Wednesday 30 December 2020


 This is a kind of "Christmas Story" from a respected friend in America - Greg Ellifritz - now a retired Law Enforcement Officer - and current Firearms & combat  Instructor, writer, and researcher.

Greg is a guy who - if he has a question will look until he finds an answer. His An Alternative Look At STOPPING POWER report is a factual assessment of actual shooting events .. NOT an opinion.

This story involves a crime victim who needed to do something to protect her kids and home - so she bought a $150 JIMINEZ-NINE handgun and sought help how to use it ..

JIMINEZ-NINE Has a Reputation as a Pot-Metal  'JUNK GUN'

In all fairness I have no experience of these entry level pistols - but on-line posters describe it variously as "Better than nothing" and it seems that the maker of these guns has changed ownership a few times in recent years. - I understand there are different calibers made for you to avoid.

This post is really here only to offer you the chance to read Greg's story ..

Link to an 'emotional story' from Greg Ellifritz:

Best Wishes for 2021 - Life IS good.

Marty K.

Monday 28 December 2020

BREXIT Bollocks Leaves Law-abiding Armless:

 So 'BREXIT' is now a fact .. UK joined EU in 1973 and left in 2020 (after 47 Years)  - Starting New Years day 2021 Rule Britannia  will be all on it's own having taken back control ..

Trucks Parked Waiting For Borders:

This is said to be the ONLY TIME EVER that a country has chosen to leave an economic union.

- Mind you - this is of course THE SECOND TIME Britain has split from European membership - as it happened way back in the year 400 when the Roman Empire pulled back over the channel and left the Poms to their own independent control - for the next 1,300 odd years this is referred to as THE DARK AGES there and reputedly marked as an era of violence & brutal backwardness.

It's generally accepted by the gurus that the big reason racist Brits voted to exit Europe was IMMIGRATION .. too many foreigners ruining the country. - Plus there was a habit developed by the millionaire owned junk tabloid papers to blame everything they didn't like on the EU - starting with bent bananas. 

A couple of years back - 1 in 5 young British children thought that FISH FINGERS were made from CHICKEN .. & a third of them thought cheese was a vegetable ..

So they are out. - As far as GUN LAWS go there was a chance that continued EU membership would have led to more rational firearms regulation rather than hysterical blame of violence on "GUNS" .. but as long as the English privileged money class are in sole charge of the whole mess you can forget logic - and rely on the rules being for ever twisted to increase the security & property holdings of the Establishment while pushing more blame & AUSTERITY onto the workers.

British subjects are getting used to catapults or low-power air rifles for pest control and for very small game like rats & squirrels .. or you might get some ferrets? - while the land owners retain their hunting guns and stalking rifles for a better class of game.

Expect a new meal to become Britain's most popular - Squirrel Tikka Masala and Rabbit Korma .. maybe battered pigeon & chips might also have a show with traditionalist fried food junkies in the coming centuries. - there's always something to look forward to eh.

My concern is that while Britain has long imported 80% of it's food .. increased document-Customs controls at the EU Border will lead to delays with truck drivers opting NOT to loose wages while held at the entry points to UK. - No Drivers means No Trucks means No Food.
Tree Rats Aplenty .. Grey Squirrels 
- Climbing IN or OUT?

There are plenty of Grey squirrels but.

Marty K.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

NZ Shooters Suffer From APATHY:

Perhaps our NZ National Health Service may be able to use police records to contact all Licensed Firearms users in 2021 and offer help regarding treatment for evident APATHY for 240,000 of them. - Apathy can be a symptom of several neurological and psychiatric disorders - it can become more serious if you have a chronic condition and don't treat it ..

The doctor might diagnose you with apathy if you're no longer motivated and you .. 

Lack the effort or energy to do everyday things

Depend on other people to plan your activities

Have no desire to learn new things, meet new people, or have new experiences

Don't care about your own problems

Feel no emotions when good or bad things happen

- The brain's apathy centre is believed to be located in the frontal lobe area where lesions have been found in the brains of sufferers-  many of whom are individual New Zealand Firearms Licence Holders.


