Tuesday 28 July 2020



The homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants for United Kingdom at 1.20 is approaching double the level of New Zealand @ 0.70.

(New Zealand is 'British' .. The British monarch is still our 'Head of State')

per 100.000.

USA  ........    4.96 
Canada ....     1.76
UK ...........    1.20
Australia ....   0.89 
Ireland .....    0.87
NZ ...........    0.70 
Switzerland.  0.59

South Africa 36,49 

Lesotho (Southern Africa)
             ,,,,,  41.26 

- They say that you can prove anything with statistics - so I'll be cautious in what I suggest ... but these figures do not seem to justify the current process of prohibiting firearms ownership here in New Zealand - nor of passing hundreds of pages of new legislation to impede the lawful ownership of sporting & collectable guns by licensed fit and proper persons here.

To me there does not seem to be any direct relationship between the numbers of firearms in a society and it's homicide rate.

The level of murderous intent or violent crimes is likely to be more proportional with how civilised and responsible the national government and jurisdiction authorities are.

According to NZ police figures - only a mere 11 percent of all NZ homicides involved use of a firearm.



New Zealand badly needs to correct & eliminate recent changes to the way our gun licensing rules have been corrupted ... and the previous level of experienced vetting staff needs to be re-established to a standard similar to that existing before Government funding cuts and administrative changes were applied.

That NZ Firearms Licensing System worked well until degraded by management - and needed only small refinement.

Time to act  now.

Marty K.

Monday 27 July 2020

S&W & Colt.. Naming Rights:

Life gets tedious ain't it ..

- Now read this line again - if you get it in order there's extra points.😁

3rd Model S&W Hand Ejector Model

- You see, way back when - neither great U S maker wanted to give a free ride to the other by stamping their rival's named cartridges on one of their own revolvers .. so it looks like Colts sales team conjured-up their own brand names .. .Proprietary Naming.
Colt Police Positive 
- If You'd Like To Start A Colts Collection
 These Are Undervalued (Cheap).

Moi? - I get around this issue by buying better Glocks and Rugers thus avoiding contact with both of these hardware makers.

Anyway the .32 S&W Long cartridge (1896) is the SAME CARTRIDGE as the .32 Colt New Police except Colts used a flat nosed slug in their version. - You might wonder which came first - but the answer could be that the Union Metallic Cartridge Company was FIRST - as the .32"S&W (Short) cartridge (that was lengthened to make the .32" S&W Long) - was originally made as a black-powder round by UMC 😈.

Not to add to your confusion ... but Merwin Hulbert also claimed and sold the same rounds as .32" Merwin Hulbert Cartridges for their guns.
- A similar naming scuffle push-and-shove went on later about the .38" S&W (1877) and the .38" Colt New Police .. that also got used by Webley & ROF Enfield as the .38/200 Mk1 Service Cartridge. - The 21 year later (1898) .38" Special is different again.

Yeah - it's a minefield eh.

The fact of the matter is that the ".32 long" cartridge was used as a law enforcement service revolver round for some time and gained a reputation for being consistently very accurate in target competition.

Marty K.

Time to act  now.

..  looney-tunes Greens also seem to support act ..

Remember .. if you get it in order there's extra points ..

- Both the Greens & the Govt. think voters are colourful morons ..

.. Time to act now.

Saturday 25 July 2020

Ardern's Fortieth - NZ Government Calendar:

There may be implications of INFORMATION ACCESS MANAGEMENT in this dating sequence ..

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is Forty years old July 26 2020.

52nd NZ Parliament expires August 12 (after The House rises August 6).

The Coronial Enquiry into the 51 deaths of the Christchurch Mosque Massacre is on hold until after Tarrant's Sentencing.

The delayed Sentencing of Tarrant is now scheduled for August 24 in Christchurch.

2020 NZ General Election & Referendums .. SEPTEMBER 19

Preliminary Election 2020 & Referendum Results released October 2.

