Monday 30 January 2023

Englands Hottest (Military-Nuclear) Tourist Destinations:

 The control and mastery of FIRE is critical to the advance of we humans from base primitive survival to 'civilisation' - and 'Phlogiston Theory' was a fleeting attempt (now discredited), to explain how fire works and might be created.

 - The invention of 'Gods' was similarly an early mental exercise attempting to explain 'Creation' and the existance of all our Universe .. Much like the 'Steady State Theory' - it too will pass.

Do you like String? - Can any of my family or friends disagree with M-Theory ? - Can your brain cope with Branes ?

You are getting warm - So see it before it's gone ..

Maybe you will feel wiser if you watch it twice ...

Capenhurst - near scenic CHESTER Cheshire - is the location of some 90 Tonnes of British URANIUM stored for 'safe' reprocessing

The local council website warns people to "remain calm and go indoors" if they hear the siren or "smell unusually strong, irritating fumes"

- There would be more Uranium & Plutonium in UK storage - but they distributed 8,083 kg of Uranium and 24.4kg Plutonium around Maralinga in Southern Australia while bomb testing in 1957.


Sellafield,  Cumbria is the main dump 'THORP' store for UKs' 140 Tonnes of PLUTONIUM. 

THORP. Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant ... 

Radioactivity has been discharged from the Sellafield site into the sea since the 1950s.
SELLAFIELD Shore Patrol Searches For Radioactive Solids With RADIATION Detector: A Grand Beach For Paddling & Sand Castles With The Family.

A terrorist attack on Sellafield could render the north of England uninhabitable and release 100 times the radioactivity produced by the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in 1986, the House of Commons defence committee was told in 2002

Cumbria - bordering Scotland to the North is home to Sticky Toffee Pudding & Beatrix Potter, 

also contains the beautiful but rugged 'Lake District' - 

Change came to the Irish Sea coastal village of 

SEASCALE following the 1879 Furness Railway arriving ..

There were various attempts to 'develop' the area leading-up to the founding of 

ROYAL ORDNANCE FACTORY SELLAFIELD in 1939 - which became the 

WINDSCALE PILES in 1947  then 

CALDER HALL plutonium production plant opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1956.



OCTOBER 9  1957.

WINDSCALE was renamed 

SELLAFIELD in 1981 in an attempt to change history.

Sounds like great places to live in and visit.

In The British Nuclear Police - The Girls Get Government Guns ..

- PLUTONIUM has a "HALF-LIFE" exceeding 20,000 years.

- URANIUM 'Half-Life'  ranges between 159,200 years and 4.5 billion years.

A commonly cited quote by Ralph Nader states that a pound of plutonium dust spread into the atmosphere would be enough to kill 8 billion people.[145] This was disputed by Bernard Cohen, an opponent of the generally accepted linear no-threshold model of radiation toxicity. Cohen estimated that one pound of plutonium could kill no more than 2 million people by inhalation, so that the toxicity of plutonium is roughly equivalent with that of nerve gas.

 - Which VX Nerve Agent England invented & produces at PORTON DOWN Ministry of Defence Defence Science & Technology Laboratory - and The UK Health Security Agency, both located at Porton Down Wiltshire near Salisbury. - A 'Must Visit' for all tourists intent on absorbing Englands ancient history & Royal Heritage.

 Porton Down

Marty K.

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Bore Butter - Grease - 'Lube'.

I recently watched some Joker showing-off his new 35 Million Dollar waterside mansion in Florida - all glossy polished marble - petrified wood etc - while 65% of Americans are just surviving from one paycheck to the next .. Hey-Ho.

 Gun lubrication is special .. We all want the best for our "Target Pistols".

You can spend big dollars on small cans of fancy gun oils at your nearest friendly gunshop where it will promise to make your bullets fly further and make your gun look the shiniest it has ever been ..

Americas favorites might be BALLISTOL or HOPPES No.97/8 while 'BREAK-FREE' CLP has miltech to impress anyone on the spectrum. (I've got some somewhere).

