Thursday 28 September 2023


If you follow any 'in depth' analysis of the ongoing slaughter of the Ukrainian people and the de-population & destruction of it's lands - you might have wondered what are these "ATTACK EMS" missiles that America is boasting will revolutionise the destruction of Ukraine's people (there used to be 43 M. but that's halved already) and turn the tables on 144.7 Million Russians.

MGM-140 ATACMS are Army TACtical Missile System .. solid fuel ballistic missiles with a range of up to 300km or in archaic English - 190 miles.

ATACMS can be carried and launched - two at a time only - from the same 40 year old multiple artillery 12 rocket system that fires rockets from under lids with SIX CIRCLES disguising which threat is under the lid. - I guess that means that an enemy using overhead surveillance would treat all these nuclear capable systems the same way by promptly blowing them up.
It's pretty bloody obvious that - if this system might be NUCLEAR - you'd be a dumb-feck NOT to treat it's deployment as such ..

- So "attack ems" are a further escalation and ramping-up of the catastrophic warfare America is fighting to the last Ukrainian. - They seem to think that they can't lose ... and that "BlackRock" will be able to take over and re-build local grain and gas production as contracted, to increase their Billions ....

Where will this insanity end? - If Ukraine gas doesn't work-out how BlackRock plan .. they'll have to work harder on their 2 Billion Dollar electricity deal with freshly disarmed New Zealand.

The 15 March 2019 MOSQUE MASSACRE killed 51 innocents and seriously wounded 40 other Christchurch victims of murdering racist BRENTON TARRENT.

This tragic event was used by NZ Government & Police to introduce a punitive attack on thousands of innocent FIT AND PROPER Licensed GUN OWNERS. - Each and every new Law and Regulation is being used to destroy basic civil rights, and sporting firearm usage in our beautiful islands. THEY ARE DISARMING THE NEW ZEALAND POPULATION.

October 24 2023 sees the start of a planned SIX WEEK CORONERS COURT HEARING into this event - the Police involvement, and subsequent changes to how Firearms Control is being conducted here.

Link to Official Information Site:

Marty K.
P.S. NZ Police Statement 28th September:

Licenced firearms owners across Aotearoa have been responding positively to the Registry, says Te Tari Pūreke – Firearms Safety Authority.

It has taken just three months to get the 10,000th licence holder entered into the system. 

A Horizon research poll (carried out for Gun Control NZ) in August, which found 71 per cent of New Zealanders supported the Registry, while only 14 per cent opposed it.

In the same poll, some 53% of New Zealanders said people felt safer now that the Registry was active and some guns had been banned

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Flintlocks - "FLINT" And "Steel"

The world is 'FULL OF IT' - that is both literally and figuratively speaking ... our planet's crust is around 25 percent SILICON - which is what FLINT is mostly made of - and it is laying about all over the place as Chert / Quartz /  Flint / Sand etc. 
'GRIMES GRAVES' Prehistoric FLINT MINES In Norfolk UK:
Bic lighters are so brilliantly designed & useful because of the way their flints strike a flame every time eh ..

WRONG .. there ain't no flint in the 'flints' in a Bic Lighter. - It's "Ferrocerium" approx. 50% cerium, 25% lanthanum and 20% iron; the remaining 5% is magnesium, neodymium and praseodymium ..

- Like I started to say- we are fed so much bullshit by salespersons, adverts, public relations, priests, vicars and POLITICIANS that naturally some of us get confused about reality. - Funny thing that .. as homo sapiens sapiens means WISE WISE MAN ..

Back to basics - in the jolly old STONE-AGE our antecedents noticed that they could generate sparks by bashing together one kind of hard shiny rock against a different sort of hard rock with maybe bits of rusty iron in it .. when busy shaping rocks. Yup they didn't need a licence or planning permission to look after themselves back then.

FIRE lead to cooking .. that led to social change whereby one un-named gender became ever more central to existance and comfort for the rest of us, by looking after us in more ways than ever imagined. - It's worth thinking about now & then .. that we ALL were born of a binary woman who was our mother eh.