Official Election 2020 & Referendum Results announce October 9.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Attack on Christchurch Mosques on 15 March 2019, including the performance of State sector agencies was due for release July 31. - The Government has extended the time available for this inquiry, - with the report now due on 26 November 2020.

.. more than two months after the election.

There is a political ploy Dispersion & Freezing - to manage release of critical facts until the public and media have 'moved on'.

.. Jacinda Ardern has her 40th Birthday July 26 2020.

In early 2008, Jacinda Ardern was elected as the president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. - Ardern had moved to London where she became a Cabinet Office senior policy adviser in an 80-person policy unit of then-British prime minister Tony Blair.


Marty K.

Friday 24 July 2020

2nd LARGEST Military Force In The World?

I'd guess most non-specialists are thinking "Russia" or "China" come close to U S A as military power threats .. which may well be correct - except the answer to my leading question is the REPUBLIC OF INDIA.

OK - I'm merely a student here - no expert for sure - so I won't be insulted if you doubt me & do your own research with a scornful sneer on your chops .. go ahead.
FGFA - Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft:

India has roughly 1.5 Million active serving Defence Force personnel plus 1.5 Million 'reservists' plus 1.5 Million Armed Police plus 87,000 active 'Para-Military' consisting the Assam Rifles, Coast Guard & Special Frontier Forces  PLUS ..

India has a nuclear warhead delivery system comprising between 150-200 WARHEADS.

Consider here that "Great Britain" is believed to possess 120 Nuclear Warheads - multiple re-entry warhead TRIDENT missiles.

So this second largest military force INDIA is estimated to be the world's fourth most powerful nation.

The Indian Navy may by now have four Arihant Strategic Strike Nuclear Submarines included in it's submarine fleet.

.. Got you thinking? - Don't forget to surrender your prohibited sporting rifles & shotguns to the NZ Police.

Time to act  now.

Marty K.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

'Confused Voting? - Change Is In The Air.

Yes - it is POLICIES THAT MATTER - But it is your PARTY VOTE that counts ..

LABOUR: The 'borrow & spend .. promise-much' coalition government that is committed to prohibition, registration & confiscation of all legal guns .. Top persons falling from positions everywhere - Iain Reese-Galloway fired-live for affair with subordinate ..

Licensed firearms users thinking about voting for the National party now have an untested gang to support at the coming election as so many of the Nats have resigned their positions for distressed mental health reasons ..

 Michelle Boag - Simon Bridges - Tod Muller - Hamish Walker - Amy Adams - Nikki Kaye - Andrew Falloon - Jian Yang .. Jenny 'Mainzeal' Shipley .. 'Smiling Assassin' John Key ..
- Those remaining inside this Big Business Support Group are experiencing problems with marketing Trickle-Down for the peasantry holding out their begging bowls single handed while touching their forelocks 
- Shooters need to remember that this "rightist party" unanimously supported the Anti-Gun legislation of 2019 and this year's 2nd Tranche. THEY DO NOT SUPPORT SHOOTERS RIGHTS.

N Z FIRST: This horse racing party just won't 'pass the post' - having broken their word by supporting the anti-gun legislation.

GREEN PARTY: Loony Left Gun Banners who support 1080 poisoning of wildlife ..


NEW CONSERVATIVE PARTY: Also ran Right wing Christians.

OUTDOORS PARTY: Also Runs with decent policies.

KIWI PARTY: Also runs who tried.

- no doubt there are other aspirants.

Marty K.

Monday 20 July 2020

Thunderstruck Ballistics - & Firewood:

Doesn't ANYONE in U S own a chronograph?

I'm getting desperate to find-out what velocity .22" WMR manages when shot from a 1.25 inch barrel with a cylinder gap .. I NEED to know.

It is more than a year since American industry offered this giant step forward .... SURELY some shooter has tried this revolver over a chronograph.

.. It's almost as if the reviewers have to sign a confidentiality contract NOT TO CHRONO THIS GUN.

