Monday, 9 March 2020

GUNS ARE EVIL & DANGEROUS - Religion's Dichotomy:

Religious folk are betting on there being a god .. whether they know it or not .. they are indeed taking part in the philosophical Pascal's Wager.

- By opting (to choose) to believe in the theist 'GOD' and "GOOD" - " believers" are also committing to believe in the existence of the DEVIL and 'EVIL'.
I Believe That My 'Scoped Ruger 10-22 is a Good Tool 
For Use Hunting Rabbits And Possums:

- Having chosen to believe in "EVIL" .. many religious believers then feel it's necessary to identify an obvious example of evil .. and GUNS are often it. - The gun grabber's argument - because of their faith (logical for believers) - is it must naturally follow that evil guns are made to kill GOOD people .. therefor they have no other purpose than evil - & MUST be prohibited and removed from all other persons.

In their heads this must follow - just as night follows day - or one plus one equals two ..

I Believe My Mk.IV 'HUNTER' Model .22" is Beautifully Engineered:

I had this debate with my lovely Church Elder friend .. "If guns are evil as you say - that means that at a minimum the 12,000 New Zealand police officers are also EVIL because they are issued with and use Assault Rifles & Glock pistols."  (Not to mention the evil nine thousand Government Defence Force trained killers) ..
I Believe My Glock G19X Is a Nicely Balanced & Sweet Shooting 9mm:

" .. Ah no - they use them for GOOD?"   .. "OK - so those police guns could be stamped with a heart or a fish to indicate that they are used with love - whereas all other guns should be stamped with the mark of the Devil ? - including mine that I use for pest control and target shooting ?"

" .. Oh, Ah .. well .. er maybe .. I suppose that it does .. maybe .. depend what they are used for .."

I Believe My 327 Federal Magnum Revolver Is a Very Strong And Versatile Firearm
That Can Use FIVE Different Cartridges:

- So here is the "grabber's" dichotomy .. How does a true believer fight EVIL-DOERS on Earth unless their own weapons .. EVIL GUNS .. become GOOD?

Will New Zealand's leaders pass more gun laws against the Devil?

Marty K.

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