You would need your reading glasses to study the small print and still ignore the instructions on how to achieve the miracle results promised .. but warnings are hard to find (- THIS OIL MAY CONTAIN OIL. - OIL may be Oily).

I suggest that stuff claiming to remove copper or lead fouling should be given to your local MP as HEMORROID CREAM - to be used before important meetings - Certainly NEVER let your mates be tempted to smear it onto any gun - as it will dissolve that $2,000 rebluing job from the barrel and melt your steering-wheel faster than 'DIMP' insect repellant used to back when it worked on West Coast SANDFLIES (Technically elsewhere called 'Blackflies'). 

- Rumour has it that something called "Deet N,N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide might have been in there to slap all over - but that diesel, (Winter Formula) blended with lemon peel might have worked just as well, Great for nits too eh.

Returning 'on topic' .. Guess what police and customs search dogs are trained to sniff-out in gang fortresses, apart from mind altering substances & currency .. *GUN OIL*

Personally I have been using CANOLA OIL (Rape Seed Oil) from my kitchen cupboard - the cheap stuff - to wipe down my guns for years now - ever since I learned that it was actually Rape Seed Oil which was the main machinery lubricant for steam engines right up till the end of WWII and the last steam locos - and it gives you lovely soft hands that your significant other will appreciate.


NOW  - if you ever get into shooting BLACK-POWDER  firearms you will come across mention of something called Bore Butter 

This is a magic potion that will grease your palms - put squirrels in the pot - enhance your ballistic accuracy - and make your sixgun as slick as a pork butchers' smallest sausage ..

They use Turmeric or some synthetic to colour it yellow - but my DIY version is from cow/sheep Tallow mixed warm 1:1:1 with Beeswax and Canola oil (or Olive oil) - some NZ lanolin, plus maybe a few drops of Wintergreen to mask the tallow stench. -  If you leave out the Wintergreen - you could spread this thick on your toast every day peppered with blackpowder until your pimples pop or your first heart attack.

I understand that some U S makers threaten to use 'Mink Oil' scraped from raw fur skins in their salve - and guarantee that it will re-grow hair on a bald mountain top.

Note 1: My mixture is much the same stuff as traditional 'Dubbin'(g).

Note 2: TALLOW. - From the point of view of lubrication of blackpowder firearms - Tallow is much the same stuff whether it is sourced from cow, sheep, or pig. This is 'rendered' ANIMAL FAT. - Rendering means heating to melt the raw fat and straining-out any solids. It may start as 'Beef Suet' - 'Lard' - 'Trimmings' or 'Dripping' - it might have gone "Moo, Hoink, or Baah" ... either way if you eat a lot of it - it WILL clog your arteries (ARTHEROSCLOROSIS) & cause heart attacks, - but it won't harm you when used for shooting unless you stand in front of the muzzle.
- My home-brewed greasilube is good stuff that you can happily also use on leatherware and wooden surfaces as a conditioner and sealant.

I know I'm being a little flippant there - but black powder fouling does stiffen revolver actions and clogs bores to impede loading while altering the impact point. - But once again I suggest - try not to use modern petroleum based oils on your front-stuffer - as when burnt with charcoal they go all hard and crusty.

Gun Powder works brilliantly to send lead balls onto target - but it is dirty corrosive stuff to shoot as only 43% of it turns to gas when it goes OOMPHA .. the other 57% hangs about as gritty sulferous solids trying to be friendly.

Sam Colt used to tell his customers not to grease their balls .. but nowadays the word is to use lube either 'straight' or as pre-lubed wads - for a couple of reasons:

'Lube' reduces bore friction to maximise velocity.

'Lube' of the right stuff helps soften bore FOULING and eases the wiping chore.

'Lube' slathered onto your revolver BASE PIN or "cylinder arbor" reduces how much gritty fouling can blow-back into the cylinder gumming-up its rotation - and helps the gun to keep firing.

