Monday 30 March 2020

Marksmanship Hits The Spot:


That's a lesson quickly learned by growing lads. Are you self-oscilating all alone?
.. Don't kid yourself or anyone else - the Mad Bat Disease will get you if it wants to 😈
I'm repeatedly amazed at media broadcasting "Experts" - explaining the process of how to wash our hands .. surely this was part of  'toilet training for two year-olds ?

There's not much point in you reading this post .. 'cos you won't pay it any attention. - It's a fact of life that we all really only learn from OUR OWN mistakes .. sure we might have a quiet smile at the other joker making a mess - but we think that we know better eh ..

(That's testosterone for you, ladies ..)

All those poor bloody frustrated teachers trying to push some knowledge into those pimply little heads - trying their best to persuade kids to listen .. Where are you now Mr Cotteral?

I got this enlightenment from Mike Seeklander via The Weekend Knowledge Dump. Hold your gun's handle as tight as you can without getting the shakes first .. only then pull the trigger. - It is that easy ..

It's VERY simple .. Just Not Easy

 & Please Don't Buy  LEVI'S  Jeans .. They Are Sponsoring THE GUN-GRABBERS

I have so much fun in this life .. the sun shines .. the wind blows .. & the rain falls - And I can go up to the pistol club range and spend a few hours outside in great company having even more fun - that's useful fun .. small problem - the authorities have closed all the club's ranges to reduce contacts.

 - A QUIET DAY ON THE RANGE is was good for the inner man.

Home Made Target Shooting Fun:

Isn't it awful that some bossy loud-mouths in Government - who can't be trusted even to hold a kitchen knife without getting violent impulses .. want to limit our full enjoyment of our civil rights.

G19x Using Home Made Re-Loaded Re-cycled Cartridges
Even The Leather-ware Is NZ Made:

Family On Range.

For My Wet, Muddy & sneezing British Friends And Inmates
 - For your amusement only:
A Donnie Trump Quote:
"In the UK you have a very dense population"

Well - you've gotta laugh eh,

Marty K.

– Michael Leavitt

Friday 27 March 2020


Sure - Donnie Trump used the phrase as an election chant - suggesting that he'd put an end to corruption in US politics .. but the phrase goes back to earlier days ..

“Socialists are not satisfied with killing a few of the mosquitoes which come from the capitalist swamp,” Winfield E. Gaylord wrote in 1903. - “They want to drain the swamp.”


I'm thinking that our current New Zealand experience with both police and politicians trying to cover-up their mistakes & poor policy decisions - by actually blaming the ONE single group in NZ society that is so extensively vetted as being LAW ABIDING - checked and who's references actually are were verified face-to-face .. 


This slippery experience strongly signals that Shakespeare had it right in Hamlet


About the only other group of New Zealand citizens that can approach our LFO's as top line lawful & moral citizens - may be our selected Law Court Judges.

This very same Government was responsible for the changes to firearms regulations that then led to reduced face-to-face training & vetting of Firearms Licence Applicants .. and to the slack way that Police failed to visit and check the March 15 murderer Tarrant's references or home situation.

Now that this mass murderer has pleaded GUILTY to all charges there will be no trial examining the killings - And a SUPPRESSION ORDER has been enforced - further extending secrecy to continue hiding the facts from NZ citizens.

- Sure some things change when we swap the red rosettes for blue ones .. but nothing much improves - because they all play the same corrupt power & money game with business interests.

"Fresh Blood" is needed in the halls of power - people without close financial and personal relationships with the money hoarding tax avoiders.

The current MMP Parliament needs to be overlaid by a 'second house' organised as A CITIZENS ASSEMBLY that will each serve as a single term only JURY of 101 randomly selected citizens to approve and guide the lower 'vested-interest' house's work.

If the ancient Greeks could do it - so can we. - They called it DEMOCRACY.

Marty K.

Tuesday 24 March 2020

"CARRY GUNS": PLUS Me on U.S Video:

MY debut as a back yard film star 😃.. the first time I've ever been interviewed -  other than by our police for my Firearms Licences:

Derek DeBrosse is an U.S. attorney specialising in Firearms Law at MUNITIONS LAW GROUP:


You might think that half an inch length difference to a firearm would be of little importance .. certainly when any extra length and weight should make it slightly easier to control for precision - but the carry-gun debate can be furious .. plus naturally our local NZ police licensing authority are often focused on the undersized length of things like barrels as reason for prohibition.