NEVER in the history of New Zealand has such a concerted attack on basic human rights been mounted on any law-abiding minority group with so little protest. -  Mental health psychiatrists do not explicitly deal with the condition of apathy, - as it is a psychological problem for some depressed people, in which they get a sense that "nothing matters" .. but there are standard treatments & medications to help with depression.

New Zealand shooters may need to moderate the intensity of their symptoms when consulting their General Practitioner as recent legislation suggests Doctors notify police licensing authorities if they detect any mental illness in a Licensed Firearms owning patient.

When Australian BRENTON TARRANT was negligently given a licence by NZ Police enabling him to murder 51 innocent victims on 15 March 2019 - Police & Politicians mounted a punitive attack on lawful firearms users to transfer the blame for the Massacre to sports people .. that so far has brought into law 200 pages of additional Amendments to NZ Firearms Regulation .. WITH MORE TO COME.

The new FIREARMS LICENCE APPLICATION - RENEWAL FORM alone contains THIRTY FIVE PAGES of questions to be completed every five years..

Like me you may lawfully own thousands of dollars worth of valuable firearms, ammunition, security safes, - and hand loading equipment .. I hope that you too support COLFO and are a paid-up member of SPORTING SHOOTERS ASSOCIATION of NEW ZEALAND - it costs only $25.

Marty K.

Monday 21 December 2020

BALLISTICS .. That's What Makes It All WORK:

When viewing range firearms tests in USA - I am often bemused-confused by the actions and comments of the testers .. who seem not to be very safe in their gun handling nor very knowledgeable about firearms technology. - Over the last year a swarm of negativity about the new Glock G 44 rim-fire pistol has truly amazed me - with weird thought processes and brainwashed biases of 'Merican YouTuber shooting "experts". - Some of them really talk shit .. is that how their heads are working?

Wondering if this had anything to do with Donnie's "Poorly Educated" I had a look at the International Stats & was surprised by the results .. not having been that impressed by some local New Zealand  pot-head working intellect.

- In my VERY early days here in New Zealand - I was told (by a guy who later became a friend) .."We gave you a hard time when you first started here - because we thought that you looked like a Dutchman .. (I'm a half Irish half English pommy Kiwi) .. There was an unpopular Dutch Chef in charge).

Link to International education comparisons ..

- When deciding what CALIBRE you need ...


Package,  INTERNAL -  External, & TERMINAL ballistics, -  Effect/Result:

I think those five ballistic variables help you assess or "suss out" for Londoners 😀 what cartridge you choose and then suggest what firearm you want to own.

Barrel Length?

No easy choice - as there are different cartridge packages about every four or five thousands of an inch from the smallest to the largest bores.

Just A Few To Chose From mid-range ..

Link to a good description of BALLISTICS .. (better than I might reproduce)

Choosing a pistol or rifle is dead easy .. all you need to do is get what your mates have eh 

OR - you might read some, try a few, and consider what YOU want - & why.

- My list PIETER

Package: ..what can you find supply of, is it affordable, how effective, Do you enjoy shooting it?

Internal Ballistics: Can YOU handle the power, blast & recoil? - Can your gun handle it?

External Ballistics: Velocity, bullet shape, "flat shooting" at your distances, Can YOU hit with it?

Terminal Ballistics: Expanding or Penetrating or 'Frangible" & terminal ENERGY "Ting on Target".

Effect: Is your target, when centre-hit knocked-down or dropped - Stopped?

Result: Wound channels & destructive disruptive effect.

Self-Contained Cartridge - Has a Bullet In It.

The most popular handgun package currently is the 9x19 mm - but the Long Rifle .22" works all over the land - IT surely is multi-purpose. 

- If you'd been in the scene about 25 years back all the "experts" were saying that a FOURTY-FIVE acp 1911 clone was the ONLY way to go for a self defence Carry Gun or 3-Gun Competition and everything else was inferior rubbish .. especially those plastic Tupperware ceramics from somewhere foreign ..

