Tuesday 22 March 2022

NZ Firearms Law & "The Psychology of Previous Investment"

The ability to make quick changes and turn our backs on outdated faulty systems is a key skill that is missing in our political world.


We have a HUGE problem with our "British-NZ" elected politicians - NEVER admitting that they made a WRONG COMMITMENT and chose THE WRONG POLICY.

Bicycle Helmets Law Resulted Here In An INCREASE in Injuries 
& A Decrease in Cycle Use.

Once our paid representatives buy into a "belief" and spend OUR cash on new laws to enforce it - they will never change their minds.

NZ Politicians have ignored the facts and overridden reality - spending hugely on a failed policy to punish the LAW ABIDING firearms owner for the crimes of LAWLESS criminals.

Their beliefs become a very personal part of their EGO that they will defend as strongly as they would defend their own life. - If they were allowed by law to defend their own life.

"We have committed to it - and - by god - we are sticking to it."

People seem to have a need to BELIEVE in something of very individual value to them, as a sovereign person .. "ME".

They seem to need to feel like they’re in good company - and that others have made the same decision - so it must be a smart move.

"Gun crime is BAD - BAN GUNS" - Stupidity is hiding as decisive action. - Criminals always were banned from using guns - did the rules ever stop them? 

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT did stop some of them killing the innocent. The facts show that removal of the DEATH PENALTY has increased the murder rate above two to three times what it used to be - both here and in UK. Check out the facts ..


- Is there any chance that elected politicians will ever accept that their policy commitments are wrong?

- Most unlikely. - I reckon that the only way we can achieve fact based working law is to introduce an 'Upper House' that is a 'CITIZENS ASSEMBLY' comprising "Jurors" selected for one term only by 'Sortition' as used by the Ancient Greeks - who historically "invented" DEMOCRACY.

IMAGINE THIS: - Superwoman Jacinda walks up to her podium - smiles reassuringly & starts to speak ..

 " We have been reassessing the changes made under urgency to New Zealand Firearms Law.

 - In 1692 William Congreve stated in America "ACT IN HASTE - REPENT AT LEISURE" - and we have concluded that the well-meaning and increasingly complex regulations constructed by Police Management - meant to restrict lawful firearms ownership - have resulted in the increased use of illegal weapons by criminals. 

Furthermore - the focus necessary to administer these complex regulations has imposed a misdirection of police resources away from their essential tasks of CRIME FIGHTING. - I therefor announce we are setting-up an INDEPENDENT FIREARMS LICENSING DEPARTMENT outside of Police responsibilities - with a Board of Control comprising Legal & Licensed Experts - with it's first urgent task being to rescind those ill-judged changes and to re-introduce and fully fund the previous 'Training, Selection & Testing' regime managed by the Mountain Safety Council.

As an essential part of these corrective advances - Category 'E' will be revalidated and extended to cover the ownership of High Capacity center-fire magazines - while the 10 year photo license will be simply renewed free of charge provided that no offence is recorded throughout the previous term.

Thank you very much for your support of our Government.

“Democracy is direct self-government, over all the people, by all the people, for all the people.”

Marty K.

New 21 Shot Sig-Sauer P322 Pistol & Armed ROBOT Patrol Dogs:

 There is a new Sig-Sauer .22 Rimfire Pistol being built in America that may put some other makers onto their back foot.

The newly released Sig-Sauer P322 uses a 20 round magazine and comes fresh to market claiming fully reliable function - with a U S retail cost of $419.

SIG-Sauer P322 High Capacity Rimfire Pistol Magazine:

I can't assess or comment on this as proper testing would be needed before opining .. BUT if SIG can do this properly .. there is another manufacturer - making handguns in Smyrna - who needs to wake-up their R&D Department really fast.


Automated Ground Surveillance Vehicles. These 'Robotic Dogs' are designed for use on rough terrain that is unsuited to wheeled mechanisms & these machines can climb stairs and maneuver over rocky ground etc.

This is the near future of power enforcement for our unarmed civilian societies.

The Gun Mounted Here is Described As A "SNIPER RIFLE" by Some Media:

No Doggy-Poop Bags Required ..

Never forget that this weaponry is being developed and deployed by "democratic" governments that are seeking to limit the lawful private ownership of firearms by citizens.