The Stone-Age - moving forward became 'Bronze-Age' then the 'IRON-AGE' and women noticed that if they took an old flint tool and scraped it against one of those new iron tools they got lovely strong sparks that reliably ignited nice dry tinder ... and woman-sapiens-sapiens never looked to a man ever again to help her cook the family dinner. - Just to confuse (the weaker, less sapiens) male sex, they called it FLINT & STEEL and in due course developed HIGH CARBON STEEL FRIZZENS for their flintlock guns ... 
But it's worth noting that some Florida joker Russ Hamm in the 1970's developed the idea of facing your frizzens with sheets of DEPLETED URANIUM which is not a brilliant idea - as long as you breath.
Depleted Uranium is so PYROPHORIC that it produces wonderful rich hot sparks when impacting steel or flint - which is why, as a D.U. projectile penetrates an armoured vehicle - it spalls-off shards that self ignite and blow-up everything inside your tank. Even when 'depleted' - URANIUM is carcinogenic. 

'D-38' is U-238 Uranium that weights more than twice as much as steel ... has a half-life of nearly four and a half BILLION YEARS and is only a little radioactive, BUT it's dust - as in sparks - will cause you cancer.

And before you ask .. alternately it is possible to insert a length of ferrocerium rod into a grooved frizzen face and to replace the flint with a piece of carbon steel in the jaws - very bright sparks  I read ..

FLINTS for Flintlock Firearms:

- A wooden practice flint for a musket was known as a "SNAPPER".

Link to "Snapper" & friend talking guns on YouTube:

FLINT then is a hard glassy rock formed underground and under the sea 60-95 millions of years ago - thought to have started life as SPONGES - as some flint nodules have been found with bits of coral and vegetation inside. Clever eh.

- The "flint" used in Bic lighters and FERROCERIUM Firemaking Rods is factually Cerium MISCHMETALL or 'RARE EARTH MISCHMETALL'  - which itself is a bullshit name - as the so-called rare earths are as common as dirt eh. - The bloke who discovered/invented this stuff is Carl Auer von Welsbach .. another one of those Germans who invented and made everything that the English claim they did ..
Now - when you are looking to buy ferrocerium firelighter rod you need to have eyes up your back-door because some sellers call them "Magnesium Rods" which properly are something else entirely different - but confusion rules because the mischmetal does have a wee tiny bit of magnesium in it's rare earth mix.

Real FLINT has been useful since for ever - used for tool making, weapon making, fire lighting, - a building material etc. - Did you know they used to collect flint pebbles from the beach below the WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER and ship it oop-North where they cooked it to 600 c with coal and milled it finely to powder in 'Flint Mills' - to add into porcelain clay mix for high quality translucent chinaware? 
.. Not many people know that.

I read that flint pebbles were also used in 'Ball Mills' for crushing and grinding materials.
Did they ever use ball mills to mix'n'mash GUNPOWDER? .. Wow - stuff does go in circles eh

Marty K.

P.S. If you are curious as to what is the difference between SILICA - SILICA GEL - SILICATES - SILICON - SILICONE - & SILOXANE .. Do your own research.

Saturday 23 September 2023

Shining The Sausage ..

 Over the years I have read articles about BORE LAPPING and 'Fire Lapping' .. I never have felt the need to indulge - but I'd guess that if you own a gun that has poorly machined rifling or bore surfaces and you decide that it's performance is below par ... you might be tempted to have a go at improving the internals - or to pass the firearm to your friendly local Gun-Smith for the Professional to expertly transform your "dog" into a golden unicorn. 

The lapping process involves casting a lead slug from the bore and fitting it to a rod then using it with abrasive compounds to pass repeatedly up/down the bore grinding-out imperfections to achieve a smoothly finished surface for bullets to ride down. - There is the second way of doing this which is to fire the gun having smeared the bullets with fine abrasive compounds that should result in an improved surface at some time later .. this 'fire-lapping' might be a better science to some degree as the chamber-end would be more polished while the muzzle end should be less abraded making for the resulting barrel-bore taper and tighten progressively ??

I am not recomending this lapping process in any way - as to me - it seems like a fast way to wear-out and use-up the life expectancy of an expensive tool .. BUT the resulting improvement in performance could well justify.