'Lube' pushed into every loaded chamber mouth is reputed to prevent CHAIN FIRES by sealing the front of the chamber/powder from the flash & flame. - Link to a useful demonstration ..


Seeing as how I like shooting wimpy light loads - rather than KABOOMS  'Inert Fillers' - are used to position balls at the front of the cylinder without an air gap .. The classic material is "corn grits" -  but also-rans are semolina, coffee grounds, Polenta, Oatmeal, Bran, saw-dust, Rice? grass-seed, tissue paper, wool, - I guess just about anything lightweight & granular might be used that is genuinely inert and that won't explode or start forest fires. - I'm using medium/dark Prima Qualida Bean ground from the coffee I have drunk strong & sweet with a splash of soy.

GROUNDED - Waste not -Want not.

P.S: According to some U S Civil War histories - The Remington 1858 New Model Army revolver was both much stronger & prefered over the Colts revolvers -  but the original Remingtons in the day seem to have been considered inferior quality to Colts by combatants. - It is likely that the modern replicas are better made than the civil war units were.

Marty K.

Wednesday 18 January 2023

UBERTI/Remington '1858' New Model Army .44"

 This used repro front-stuffer revolver was advertised at a good price because it had been shot for the last 30 years and was looking its age - but "had never let me down". 

My new Italian Jobbie is actually in sound condition with a decent unpitted bore and sharp lands to the rifling grooves - but small dings and some rust pitting & scratches on the outside - it might clean-up OK with some work and a little 'cold blue'.

UBERTI-Remington 1858 - above image from the on-line PNZ For Sale Advert.
If you look at this pic you will see that for my first job I have opened up the clearance slots at each cap nipple from the original tight square slit to a wider rounded access so that I can use my 'Snail Capper' to load the percussion caps onto the cones ..
- Trying to use my fingers to push those wee caps securely into that original tight "letter box" was a real faff for my old pinkies with my degenerated eyesight 😮

I have also started to polish-out the parting-line inside the brass trigger-guard for a smoother access and better finish and it is looking tanfastic already .. BUT of course I would never customize any original antique shooter .. that would be rude. - But a good scrub & polish works well on us old timers now and then.

- On the first Sunday of this new year three of us entertained 30-some mixed Kiwi-Aussie Venture Scouts and their leaders to around 5 hours pistol shooting 'two-twos' in the sun - and I did manage to fire off a first '1858' cylinder load of lead balls with beeswax tallow grease onto a steel plate. Very FUN. - Light loads of your actual gun powder, only 24 grains, dropped into each chamber behind HORNADY .454" lead balls to test for function and point of impact.

Life is GOOD despite the nuisance of political-legislative nonsense. - but I ended the day cleaning the stripped sixgun at home in hot soapy water with a sun burned head - Yeah where was my hat!
We mostly used Glock G44 rim-fire semi-autos with hundreds of rounds going down range from hot barrels but mine decided it didn't like cycling the Remington bulk pack ammo .. fortunately there was other stuff (CCI) available at the range.

A. Uberti is now a part of the Italian Beretta-Benelli organisation (as is Pietta) .. the interested will watch this linked video tour of the beautiful BERETTA factory complex:

Stay Happy,

Marty K.
I asked Rod about finish repairs using cold blue ..

Cold blue solutions are not wonderful when used with modern synthetic gun oils.  There are a couple of tricks to ensure cold blues work better. The first is getting a totally clean surface (no oils including fingers) using a good degreaser like acetone, followed by enough boiling water to rinse and heat the part so it dries quickly. Wearing cotton gloves, apply the cold blue evenly with a clean cotton patch to the still hot part. Allow to dry fully before carding off with the finest grade steel wool while wearing the gloves. Rinse with cold water to check colour. Repeat the whole process to darken it. Artist's oil (refined linseed) can be purchased cheaply at any art supplies shop and is perfect to apply to the blued part. It dries to durable film in a few hours in a warm place. The oil is also perfect for gunstocks. Note that warm parts take the blue much better. Canola oil will have a similar effect to the artist's oil but will not achieve the same durable film. Plant based oils are not suitable for any parts that require lubrication to assist normal function (bolts, trigger mechanisms, etc.).