You will see much talk on-line from America around which handguns are best suitable for regular Self Defence carry .. indeed I used to enjoy reading all about it in various US GUN MAGAZINES sold here in NZ by stationery retailers.

- Used to is the rub (that's from 'Hamlet') - as following the Mosque Massacres of March 15 2019 our magazine importers decided to censor our reading by banning the import of GUN BOOKS.

.. It's a bloody outrage them trying to dictate and limit what may be read .. I wish someone would set-up a new importation business - perhaps one of our shooters organisations might do it?

Anyway .. back to the topic - there are plenty of small modern pistols intended for convenient "carry" where permitted but I reckon that a wider spread of sizes was carried in olden days eh .. maybe they wore more clothing back then and could manage to be discreet with these bigger tools ?

- There are tiny sub-compact Derringers in modern chamberings that certainly are easy to pack and carry .. but would be worrisome to try making hits anywhere on target.
Try Getting A Grip With That ..

A Range of antique flintlock and percussion muzzle-loading pistols would include:
5.5 inches O/A.
Vest Pocket: 3 - 5 inches overall length.
Pocket Pistol: 5 - 7 inches overall length.
Great Coat Pocket Pistol: 8 - 11 inches overall length

- these would be carried off-body ..
Travelling or Coach Pistol: 13 - 15 inches overall length.
Target & Duelling Pistols: 15 - 18 inches overall length.
Holster or Dragoon Pistols: 16 - 21 inches overall length.

My Antique 19th Century Belgian Pocket Pistol Measures 
Just Under 20 centimetres / 8 inches O/A
Dublin Made Duelling Pistols Need A Case For Easy Carry @ Near 17 Inches:
French 'Dragoon' Flintlock Measures Nearly 18 inches

.. Well they might all have been 'carried' in the day - perhaps their users were more adaptable?

My Glock G19X is said by some to be too large for easy carry .. but were we kiwis not denied the right to armed self-defence - I reckon that at under 7.5 inches O/A -  it might prove as adaptable and versatile as those old muzzle loaders were in their day ..
Marty K.

Monday 23 March 2020

Compare Images .. Compare Facts:

How good are you at sorting real reality from 'Reality T.V"?

I'd have thought that it was easy-obvious .. when the ad-breaks come on - the bullshit increases. 

Problem might be when you notice that both the programs AND the adverts are being played by actors pretending to be 'real' people. - You get basic factual stuff like the News reading being flicked back & forth between a team of "personality" presenters .. then blended with analysis - social commentary, - jokes, 'the weather' - and advertising .. such that the sole PURPOSE seems to be to blur any differences between non-fiction and the bullshit. - Radio tells their News in ten minutes .. so why does T.V take an hour filled with bullshit and adverts?

Even the video that they play to illustrate their news stories can sometimes be totally FALSE film of different events recorded years ago and edited just to colour the presentation.

Genuine Decent Intelligent Islamic Women.

 Political Imitations.

.. Years ago I was grouching in the smoko-room about all the intrusive advertising interrupting the programs on T.V - when I was gob-smacked by one of the air-heads saying "But I love the ads they're great."
- Mind you - this was the same guy that held a loud ten minute conversation about "Did you watch last nights game?" and then went back'n'forth with "cor wasn't that great" .. and "that bloody ref was bent .. what a score" etc etc until it dawned that one was talking cricketing cliche and the other rugby ..

.. Maybe we get the T.V and leaders that we deserve.

The most powerful man in the World - President Trump has now recorded 16,421 false or misleading claims in 1,095 days in power.. as tracked by  The Washington Post 

What more can I say? .. How can we learn the lessons of history if it's constantly misspoken & adjusted?

I think that this blurring of lines between reality and bullshit is what leads to the politicians pushing emotional nonsense GUN BANS and restrictions as some sort of appropriate response to the Australian racist killer being carelessly granted a New Zealand Firearms Licence by police.

The second 'tranch' Bill of misleading political F.Lic. changes has been delayed .. perhaps a little sense is filtering back into political life here - perhaps not.

We law abiding gun owners must keep-up the pressure on the MP 'representatives' and keep our act together for the coming general election.