Here's a "side story" .. Back in the '70s-'80s I owned a couple of Ford Cortinas bought used from dealers - as the mileage built to around 70 thousand miles, the petrol motors freed-up and performance improved nicely - then both British made engines blew-up - Impressive eh.

When staring down the barrel of either antique Colt - I'm surmising that both of my guns have in the past been "cleaned" by someone using wire brushes spun in the bores using an electric drill .. nice.

I'm inclined to think that modern firearms shooting jacketed projectiles are best not interfered with .. particularly when there may be hard chrome plating, Stellite, Tenifer, nDLC, whatever in the tech. spec.

However if you are shooting blackpowder with LEAD 'Conicals' or spherical Balls through rifled bores, this is a whole different ball-game. - When loading lead projectiles into your revolver you are SWAGING a slightly oversized pill into the chambers to give a gas tight fit. - When fired, this ball accelerates from the chamber and jumps-the-gap into the barrel FORCING CONE and starts to OBTURATE or gas-seal itself into the bore and rifling. This is the split second in time where you have the high pressure gasses impacting on the base of the bullet to drive it forward into the world through a precisely designed and smoothly engineered bore, to spin ballistically on an accurate predetermined trajectory ..


- Unless of course you have an old percussion revolver that Col. Sam Colt built 160 years ago - one that has had a hard life in the gold fields and rain forests of the colonies. - One that has been fired and NOT cleaned - one that has been left for long periods in a damp environment wrapped in cotton rags, for the acidic sulferous fouling to react with the ferrous metal.

That is a 160 year old .31 Caliber Black Powder Revolver that I am trying to improve while retaining it's originality 100%. - Not bad image resolution from a cell phone eh.

According to a Las Vegas U S YouTube shooting correspondant 'SNAFU' - original blackpowder guns that are mechanicaly safe to shoot should be loaded with sensible loads and indeed should be shot at every opportunity ..

My Bore Polishing 'Kit' starts with PVA gluing cotton cloth to a dowel and using it to polish/clean the black hole with metal polish on a stick.
Working from the forcing cone end of the barrel with a linear 'IN-OUT' action rather than spinning .. you can see the polishing cloth conform to the lands & grooves while it smooths the surfaces - This is not grinding a new surface by lapping with abrasives - but rather - putting on a shine. I doubt that any measurable change of dimension more than one tenth of one thousanth of a centimetre results.
My purpose would be to reduce Stiction leading in the barrel, to improve velocities and ease the chore of apres-shoot cleaning.

I have "enjoyed" truly BAD bore leading when trying to shoot swaged lead 9mm bullets from Glocks .. the issue being that swaging needs a soft alloy while it is possible to cast reasonably hard lead.
Of course - flintlock and percussion muzzle loaders need soft pure lead balls to work best.
While noting that ONLY cannon & licensed registered handguns and rifles may be shot currently in New Zealand - I suggest that an optimised bore when loaded with sensible charges and lubricated projectiles will go some way to getting a half-decent result on target.

I will opine that all blackpowder muzzleloading guns SHOULD be totally exempted from NZ Licensing and Registration requirements of  Te Tari Pureke
- When if ever, in the last century has any crime wave occurred from the use of a muzzle loading firearm?

Marty K.

Thursday 21 September 2023

Who Needs A New Party?

There is a weird kind of race happening in America .... Will the last President of America, TRUMP go to prison before the present President of America, Biden and his son get locked away?

I've not researched either criminal family - but BOTH Biden's & Trump's seem to have been involved in Ukrainian corruptions - Burisma (natural Gas) Бурісма Холдингс ?

I've been trying to discover if ANY of - say, the last TEN U S Presidents (Why not the last Twenty?) - was not a member of a criminally financed cartel of murderous corrupt fraudster millionaires.

Might there be a linkage between President Biden blowing-up a Russia-Germany Gas Supply Pipeline and BURISMA Gas of Ukraine who are said to pay his son Eighty-Thousand Dollars a week?

What a way to run a country .. Financial theft - that needs to be covered over by 500,000 Ukrainian corpses.and 60,000 war amputees.

