Monday 31 January 2022

Gun Control - Autonomous Weapons

Does A month go past currently without Jacinda's Government activating new anti-gun, anti-shooter legislation? - Answer .. NO

Will any of these new regulations have any effect on NZ violent crime? - You already know the answer ..

 Apart from GUN LAWS 'LAWS' used to mean 'Light Antitank Weapons System' .. but there's a new nightmare being deployed by our Governments.


. Autonomous implies independent .. autonomy is the capacity to make an informed, uncoerced decision. 

It's one thing having heat-seeking movement-detecting heavy machine guns scanning a 'dead-zone' at the border between blue territory & yellow Territory. - That is terrible in it's own "soulless execution" design.

.. but the big powers are deploying unmanned loitering drones and undersea cruising machines that can stay on station for months - ready to unleash large scale nuclear devastations.

I am aware that some psychos applaud nuclear weapons and THE THREAT of nuclear devastation as having saved the lives of thousands of alternate victims .. but I'd respond by stating that basic common sense and humanity would have saved many many more lives from being wasted.

These Governments claim a legitimate right to use these nightmare killers - but are the very SAME administrations that seek to limit what you .. their employer, can lawfully have for your self defense and sporting uses.  
- It seems part of the latest firearms restrictions requires NZ firearms License applicants to list all overseas countries they have visited for five years .. that'll do it.

These government weapons are not FICTION from a computer game to be shrugged-off. This is Reported FACT. - Furthermore please bear in mind that when governments release pictures and descriptions of these new weapon systems - you can be assured that these ARE NOT THE LATEST, state of the art, - and there are bigger & better - more effective but still secret weapons already being deployed.


But .. there is a ray of hope out there - The James Webb Space Telescope launched December 25 2021 - and if all continues to function as intended .. we may get some wonderful new revelations starting around June 2022 - and for the next five to twenty years. I'm really looking forward to learning so much more about our Universe and what's in it .. maybe even WHO? - there may even be intelligent life out there ..

If our politicians were guided by our scientists rather than by  psychopathic greedy billionaires - we might have a better and fairer world.

This is a great watch ..

Marty K.

Sunday 30 January 2022

Heaven On Earth .. With an AK47?

Today's Joke:

.. English bloke comes home and finds his wife in bed with his three best friends .. Hello Hello Hello he cries. - His wife sits up and says "So aren't you going to say hello to me too?" 

Hmm, ain't no such thing as Heaven that I've found .. But New Zealand isn't the worst when you consider all the bad guys out there in the world trying to rip-off everything that they can and put the loot into their offshore private account.

I really like the way that so many maps of the planet seem to forget we are down here - and leave that patch of blue ocean close to Antarctica blank. - There's Australia and there's that spread of blue all the way down to the white empty region of frozen wasteland .. GREAT.

- When those terrible killing-wars and ethnic-cleansings erupt like bursting septic boils on the hot inflamed locations .. it's no 'act of god' or trick of fate.- It is the direct result of a rich psycho spotting an opportunity to seize control of some asset that can make her or him even more wealthy and powerful.

One National Leader - then Mayor Johnson in 2015.
Don't Moan About His Lies - He's Going To Be A War Hero In Ukraine ..

Behind every well financed REVOLUTIONARY ARMY there is some Corporate business person venturing a bit of their capital on a profit seeking speculation.

Be it control of the moist soil for growing cheap South American bananas or palm oil - or of a sandy wasteland overlaying oil-rich swamps - It's the oligarchs crooks & royals who value their own wealth above the lives of others - & plot to steal everything they can.

- And there are some deluded simpletons who question THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS for law abiding citizens.

Mind you .. if you think of me & you as being average sorts - try to remember that HALF of our fellow countrypersons have got even less brains than us .. as half of all Kiwis (& Poms) are below average IQ.


Here is a fantastic new watch - CIGA DESIGN BLUE PLANET .. Todays IQ Test is to locate New Zealand on this beautiful Award Winning titanium face .. FAIL.

CIGA Design have beaten-off even the Swiss with their superb US$1,000 watch BLUE PLANET .. but will they 'premiere' their new timekeeper in the missing New Zealand? - Watch review linked here ..

Where is this New Zealand?

Marty K.