Funny how stuff changes over time eh - even Christmas is different this year .. Nobody I know is even slightly excited by the thought - even the kids .. do your best to be cheerful as LIFE IS GOOD eh.

Marty K.

Saturday 19 December 2020

Remote Control / Autonomous Weapons:

 I wish to point-out that these weapon systems (CROWS) and their use is totally the work of Governments ... and is NOT in any way associated to the use of sporting firearms by hunters or licensed target shooters.

The Iranian Chief of Research recently assassinated was likely killed by a machine gun mounted on a Nissan pick-up truck that was remotely operated via a high flying drone - that was itself controlled by a military satellite ..

Reports say that the truck blew itself up upon completion of the mission by video link and that no operators were present at the murder site.

Israel is most known for its role in developing “unmanned aerial vehicles” — or drones, as they have come to be known. Originally intended for spying, and first used by Israel over south Lebanon in the early 1980s, today they are increasingly being used for extrajudicial executions from thousands of feet in the sky.

In February 2010 Israel officially unveiled the 14 meter-long Heron TP drone, the largest ever. Capable of flying from Israel to Iran and carrying more than a ton of weapons, the Heron was tested by Israel in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in winter 2008-09, when some 1,400 Palestinians were killed.

More than 40 countries now operate drones, many of them made in Israel, although so far only the Israeli and US armies have deployed them as remote-controlled killing machines. Israeli drones are being widely used in Afghanistan.

Take a read - Link

Marty K.

Thursday 17 December 2020

New Zealand's Version of OPEN TRUTH:

 The Mosque Killer was Brenton TARRANT

His video of the shootings is BANNED

His 74 page 'Manifesto' is BANNED

His Statement to The Royal Commission is BANNED

His Public TRIAL was CANCELLED because he plead guilty

The Terms of Reference for The Royal Commission were very specifically limiting 

This is unquestionably a suppressive "cover-up"

The Royal Commission could not inquire into:

  • the guilt or innocence of any individual who has been, or may be, charged with offences in relation to the attack
  • amendments to firearms legislation  
  • activity by entities/organisations outside the State sector (such as media platforms)
  • the response to the attack once it had begun.  

- will TARRANT ever be allowed any visitors & recorded interview?

POLICE have apologised for their negligence ... End of Story?

- What hope of an un-corrupted factual record of this murderer's attack?  - NONE.

Can their punitive ANTI-GUN Legislation be withdrawn and corrected?

- I recall the U S  'Kennedy Assassination' cover-up of more than fifty years ago.

- The Coronial Service of New Zealand is a Department of The Ministry Of Justice - they could hold INQUESTS if requested by the families of victims ...

"At the inquest, you or your lawyer are allowed to ask witnesses relevant questions"



Something like 20% of TRUCKS on NZ roads are dangerous.

All 18 PRISONS (Adult Correctional Facilities) are severely overcrowded.

75% of our rivers & lakes are heavily polluted with excrement and sediments.

75% of NZ FORESTS has been cleared .. what's left is full of possums and 1080 (Sodiun-Fluro-Acetate) Poison Bait.

We NEED hunters & shooters .. BUT they are being blamed for terrorist murders and drug-gang warfare.

- From one end of the country to the other - our contracted-out water & sewage pipes and electric supply poles are bursting, leaking - & falling-down from neglect. 

Hey-Ho .. Don't drink the water until it's been Chlorinated eh

Marty K.

Tuesday 15 December 2020

ONE-WAY Bullet Proof GLASS:

 You truly can learn something new every day eh ...

'Bullet Proof Glass' does not really exist - because it is neither "bullet proof" nor made of glass nowadays. "BALLISTIC GLASS" will resist some small arms fire depending on specification.