If Properly organised and united we can make our votes count .. but if we all point in different directions we will lose both our sport and our investments.

Recent news that India has hanged four rapist-murderers - and in Japan, Chinese man Wei-Wei was also just hanged for murder - I find this thought provoking.

What will New Zealand do with the March 15 Christchurch murderer Tarrant when he is tried & convicted? .. Spend millions more on his incarceration?

How about that 'nameless' Auckland rapist-murderer-photographer who is appealing his sentence ..?  - Surely When there is NO DOUBT of these person's guilt - they should rightly be removed from the planet.   FULL STOP

I understand that a clear majority of voters favour CAPITAL PUNISHMENT - but our so-called representatives say they know better ..


Marty K.

- Here's Interesting .. Sales of toilet paper soared in USA like elsewhere .. BUT take a look at AMMO Sales: Feb/Mar Revenue up 700% on Jan/Feb .. logically 9MM and .223" are the biggest selling U.S calibres: Link to state-by-state sales story:


Sunday 22 March 2020


It seems that many of us "don't give a monkey's" about tomorrow or any other shit - "it's TODAY eh .. live and be merry 'cos tomorrow might never come" .. Me? I prefer the Boy Scout motto .. "BE PREPARED" .. not that I was ever in the Scouts as my Dad heard our local group were a bunch of ruffians & didn't want me to teach them bad habits eh ..

.. Some of us - those dumb-f*#ks who are panic buying all the toilet rolls and cans of baked beans - seem to go through life from one reality TV show to the next - living-on KFC  & burgers .. without giving a thought to anything much ..

You need to remind yourself that 'on average' - exactly 


- to quote Donnie Trump .. some of them are very nice people ..

It's not entirely their fault that they live from week to week - because there is a big elite of predators that surround them taking every dollar & bit of self respect they might ever have had .. All those "entrepreneurs" see "the poorly educated" as a resource for profit taking.

In a better world those in authority would help train these lower 50 into useful employment and organise basic housing & budgeting and then quietly care for their necessities - making them a worthwhile & useful part of society ..

As it is .. they live hand to mouth - shoulder-to-shoulder with the addicts, & beggar 'sea-gulls' sitting on the pavement outside shops - and those petty thieves & nutters circulating through prisons where they are better cared-for than when they're free on the streets.
Only One 'Seagull'?
We may be in for a  COVID-19  real crisis because things can escalate and go-down real quick.

Look after yourself because nobody else will. - NOBODY IS COMING TO HELP.

Now here's a thought: What would you consider might happen IF something that you had been told  for seventy-plus years was GOOD - was emerging as being a proven cause of disease and death?

- Do you think that Government Politicians - Authorities and corporate millionaires would try to divert your attention away from the facts - & suppress and cover-up that information?


Marty K.

Friday 20 March 2020


Shooter gun owners are often very interested in using the very best gun oils to keep their investments running smoothly with minimum wear .. We would like our expensive toys to run perfectly and to last for ever.

Guys turn their backs on me and spit in the dirt whenever I tell them to use some Canola cooking oil on their $5,000 modified and tuned 1911 .45" combat machine .. "WHAT" they scream .. "Use bloody cooking oil on my gun? - Stupid Old Count"


Canola oil is made from the seeds of a plant called rape, which is in the turnip family. Since the Industrial Revolution, rapeseed oil has been an important component of machinery lubricants & for marine steam engines, because unlike many other oils, it sticks to wet metal.
The marketing brand name CANOLA comes from CANadian Oil Low Acid

- You see .. you won't be using cooking oil to lube your guns - because the truth be known .. you've been eating bloody lubricating oil in your home kitchens since the marketing PR men had to think of a way to keep-up their sales after the end of the second World War ..


- You can call a turd FAECES or FECES .. but it's still a bloody TURD.

 - A huge amount of what we are lead to believe in life is BOLLOCKS - and you need to be a critical thinker to sort through it to the real nitty-gritty ..


Canola Oil IS lubricating oil modified so that it no longer smells like shit .. IF you insist - you certainly can spend $30 or $40 for a teensy-weensy special container of super-special gun oil - that will do exactly the same as the Canola crap you've got in the kitchen .. Go for it.

Truth sometimes hurts - so toughen-up men ..