Marty K.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Loitering Munitions & BAC-PAC BOMBS - Easy to Steal:

There is emerging evidence that Putin's forces are using armed flying 'DRONES' in Ukraine.

Photographic images of a crashed 'airframe  from the Podil area of Kyiv show what appears to be a Kalashnikov ZALA Aero KUB-BLA loitering munition a weapon that can cruise above a conflict zone for extended periods and  Autonomously seek out and identify targets for destruction using 'artificial intelligence'. 

A killer robot.


 Funny how stuff bounces around eh - back on March 4 I blogged about 'Nukes in Ukes' and mentioned the portable mini-nuke weapons like the Mk54 SADM.

These horrors date from the mid 1950s and weighed around 55-60 kilos and some were of a switchable yield at the whim of the joker carrying them around going from 1 kiloton to 2 kiloton whoomfa dependent on whether that particular 'Green Beret' courier had a bicycle or Nike running shoes to distance himself. Great Stuff eh 😟..

I had ordered 'THE GIANT KILLER' book written about Captain Richard J Flaherty - Americas smallest ever serving man - and it arrived here this week and I'm fascinated by his story of combat & special military service in Viet Nam and other "spheres of influence". 

In an interview Chapter 24 - shortly before he was killed - Flaherty tells the story of a Green Beret plan to 'remove' North Viet-Nam's General Giap in Hanoi in 1969 by using some of these mini-nukes carried-in through the jungle - AND of the mid-1970s THEFT of a SADM and his part in retrieving & the recovery of it in Germany.

It is very much miraculous that wo)mankind has survived the last seventy years of psychotic world leaders to experience COVID killing several million of us and now to teeter on the edge of WW3 breaking bad in Ukraine.

WE put these bums in power - there's no-one else to blame - not god, nor the weather ..

Time enough for thinking voters to google SORTITION & 'Citizen Groups'


It is possible to once more have a better democracy and a return to some sensible LAW - perhaps starting with the Right to Self Defense for ordinary citizens.

Marty K.

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Parallel Worlds - Short Carbines:

 The Canadian C8 Carbine serves multiple specialist units around the planet

in a similar way to the "Eastern Bloc" AKS-74U
.. These firearms are short barreled variants of the standard service weapons having respectively a 368mm 14.5 inch Colt tube and the 8.2 inch 'U' Kalashnikov snubby . - This truncated 'AK' loses 500 feet per second muzzle velocity .. The "Colt" AR comes in various flavors including a 10 inch barrel C8-CQB model - but it's overall length is limited by having the it's buffer tube & telescoping stock rather than the folding stock of the 'AK'.

These species of arm have much utility for convenient carry in & out of vehicles and during house entry & internal movement.

In USA there are regulations that restrict ownership of  'SHORT RIFLES' - while handguns tend to be regarded as more lawful (or perhaps less lethal?) so there is a style of firearm rising in sales there that are known as long pistols with 'arm braces'..

Bearing in mind that I have no law-enforcement nor military specialist experience - but here in New Zealand I rather liked owning and shooting Pistol Caliber Carbines PCCs as they were cheaper to run and quieter on the ears - particularly when fitted with silencers - as my long gone confiscated and destroyed ("Buy-Back $$") Just Right Carbine was in 9mm caliber.

Despite the call to arms in Ukraine and a smearing of hypocritical outrage from a few politicians based here - there is little chance of we legitimate gun owners losing our PARIAH status and of us being recalled from the 'Naughty Step'  - so that our knowledge and experience can dispel some of the prevalent WILLFUL IGNORANCE of both our Police and our Law Makers regarding the proper use of firearms in qualified hands.

Sad times we live in eh.

Marty K.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Looking For An Edge:

When you live with high levels of violent crime .. deluded politicians often choose to limit civil rights rather than make the required funding allocation to actually do something. - Passing unnecessary new laws while they are in the majority is the low cost choice that lets them claim they are 'taking action' over problems .. the very same issues that they caused by their lack of proper spending in earlier days.

A classic example from Britain was to reduce Police numbers massively .. closing many police stations - to a level where there is now zero response to burglaries and theft other than for victims themselves to lodge a statement of loss record for their insurance claims. - Then as street crimes and stabbings rise to record numbers .. your elected millionaires pass new regulations restricting the law-abiding from having any folding pocket knife blade longer than 2.99 inches - with Nottinghamshire district police force handing-out complementary pointless kitchen knives. That'll fix it.