I have fond memories of a large sheet of this material that screened the inner entrance to my Christchurch Manchester Street 'Dungeon' indoor range way back in the 90's. - There were several instances when it withstood punches thrown by "street people" denied access .. which is of itself remarkable - as stopping bullets is very different to resisting punches.

BALLISTIC GLASS nowadays is a laminate of multiple layers of  ACRYLIC (poly-methyl-methacrylate) - POLYCARBONATE - PC .. that will be at least EIGHT to TEN TIMES thicker than window glass and much heavier. Plus it's VERY EXPENSIVE. - The layers are stuck together by very thin sheets of POLYURETHANE adhesive.

My take on this is that the hard fragile clear acrylic lamination deforms the bullets on impact while the polycarbonate layers catch them.

As the name implies, “one-way” (or “unidirectional”) ballistic glass stops bullets heading one way, but let’s them through in the other. For example, a soldier at a checkpoint could be protected from a spray of small-arms fire, but able to shoot back without leaving the safety of his post.

At first reading, this seems pretty counter intuitive. After all, most structural surfaces are basically symmetrical: a cinder block wall stops a bullet regardless of which direction it comes from ., and crashing through a windshield is just as injurious if you’re coming or going. Spalling is what makes one-way glass’s counter-intuitive behaviour possible. - If you build an asymmetrical layer cake with a hard brittle acrylic (or glass) OUTER LAYER to distort incoming rounds for the catcher layers ... but the inner surface of the softer polycarbonate will then let outgoing bullets pass through to knock off spall of acrylic splinters and hit outside offensives.

The secret to making one-way glass is using layering and lamination to control how the material spalls and absorbs shock. In this way the glass forces bullets heading in one direction to waste significantly more energy than those headed the other way.When the people behind the barrier return fire, their bullets do not have to contend with the hard acrylic: they pop through the softer polycarbonate and burst out of the acrylic, throwing off shards and emerging largely undeterred.

VERY useful stuff .. But it is very heavy - very thick - very expensive - and it degrades very rapidly from sunlight UV - needing regular replacement.

Make sure your installer puts it in facing the right way eh ..

Marty K.

Sunday 13 December 2020


 I'm drawing a long bow here ... making an exaggerated claim.

Sadly 86 y.o Professor James Flynn has just passed from New Zealand on 11 December otherwise he might argue against my story ..

Basically Professor Flynn observed that scores in IQ tests were steadily rising from 1942 to 2008 by some 14% - variously explained - Improved nutrition and stimulation .. perhaps by improved communications such as early TELEVISION before it was corrupted into a garbage advertising medium.

BUT sadly that IQ rise has changed for the worse in the last twenty years .. as IQ measurements have now DROPPED a couple of points -- for example New Zealand's average IQ has now fallen to the same level as Australia's.

One current thought is that the brightest women are now choosing to not breed children so much - while the lower ranks ARE still popping them out at a genetic disadvantage .. A DYSGENIC TREND - which could account for Trump becoming President in USA and for the loudly SHOUTED stoopid opinions on social media.

Certainly the lack of logical argument or factual basis for the Gun Banners emotional yelling is obvious but fact is ignored by both politicians and police management.

If licensed FIT & PROPER firearms owners want to be listened to - WE NEED TO UNITE INTO A SINGLE LOBBY GROUP.

Herding cats.

If you want to go next door for a dump - you're fine by yourself ... But if you want to fly to the planets sometime - you'll need to cooperate with the others.

Marty K.


In June 2017 Pedro Ruiz III, 22, who was a wannabee YouTube star, seeking internet fame persuaded his partner Monaliza Perez to fire a .50 Calibre Desert Eagle into a book he held to his chest.  Ruiz knew they’d have to do something outrageous in Minnesota to become internet famous.

- He's dead.


Thursday 10 December 2020


 In 1945 the director of The Manhattan Project  General Leslie Groves assured the worried American people about US atom bombing of Japan - that radiation poisoning was "a very pleasant way to die."

 Various countries governments are currently moving to BAN civilian ownership of firearms

How many guns are threatening you? - & What's your guess as to how many government NUKES are there aimed at you?

