertinent: "How long can any animal survive if it ignores it's greatest danger? - imagine a mouse that ignores cats."

- Without doubt there will be survivors of nuclear warfare - there already have been.

- experience linked here 18 minutes inside a European Radiation Zone.

.. Kolya says "To be human is hard at times." - I watched this vlog from 'Bald & Bankrupt' .. if you'd like to see what life might be like after a nuclear disaster - WATCH IT.. It's fact.


Stories about these government facilities rank alongside news of new warplanes ... when the military release their earlier secrets - you KNOW that they are now obsolete and that they have moved-on to something bigger & better that is still secret πŸ˜ƒ - but it's interesting to learn where some of your tax donations had gone.

That's Interesting Eh - They Obviously Didn't Think
 Anyone In Northern Ireland Was Worth Saving.

Newspaper stories about "secret" bunkers ? .. here's another:

Here's a video-doco about New Zealand's American Millionaire refugees: Hunt For The Bunker People: (It's on Sky TV about now):

.. Well that's almost worth watching - but like Macdonald says - if you've got one - you are not going to boast about it in public anyway eh .. there are some interesting names thrown up but.

This next 'Tiny House' page gives sensible design advice if you have means to build something - plus links to lots of other useful info:

For us non-billionaires - even in "normal times" it is sensible to try to keep a little food in the pantry and out in the vegetable garden .. perhaps your section might make a home for some egg laying chooks or even a few caged rabbits? You see .. when things get tough - just saying "Alexa I'm hungry" won't change much of anything.

There's plenty of information if you can be bothered .. why would anyone want a gun?

Marty K.

Sunday 19 May 2019

New SWISS Gun restrictions:

Yet another previously sensible and armed nation has fallen into the strong currents of anti-gun emotion. Yesterday Switzerland has voted strongly to accept EU tightened rules and registration recording .. this is by no means the death of ownership there - but it certainly indicates the inevitable tightening of access to firearms by civilians. LINK to a more detailed report:

Meanwhile the government military development of ever increasing varieties for killing us climbs higher & higher.
Marty K.

ORDNANCE SURVEY Maps & Major-General Colby:

Thomas Frederick Colby FRS FRSE FGS FRGS (1 September 1784 – 9 October 1852), was a British major-general and early director of the Ordnance Survey (OS).

 A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Society, Colby was a Military Career officer & one of the leading geographers of his time.

He was a key figure in the ordnance survey mapping of all the UK and Ireland .. being single-handedly responsible for the very first Ordnance one inch to the mile series -  because he lost his left hand in December 1803 aged 19 - when a pistol he was shooting blew-up.

 He lived the rest of his life with a part of that gun lodged in his skull.

You guys will likely already have noted the military implication of the name ORDNANCE ... relating to cannon and artillery. - This detailed 'close-up' series of maps of Britain was made by military men for military reasons - to guide on artillery placement and 'gun laying'.

All entries about this man read the same .. and there seems to be but the one image. I tried my best to get more detail about the pistol blowing up - but all I can find is that the gun may have been loaded with shot when it KABOOMED in Liskeard Cornwall - and it likely was one of a pair loaded & handed to him by someone else.

The amputation of his left hand must have made manipulating survey instruments a hell of a task ..


And I've found a brilliant BBC video "A VERY BRITISH MAP"

The "One inch Ordnance Survey" maps became much loved and widely used in UK .. part of their value was that while they were the most accurate and detailed records of the country side for travelers - they were also hand drawn and colorful works of art from a time way before computers and aerial surveys.
Marty K.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Rifles & Magazines - The Facts Of Life:

There are among us those who will never even touch a Ruger firearm because Bill Ruger is said to have once declaimed:

"No honest man needs more than 10 rounds." 1992

- Well .. Here's a truly terrible thing .. Colonel Jeff Cooper once stated the following heresy:

"It is a fact of life that nobody needs a rifle. He wants a rifle, and he is happier wanting a good example than a poor one. And certainly nobody needs an armory full of rifles." - Jeff Cooper, 2003.

- If you can resolutely overcome your shock and despair .. a large single Malt should help to soothe & ease your pain .. 