Saturday 14 January 2023

Can You Figure Out NZ FIREARMS Crime Figures?

'It Aint Half Hot Mum'

"He's gone a bit Doolally eh" - The British Army established Deolali Transit Camp near Mumbai in 1861 - together with a Military prison. Troops returning to Britain might be delayed there for many months together with the poor souls court-marshalled for uncoperative behaviour. There was a lot of malaria, venereal diseases, heat exhaustion, and infected sand-fly bites around .. all of which contributed to the camps' reputation for unfortunate neurodiverse behaviours.
Can You Figure it Out?

Latest released U.K figures recorded for Year ending March 2021 England & Wales are 14% down on the previous year - at 5,709 FIREARMS OFFENCES - including 35 SHOOTING HOMICIDES.  - Air weapons etc not included. - Figures for Scotland not included. 
Greater Manchester Police not included. Why? 

“Clearly, the current inability of GMP to provide the Home Office with reliable recorded crime data risks undermining public confidence and affects transparency in the service.

- Year ending 2022 around 44,000 Knife Offences recorded for UK. Figures exclude Greater Manchester but are 9% up on previous year.

All firearms & knives etc are highly controlled with laws in Britain - but Legislation obviously does little to alter or control violent anti-social behavior - especially when you are operating with 20,000 fewer sworn officers and more than 20,000 fewer other police staff.

The last four years have seen multiple punitive & stringent new anti-Gun regulations here on the pretext of REDUCING VIOLENT FIREARM CRIME IN NEW ZEALAND.

- Can the NZ Government Authorities Please release their successful crime reduction figures?

To date, I have been unable to obtain ANY current NZ Figures for FIREARMS CRIME or KNIFE CRIME.

- Every source of NZ statistics I researched online witholds any figures. - Every report I could find only quotes rates, percentages, perceptions or 'trends'.

This sort of reportage is deliberately vague & easy to manipulate & "adjust".

I am still looking for FACTS ..

Marty K.

Do you have any NZ factual figures?

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Any Old Revolver Isn't an Antique in NZ ..

Are you better-off investing in 'GOLD' - AMMO - or  Antique Firearms .. Hard to say, as there are too many variables including ones personal priorities - but antiques & artwork can be very rewarding ..
Sam Colt Heads For The Dunny

I once sat next to a man in cattle-class on a 747 'Jumbo Jet' returning to NZ and we chatted for a while .. I said I liked motorbikes and would love to buy a classic collectible, something like a Vincent, Velocette, or a Manx Norton. He ended that conversation right there by saying "NOW you're talking - I've got 50 Manx Nortons." - Well what can you say to that? - It became a quiet flight over the Pacific.

I never did get a thoroughbred British bike .. but I did own a Reliant Scimitar GTE fitted with a Holley carburetted Buick-Rover V8 motor for years ("THE BEAST") - I had a yellow Lotus 7 copy for a while too .. SO impractical but very 'driftable'.

Our current nuclear free NZ regime is denying kiwi citizens their rights to self defence and the right to own firearms - while supporting Ukrainean rights and endorsing British & U S Military weapons of mass destruction designed to destroy millions of innocents. This is known as a dichotomy - or maybe a contradictory dictatorship.

 There remain here some real Colts experts and Collecters who have studied and invested in historic early revolvers from way before I learned to toddle on rag rugs in wartime London .. plus there is a diminishing group of lawful target shooters and sports enthusiasts hanging on to their rights - So I'm just talking a bit about what I am learning as I go.

There are original Colts in New Zealand and there are some other good percussion revolvers including rival designs and copies.