Honestly - I LIKE the idea of this novel THUNDERSTRUCK four-shooter that loads eight two-two Magnum rim-fire rounds .. If only the New Zealand authorities would allow me to own & shoot one I'd be into it as fast as a rat up a drain pipe - but that is not the way of our world down under.

I also like the .22" WMR cartridge that usefully stretches the small calibre range for bunnie & possum control here - when shot from a rifle. 

- BUT when fired from a one and a quarter inch diddle - I'm betting that it will struggle to make 800 foot per second .. maybe slower even than a .22" R/F from that short wee barrel.

Sure - the blast , flash  and  roar  will be scarily "powerful" .. but the slugs will be arriving later.

Can't some enterprising ex-pat Aussie, Canadian, Kiwi, or Pom over there in the Land of the Free borrow a THUNDERSTRUCK - load every other chamber - and carefully fire single shots through a chronograph from a bench rest .. remembering that these have a reputation for shooting a bit high - and you might need to hang a bit of old carpet or a pair of Levis down in front of the muzzle to protect the chrono from the blast gasses eh? - I'm guessing that there will be a wicked jet of incandescent gases and un-burnt powder pushing past the wee bullets as they struggle out of their muzzle ..

BBTI .. Ballistics By The Inch - most sensibly only cut & recorded their barrels down to two inches .. where the two-two rim-fire rounds are found to be neck-&-neck at around 850 ft.per.sec.

- Maybe America only dry-fires it's 1.25 inch carry Magnum revolvers? - Is the blast that horrible?

I'd like to illustrate the futility of putting a 'high power' cartridge into a very short barrelled firearm by talking about moisture in FIREWOOD fuel.

Families using a log-fire or wood furnace will know that the wood fuel needs to be 'Properly Seasoned' to reduce it's water content to a range around 10-15-20 percent .. any moisture content above that will result in sulky inefficient fuel that is wasting much of it's energy evaporating water as steam.

Your cheap-to-buy moisture meter is a great tool .. but like all modern electronics will be dead with flat batteries whenever you need it .. 

Too WET Sure -But TOO DRY?

Yup - we do need to be aware that firewood kiln dried to a moisture content below 10% is also nearly useless unless you can store it long enough to recover moisture from the ambient air. - It will burn uncontrollably too hot and smokey from insufficient oxygen and indeed may shorten your stove's working life & even warp it's metal.

Technical stuff needs to be right for it's purpose eh -  .22" Magnum needs a proper length barrel .. I just watched sooch00 road test a S&W Model 351c Airlight seven shot .22" WMR Revolver that has a 1.875" (1. 7/8 inch) barrel with a recessed muzzle. I also read a chuckhawks review of a similar 'J'-frame '351PD' model also firing 'two-two-Magnums' and neither either measures the gun's muzzle velocity. - Is this velocity a 'hidden issue'?
S&W 351c Seven Shot .22" WMR
- Look at that UGLY CYLINDER-to-FRAME GAP ..

Marty K.

Here is a link to some great slo-mo video of bullet impacts - fascinating to watch later ..

Time to act now.


Friday 17 July 2020

Armed Civil Unrest:

The late stages of the Trump Presidency have seen street protests and confrontations fuelled by more than a few cases of brutal .. possibly racist - behaviour by some police - plus confused bleaching action & commentary on best practice treatment for COVID-19.

So far the street confrontations have been serious while widespread around the States .. but short lived - and have generated various articles advising how to deal with public violence.

My short thought would be 'just get the hell out and stay away' .. but of course that's not always possible.
Some Captured IRA Guns

I've just finished reading a superb book about one of the most protracted - murderous - and totally unjust 'CIVIL' conflicts where all involved shared the one common feature of HATRED & VIOLENCE.

Either as victims or as fighters. ALL groupings in the Northern Six Counties of Ireland were party to violence and murder - ALL.