I just heard about a law-suite being started at The International Court Of Justice by Pacific neighbours The Marshall Islands. (there's 60,000 folk living there). - Good try.

They charge the NINE nuclear powers with failure to reduce their offensive capability and with violation of international customary law. 

- Yes there are NINE nuclear countries ready to blow the shit out of our planet with thermonuclear weapons..

North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, India, U K, France, China, USA, Russia .. ( no - NOT Iran.)

The Marshall Islands is a Republic in association with USA  - strangely their residents are only allowed to own .22" rim-fire rifles & .410" gauge shotguns & no pistols - I'd guess that visiting U S officials feel more secure that way.

Runit Island's Leaking PLUTONIUM Dump.

You will have heard of BIKINI ATOLL.  The USA nuked the crap out of various islands blowing them  into the sky, lagoons and sea ... leaving a poisoned radioactive mess for locals to live on.

Sixty-Seven nuclear tests were conducted in America's PACIFIC PROVING GROUNDS - The American lake.

“No one knew it was radioactive fallout. The children played in the ‘snow.’ They ate it.”

U S has much to be proud of - they fought a hard war in WWII in the Pacific.

- There are in fact some 13,000 actively deployed NUCLEAR WARHEADS aimed at our worldwide families.

..  and P.M Jacinda wants to take your firearms away - Trust her as she knows what she's doing eh .. Can we stop her?

You have to start somewhere.

Marty K.

Wednesday 9 December 2020


 Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand Inc.




 Sporting Shooters Association President Neville Dodd says “The release of the Royal Commission report on the Christchurch Mosque atrocity

proves very clearly that the government’s impulsive response of firearm confiscation  was an unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars and a gross injustice to the 248,764 properly vetted firearms licence holders who have been vilified and victimized by government and by police.”

“If only the Government had the common sense to wait for the Royal Commission’s report or at least listened to us they would have known that the atrocity was not a failure of the legislation but rather of the police administration of that legislation” he said.


Examples of this are scattered right through the Commission’s report but particularly in Part 5 where the Commission explicitly says:

  • District firearms staff are given limited initial training and, in recent years, no ongoing training and current training standards are outdated and inconsistent across New Zealand Police.
  • licensing staff are not trained to go beyond what is in the Firearms Licence Vetting Guide.
  • The unusual nature of the individual’s firearms licence application was not appreciated.
  • The Dunedin Vetting Officer did not inquire of the individual how well he knew his referees
  • the order of interviews did not follow the ordinary process where referees are interviewed before the applicant
  • All of those we spoke to who engaged with this issue agreed that this level of interaction between the individual and gaming friend was insufficient to justify using them as a substitute for a near-relative referee. This included experienced members of New Zealand Police.
  • We consider the standard licensing practice to which we have just referred is inappropriately limited
  • We are of the view that the guidance given by New Zealand Police to licensing staff was inadequate, as was their training.

and finally and most important of all the Commission says as its final word on that section of their report:


“We find that New Zealand Police failed to meet required standards in the administration of

the firearms licensing system.”


Clearly the responsibility for the dreadful atrocity rests with police for their incompetence in issuing Tarrant a licence Dodd says.

Marty K.

Tuesday 8 December 2020



- Your thoughts & opinions are being managed. ...

 Propaganda or PR works in both directions .. if you make strong repeated statements folk will eventually believe what is claimed - whereas if you suppress other facts .. those same proles will forget they might have known that ..

Another diversionary spin technique involves careful choice of timing in the release of certain news so it can take advantage of prominent events in the news. 
- It is no coincidence that the TARRANT Royal Commission Report was released the day before the Anniversary of the Whakari White Island Eruption and the memory of the terrible injuries there.

Your Leaders & their officers repeatedly claim that firearms owners are a danger to society and that they are the source of guns for criminal gangs and drug dealers .. many of your mates will believe this and repeat it down at the bar. - then when politicians instruct paid PR experts to manage mention of police and armed forces armaments .. that are held as WEAPONS they will present a complete picture of virtuous Government striving to control an anti-social & dangerous armed minority.