 It is a simple equation .. If you want to be POWERFUL & WEALTHY - you need those you wish to master to be WEAK & EASY TO CONTROL. - When you want to take everything that others possess - the logical first step is to DISARM them and threaten with your weapons of mass destruction.

The Russian Communist Revolution of 1917 which kicked-out the Romanov Royals - together with the return home of kiwi soldiers with numbers of army surplus weapons, at the end of WW1, scared New Zealand politicians, fearful of insurrection - to introduce the (failed and cancelled) 1920 Arms Act requiring 'PERMITS TO PROCURE' and GUN REGISTRATION.

Looking at our latest GUN LAWS it is obvious that Something is Wrong and that our FIT AND PROPER group of decent law-abiding citizens, who help control pests by hunting & shooting - is being corruptly attacked and blamed for the foul actions of a white racist Australian, negligently licensed and armed by New Zealand Police.

BRENTON TARRENT is a murdering filthy stain on our nation 

and the NZ Police Firearms Licensing employees who failed to check him properly for suitability as a gun owner still have much to answer for ..

- Is every CAR OWNER in New Zealand being held responsible for the RAM RAIDS ?

- Are all the Chemist Shop dispensing staff being blamed for causing drug addiction ?

- Is every paddling pool owner being blamed for drowning children?

To date - NO shooters group has taken legal action opposing these repressive new laws, - and no political party has seen fit to condemn the whole parcel of punitive suppressive law changes as being 'knee-jerk' - ineffective - pointless - and damaging to New Zealand society.

The current mob of career politicians are being exposed one-by-one as greedy liars and corrupt managers of our nation.

But my question is - Do We Need yet another NEW Political Party or another Shooters Organization?

Irish writer - heavy drinking IRA member - Poet & Playwrite Brendan Behan once famously remarked about Republicans ... that the first item to be dealt with at every meeting, "was THE SPLIT". - Just about every issue lead to disagreement and a lack of unity on what to do ..

Most every shooter will smile at this as we don't seem to be able to accept that our diversity of shooting interest must one day unite us against the 'GUN BANNERS'

I'd say that what we need is folk to get off their chuffs and TAKE SOME PART in control of what we already have.

My guess would be that a referendum would say YES to Capital Punishment. - YES to building more prisons. - YES to increased Business Taxes. - And YES to Nationalizing POWER supplies, Health, Education, & Public Transport .. We built it, - & USE it so we should OWN IT.

One useful thing shooters CAN do now is support and PARTY VOTE actas at least they have promised to change these stupid gun laws if they get more power .. AND a second thing you can do is stand for office in your club & get some ACTION going after replacing those semi-comatose old "fuds" drawing expenses from the club coffers as a retirement hobby. - Make them 'Life Members' and tea-fetchers as compensation ..

- So, Do we need a new political party? NO - but we do need some new Representatives & NEW POLICIES.

Marty K.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Royal African Slaves For Guns:

 'The Royal African Company' was founded in 1660 by the English Duke of York - Charles II's brother - and the City of London Merchants, to trade the West African coast. They were 60 years late to the game after the East India Company had started their lark in India in 1600 - but they soon got it nicely sorted .. This foul Corporate Business operated continuously under various Brands until 1821.

They traded bales of cloth, Guns, and Gunpowder with coastal tribes for African gold, silver, ivory, and SLAVES from the interior. - In the 1680's they were transporting more than 5,000 slaves every year proudly hot-iron branded 'DoY' for "Duke of York".
An alternative branding - used on the chest was 'RAC' for "Royal African Company".

- Between 1672 and 1731, the Royal African Company transported 187,697 enslaved people on company-owned ships (653 voyages) to the English colonies in the Americas. Of those transported - 38,497 enslaved people died en route. - Yes they kept accurate accounts records.

I expect that 'the hard of thinking' might be tempted to blame this Royal triangular trade system on the guns that were used by the slavers - while ignoring the ships used .. bales of cotton, or the iron manacles used - or the branding irons and whips etc. BAN THE GUNS .. Factually this despicable business was run by Protestant ROYAL English Christians to enhance their wealth and power and to multiply their landed estates - many remain affluent to this day.