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Apathy & Corruption - Deference & Delusion - Lies & Privilege:

 Yeah well I was going to do yet another rant against modern thoughtless stupidity - but I might give it a break and talk about some technical shooting issues instead .. 


THAT'll Do for Me: (Ameriglow Tritium Sights).
No Bulk, No Optics, No Electronics, No Flat Batteries.

And the next question .. Can you use a 22 for self defense (in USA?

- Of course you bloody well can - And indeed you should use a 22 pistol or revolver if that is what you can afford, manage, - control and shoot well - and you enjoy the fun of practicing with it regularly.

Don't worry about it's Effectiveness POWER and Lethality - as those factors are all well documented.

However .. If you CAN manage a more potent handgun for your defensive needs - I suggest this might be preferable provided that choice would be readily available and affordable.
It Only Takes of Energy to knock a man down ..
So a Central Nervous System .22 L.R. hit will do the job 
- provided you avoid .22 Shorts & C.Bs.

- Not everyone can manage a full power cartridge .. If you need a fit body - hearing protection - and deep pockets to buy your center-fire ammunition, while risking tendon injury & hand damage .. and achieve less accurate & slower fire rates when relying on your powerful magnum 'man-stopper' cartridges .. It may be time to stop flinching and to think again ..
- There are even softer, quieter options of sub-sonic cartridges around - but you seriously would need to test these out properly to check their accuracy and ballistic performance.

Check-out that excellent .22" penetration in ballistic gelatin ..

.. Returning to the main title subject matter ..
- You likely will be aware of the corrupt lying gutless shenanigans being enacted in UK - New Zealand's 'Mother Country' - that surely brings home how badly mistaken British citizens are to think that they & we live in a Democracy. 

We live in a MONARCHY where our Police Service swears loyalty TO THE BRITISH RULING MONARCH - NOT to the NZ Government - nor to the New Zealand people.

- We live in a hereditary monarchy where law-abiding citizens are prevented by regulation from defending themselves from attack by criminal nutters.

Oh .. If you fancy a little amusement on the cheap while waiting for Democracy and Truth to arrive - search "vintage watches e-bay" and see what you can buy for a few dollars. - How do you fancy an old Soviet era 'DEATH TO SPIES' mechanical Stalinist watch .. or maybe a SEIKO 'Mickey Mouse' watch from India?
These bargains from places like Ukraine and Mumbai can take months to negotiate the various postal systems .. but those surprise packages can contain rare treasures and amusing curiosities.

Marty K.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Gun Control Is People Control ..

The populations of the BRITISH parts of the world are being progressively DISARMED while being told that it is for their own good. - It cannot be a coincidence that right now - new ANTI-GUN laws are being enacted in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand that align with United Kingdom's.


When buildings are "raised to the ground" the proper spelling 'RAZED' helps to explain this weirdness - as it means "razored" or CUT to the ground ..

When an English lady climbs up to 'The Downs' for a walk - it isn't as strange as at first hearing because the naming of this chalky high land as The Downs derives from the old English word 'DUN' meaning hills.

- English peasants 'Felling' trees is to cut them down .. but to go 'Fell-walking'  is to climb UP into the bleak northern hills ..

Such anomalous & devious language goes some way to explain how British speaking voters are conditioned to accept so much nonsense "doublespeak" from their lords and masters when spoken in a posh 'Public School '(Private School) accent.

Our unelected Head of State is MONARCH of all she rules - these subjects hold a delusion that they are citizens of a DEMOCRACY  .. while also claiming to be proud to be so royally ruled.

The reputed "Mother of Parliaments" holds some 650 elected MPs while their upper house seats 773 un-elected Lords, Peers, and Barons. - Sounds hardly democratic to me.

If the Palace of Westminster is the "Mother of Parliaments" - what were the Athenian and Roman systems of two and a half thousand years ago? - Even the word 'democracy' comes from the ancient Greek dēmokratia  δημοκρατία.

The BIG LIE (Germangroße Lüge) is a gross distortion or misrepresentation of the truth, used especially as a propaganda technique. 

The German expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, to describe the use of a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." 

- Does power corrupt, or are corrupt people drawn to power?

The only people who can stop this corruption is we, the people.

Marty K.

Friday 14 January 2022

The RIGHT To Self Defense:

 - Nothing serious to think about here then ..

If you or another is attacked by anyone - Do you have the RIGHT to defend from such attack - and to what extent?