 .. The British Military - and their 'hit squads', - The Republican "IRA" terrorist paramilitary fighters, The Provos,-  the RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary ., The 'Loyalist' Protestant terrorist groups UDA - UFF - UVF. - Every group was guilty of serious crime in Ulster - over four decades or longer.

What an awful place to have to live.

SAY NOTHING by Patrick Radden Keefe.

This is the inside story from Belfast put together from secret interviews lodged with Boston College U S to be released only after death. The stories of Dolours & Marian Price weave in & out together with Gerry Adams .. 'touts' and tragedy .. many named.

If you've ever wondered just what the Hell was really going-on in Ireland and why more than 3,500 people were violently killed during recent years of "The Troubles" .. Read this excellent story.

Marty K.

P.S. - It might be sensible to also consider how 'The Good Friday Agreement' that has enabled a high degree of peace there in the six counties since 1998 - is at risk of failing over border controls following UK's BREXIT from The E.U.

If there is any god remaining in Northern Ireland .. may she help you all to a better life..


Wednesday 15 July 2020

GUNS LAW CHANGES .. Two lumps Or More?

How many of you just accepted the government's use of the word tranche for the first & second lumps of attacks on law abiding gun owners?

Hon Stuart Nash

Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill

Government Bill

- Well we all need to WAKE UP and smell the sewage .. because the use of this French word strongly suggests that there is more to come.

Investopedia explains thus ..

"Tranche" is a French word meaning "slice" or "portion." In the world of investing, it is used to describe a security that can be split up into smaller pieces and subsequently sold to investors. Tranches are common with mortgage-backed securities (MBS), which are a basket of mortgage loans that are pooled together for investors to buy.
There's an old saying 'Forearmed is Forewarned' that suggests that now that you have heard a hint of what is coming .. DO SOMETHING.

There is a similar Latin phrase praemonitus praemunitus - but don't worry about what those smart old Mediterranean bastards knew - You should be worrying about what Ardern, Nash & Co are indicating fairly clearly ... that after The First Tranche and the Second Tranche there will be a THIRD TRANCHE & a FOURTH TRANCHE and more if necessary - until you are fully and permanently disarmed.

They are feeding out the bad tasting shit in small doses because you would otherwise balk and refuse to swallow it.

It is up to YOU.

Time to  act  now.


Marty K.

Monday 13 July 2020

NZ Police & Weapons - Unlicensed & Minimally Trained:

- Here is a very recent quote from an experienced U S Police Instructor .. About to retire:

"In my two-week police firearms instructor course, the lead instructor made the statement:
 “Every one of you was sent here by your department.  Your chief must think you will be a good instructor or he wouldn’t have sent you.  Who am I to disagree with his assessment?  I trust your chiefs.  Everyone will pass this course.”
 So we have an “instructor” course taught by a man who was so fat that he couldn’t even demonstrate some of the required firing positions, with absolutely no standards, that everyone automatically passes.  The class was worthless."
Now - I'm not saying that NZ's firearms training is as corrupt and distorted as is that example ..
- but there are multiple examples of ex-Commissioner Mike Bush being "misinformed".
"Only in America" might well apply - while New Zealand is New Zealand  .. but MY experience of dealing with NZ Police Hierarchy 30 years ago as the Glock Factory Agent - and when  opening an inner city range-gunshop - was that those senior officers I contended with were ill informed - arrogant, opinionated, & 'hard of thinking'.  
"No-one in MY police force is ever going to use a plastic pistol - I really like an Indian built copy of the HighPower".
Progress was made only after three formal written complaints to the then Minister of Police - and me passing-on a direct personal recommendation of the Glocks from London's Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard .

- So Currently our NZ Police are issued with prohibited Bushmaster AR 15 Military Style Semi-Auto rifles and Glock 17 high capacity auto-pistols - and  ARE NOT REQUIRED TO OBTAIN AN ENDORSED FIREARMS LICENCE.