The truly amazing reality is that we still bow before these people and call them YOUR MAJESTY  or Your Highness while paying some 800 of their elite mates & relatives, large salaries with subsidised booze, to loll about in fancy dress in THE HOUSE OF LORDS of the London Palace of Westminster.

But don't let the facts disturb you eh.

I imagine you could sack them all and charge a decent entrance fee to tour the decadent House Of Lords, as a Tourist Attraction and help pay for that buildings maintenance.

This Person has reportedly "performed duties" 
on seven weeks of this year

German 8 SHOT Matchlock Dated From circa 1580 ..

I generally try to write-in a joke or sprinkle some light hearted comment around - but this history of heartless greed and inhumaniity by the British royals and the 'City Of London' Financial Center leaves no space for humour ... unless of-course you can think of something.

Marty K.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Gunpowder - Saltpeter & The East India Company:

 When I read a history of the British East India Company - that book referred to Indian "Black Earth" as being the source of a high value export to England .. but I didn't know then just what the hell this stuff was ... it was SHIT. (both pee & poo).

SALTPETER .. POTASSIUM NITRATE .. KNOcan be extracted from urine rich material- this might be a fascinating story - or just plain BORING - depending on your interests and IQ eh - and whether you like guns & shooting stuff ..

- For a start you gotta sort-out which of the two sorts of black earth we are talking about - as there is one kind that makes UKRAINE valuable to Billionaires - deep humus-rich peaty fertile agricultural soil that grows food crops cheaply & profitably ..

- Then there is SHIT मलजल malajal.. well that's how "Black Earth" starts, when it was stacked in dung heaps and pits for years around human settlements - and in caves full of batshit where it matures and grows bacteria that breaks it down into mould that becomes so rich in nitrates as to grow a visible white nitrate crust. 

- Here is another clue - is there a land where way back in history, very dense populations of homo sapians sapians lived, - ate stuff, and crapped -  depositing their own and animal manures in concentrated deposits ... err India?

In 1561, Queen Elizabeth paid £300 (equal to about £100,000 today) to German engineer Gerard Honrick - for an industrial process “Instructions for making saltpetre to growe”

Scraping & Refining Saltpetre circa 1580 & 1700

If you want to take offence in the modern way about this topic - you might blame Sir Francis Drake and Queen Elizabeth I - who put their heads together to pirate & plunder the Spanish - who in turn were busy plundering the Americas. - This brought riches to England while upsetting SPAIN .. who decided to 'kick-British-ass' with THE SPANISH ARMADA (failed .. bad weather stopped play). The English captured so many Spanish armada ships - that some men of property decided to use this surplus shipping to set-off into South Asia (where INDIA is) and to see what else they might steal over there under the name of THE BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY - chartered by Elizabeth I.

Note: Drake cashed-in his chips in 1596 aged 56 in Panama - While Elizabeth I died at home aged 70 in 1603

Once encampeded in India these proud English business men built a private ARMY of a quarter of a million men - twice the size of the English army - to control the locals while enslaving them and stealing anything/everything of value that they found ... even including their Pee & Poos.

The East India Company built 'Old Money' wealth for the English land-owners for more than 300 years of dealing in SLAVES, SHIT, SHIPS and SOLDIERS .. SALTPETER : POTASSIUM NITRATE - KNO3:

Link to an old history of this important salt that is THREE QUARTERS of gunpowder ..

You can read all this stuff without the politics just about anywhere that Google sends you - provided that you CAN read .. but basically the industrial process of extracting SALTPETER involved washing the aged shit black earth mould repeatedly with water to dissolve the salts from it, evaporating off that water while stirring, - and purifying the wet potassium nitrate by mixing in WOOD ASH and then drying it ready for eventual mixing 75:15:10 with CHARCOAL and SULPHER. - For GUNPOWDER.


"That'll Teach 'em." (British Justice)

Today - Potassium Nitrate is commonly added to meats, wines, & cheese etc as a preservative because it can prevent bacterial growth - as well as still being the main constituant of GUNPOWDER when you can find it.

Nice eh

Marty K.

