Tuesday 26 October 2021

Guns Are Dangerous:

 You too may have observed that it is not only Fact & Truth that are lacking in today's society .. My most recent pair of work jeans fly opening has been presented with a limiting five inch only zip. - I seem to remember that antique strides had wider binary openings of at least TEN INCHES.

Both the British and New Zealand Governments are striving to disarm civilians by regulation and restrict private firearms ownership. 


There are 1,000 kilograms in a Tonne.

There are 1,000 grams in a kilogram.

  100 grams of Plutonium could OVERDOSE 1 BILLION Civilians with radioactivity.

1 Kilo of Plutonium could overdose TEN BILLION CIVILIANS.


1,400,000 BILLION PEOPLE is more than a few folk to be 'OVERDOSED' ..

Or  .. looking at it a little differently - that 140 tonnes of British Plutonium would build more than 28,000 Nuclear Bombs.

Do you find these figures disturbing?

How do you define a 'Terrorist Organization'?

Marty K.

Thursday 21 October 2021

Coronial Inquiry into TARRANT's Killings:

 Believe it or not there are still many deluded persons in our so-called "21st Century" that believe in "Stopping Power" "Knock-Down Power" and a variety of superhuman entities they call "GODS"

Mankind - that is us homo-sapiens - has been around this planet for some 300,000  years .. not 2,100.

New Zealand's Chief Coroner has just announced that she has opened an "in depth" inquiry into the Christchurch racist killings of 51 innocents by Brenton Tarrant in 2019.

This Coroners Court will open the process permitting interested persons to ask questions and to present evidence.

I am surprised that NZ Shooters Organizations remain silent despite  - at last - shooters now gaining an opportunity to expose hitherto suppressed FACTS.

- But this - sadly - is how unrepresented our law abiding gun owners remain.


 Marty K.

Thursday 14 October 2021

APATHETIC NZ Shooters - Have They Gone To Sleep?

I've lately been taking an interest in collecting decent watches - ready for something to do when the morons completely BAN all legal gun ownership - and I'm currently wearing a radio-active tritium illuminated Swiss titanium cased watch on one wrist and a SEIKO Air-Diver watch on the other limb that has LumiBrite  lume . - When I roll-over in the night it's like an flight deck marshal conducting planes with illuminated baton-wands.

I've been blogging about gun use in NZ for years now .. since 2014. - Trying to warn about the CORRUPT & short-sighted anti-gun movement. 

These charlatan politicians & "journalists"  are using the cheapest of sensational trickery to self promote and to suck-in shallow thinking morons to emotionally over-react & support their hasty self serving response.

In the "gun free" UK 'Mother Country' the current shock-horror issue is about doing something to protect women from being raped and killed by rogue police officers .. and the current best idea is a phone app. that will alert police after the woman is overdue .. maybe after having been attacked.

- See the twisted political logic here? - Make it illegal for a woman to have any means of self-defense like pepper spray or any other weapon - leaving her vulnerable .. then offer an on-line phone alert to tell her potential attacker of concern where she is and that she is alone and frightened.

Blood RED is the Media's favorite color.

The Politicians are using bloody tragedy to hide their incompetence and failure to be effective - while journalists are just doing what they always do - screaming as loudly as they can whenever opportunity arises to fan the flames of  misfortune.



While the Christchurch massacre was in the news together with Jacinda's fresh  GUN BANS - I would get thousands of readers .. but now months later - far fewer readers are strolling by.

- How many hunters have looked at the new fees for a Firearms Licence and the THIRTY-FIVE PAGE application form that will likely decimate the number of LAWFUL shooters here?

Firearm ownership rights in NZ are under the strongest attack from Police, Press, and Politicians that has ever been mounted .. and we are doing NOTHING to protect or protest.

One-by-one, existing shooters will face lengthy delays in license processing, increased costs for paperwork and security installation and the firearms licensing officials instructed to be OBSTRUCTIVE AND OFFICIOUS in dealing with Law Abiding citizens.

Many shooters facing these increasing difficulties are beginning to give-up.

Our law abiding numbers ARE falling while gang violence and shootings continue to rise.

The waiting list for Firearms Licence Processing is now approaching 10,000 applications delayed for up to more than a year.

Please join your shooting organization and TELL THEM TO DO SOMETHING - before it is too late.

Lawful gun ownership in New Zealand is being strangled by political charlatans & police management who are trying to cover-up their own incompetence and underfunding - by blaming the single most select LAW ABIDING sector of New Zealand society  -for the POLICE's own inefficiencies..