Repetition of either fact or bollocks has the same effect on the sub-conscious mind - whether or not you consciously agree with the statement your mind accepts it into it's files.

'Messaging' is the process of creating a consistent story around: a product, person, or organisation, 

- This repetition system is how propaganda, marketing-advertising, PR, brain-washing or 'conditioning' and religion - all work on our brains.

Right now in NZ we are all being bombarded with ANTI-GUN statements from Politicians, Police, and professional 'academics' ... most of whom have limited knowledge or experience with firearms but do have opinions based on TV series and action movies.

Certainly no police officer should ever be threatened when confronted by violent armed drug dealers or gang member - but the media headlines will not clearly say that uncontrolled illegal criminals once again acted illegally and violently because when found guilty they only serve short sentences - as all our prison cells are full .. because we failed to build enough cell space or to resource and train enough prison officers and front-line police in New Zealand.

One way to maximise high security cell capacity would be to re-introduce CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for 'Cop Killers' and repeat Murderers. - such waste of space persons serve no useful function other than as examples for others.

Every PR 'crisis control' technique that can be found in the books is being used on YOU right now.

Marty K.


Sunday 6 December 2020

NZ Police National Integrity Unit exists:

 New Zealand Police announced the formation of this National Integrity Unit in Wellington 12 March 2020 - 12 special investigators under the leadership of a Detective Superintendent. 

The then Commissioner (Retired) Mike Bush said this new Unit would work closely with The Police Professional Conduct Team to to ensure integrity - and that The public can have full trust and confidence that their police service is maintaining robust systems to deter, prevent and detect any criminal offending within their ranks and throughout the organisation."

Will either of these Units investigate the actions of the Firearms Licensing personnel who issued Australian killer Branton Tarrant with a Firearms Licence?

- Will either of these Units - or The Independent Police Conduct Authority who are paid to investigate ..

  • Police misconduct or neglect of duty
  • Police practices, policies and procedures.
.. investigate the police failure to check or vet Tarrant's referees as per their regulation & procedure?

- Will any Police department investigate the false Anti-Gun statements & claims made by Detective Inspector Chris Cahill in breach of The NZ Police Code Of Conduct wherein KNOWINGLY MAKING A FALSE DECLARATION OR STATEMENT (including incorrectly recording data) is SERIOUS MISCONDUCT. ?

Marty K.

Saturday 5 December 2020

Prehistoric Pirates were Armed:

If you want to argue with anything here .. PLEASE check it out for yourself.

 Predatory Gang Members thrived - that includes women too .. all hominids are predatory. Around 2% of human deaths are attributed to violent attack from other people ... and it was always so. ...

Neolithic Orkney Skull Burial

- NZ Murder rate has increased two to three times since 'abolition' of capital punishment. - Who says politics is unimportant bollocks?

MOKOMOKAI - Keep the Heads - Might Be Worth Something.


When ever any of these come into my home I kill them with some satisfaction ... Bloody Blow Flies just come straight on in looking for stuff to steal and defecate on ..

But don't relax thinking that I just spray filthy insects .. there's more to it than that.

- I'd have been about 8 y.o back in 1952 when my Uncle Ernie grabbed a chook that he thought was "off the lay" and wrung it's neck for family dinner at Sealeys Lane in the UK Norfolk Fens. I pushed-up real close to watch the plucking & cleaning process - maybe I was just hungry for Aunt Pearl's roast dinner and gravy. .. I recall Uncle Ernie swearing when he found an egg ready to lay inside plus a couple of others coming down the tubes.

- Ain't nobody going to pluck and clean me. - When future archaeologists scrape around our landfills they'll call this the CHICKEN AGE - because of all the chicken bones in the plastic middens. - Can you believe we are munching 65 BILLION of the little buggers every year?