I understand that recruits are attending an initial week long introduction course to firearms use .. But surely these new entrants deserve better training AND vetting - before serving on New Zealand's streets armed with RESTRICTED WEAPONS & the requirement that they may need to use them in armed conflict.

When-IF the proposed new Independent Firearms Authority is formed .. high on their priorities list must be the requirement that our law enforcement officers all be required to meet at least the same standards as are expected of licensed sporting shooters.
Time to act now.
Marty K.
- Heads Up: - Be aware that NZ Police are deploying 24x new unmarked patrol vehicles to entrap motorists .. stated to be HOLDEN EQUINOX SUVs with turbocharged engines:
Policing policy is yet again highly questionable. - planning to use STEALTH to ENTRAP 'the public'

- Today's news release from the Complaints Commission is that Police acknowledge & apologise for conducting three unlawful searches looking for breaches of the new firearms regulations.


Sunday 12 July 2020

Developing & Promoting Fear Of Guns

SOME WORDS & CONCEPTS - to help with your Starter Question:

Neo-Liberalism - unrestricted 'free market' capitalism .. privatisation of essential services etc.

 'Trickle-Down'  .. Fraudulent Theory of the Rich looking after the Poor ..

Billionaire-Philanthropist .. the "whitewashing" of despicable wealth grabbing by throwing loose change at tax-refund charities.

“Illusory truth effect” Conditioning by familiarity from repetition.

"Gas-lighting" .. a kind of sequential-repeated hidden misdirection.

Marketing - Advertising - repeat-repeat-repeat .. If you view TV you will see FOUR or more Ad-breaks in every hour.


Figures for New Zealand's National debt range from $57 Billion rising to around $80 B but we are currently borrowing Covid emergency Billions more .. perhaps up to $25 -$40 Billion more - who knows what the future will bring?


Who are the wealthy people that have all the gold - able to lend it to governments so that they can keep their economies fermenting? - They must be very rich & powerful eh.

They must have more money than the governments eh.

- How come We the people gave THEM (unknown) all our cash?

Was that a fair and reasonable transfer of funds?

How come we legitimate lawful gun owners have become The BOGEYMEN ?

- blamed for a mass murderer that the authorities should have stopped.


Marty K.

Friday 10 July 2020

An All American Military Hero .. 12 y.o.

What a total eff-up from start to finish .. I'm almost tempted to write "only in America" but I won't eh.

Calvin Graham from Houston Texas enrolled in the U S Navy right after Pearl Harbor and was accepted - aged 12 ..

.. Well the Japanese 'Pearl Harbor' attack itself is claimed to have been known in advance to multiple British & US Government figures - but repeated warnings of their vulnerability were ignored.

After boot camp in San Diego Calvin was assigned to the battleship USS South Dakota launched 1941 - and was awarded a Bronze Star Medal and a Purple Heart Medal for brave actions despite his wounds - received during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal - plus two Naval Unit Commendations.

When the ship returned to U S for repairs Calvin went AWOL for his grandmother's funeral & was given three months in the brig ... but his mother told the USN his real age and he was discharged from the navy in April 1 1943.

Calvin Graham - worked as a welder in a factory instead of returning to school until he enrolled once more into the Marines aged 17 in 1948 but only three years later he fell from a pier in 1951 breaking his back.

The Military refused him full medical benefits due to his "illegal service" - indeed they cancelled all his medals and veteran status - However In 1988, he received disability benefits and back pay for his service in the Navy after President Ronald Reagan signed legislation that granted Graham full disability benefits, increased his back pay to $4917 and allowed him $18,000 for past medical bills, contingent on receipts for the medical services. By this time, some of the doctors who treated him had died and many medical bills were lost.

 He received only $2,100 of the possible $18,000. While the money for the rights to his story for the movie, Too Young The Hero amounted to $50,000, - 50% went to two agents and 20% went to a writer of an unpublished book about Graham. He and his wife received just $15,000 before taxes.

An American Hero's story.

Marty K.