Marty K.

Friday 8 October 2021

Veteran Revolvers:

I've recently collected my latest 'restricted' purchase from the convoluted Courier-Dealer delivery process now imposed by NZ Police management. 
-The current ruling here is that the seller cannot send any firearm directly to the buyer .. but has to take it to a nearby friendly dealer who will then courier the piece to another dealer - for the purchaser to collect it from, so that she/he can then take it in a locked container to a Police Firearms Office to be checked & registered to their file.
Coffee with three old service friends in 38 S&W

- The Canterbury South Island roads were busy ..  and the central Christchurch roads are still somewhat uneven & rough following the earthquakes some ten and a half years ago (in 2011). 

- But the three hour plus return safari was worth while both to observe the range of 'clients' at the Central Police Station and to complete the transfer of this old WWII revolver - only 48 days after arranging to buy it.

U S PROPERTY Marking Indicates This Victory Model S&W Revolver* - Was Built (1943) Under The U S "Lend Lease" Program. 

*As bought, those early replacement Pachmayr rubber grips are much better for shooting than the original stocks - but maybe I'll look for a wooden set closer to original issue eh .. The old gun is an interesting un-original, mismatched, battered and corroded mess - BUT it is tight as a drum and was bought for a very reasonable cost .. considering that it's OK functionally.

The 'G H D' is the Military Inspector's mark for Guy H. Drewry Lt. Col., USA, who was the inspector for Smith & Wesson .38 Revolvers from 1930-1946.

- The stamp that looks something like a number 8 is the US ' Flaming Bomb' ordnance mark. The Shell and Flame (a.k.a. Flaming Bomb) has been used by European armies for several centuries before adoption by the U.S. Army. In fact, it is still used by many countries in Western Europe, i.e. the Grenadier Guards in Britain. The mark represents an iron hand grenade with a powder charge and a fuse which was lit before throwing.

The "Lend-Lease" policy, formally titled An Act to Promote the Defense of the United States was a program under which the United States supplied the United Kingdom (and British Commonwealth), Free France, the Republic of China, and later the Soviet Union and other Allied nations with food, oil, and materiel between 1941 and 1945. Lend-Lease effectively ended the United States' state of neutrality which had been enshrined in the Neutrality Acts of the 1930s. It was a decisive step away from non-interventionist policy and toward open support for the Allies.

Being one of 59,305 Victory Models supplied during WWII - this grey "Parkerized" wartime collectable will join my two other valued .38 S&W caliber revolvers so it ought be happy eh.

All three old 38 S&W caliber guns are well travelled .. as the British 5 inch Webley is a Singapore Police Model and the 4 inch Webley has an Israeli Military issue stamp .. I suppose this now opens a gap where an Enfield No. 2 Revolver should be?

An interesting observation on the registration of firearms in New Zealand .. This & many other S&W Revolvers were originally registered here - all with the same number found stamped inside the cylinder crane .. a factory assembly-part number rather than the actual SERIAL NUMBER that is under the grip frame.

Note: Anyone researching & working with older British firearms may come across the abbreviation FTR among many .. there are countless possible meanings for this acronym but the one we need to know here is - FACTORY THOROUGH REPAIR - where equipment is recalled for service replacement of faulty components - while other parts may be substituted with later designed improvements resulting in '*' or '**' stampings before re-issue from 'Arsenal Overhaul'.

Note 2: This S&W will be the only one of that brand that I currently own - and it reminds me of another bigger 44" MAGNUM S&W revolver .. a big Model 29, that was handed to me - open and fully loaded with six rounds - on range by an old friend. This heavy long barreled 'gat' was beautifully dark-blued fitted with original slim timber "wood splinter" stock slabs and in as-new unworn condition. The skinny frame had no 'grip adaptor' nor other after-market padding. - In the 40 plus years I'd known this guy - NEVER had I seen him shoot this pristine pistol. - That is known in some circles "as a clue" - well it's a 'man thing' eh - so with him hovering at my shoulder I took a firm two-handed grip, aimed and loosed off one only stinging shot .. opened the cylinder and handed the piece back to rest mostly unfired for maybe another 30 years.
Two Poms and a Yank

Marty K.

That's an interesting 36/38 Cartridge box eh. - That's what this outfit called the .38"S&W.