Personally I think that the obvious answer is YES - and 'by any means available'. - But others including The United Nations disagree.

The 'technical' & legal considerations are somewhat beyond my thinking and abilities as a retired old fart - but perhaps you will read this short piece linked here ..

What I wanted to ask was .. IF the right to SELF DEFENSE is recognized in U S Law then surely that same right ought to apply to every person in every other part of our planet and Universe.

This cannot only be a National Right ..

A basic human right is UNIVERSAL and is not withheld from say Peruvians - 'blacks' or 'Catholics' or "aged persons" - A basic human right can't be limited only to those with say a recognized University Degree or only to those above 18 years old and under 65 y.o. being in gainful employment - Nor should it be limited 'by means'.

.. AND if  such Human Right does exist - no-one has any right to limit it's application by introducing government or police regulation such as - "the victim may only use defensive-resistant force "of an equal level appropriate to that of the attacker"

The Right To Self Defense is a very emotional topic that can lead to spittle flecked angry arguments and red faces .. so I am happy to insert here an encouragingly extreme example. 

- If you were to discover a person in the act of trying to kill your female significant other & her unborn child by stomping on her with bare feet .. you certainly do not need to lay aside any weapon nor do you need to remove your footwear before doing your uttermost to terminate that murderous attack.

Here is another thought .. Our New Zealand Police Service is a civilian law enforcement organization that is covered by the same Civilian Law as all of us here.

IF unlicensed NZ Police are lawfully entitled to carry various firearms (including full-automatics and grenade launchers) as weapons in defense of themselves and the public from unlawful acts by violent criminals - then surely so too are all other law abiding persons.

New Zealand's much amended, complicated and restrictive Firearms Rules are CORRUPT - UNCONSTITUTIONAL and INEFFECTIVE.  - These laws as invented by our politicians and police management are mainly intended to restrict and limit the availability of defensive tools to only the privileged and the record shows that 'GUN CONTROLS' are unfit for the stated purpose of preventing violent crime.

Marty K.

Sunday 9 January 2022

'Nu Tirani' In Thrall To The Chinese ..

 Well .. beep-beep-beepitty-beep - Have I got news for you. 

I got mail today .. up in the 'wop-wops' # of the South Island NU TIRANI *.

# - That's the sound your truck tires make when the rubber is shredded by the potholes and coarse road metal.

* Nu Tirani is the actual proper Maori name for these 'British' South Pacific islands - see this link ..

.. Sounds sort of familiar - tyranny ? - Those early Maori knew something in advance eh.

 - Following some three weeks of no mail at all over the Christmas-Summer vacation period - I got three packages - being a pair of work jeans from AliExpress in China, - a replacement (Chinese?) black rubber strap for my overvalued but 'classic' SEIKO (Japanese) Turtle dive watch, - and a new 1963 Chinese Pilots Chronograph watch.

Chinese SEA-GULL 1963 Chronograph 
(This One - My Choice - Is a Quartz Movement)

- My recently serviced old SEIKO collectible Model 6309-7040 .. (Service cost of $622.) - also looks great on it's replacement black rubber band.
Vintage SEIKO 6309-7040 Automatic 'Turtle' Dive Watch:  

I bought this SEIKO dive-watch in Suva around 1978 some ten years before I bought my used filipino 'STIRLING' (Armscor) semi-automatic .22" rifle with a 15 round magazine from the NZ Police at a 'Police & Customs Auction' in Christchurch with a $40 bid. 
Both of these useful small game getters were SURRENDERED to NZ Police
 by order of a "BUY-BACK" scheme. - Both large supervising police officers laughed:

- Interesting to recall that having lawfully SOLD me this "pea-gun" - they many years later forced me to sell it back to them for $400 in a "Buy Back"..

Chinese ?

- Now the superb 'MSTIANO' made Sea-Gull 1963 Chronograph is the 2nd Chinese made time keeper in my developing collection - with 100% satisfaction to date. I see both Chinese watches as 'things of beauty' .. but in all conscience I do need to confess that I have terrible taste .. ask my ex wife.

There has been a bit of critical comment from Western media claiming that Nu Tirani is sucking-up to China when we ought to be hostilely opposing Chinese influences in our part of the world - well Sino-Kiwi relations have been friendly since for ever - try 1927 with Cantabrian Rewi Alley doing much founding educational development work with the communist Chinese Beijing academics - while today China continues to be the biggest customer for our produce.