Wednesday 8 July 2020


Ron Mark is well pleased  to announce the purchase of 43 BUSHMASTER PMVs from Australia.

I don't know which variant we are getting or if they will be fitted with the run flat tyres or potable cold water storage for the crews.

These vehicles have a tough V shaped bottom & can cruise at 100 kph on their 7.2 litre diesel engine - and are bigger, tougher and all round stronger than 'LAVs'. - Range around 800 km.

Read all about it here - 124 pages:

or Link to Wikipedia page:

He reckons they will cost over 100 Million Dollars so double that & wait and see - but good gear for our fighting teams is worth paying Thales Australia for ..

This Is A Dutch One 
.. Even The Poms Have Bought Some:

They should be good.

Marty K.

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves .. Politicians Are In Charge:

Cher sang her #1 hit song Gypsys Tramps & Thieves backed by "The Wrecking Crew" long ago in 1971 - as a bit of a come-back effort - perfectly listing the bunch of politicians that have risen to power in the last 50 years.

She will have known that the song was originally called "Gypsys, Tramps & White Trash" when first written by songwriter Bob Stone .. which also applies to our western political scene.

America, U K - Australia, Canada, & New Zealand voters seem to promote and support the greediest dregs from the murky pits-of-power into government ..

Tod Muller - Hamish Walker - and 66 y.o public relations manipulator Michelle Boag all rushed to fess-up to privacy breach's as soon as the Labour Govt announced that a Queen's Council had been called in to head an official Enquiry into the current breach of privacy.

Southern National MP Walker has also boosted his status by a racist e-mail saying "These people are possibly heading for Dunedin, Invercargill and Queenstown from India, Pakistan and Korea,"

I'd be repeating myself if I was to observe that the scum rises to the top with the cream - but there's less cream there nowadays than when we used to get our milk from gentle Jerseys.
This Is How The Government Sees Voters:

Why do the ordinary  vacuous orange  voters  consistently support greedy liars and put them in charge of their children's futures ... it's beyond my logical explanation - unless it's because they actually BELIEVE all the lies?

The NZ Islamic Women's Council is proving to be a breath of fresh air by releasing their submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch Mosque Attacks .. this advance statement accusing the Police & other Government Depts of repeatedly ignoring their concerns may well cause the politicians to adjust or redact what they carefully planned to say when the Royal Commission releases it's report into Tarrant's foul racist killings of March 15 2019.

Politicians of both sides were hurriedly joined by police and their Association in the rush to demonise Licensed Firearms Owners as being the root cause of this and all other evil in the land. - It was clearly stated that GUNS & their owners were to blame for the 51 deaths ... unless of course it was the governments own policies and cuts to police funding that resulted in Tarrant being armed & not being properly vetted by negligent police.

- We truly don't have to vote by the Team Colours .. if you think about where we have arrived - POLICIES are what matters. - AND the old crowd of career politicians need to be uprooted from their perks and privileges.

Time to  act  NOW.

Marty K.

Monday 6 July 2020

U S Army TRINITY - Nukes Now Seventy-Five Years Old:

At 05.29 on July 16 1945 the United States Army detonated the first ever nuclear device-bomb in the Jornada del Muerto desert New Mexico .. now part of the White Sands Missile Range.

The Trinity Gadget was officially called a Y-1561 Device.

TRINITY GADGET .. about to be armed
with the Tamper Plug close to Lehr's left knee:

Two solid metal half spheres of plutonium-gallium alloy - silver plated - were driven together by two different types of High Explosive to prompt SUPER CRITICALITY.

The two hemispheres together weighed 6.19 kilos (all they had available) and interestingly - the plutonium's radio-activity warmed it up to around 40 C just sitting there.
Going ... At 16 micro seconds



Oppenheimer said he named it Trinity from a poem called Hymn to God, my God, in my Sickness ..

As West and East
In all flatt Maps—and I am one—are one,
So death doth touch the Resurrection.

Marty K.