Saturday 9 September 2023

ReMoving Guns:

A classic "Smelly" Short Magazine Lee Enfield .303"
Movie Maker Alfred Hitchcock & I  Both Attended The Same London School ..
St. Ignatius College Stamford Hill London

 Eeeh - When I was a lad - our Jesuit school masters would avow that we little pagans "HAD TO HAVE FAITH" whenever they had no answer to our protests at some stupid religious teaching or other. - This is much like our career politicians claiming that we ordinary folk couldn't possibly understand the depth of the issues they have to address - so just leave it to them ..."Don't question ME peasant"

Unsurprisingly - widespread 21st Century IQ testing shows a steady decline (especially at senior management levels).


Grammer School wasn't all bad but - as in 1958 they taught me how to handle and shoot a Short Magazine Lee Enfield Cadet rifle in the CCF - and for the following 66 years I have very much enjoyed my basic civil rights and responsibilities as a gun owner. 

Throughout those years I learned a lot while shooting in UK, Australia, and New Zealand and I witnessed some atrocious unsafe negligent gun handling on range both by military officers and by sworn police employees - both groups being exempted from our usual firearms safety training and licensing laws. Why are these Government/Taxpayer employees exempt from licensing requirements?


- I couriered some firearms to be auctioned at what 'Ted' tells me will be his last ever militaria auction. - When my Firearms Licence expires later this year it will mark a sad personal end time.


Any & all of you planning to legally ship guns around NZ by the DEALER NETWORK COURIER deserve my honest sympathy. - Current regulations and transport rules mean that moving a small number of target guns from my home legally to a Wellington Auctioneer cost me $575. - together with three hours driving plus two hours securing and re-packing the guns that I had initially carefully placed & sealed into their original containers - because EACH gun had to be disabled by fitting with a new trigger-lock and then further secured inside another LOCKED CONTAINER. - Obviously, a pistol having been fitted with a 'trigger lock' or having been "locked slide-back" by a steel flexi-cable shoved up it's bottom instead of it's magazine will no longer fit into it's custom shaped lockable container - then re-packaged into parcels not weighing more than 5 kilos each for carriage by the Dealer's Courier Network.

"They" are missing a trick here - they should require that any vehicle and/or seagoing ferry vessel or aircraft that may be used to transport firearms - must be securely locked at every entrance at all times to prevent access.  - That would rapidly bring the whole country to a standstill on it's knees!

- My consignement Keys and Combination Lock codes needed to be transmitted separately to the permitted recipient.

A Police 'MAIL PERMIT' - 'FRM 43A Novemcer 2022' had to be obtained in advance to permit movement of an unrestricted-unregistered .22" rabbit gun - while the other 'B' Cat. registered target pistols were advance issued with multi-layered POL67C 11/21 'PERMIT TO PROCURE' .

Hopefully I will get more than that $575 courier charge from the sale of my once treasured possessions.

Never forget that our Police and Politicians have their own our best interests in mind at all times.

Oh Well - perhaps I should consider buying a 'CITIZEN' brand watch to restore some personal status

Marty K.

Here is a link to a fairly factual but entertaining story about Glocks .. makes a change eh.

Friday 1 September 2023

Getting A Grip On Colourful Colts:

 I've dropped my Thesaurus somewhere - so now I'm lost for words to describe how sad I am about that .. 

1851 Colt Navy Above An 1861 "New Model" Navy
- Fine Looking Specimens .. Are They "Originals"?

These Two ARE Original* Colt 1849 & 1861 NZ Antiques:
- the fuzzy textured surface under the objects is Adopted-Old-Stray-Cat-Fur

I have two fine (& costly) Colt books by Robert M Jordan, COLT'S POCKET '49 - and COLT 1851 & 1861 NAVIES .. and one of them mentions that the factory used ALKANET ROOT to stain red the Walnut grips .. Both books are filled with well focused images of Colts - around half of which have timber grips glowing REDLY from the book.

I have indeed seen reddish tinted grips around but mine appear more dirty-dark-oil-stained-dented. The much debated original recipe seems to be to use powdered alkanet root immersed in boiled Linseed Oil - possibly thinned with alcohol - OR - anything else you fancy .. including stuff that PURDY themselves are said to buy and use.