Over the years I've killed various rats'n'mice, birds & pigeons, fish, rabbits, possums, duck, pigs, kangaroos, - & missed a few wallaby. My kids ate healthy home cooking and have grown-up to be decent parents in their turn. - I still prefer to eat my spray-free home grown vegetables. I'm a "greenie".

The British Government taught me to shoot a rifle in the Combined Cadet Force at school aged 14.

For some 400,00 - 250,00 years we homo sapiens sapiens have been killing & eating anything we could handle - and I expect many of the other 17 different hominids that were around at various early times weren't too fussy either. Our PM Jacinda says we should "Be Kind'.


I was wondering at how thousands of generations of our ancestors - going way back right to the very beginning - how so many had survived long enough to mate and breed successfully - including the little rodent-like creatures we developed from at earliest mammalian times ... and my ex-wife just looked at me and said "I KNOW THAT."
How many generations of we homo sapiens? ... Between 10,000 - 18,750 generations are estimated (Science is still confused & imprecise).

Plenty of evidence of cannibalism from Germany 7,000 years ago

I can't understand how "modern" society so undervalues human life that our killers are given confinement in comfort (or military medals) while their victims have gone for ever. - Surely 'cop killers' and multi-murderers at least should be mercifully removed from our planet. - If the evidence is clear, - decisive & immediate ..

Stops them ever doing it again.  Recidivism Rate - Zero.

And don't please mention the yearly abortion of 13,000 of unborn NZ babies. - Women's Rights? - what about the new kid's  rights? - I guess that maybe when there are some SIX MILLION sadly departed globally EVERY YEAR .. a few hundred thousand more by abortionists are reckoned not to count for much.

We keep crazed killers alive but abort innocent babies.

Earliest 'pre-historic remains' prove that murder & mayhem was general .. butchering marks or ritual killings are common - but right now most violent death and the tools of mass death are in our GOVERNMENT hands .. 

Who invented 13,000 thermo-nuclear explosives to use against us, - barrel bombs, nerve gas, cluster weapons, loitering weapons, drones, and remote control assassination systems (CROWS - Common Remote Operating Weapon System) ?
.. It was not we law abiding hunters and target-shooters .. But they want to disarm the law abiding.

Disarming the lawful to leave them defenceless against the gangs is thoughtless, wrong and unscientific.

Marty K.

Friday 4 December 2020

Police Lack Gun Licences, Training & Proper Management:

Rare Image Of NZ Police Training:

The only time I was invited into a NZ Police Armoury - I questioned why the racked rifles were stored in breach of regulations with FULLY LOADED magazines inserted. - The officer showing me their set-up explained that the guns had to be ready for use.

This was some years ago ..

Minister Of Police Poto Williams.

Currently I understand that recruits receive a one week "Introduction" to firearms regulation, technology and their use in self defence armed conflict.

- Just over a year ago Superintendent Andrew Sissons of the NZ POLICE stated that they have :


2,913 x AR15 (type) MSSA RIFLES.

53 x Semi-Automatic MARKSMAN RIFLES.

10 x Bolt Action MARKSMAN RIFLES.



I am unable to say if they have since lost any of these .. or if they may have made further procurement in this period - but do you - as a responsible licensed gun owner - feel that front line officers are properly equipped to use PROHIBITED MSSA WEAPONS and high capacity semi-automatic pistols in public confrontations with dangerous persons after a one week introduction?

Surely police must at the very least first be required to complete and qualify as 'fit & proper persons' using the same 35 Page application form and training-vetting that sporting shooters have to submit every five years?

New Zealand sporting shooters are specifically forbidden by police regulation from consideration of defensive use of their legally held firearms - whereas police are expected to use their weapons for exactly that purpose.

Note: NZ endorsed target pistol shooters are required by police to attend a pistol range 12 times a year.

The prospect that Firearms Licensing may soon become managed by an independent non-police Authority must be of serious concern to the POLICE MINISTER Poto Williams who will no doubt be keen to undertake her new responsibilities in an exemplary manner. 

