Friday, 20 March 2020


Shooter gun owners are often very interested in using the very best gun oils to keep their investments running smoothly with minimum wear .. We would like our expensive toys to run perfectly and to last for ever.

Guys turn their backs on me and spit in the dirt whenever I tell them to use some Canola cooking oil on their $5,000 modified and tuned 1911 .45" combat machine .. "WHAT" they scream .. "Use bloody cooking oil on my gun? - Stupid Old Count"


Canola oil is made from the seeds of a plant called rape, which is in the turnip family. Since the Industrial Revolution, rapeseed oil has been an important component of machinery lubricants & for marine steam engines, because unlike many other oils, it sticks to wet metal.
The marketing brand name CANOLA comes from CANadian Oil Low Acid

- You see .. you won't be using cooking oil to lube your guns - because the truth be known .. you've been eating bloody lubricating oil in your home kitchens since the marketing PR men had to think of a way to keep-up their sales after the end of the second World War ..


- You can call a turd FAECES or FECES .. but it's still a bloody TURD.

 - A huge amount of what we are lead to believe in life is BOLLOCKS - and you need to be a critical thinker to sort through it to the real nitty-gritty ..


Canola Oil IS lubricating oil modified so that it no longer smells like shit .. IF you insist - you certainly can spend $30 or $40 for a teensy-weensy special container of super-special gun oil - that will do exactly the same as the Canola crap you've got in the kitchen .. Go for it.

Truth sometimes hurts - so toughen-up men ..

The 'Tooth Fairy' was your mum:

It will NOT fall off if you keep playing with it:

Glocks ARE the best value most reliable semi-auto pistols that you can buy:

Marty K.


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  2. Thanks for the heads up, including the interesting links.

    Interesting history of rapeseed oil in ships / steam engine lubrication, clearly suitable as a lubricant. The de-acidification processes in food grade Canola oil might improve its worth as a firearms lubricant, except a slightly higher percentage of unsaturated oil makes it less stable of course. But you can fry with it, so that's good enough.

    Funny, I always assumed "Canola" oil was so-called because you can only sell rape oil to men in grey raincoats.

  3. Also application as chain saw (and hedge trimmer?) lubricant, its advantage over mineral oil is that canola adheres to wet steel which would include plant sap, and it's of course readily biodegradable and much healthier to get onto your skin. I will definitely be using it as a cutting lubricant for my lathe and drill work from now on.

    1. Now that is a thought Pete about cutting oils .. as machinists used to suffer cancer of the testicles from wiping their oily hands on their overalls to get rid of the soluble cutting oils.