STOP PRESS: Federal have just announced their new American pistol cartridge 30 SUPER CARRY - it sounds very much like it should logically be called 8 mm Auto in the progression .. 10 mm Auto, 9 mm Luger, 8 mm Auto. - Not enough details released yet or drawings to date .. but said to use a .312 inch bullet with the cartridge being the same o/a length as 9 mm.

Note: It is sometimes difficult to affirm that the U S measuring system is metric eh ..

Marty K.

Friday 7 January 2022

Flashing & Farting with Jelly:

I was YouTube watching  'Gun Sam Revolver Aficionado' shooting into ballistic gelatin - with snow all around on the ground - when I wondered just what effect that sort of outside temperature might have on reducing bullet PENETRATION ..

- As it turns-out - the proper temperature for use of this 10% gelatin media is fridge cool at 4C or 39F - close(ish to the snow's temperature .. so the reality will likely be a slight risk of increased penetration into these blocks in summer weather.

There are way too many complications & variables when considering bullet performance - for an old fart like me to pretend to understand the rules - except for #1 Rule, DON'T stand in front of someone pointing a gun at you - as any hits will hurt ..

That mini explosion above is caused by a Diesel Effect in the oil-based clear ballistic block as the cavity collapses after the projectile passes on - Link:

To watch the video of ignition and 'farting' in oil-based clear Ballistic Gel see here ..

 Plus a good article about the effect of gelatin temperature on PENETRATION:

I've played about a bit with shooting into Plasticine modeling clay blocks and expect to do more .. I reckon that the six inches managed here by the "obsolete" 38 S&W revolver round is maybe half or a third of that managed in ballistic Gel.

I have seen some "bounce-back" inside my clay - of course no ignition observed.

- So much fun to be had and so little time ..

Marty K.

Saturday 1 January 2022

Feeling Bloated or Just STUFFED ..?

 Yeah .. way too much creamy-fatty-sugary stuff still clogging-up the works ..

- But you won't be over-indulging on shooting stuff here in New Zealand - as the government is successfully starving-out we lawful shooters.

Since the multiple Christchurch racist killings by Australian BRENTON TARRANT (he who must not be named) new regulations have flooded-in to make life difficult in every way for LEGAL SHOOTERS.

You need a pre-arranged Import Permit for every little screw, spring or piece of wood you'd like to get for your firearm but many sellers won't even send to NZ because of our GST tax regime.

You need an internal Permit to mail order any component that you are legally entitled to buy.

Every pack of .22" ammo has to be recorded by the Dealer to your license details.

The Post Office refuses to carry any firearm part or ammunition .. for 'safety' reasons.

Most Courier companies now refuse to carry any firearms or parts.

Book Shops no longer sell any 'gun books'.

Magazine & Periodical Importers no longer import or distribute any Gun Books.

The promised INDEPENDENT Firearms Licensing Authority has been corrupted into a renamed internal police job.

New, complicated & costly extended red tape is making Licence Renewals torturous.

New application fees are imposed for every police-demanded Licence Endorsement.

New regulations about travelling with your firearms ..


Can you give me ONE example of anything any Shooting Organization has actually DONE to oppose these attacks?

.. Certainly they have talked about it from time to time - But what ACTION?

Has even ONE group partnered with a courier company?

Has ONE group organized to IMPORT the absent magazines from USA and to distribute them to their membership?

Has ANY shooters group taken any legal action against these multiple restrictions?

- Are sport shooters getting value for their membership fees? - We are under attack.

- But New Zealand Police still do not need to even have a Firearms Licence for their many weapons.

Best Wishes for The NEW YEAR

If NZ Police had to get a gun license - you can bet that the process would be made easier, cheaper, simpler and faster to progress.

Application for a NZ Firearms Licence - THIRTY FIVE PAGES - plus supporting documents.

Application to become an armed NZ Police Constable? - ONE PAGE.


Sad eh .. Archbishop Desmond Tutu dying in S.A. - he was known as the conscience of that nation - speaking against political injustice for years .. but of course talking about stuff doesn't achieve much - it didn't prevent president Jacob Zuma ripping-off  $88 BILLION from the struggling South African people .. To change anything


Marty K.