Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Bacteria or Virus .. So what?

So - what's the diff? .. they'll both hurt you

 You Guys Mostly Will Know The Difference Eh ..
Revolver or Semi-Auto:

- Yeah well I get curious about things or people that threaten me ...

- try reading/watching this:

.. But basically BACTERIA are small living bug(gers) that can make you crook .. and they can live & grow all over the place .. like in your garden or on your door-knob or on a dog's face.

- while VIRUSES are much smaller things that make you crook too .. BUT they can only live & grow inside the wet bits in other animals like your neighbours or YOU.

Antibiotics can kill and get rid of bacteria running around inside you .. BUT most nothing kills an internal virus that won't also kill you - so YOU need help to get strong enough to outlive an invading virus.

 - VACCINES help YOU resist the virus's attack.

There's no doubt that bacteria are a living bug-thingy .. But THE BRAINY FOLK mostly argue that viruses - not being able to grow OUTSIDE of other cells - ain't really a living thing.

Just to cheer you-up and spread it around a bit - many itsi-bitsy viruses actually attack and kill huge numbers of bacteria every day too 😍 .. sadly bacteria don't invade viruses - maybe because they're too big to get in.

Now if you are still reading and trying to get your head around this ..

Consider .. there are good reasons why rich folks used to drink their wines and beer out of SILVER goblets .. while they would keep their water in COPPER tanks .. both of those metals have anti-bacterial properties that are totally absent from the stainless steel and plastics that you've got in your house.*

Please do your own research eh - but you'll read that copper & copper alloy  (BRASS) is both anti-bacterial AND also kills many viruses on contact.

I have read that 2,000-3,000 years ago those ancient smart but cruel Greek & Roman SOLDIERS when sharpening their BRONZE (another copper alloy) swords and spears - would keep the metal filings and sprinkle it on their wounds to help healing.

Now there are some foody-herby-spicey things that it is claimed will help you to fight-off viruses .. but I'm no doctor .. If you want advice about stuff like Elderberry, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginger, and Turmeric you can ask an 'expert' or google it eh .. if you can be bothered.

Would This Stuff Keep Corona Viruses Away?

*Modern houses here in NZ are built with the cheapest materials that developers can get permitted .. this is resulting in high priced 20 year old houses needing major re-builds and remedial work. - All that plastic and chipboard deteriorates rapidly. My 70 y.o rural hovel is mostly better than new.

Marty K

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