- Then this next link to a cruel unmasking and debunking of .45 lore - by Chuck Hawks is also very worthwhile reading and indeed may be good for the soul:

Well I reckon 😊😊 it's worth the shock to justify the remedy eh.
- And finally, just to cheer-up the Smith & Wesson fans - here is an appreciation ..

I guess that I'm being a bit mean spirited by offering these "corrections?" - but likely we all have a "dark-side" πŸ˜™eh.

Marty K.

Tuesday 14 May 2019


Alert thinking folk will be aware that sometimes others can present an occasional threat to them or their families.

Crime and violence DOES happen sometimes .. but it is rare enough to still be headline material.

- Sure there are certain kinds of violence that opinion-makers like to shout about - like GUN CRIME in America. - Our excellent lady Prime Minister is currently saying how she can't understand USA's attitude to private gun ownership .. Jacinda Ardern is campaigning to reduce firearms death rates.
 HAROP LOITERING MUNITION - only 3 Meter Wingspan.

.. BUT it would be rude of me not to point-out that EVERY year since the end of World War II ... for every one of SEVENTY-FOUR years of "peace" there has been more than one million people killed in military conflict - whereas worldwide civilian homicides run at the lesser figure of some 400,000 per year.

(The American Journal of Public Health June 2014 notes that between 85-90% of deaths in war are civilian.)

These are UNITED NATIONS & World Health Organization Recorded Figures: Link Here: 

Logic therefor suggests that possession of weaponry by GOVERNMENT military forces is by far a much greater health issue for their citizens than private sporting and self defense firearms will ever be.

A recent advance in government killing machinery is Lethal Autonomous Weapons .. these are not some future-fear .. but are already in use by governments around the planet. e.g. - Azerbaijan April 5 2016 .. buses of Armenian soldiers destroyed by Harop.

Israel Aerospace Industries Harop & Harpy loitering munitions are small stealth planes that loiter for hours in the air and select their own targets to destroy or return autonomously to their launch site.

Samsung Sentry.

Stationary sentry guns activated by body heat are already deployed in Korea & Israel where Minister Ayoob Kara stated in 2017 that Israel is developing military robots, including ones as small as flies.
Russia says they are developing autonomous attack submarines .. US admits to 'ghost fleets of ships' while UK has deployed unmanned vehicles and military robots.

- Sure our PM Jacinda is right to be concerned about who is armed with Military Style Semi-Auto "assault rifles" - our own civilian police have got around a thousand of them - but there are other equal or greater threats existing around us - not to mention 'WMD'.

GLADIATOR UGV .. Unmanned Ground Vehicle.
Fancy your chances against one with an AR15?

These are not the crazed inventions of an Evil Dr. No in a James Bond movie .. these are the work of our elected governments & administrations.
That's not our Southern Alps - Surely?

Marty K.

Monday 13 May 2019

Thinking Self Defense & Security:

May I muse a little about my chosen 'family motto'  ..


"They" have just announced here in NZ that the Christchurch mosques will be installing "Artificial Intelligence Cameras" following the awful killings.

 - There are also questions of why only 3 Million of the donated 10 Million dollars has been passed-on for the well being of those effected by the shootings and the victims families.

Athena Photograph.
These computer-linked camera systems from Texas company Athena will correctly identify an object such as a gun - 99% of the time - announcing to the attacker that it has done so - and notifying a police call center. Athena describe their system as "Your Virtual Watch Guard"

New Zealand Police claim they responded to this years Central Christchurch emergency that resulted in 51 tragic deaths - in six minutes.

Presumably anywhere these smart cameras are installed .. if an actual armed Law Enforcement Officer, Imam or security guard enters the building the camera alarms will be activated .. perhaps the camera AI might be pre-loaded with facial recognition?

Can a camera STOP one such attack? .. or any other such as a suicide bomber, truck bomb etc?

Section Four of The NZ Police Arms Code currently says:

Self-defence is not a valid reason to possess firearms. The law does not permit the possession of firearms "in anticipation that a firearm may need to be used in self-defence.
"Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or City or District Council for advice on how to defend yourself. They can advise you of self defence courses or groups in your area."