Here's an interesting ' end of the line' piece from a Field & Stream "Gun Writer" ..

- I'm happy to bet this joker $500 that in twenty years time we will still be able to buy these cartridges  45 GAP, 41 Magnum, 32 H&R Magnum, 25 Auto, 40 S&W, & 32 ACP.at your friendly local Gun Shop .. plus some .38"S&W short too.

Marty K.

Sunday 3 October 2021

On The Range Again - Clever Government Thinking:

 It was good to be out with good company in the fresh air again .. except the New Zealand Spring weather dropped the daytime temperature to around 7 C. and bucketed-down freezing cold, near-snow wet-stuff onto the proceedings. - Ah well you can't have everything eh - and it was great to be nearly out of COVID LOCKDOWN once more.

I took a 38 S&W(short) 4 inch Webley and some blocks of  'ballistic' Plasticine to further test and compare how Hornady's lead 148 grain HBWC might consistently perform.

I had fun with other handguns including my Glock G44 rimfire - but that's not in this story.

I'm trying to build-up a picture of just how effective an obsolete underpowered cartridge fired from a vintage WWII "weakbreak-action revolver can perform. - This would be decried as a total wimp mouse-gun by many US Gun Experts - but the results differ ..

I have loaded these flat-ended soft lead Wadcutters inserted both conventionally and 'inverted'. I locate them hanging out of the stubby brass by around 3/16 inch (rather than flush with the case mouth - as is usual in a .38 Special ) and held them in place with a firm roll crimp over a very small charge of ADI  AP70N powder.

When shooting I was initially caught-out by the inverted loads hitting an inch lower than the conventional - but we got there in the end and made some properly placed hits.

    Inverted Wadcutters                  Normal Forward Facing ..

The  "proper wadcutters" penetrated some 6 inches of clay whereas the backwards bullets punched through 3 inches - only half as far - but MUSHROOMED perfectly to .650" - .700" .. nearly 100% expansion.

My guess from other testers' results is that these rounds in 10% Ballistic Gel would travel around two to three times further in the jelly than in the 'clay'. - So you get to pick penetration versus expansion .. or maybe you might alternate the loads in your cylinder and aim your sights a little higher.

Ballistic gelatin is a testing medium designed to simulate the effects of bullet wounds in animal muscle tissue. It was developed and improved by Martin Fackler and others in the field of wound ballistics. It is calibrated to match porcine muscle, which is itself ballistically similar to human muscle tissue.

- Guess no.2 is that these results would be similar to those using 38 S&W Special brass in an appropriate revolver.

I've worked-out that one reason the dollar-greedy marketers keep pushing newer "HOT" miracle guns & calibers with "knock-down power" as being essential upgrades - is that gun makers cannot make any extra profit by telling you in the Gun magazines that THE NUMBER ONE IMPORTANT ISSUE is actually HITTING YOUR TARGET .. with whatever you already own. Their stories are selling you "the sizzle" to make you want to give the manufacturers lots of your hard earned money.

ALL firearms work more-or-less .. As long as you reliably hit close to your aim point. - Don't stand in front of ANY loaded gun - old or new.

Marty K.

P.S. If I were to live somewhere that my Basic Civil Rights were not refused-denied by corrupt politicians .. I might be asked what would be my choice of caliber and handgun for self defense.

- Currently I would consider my Glock G19X  9mm appendix carried would do very well - with perhaps either my Ruger SP101 revolver in 327 Federal Magnum or the Webley 38-200 as a 'back-up'.

- But so much depends on what you have got and where do you live eh ..


PPS ..

Is anyone else wondering why the 'GUN FREE' Mother Country UK didn't put nuclear driven engines into their two brand-new Elizabeth Class AIRCRAFT CARRIERS that haven't got any aircraft?

They have got stored around 140 metric tons of PLUTONIUM up in Cumbria - enough to make 28,000 nuclear warheads .. so they could have used a bit of it to push their costly white elephants  proud vessels about the seas instead of having a fleet of oil tankers follow them around eh.

That 140 ton mountain of plutonium is stored at the THORP PlantThermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant
.. that used to be called SELLAFIELD  
.. that used to be called WINDSCALE 
.. that was originally called CALDER HALL - in CUMBRIA 
.. that used to be called CUMBERLAND.

Every contamination 'radiation event' seems to be followed by by a name change - to confuse interested parties ..?

- I think they still call England 'GREAT BRITAIN' ??

- Politicians eh 

Marty K.