Sunday, 15 March 2020

Mad Bat Disease - COVID 19 - Food:

Shit .. Just woken-up by an Earthquake 5.1 magnitude  just before 4.30 in the morning - sharp jolt and just one old antique bicycle lamp jumped to the carpet - but it shook me - Time for a cuppa.

Here's a tip - don't waste too much time buying extra rolls of toilet paper .. but step past the nutters and buy a few bags of flour ..
- and rolled oats ..
- and some baking powder ..

IF everything does turn to custard and you can't find much to eat .. you'll be able to make some yummy  OATY PANCAKES:

There are multiple recipes floating about - as just about anything that you do to it will make food:

Half a cup of rolled oats
Half a cup of flour
One egg
A dollop of melted butter (or yellow grease 'spread') or a splash of olive oil 
or canola oil or whatever fat you've got ..
Milk of some sort .. moo or soy or even plain water works.
A flat teaspoon of the baking powder.
A pinch of salt and most recipes say put in some sugar - but I don't.

Mix it all into a jug or bowl AFTER you've taken the eggshell off - using a fork or whisking device - just pour the milk in a bit at a time until the batter is as thick as you fancy it. - Lots of eggs? - put two in then ..

Gently heat a little of your butter - fat or oil in a pan or skillet then spoon or pour in some of your mix ..
The pancake will slowly firm-up and little bubbles will appear and fix in place .. turn the cake over to show the nicely tanned side while you cook # 2 side to perfection and put onto your plate where you can spread it with butter or creamy muck and dribble all over with some Maple Syrup or other sweet sticky stuff. - try a squirt of lemon juice (vitamin C) with a sprinkle of sugar - or some jam ?
- Don't have the pan too hot and smoking unless you want crispy dark pancakes .. you can stir in fruity stuff like blueberries or cranberries into the mix - I've even made these without the egg 'cos I didn't have any - they were OK if a bit 'crumbly'. I don't P about with small ones - I use most of the pan or put a couple of dollops in at a time.

.. Very nice 'merican style with streaky bacon rashers ..

You can double-up the mix if there are more of you. The batter will be a bit lumpy as first stirred but will smooth-out after a night in the fridge .. I have used Cow milk, Soy milk, even condensed milk thinned down a bit & plain old water. I guess that you might even leave the rolled oats in their sack if you can't forget prison porridge ..?

OATS have protein and fibre. Wheat FLOUR has carbs and gluten. Try whole grain flour?

No bread .. so what ? 😃

- I bet that you could even make SAVOURY pancakes by mixing-in some chopped spinach and grated cheese ??

If the Government resorts to the usual emergency  'Fallback Position' of the THREE B's - BROADCASTS - BULLHORNS - & BULLETS .. stay out of the way .."Self-Isolate" - don't waste time dialling 111 or 999 whatever - and feed yourself.
Marty K.

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