An Original 167 year old Antique COLT 
1849 Pocket Model .31 'cap'n'ball' Revolver:

An old Uberti 'replica' Remington copy .44" caliber 'cap & ball' 
buddied with the smaller antique Colt.
Non-Shooters might ask which is legal to own - but may not be used  
- and which may be fired only when Registered, at an approved range by a licensed and endorsed 'Fit & Proper' owner - provided she pays massive fees & installs very costly Police Approved home security?

Nearly four years ago on March 19 2019 - the scum 
BRENTON TARRANT murdered 51 innocents - and New Zealand Firearms Laws & gun owners were blamed by politicians for his terrible insanity. - Whenever something so awful happens .. Politicians feel obliged to do something about it. - But, as we have grown to expect - They ignore any useful revision that would be effective - and applied emergency restrictions on the nations most law abiding sector of FIT AND PROPER FIREARMS LICENCE HOLDERS - and seem to ignore Royal Commission findings of the failures by Police Licensing Authorities.

A Link to a great Forgotten Weapons video about one early type of Colt Copies:

 Well - Sam Colt Made It Just In Time:

Marty K.

Friday 6 January 2023

Corruption & Weapons as Equalizers:

 November 5 1991 British MP fraudster, suspected spy Robert Maxwell disappeared from his yacht Lady Ghislaine and his body later was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean.

April 3 1993 Clinton U S Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was found to have a .45 sized bullet hole in his skull when his body was recovered from the wreckage of USAF CT-43 crashed on its way to Croatia. All 35 on board were killed. -The head of navigation at ÄŒilipi Airport, Niko Jerkuić, was found dead three days after the accident with a bullet wound to his chest - 'suicide' of course.

1998 now here's a name, Monica Lewensky & her matched SEMEN stained blue dress. President Clinton acquitted from all IMPEACHMENT CHARGES in U S House of Representatives

August 10 2019 Millionaire sex offender financier Jeffrey Epstein died in his cell one month after his arrest .. it seems that he threw himself from his top bunk while two guards were sleeping and then strangled himself while the security cameras were turned off..

May 7 2022 Clinton Campaign Financer Mark Middleton was found dead suspended from a tree - the Sherrif said that it seemed he had shot himself in the chest with a shotgun and then hung himself from the tree .. but there was not much blood around .. An Arkansus Judge sealed all the evidence - Clinton was 40th & 42nd Governor of Arkansas.

Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell June 13 1995

June 2022 Sex offender & child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell  who worked closely with Epstein for decades after her father Robert Maxwells death - was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

CIA Intelligence links rumoured for all ..

These stories remind me of the 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy followed by the shooting dead of the accused Lee Harvey Oswald by "psycho" Jack Ruby (Jacob Leon Rubenstein) who himself died in prison before a re-trial date.

Several other Presidents including Bush & Trump - are named as of interest in the book you might want to read about the lives of the Rich and Successful ..

There are reasons why our corporate oligarch Governments seek to limit ownership of guns - because they are effective tools for EQUALITY.

- Why did that British Millionaires Club called "Parliament" fool voters into leaving the EU with BREXIT? - Obviously to remove many restraining EU regulations that limited their activities while transfering public monies into private accounts.

They want all the control and power to be in their hands - with the rest of us helpless and compliant.



A profound video discussion about research into the sometimes murderous nature of primates - HOMO  Sapiens compared to our nearest relatives the Chimpanzees & Bonobos

300,000 years ago we were recognizably Us and gradually we can now see how we differ from our ape cuzzies with our control of fire  - cooking, - and organisational control of behaviours.

Of course - FIREARMS are heat  machines that help us to defend the weak against the corrupt & powerful.

Marty K.

Tuesday 3 January 2023

"Compact" versus UTILITY - Keeping Us SAFE:

Todays Joke:

Te Tari Pureke - Firearms Safety Authority .. 

“Te Tari PÅ«reke is about keeping people safe while enabling the legitimate and safe use of firearms,” says Authority Executive Director Angela Brazier.

Yeah .. "Keeping people safe." - That's part of what we pay our Governments to do eh.