You really can learn something some days eh ..

Note 1: here linked are 32 pages of chatter on-topic red stain gun stock finish ..

Note 2: NOW .. as to the VARNISH used on Sam Colt's early revolver grips or stocks - it seems likely that this stuff is DAMMAR GUM VARNISH also known as "long oil varnish". - The gum is dried resin tapped from a Southern Asia tree dissolved in real turpentine, that was introduced as a picture varnish in 1826. An all natural vegetable product so you may feel OK to have a chew on your early pistol grips when peckish eh. 

*Note 3: The lower revolvers ARE original but the brass candle lantern is a 'repro' copy of a STONEBRIDGE  WW1 windproof military lamp - even using percussion-resistant mica glazing rather than glass. - Don't you love such items?

Note 4: Slackum Oil or Slacum Oil is a stock finishing oil made from boiled linseed, pine Turpentine, Carnauba Wax (or Beeswax), and 'Venice Turpentine' - which is a resin from European Larch trees ...

Note 5: When admiring the aesthetics of my home curtilage - visitors are advised that old stray cats are well known for regurgitating minced horsemeat onto the rarely vacuumed carpets .. while an escapee refugee Ausie black hen, regularly fed with handsfull of rolled oats - shits everywhere while she begs & clucks for food - especially on the back doorstep.

- But, like the finish of Colt's antique revolvers ... it's all natural eh.

Marty K.

Smoke And Mirrors:

 This could be about smashing old glass reflectors with muzzle-loaders .. but it ain't. 

Blow-Back 9x18mm MAKAROV  'PM' - UKRAINES Service Pistol:

Right now in our 21st Century it's hard to decide what is actually going-on in the world. - This is really WEIRD considering that last Century was "THE INFORMATION AGE".

I was chatting to a mate about how the Ukrainian Army was suffering eight-ten times as many casualties as the Russians in their cruel defeat over the last couple of years -  and he 'reared-up' and protested "NO .. you mean the RUSSIAN LOSSES".

Now ... we both are reasonably bright and well-read jokers - BUT he has been watching DIFFERENT MEDIA from the news sources that I follow. - The National mass media owned by Billionaire establishment figures are pushing one line of propaganda on TV - claiming that US & NATO backed Ukranian forces are heroically giving the evil Russian invaders a bloody nose - while American ex-CIA and military insiders that I follow are telling a very different story.

This leaves us with a choice of  'TRUTHS' to select from, based on what we want to believe - our emotional mindset .. I guess that sometime in the near future HISTORY will record what actually happened ..

9,000 Bodies in Mass Grave West of MARIUPOL Ukraine 2022:

Confusion reigns in the 'Information Age' - even as we enter the new 'AI' age where computors can be instructed to - Make a video showing 'Boris' having sex with three guys while thirteen of his children cheer him on from the door .. or .. Use Dillons voice and style to perform a KKK anti-catholic anthem for Belfast residents ..

Anyone can try guess what chaos is ahead for us - Provided we don't all get evaporated and irradiated tomorrow by WW3 nukes.

- Meanwhile .. hang on to that old 'two-two' rifle as it may well be very useful for putting food on the table.

I grew-up believing what I was taught by school teachers and priests .. that "WE BRITISH" took Civilisation, Education, Christianity and "British Justice" to the whole world who were grateful for our generousity and our concern for their welfare. - What a load of CRAP that was. - Alongside many other seafarers such as the Spanish, French, Dutch we were a bunch of marauding pirates, slavers and thieves taking everything of value including the land, it's people and products.

We are NOT the guys wearing the white hats from the movies - In truth we are part of an aggressively ARMED gang directed by a cruel ELITE of Aristocrats, Bullies, & Corporates.

The latest story doing the rounds is that,"we" are now going to give The Ukraianian military F16 Fighters - now they will be able to "turn the tables" on the Russians ( I thought the story was that Ukraine were already winning anyway?).




Marty K.

- Link to recent NZ police statement about them disposing of  TWO TONS of  BODY ARMOUR - and their hijab design for police women ..