The 'Tooth Fairy' was your mum:

It will NOT fall off if you keep playing with it:

Glocks ARE the best value most reliable semi-auto pistols that you can buy:

P.S: a late supplement .. A firearms lubrication expert writing on the Unblinking Eye site says "The temperature range of 40 to 86 degrees can be handled by just about any oil as there are no abnormal demands placed on the oil. A light grease will work well also as this temperature range will allow the grease to stay soft."

(- Normal folk using the S.i. system will need to make allowances for U S citizens who insist on calling 0o freezing temperature something like 32) .. do you know any Arctic penguins? ..

Marty K.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Bacteria or Virus .. So what?

So - what's the diff? .. they'll both hurt you

 You Guys Mostly Will Know The Difference Eh ..
Revolver or Semi-Auto:

- Yeah well I get curious about things or people that threaten me ...

- try reading/watching this:

.. But basically BACTERIA are small living bug(gers) that can make you crook .. and they can live & grow all over the place .. like in your garden or on your door-knob or on a dog's face.

- while VIRUSES are much smaller things that make you crook too .. BUT they can only live & grow inside the wet bits in other animals like your neighbours or YOU.

Antibiotics can kill and get rid of bacteria running around inside you .. BUT most nothing kills an internal virus that won't also kill you - so YOU need help to get strong enough to outlive an invading virus.

 - VACCINES help YOU resist the virus's attack.

There's no doubt that bacteria are a living bug-thingy .. But THE BRAINY FOLK mostly argue that viruses - not being able to grow OUTSIDE of other cells - ain't really a living thing.

Just to cheer you-up and spread it around a bit - many itsi-bitsy viruses actually attack and kill huge numbers of bacteria every day too 😍 .. sadly bacteria don't invade viruses - maybe because they're too big to get in.

Now if you are still reading and trying to get your head around this ..

Consider .. there are good reasons why rich folks used to drink their wines and beer out of SILVER goblets .. while they would keep their water in COPPER tanks .. both of those metals have anti-bacterial properties that are totally absent from the stainless steel and plastics that you've got in your house.*

Please do your own research eh - but you'll read that copper & copper alloy  (BRASS) is both anti-bacterial AND also kills many viruses on contact.

I have read that 2,000-3,000 years ago those ancient smart but cruel Greek & Roman SOLDIERS when sharpening their BRONZE (another copper alloy) swords and spears - would keep the metal filings and sprinkle it on their wounds to help healing.

Now there are some foody-herby-spicey things that it is claimed will help you to fight-off viruses .. but I'm no doctor .. If you want advice about stuff like Elderberry, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginger, and Turmeric you can ask an 'expert' or google it eh .. if you can be bothered.

Would This Stuff Keep Corona Viruses Away?

*Modern houses here in NZ are built with the cheapest materials that developers can get permitted .. this is resulting in high priced 20 year old houses needing major re-builds and remedial work. - All that plastic and chipboard deteriorates rapidly. My 70 y.o rural hovel is mostly better than new.

Marty K

Sunday 15 March 2020

Mad Bat Disease - COVID 19 - Food:

Shit .. Just woken-up by an Earthquake 5.1 magnitude  just before 4.30 in the morning - sharp jolt and just one old antique bicycle lamp jumped to the carpet - but it shook me - Time for a cuppa.

Here's a tip - don't waste too much time buying extra rolls of toilet paper .. but step past the nutters and buy a few bags of flour ..
- and rolled oats ..
- and some baking powder ..

IF everything does turn to custard and you can't find much to eat .. you'll be able to make some yummy  OATY PANCAKES:

There are multiple recipes floating about - as just about anything that you do to it will make food:

Half a cup of rolled oats
Half a cup of flour
One egg
A dollop of melted butter (or yellow grease 'spread') or a splash of olive oil 
or canola oil or whatever fat you've got ..
Milk of some sort .. moo or soy or even plain water works.
A flat teaspoon of the baking powder.
A pinch of salt and most recipes say put in some sugar - but I don't.

Mix it all into a jug or bowl AFTER you've taken the eggshell off - using a fork or whisking device - just pour the milk in a bit at a time until the batter is as thick as you fancy it. - Lots of eggs? - put two in then ..