The U S military has maybe some 88 Tons of Plutonium stored .. it takes plus or minus around 4 kilos to make a nuclear warhead. -  That's some 250 nukes to every ton.

Keeping people safe ..

The Poms have got much more stored at Sellafield (aka Seascale, Calder Hall, Windscale ..) they change the name every time there's a nuclear accident - in coastal Cumbria, around 140 tonnes of the horrid stuff. - enough for 35,000 nuclear warheads.

Consider .. If they were to nuke Sellafield .. wouldn't it get messy for those of us not breathing filtered air in a miles deep shelter?


Any  individual small pistol is a bit difficult to shoot effectively - as some guns, like the old compact break-barrel revolvers - are nearly impossible to hold securely and to get the trigger finger in proper place with normal hands. - I worked-out that one way might be to wrap the weak hand around the tiny stock first .. then fold the 'shooting' hand over the top so that it can align with the trigger guard and get a grip.

UTILITY means something that is useful. - as in Nuclear weapons are so useful. 

 The Sweetest Shooting Glock - For Me - Is The G19X ..
4 inch Barrel with full sized grips
I doubt many owners are as accurate (safe) with sub-compact "carry" sized grips ..

If  I was to design a  hand-saw for general DIY cutting jobs .. I would make the medium toothed cutting blade of a length suited to an average arm stroke, the handle-grip sized to accept the normal range of user hands and the steel cutting blade would be reasonably flexible but strongly tempered to hold it's edge under light use.

Apply a similar functional logic to carry handgun design and I'd go for a mid-sized caliber not needing superior ability to control - low to medium cartridge capacity - barrel length about 3.5 inches in old money for ballistic efficiency and directional stability,  with simple clear open sights - and the handle stocks adjustable for size - having the grips angle suited to the "natural finger pointing" average angle to give the largest hand a secure controlling grasp. - BUT naturally the 'average' cannot suite everyone.

- Nothing ground breaking there then as it's all been done before .. but handgun sights need to be more visible, barrel axis need to be lowered to reduce felt recoil, & controls generally need to be simplified - and both NOISE & BLAST should (& could ) be reduced to non injurious levels for the user, to permit easier SAFE accurate control. 

It is all about control.

- What is so hard about designing revolvers to discharge from the bottom chamber, and using a silent captive piston cartridge?

There are different  requirements for MILITARY arms to civilian and police needs. - Offensive versus defensive. A HIGH capacity magazine is required for military duty .. perhaps also for law enforcement - Until they improve police training in weapons handling anyway, - as it is widely accepted that approximately 85% of shots fired by police persons MISS the intended target.

People are variable in their size - strength - and abilities .. while expecting to match the fictional abilities of electronically enhanced screen heroes firing blanks.

I have found that I can't reliably use any 1911 type semi-auto pistol that has a "Grip Safety" at the back .. as aligning my trigger finger onto the trigger with a proper firm holding grasp produces a gap with the web of my strong hand at the rear preventing the squeeze needed to de-activate that switch ..

A handgun's STOCK or Grips needs to fit the shooter's hands. - While I have large(ish) hands - the biggest choice backstrap & beavertail option that Glock supplies works well for me with their G17 sized guns - while I replace the standard grip slabs on my revolvers with larger aftermarket grips from Hogue  or Pachmayr etc. - as sometimes available in our dealers. 

Buying alternative grips for my fully registered, legally held target pistols here in New Zealand has become a real faff lately with Permits to Procure, Import Permits, and Mail Order Permits being required by our controlling authorities - to enhance safety - by just changing & improving the grips.

It might seem that some gun owners in U S buy a small light weight "Gat" to fit their covert carry pocket while hardly ever shooting in training and becoming at one with their purchase.

Easy to Carry .. But Can You Hit Anything?

It's a funny old world eh - and there's nought so queer as folk ..


In January 2009 17 year old  Halatau Kianamanu Naitoko was accidently shot dead by a police officer in Auckland. - Can anyone explain why that shooter was not charged with manslaughter for this deadly shooting?

Marty K.