- Good advice should always be welcomed by the thoughtful - but why then do some of our DPS and airport police themselves routinely carry firearms? .. such as the now BANNED military styled M4A3 semi-auto rifles and the Glock 17 pistols?

Marty K.


Saturday 11 May 2019

Early 'CARTRIDGES' & The 32-20 WCF:

The word 'cartridge' when used to mean a complete package containing "the necessaries" dates back to 1626.

 - Whereas that "fine old cartridge" the 32-20 WCF is much younger .. dating only from 1882-83.

- As I understand it the original firearms cartridges were squares of paper or cloth, twisted-wrapped around a musket ball and the proper charge of gunpowder ready for use to load
 .. this package first being opened and the powder poured down the barrel - then the packaging would be either used as a wad before introducing the ball - or could be used as a patch around the ball to help it fit more gas-tight in the bore - and to stop the ball just falling out under gravity.

In my experience the old time muzzle loader shooters tended to carry their essential tools and components in a leather bag or 'wallet' - known to us 'moderns' nowadays as a "necessaries bag".

The Winchester 32-20 - ( .32 inch caliber loaded with a 20 grain black powder charge) was an early self-contained lever-action metallic cartridge that has done plenty of valuable work through the 136 odd years.

The 32-20 is a center fire cartridge developed by Winchester as 'The Winchester Center Fire' cartridge first chambered in their Model 1873 - however six or seven years later more than 43 thousand first generation Colts Single Action Army (also M.1873) revolvers were made in 32-20 WCF caliber.
The Year 1873 is also famous as the year Levy Strauss got US Patent 139121 for their re-enforcing copper rivets and started making their tough jeans .. the Canadian north-west MOUNTIES were formed - and "father of the blues" W C Handy was conceived & born in Alabama. He was still blowing at age 76 .. 

The 32-20 is/was a very useful round for many years but is now regarded as "obsolete" - particularly since the straight walled .32" pistol cartridges have been again up-powered by the latest iteration - the 327 Federal Magnum .. that uses the same diameter .312 inch projectiles.

The 32-20 in it's day was a serious general purpose caliber used for both hunting and self defense .. but it's long brass case is rather thin-walled and will crumple-collapse if the hand loader gets a bit careless. - Mind you .. I myself have have crumpled similar tall brass cases when re-loading (both .357 Magnum & 327 Fed.Mag) without really trying - despite them being usefully thicker and tougher modern metal.

The delta blues singer Robert Johnson composed & recorded 32-20 BLUES in 1936 .. probably after he sold his soul to the devil .. he likely carried one for social reasons? The song is bad news for his woman who spent a night out on the town? .. Link ..

Ahoh boy, I just can't take my rest - ahoh boy, I just can't take my rest
With this .32-20 laying up and down my breast.

Thursday 9 May 2019


I have used a light attached (taped) to both a shotgun and a .22" rifle when out & about on farmland controlling rabbit numbers (and when looking for possums up in the trees). The technique works for a quiet evening walkabout and I'm fond of both bunnie-stew and a nice mushroom-&-rabbit pie topped with flaky pastry for a treat with creamy mashed potatoes and sweet garden peas πŸ˜ƒ.

Of course most kiwi shooters will likely have been "spotlighting" from the back of a 'ute' .. this can be great on rabbit numbers - and very helpful to the "Cockie" (farmer) who would prefer that his grassland is eaten by sheep rather than by the bunnies eh. - DOC our Department of Conservation reckons that around 7-10 rabbits will eat as much as one ewe.

- Of course rabbits don't generally shoot back ..
That's A Scary Thought Eh.

.. but in my current reading 'STREET WARRIOR' (by Ralph Friedman) about his life as a highly decorated NYPD cop in the seventies - the man questions how you should use a light when searching a dark building for violent armed 'perps'.
He was sensibly taught to hold the flashlight out to one side rather than straight in line with center-mass where an armed gang member might choose the light as an aiming point.

- What I'm getting around to saying is - do you think those rails in front of the trigger-guard are meant for mounting a nice bright modern LED illuminator?

Oh Yeah ? .. Is That Why They're There?
- not sure about that..