Gently heat a little of your butter - fat or oil in a pan or skillet then spoon or pour in some of your mix ..
The pancake will slowly firm-up and little bubbles will appear and fix in place .. turn the cake over to show the nicely tanned side while you cook # 2 side to perfection and put onto your plate where you can spread it with butter or creamy muck and dribble all over with some Maple Syrup or other sweet sticky stuff. - try a squirt of lemon juice (vitamin C) with a sprinkle of sugar - or some jam ?
- Don't have the pan too hot and smoking unless you want crispy dark pancakes .. you can stir in fruity stuff like blueberries or cranberries into the mix - I've even made these without the egg 'cos I didn't have any - they were OK if a bit 'crumbly'. I don't P about with small ones - I use most of the pan or put a couple of dollops in at a time.

.. Very nice 'merican style with streaky bacon rashers ..

You can double-up the mix if there are more of you. The batter will be a bit lumpy as first stirred but will smooth-out after a night in the fridge .. I have used Cow milk, Soy milk, even condensed milk thinned down a bit & plain old water. I guess that you might even leave the rolled oats in their sack if you can't forget prison porridge ..?

OATS have protein and fibre. Wheat FLOUR has carbs and gluten. Try whole grain flour?

No bread .. so what ? 😃

- I bet that you could even make SAVOURY pancakes by mixing-in some chopped spinach and grated cheese ??

If the Government resorts to the usual emergency  'Fallback Position' of the THREE B's - BROADCASTS - BULLHORNS - & BULLETS .. stay out of the way .."Self-Isolate" - don't waste time dialling 111 or 999 whatever - and feed yourself.
Marty K.

Friday 13 March 2020

NZ - Just A Little Corrupt:

The world sees New Zealand as a good sort of place free from corruption .. which it is .. bloody brilliant actually .. apart from the corruption.

Where's That Then?
Clue .. Workers Can't afford To Live There Any More.

But when you take a good look at some of our top-class paid employers - they seem to have gotten a bit too big for their boots and want more and more cash out of the till.

This CORRUPT COP from Auckland Central had a decent job with our NZ Police but wanted to sell data of personal & criminal police information .. He's serving a short time in segregation with another minimal sentence.
Vili Taukolo - Now an Ex-Cop:

Our anti-corruption and fraud laws are sitting-around alongside our accident investigation procedures - not doing much at all to protect ordinary folk from being ripped-off.

Their department MANAGERS get very good salaries but do they earn them? .. we've got a CHARITY that stopped helping people give-up smoking a few years ago but it's top managers are still sucking out tens of thousands of donated dollars a year in fees .. while our government says that they can't do anything to stop it ..

A West-Coast Coal Mine blows-up killing many workers .. Safety Regulations are in question but the Manager makes a "CASH DONATION" and leaves the country free from prosecution ..

This type of RIP-OFF goes all the way to the TOP .. Right now we have the MAYORS of both Auckland & Christchurch being investigated for breaking the rules on election money donations,

Political Parties are under investigation for fiddling large dollar gifts from businessmen who buy "considerations" in the policies that pass through Parliament ..




Many New Zealanders think that the Politician's gravy train is flowing too smoothly - while these leaders are slurping way too much from the troughs ..

Parliamentary Privilege - Yeah Right. 

The Police have announced they are setting up a new anti-corruption unit - the Police National Integrity Unit to look inside their own ranks.

 - I hope it works better than the INDEPENDENT POLICE CONDUCT AUTHORITY or The Serious Fraud Office does ..

- Will they investigate WHY NZ Police have spent multi-millions of dollars confiscating legal guns while blaming a fine group of law abiding Hunters, Target Shooters and Collectors - who POLICE  themselves have certified as being FIT & PROPER TO OWN FIREARMS .. for being to blame as a cause of violent criminal acts?

- Perhaps they might investigate why UNLICENSED police are walking around with dangerous assault rifles & auto pistols in our cities ?

NZ Police Friday announced  that they have awarded their 'Supreme Award' to TE PAE ORANGA at this years Evidence-based Problem Oriented Policing (EBPOP) Awards ..

Te Pae Oranga seeks to reduce prison populations by using  community based restoration processes - this seems to involve property thieves restoring anything that they've got left-over - back to it's rightful owners when they're finished using it.

- I doubt they (police management or thieves) will do ANYTHING useful unless we make them ..

Marty K.