In typical colonial manner - New Zealand's politicians have followed the leader by reducing police funding & resources, restricting Court services - eliminating prison building programs, and closing residential facilities for the mentally ill .. while all the time blaming our legally licensed firearms owners for increasing community violence and by holding them responsible for a racist terrorist massacre.

The Ka-Bar LDK  Last Ditch Knife is so small as to remove every excuse for not having a legal blade at hand ..

Designed by Greg Ellifritz for law enforcement use, this 1.7 inch blade comes with a neck sheath that can be suspended or laced just about anywhere - Just don't forget you are wearing it (or them) when trying to fly commercially as you will be arrested and embarrassed.

The Smith & Wesson branded Neck Knife is a lightweight back-up blade that is suspended inverted under clothing such as next to the skin under a Bra.

Opinel are a world-wide retail French brand of 'ring lock' folding blade pocket tools costing very little for the best of steels .. they come in every size needed 
- Moving slightly up market SOG Knives build a range of useful tools that includes my choice of the Flash II spring-assisted straight edge Tanto ..

SOG Tanto  Has a Short 3 1/2 inch Blade & Pocket Clip.

Those of us working on our own properties and in the great outdoors will be able to keep their choice of a full sized blade at hand for multiple tasking .. such as something with military utility .. maybe a Glock FM 78 Field Knife or something like a K-bar.

I grew-up in 1950s London when every boy had a pocket knife, bike and a watch .. while boy scouts had sheath-knives - and I was so trusted as to be taught how to shoot and drill with a military rifle at school.
Cellphones - a 'Tablet' & a "smart watch" are poor 'virtual' substitutes for gear that can actually do something useful.

Marty K.

Friday 4 March 2022

Nukes In Ukes .. Ukraine:

 There were around one third of the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons deployed in Ukraine when the USSR broke apart 1988-91 - were they all given-up and returned? - Does that make much difference to our situation either way? - After Ukraine declared it's sovereignty there remained some 1,700 warheads there to be dealt with.

It is not easy to assess risk factors - as there are innumerable possibilities of how WW3 could start .. indeed it may already have started ..

And of course there are innumerable other nuclear warheads placed all around our planet any number of which might be detonated. - AT LEAST 14,000   nuclear devices are actively stationed Worldwide in service by National Governments. Some 7,000 each are held by U S and Russia - with an unknown quantity held in reserve - undergoing 'service' and upgrading - plus there is a strong possibility that there may be some such devices held by criminal and Terrorist groups.

Our 'mother country' alone - UK HAS 140 TONS OF WEAPONS GRADE PLUTONIUM STORED IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND (CUMBRIA). - Enough to make 28,000 warheads.

Read all about it ..


Be aware that nuclear mines have long been downsized so as to be backpacked 'tactically'.

Here is interesting reading about possible effects of nuclear warfare on New Zealand:


How is your personal store of Iodine tablets?

Do you still hold a current Firearms License?

Marty K.

Wednesday 2 March 2022


 Hmm .. I just heard this today on RNZ National radio - the Russian invaders in Ukraine are supposedly using "illegal Vacuum Bombs" as they advance towards Kiev.

Ukrainian thermobaric Weapons:

Well - as it turns-out - the media person had as usual, chosen the most ignorant inaccurate inane description of such materiel  that she could find. In reality the biggest VACUUM around is inside her head - likely caused by her needing to listen to the producer's prompts while reading her screen stories on air.

The misnomer 'vacuum bomb' should refer to THERMOBARIC WEAPON or as I learned it -"fuel air explosives".

This form of killing tool works best at normal atmospheric levels where people can exist - because it contains almost 100% fuel - without the needed oxidizers for combustion. The warhead disperses it's fuel over wide areas into the air before igniting and as it goes woompha it efficiently consumes it's needed oxygen leaving a short lived deadly depleted zone or vacuum? - but that's not particularly worrisome as 99.99% of victims will have been macerated & vaporized anyway.

I'm not sure what you think - but when you are instantly killed by a 'two-two' mouse gun or a legal hand grenade .. does that feel any better than an illegal "Vacuum Bomb"? 

- If I cark it from a brain-storm stroke brought-on by fury at the effing 'POP-UPS'  on the screen that keep interrupting my work and even closing the screen where I am - is that any less tragic than a bloody "vacuum bomb"?

Marty K.