Look - I've never worked in Law Enforcement in a high crime area or anywhere else .. but I'd think seriously about it before fixing ANY great lump of anything anywhere onto a carry gun. - apart from the obstructive added bulk & mass - I've no idea where you'd find a suitable holster down here so close to the Antarctic πŸ˜™.

I'm just saying eh .. (most annoyingly I'm sure) .. but as I used to tell my wife "I only argue when I'm right". 😎

Marty K.

Tuesday 7 May 2019


Security advise from a professional .. this is a very BASIC first rule.

If you live anywhere with strangers wandering past - LOCK YOUR DAMN DOORS - even when you are home.

Greg Ellifritz knows this stuff because he earns his living by dealing with it.

Security cameras are interesting but they don't lock-up your stuff for you.

If you do live in a city among thousands of other chromosome 2 hominids, like rats stuffed into cages - increasingly artificial intelligence 'A I' will be touching your life.
This Is What Separates Man From Being An Ape.
(Wikipedia lists some 200 pages of genes found in Chromosome 2)

I have fun up here in the hills dealing with the 'natural intelligence' of locals - dogs, cats and birds - like the California Quail & aussie magpies - all poking-about my home curtilage day and night .. while the few humans are mostly friendly and helpful.

But machine intelligence is limited to nearby card operated petrol pumps and "Alexa" in the living room. - Municipal Surveillance cameras placed in their thousands above the reach of vandals will no doubt increasingly encroach & infest the open spaces - like cameras placed on fence posts to watch a neighbor's farm gate .. but those cameras and their owner both have little to no intelligence.

It surely doesn't take much wit to lock a door nowadays .. but I can tell you that in my early days here in 1976 New Zealand - I was once challenged in a pub car park "Why you locking your car door - Don't you trust us Kiwis?" 😁😁

My personal attitude to Health & Safety follows on from the basic principle "Never delegate your personal security to anyone else." .. and I kinda have a scale of threats in mind .. I know that there's all sorts of bad around - like armed-terrorists, drug-addiction, species decline, marine plastic pollution, deforestation, factory farming, air-pollution, nuclear waste, global warming, - even "wildling pine trees"  etc, etc - but No.1 on my personal 'risk list' is the 14,900 thermonuclear warheads actively deployed all around us - a NUCLEAR WAR .. but there doesn't seem to be anyone else around who's noticed the proliferating plutonium.

Marty K.
P.S. You'll be pleased to know that the streets of London are buzzing with the news that a new ROYAL baby .. Baby Sussex .. has arrived.

Monday 6 May 2019

Kit Carson & The Kit Carson Scouts Viet Nam:

I'm currently just started reading VIETNAM by Max Hastings that is being applauded as the best explanation book about that war .. I'm only in the early pages but I have again here seen mention of the KIT CARSON SCOUTS.

Recognizing that I knew nothing about these important 'bit- players' in the VIETNAM jungle warfare of the 1960s - I had to try to follow-up their story some ..

CHIEU HOI Leaflet. -It Means "open arms" 
- Urging Fighters To DEFECT to The Americans.

These guys are/were former enemy V.C. fighters - who when captured or surrendering - chose to change sides by carrying a Chieu Hoi propaganda leaflet offering them good treatment.

It seems there were around 7,000 of these Kit Carson Scouts who proved very effective fighters with the US Marines & Army. - they were so named by General Nickerson c.o. of The 1st Marine Division. (These "Hoi Chahns" were alternatively called "TIGER SCOUTS" in the 9th Division) .. after the original "mountain man" Christopher Carson 1809-1868  who served as a guide on various early expeditions and as an 'Indian Agent'.

When US forces pulled-out of South Vietnam (April 29 1975) there are believed to have been around 4,000 Kit Carsons then serving with US Forces who were abandoned there to their own devices ..

It is thought that at least 2,000 of them were soon executed but likely many fled their homeland as "boat people" into other lands - while some may have gone underground and survived while not being identified.

I think that even more recently there have been 'Translators' serving with western forces in Afghanistan who have remained behind when these Forces have pulled-out in a "difficult" situation among their earlier opposing forces.

Warfare is a dreadful, dirty game .. but both of these stories are well worth discovering before we forget, - both histories could be thought of as lessons in how to pick your friends.

Marty K.