Minister Williams will join Licence holders with our interest in the presentation to Parliament of the report of The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch 'Mosque Shootings' committed by Australian  BRENTON TARRANT 15 March 2019.

The suggested future of U S Policing - Could this apply to New Zealand?

Marty K.

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Glock G44 AGUILA Rim-FireTactical Test - & .22 For Sausage:

Part 4 ?: ......
Today's Special that absolutely nobody has been asking for - features an 'Expenses Spared' wholly New Zealand speciality .. TACTICAL-BALLISTIC KIWI GRADE K9 Test Roll. - The 3kg Dog Roll/Hound Log is formulated into a 100 mm x 360 mm, - 4 inches dia. 14 inch long ballistic mass that is adapted to assess FBI-FTU Bullet penetration. - That measure correlates to 50 cents per inch per roll.

Fired at 10 feet distance the FBI requirement is for penetration of 14-16 inch.

Our test media is intended to relate to the U S standard ballistic porcine-gelatin & clear synthetic Gel. and was carefully (not) solar controlled to 37 C - & correlated to bush hunted swine muscle tissue . This Tactical-Ballistic tissue is variably blended comprising a low carbon footprint of recycled avian, bovine, & ovine carcasses, inclusive of hair, feather, bone, & raw wool to represent both covering and bone crush, with minimal enzymes, proteins nor digestive content.
Any Residual materials from Testing may be further re-cycled as barbecue feed-stock:

This review is multi-purpose as I want to shoot the rim-fire Glock 44 to confirm it's reliable function without collapse into constituent 'star dust'.

 - I had three new untried Aguila high velocity variants to try ... and with the beautiful bonus that the target media is fully re-usable as dog tucker, cat food or fish bait - my old cat Lulu loved the shot-up dog roll. - The 40 grain .22 Interceptor worked fine in the G44, as did the 38 grain .22 HP Super Extra Hollow Point - however the LIGHTWEIGHT .22 Supermaximum 30 grain that boasts of 1,700 FPS failed to function 50% in either of two Glock G44's. 

.. Sad to report but the 30 grain rounds worked perfectly in a Browning Buckmark (as well as in my Ruger SP 101 revolver) ... Vaguely interesting is that the functioning Buckmark 'bolt' is slightly heavier than the G44 'slide' - 143 gms v 134 gms so the critical difference may be in recoil-spring power?

Both Aguila rounds that functioned in the G44 shot the 14 inches of swine muscle tissue substitute 'through & through' completely penetrating the full $7 worth and exiting from the far end. - they also demonstrated true "knock-down power" such that both rolls crashed to earth after the second shot .. what can I say? .. I had intended to precisely slice open the rolls to examine tracks ... but I was having so much fun making the rolled tissue relocate & splatter with "ineffectual" hits that I by-passed that option.


FORGOTTEN WEAPONS' Ian McCullum has just released a video detailing the British 1974 purchase & issue of around 3,200 Walther PP .22" pistols for off duty self-defence by members of the Northern Ireland Ulster Defence Regiment. - I'd say this is strong evidence that there is a place for the 'two-two' in effective personal defence outside New Zealand.

- We need to be clear here that The Ulster Defence Regiment was a division of the British Army mostly comprising part time volunteers from the Protestant community - whereas the Ulster Defence Association - The Ulster Freedom Fighters - & the Ulster Volunteer Force were all Proscribed  Organisations under the Terrorism Act held responsible for some 400 killings of Catholic 'Republicans'. - There is a viewpoint that these .22" pistols were supplied  by British MOD as assassination weapons.

Link to Ian's video:

Link to a GUNS Magazine story about this Pistol's use in Ireland:

These Walther PP pistols were issued by the British Government for home use in the North of Ireland part of UK. These wee guns saw much hard use in Northern Ireland and underwent a Ministry of Defence Factory Thorough Repair re-build and re-finish but were then later withdrawn in the 1980's with around half of them being on-sold in U S.

Marty K.

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