Thursday 30 March 2017

Directed Energy Phaser Guns are Not Just Sci-Fi:

"Set your Phasers to STUN" .... "**BoobleBoobleBooh**"

- Well maybe they are not all that far away in the future...

Raytheon Silent Guardian is a non lethal vehicle mounted directed energy system that was deployed in Afghanistan in 2010 by the US Air force - but recalled (maybe because they thought that there might be adverse publicity from using a "Death Ray").:

The system’s antenna emits a focused beam of millimeter wave energy. The beam travels at the speed of light and penetrates the skin to a depth of 1/64 of an inch, producing an intolerable heating sensation that causes the targeted individuals to instinctively flee or take cover. The sensation ceases immediately when an individual moves out of the beam or the operator steers the beam away. Silent Guardian does not cause injury because of the shallow penetration depth of the millimeter wave.


It's a PAIN GUN.

Miniaturization must be just around the corner eh.

Interesting video here- Link:

3-D printed revolver anyone - what a joke?

Marty K.

P.S. I always guess that .. when images & video of a NEW WEAPON are released to us through the media - it is because 'they' have in reality moved-on to something bigger & better, even more effective - so they are now happy to release information to the public (including 'The Enemy') of the now replaced & soon to be obsolete earlier weaponry. - Am I just an old cynic?


Monday 27 March 2017

Legal Action Against NZ Commissioner Of Police:

I have often wondered at the lack of protest action by shooters organizations - about the continually increased obstructions being applied by our Police National Firearms Office staff. They seem to have seen it as their 'God given duty' to make the lives of lawful shooting people ever more frustrating, expensive and difficult.

I know of at least one other Licenced Firearms Dealer (who traded at that time 'part time') who gave-up his Dealers Licence because it was limiting rather than enhancing his ordinary rights to buy and sell the occasional firearm.

Here is one small example of my personal experiences: Some twenty-five years ago I applied (as a Dealer) for a Permit for a quantity of Chinese made 1911 Pistols. This was declined and I was told that I would need to obtain a signed 'PRE-ORDER' from each of qualified purchasers to be granted my Permit (NOT a legal requirement)

.. after a few days I RE-Applied for a Permit together with the requested signed 'ORDERS' . - Following over a further months delay I was informed that my Application was again declined because the required signed customer orders were not on a police supplied form? - AND that they would decline my Permit Application anyway " as there is another Dealer who has some of these in stock so there is no need for you to have any.".

This I appealed to the Police Independent Complaints Authority on the grounds that this Police Policy was unlawful in preventing my trade in firearms as a Licensed Dealer and was in breech of the Commerce Act.

In due course my appeal was refused on the grounds that .. the refusal of my Permit was "in line with current Police Policy". !!

It appears that, at last - Someone is attempting to restore sanity at the Police National Headquarters Firearms Office: The following statement is from Nick Taylor, Barrister:
23 March 2017 - I do not usually contribute to forums as it not the correct way for me deal with or give proper, considered legal advice, however in this circumstance I can indicate the following:
The New Zealand Licenced Firearms Dealers (NZLFD) Trust has instructed me to being preparing for a Judicial Review proceeding (pursuant to the Judicature Act 1908) to be filed in June of this year against the Commissioner of Police. The NZLFD Trust is a registered legal entity for the purposes of this action. It has now received for legal services, from a total of 28 licenced firearms dealers, organisations and individuals in New Zealand, a total of approximately $30,000 has to date been received the trusts target is $50,000. As with any litigation that is commenced, it is critical to have enough funds to pay for legal costs, court fees, witness expenses, but in addition, to have sufficient available if the decision goes against you to pay for costs if awarded. Obviously if successful, then an award of costs with be folded back into the Trust for potential action for another time, or appeals if appropriate. The Trust seeks my advice and guidance on the matters that could benefit all New Zealand licensed firearms holders.
The current issues that the Trust is asking me to seek clarification on, by way of declarations from the court, are:
1. Is the police policy in regards to “Safes and Security” lawful or ultra vires their authority under the Arms Act 1983 or Arms Regulation 1992?
2. Is the police policy in regards to the measurement of MSSA firearms by police lawful or ultra vires their authority under the Arms Act 1983 or Arms Regulation 1992?
3. Is the police policy in regards to the imposition of conditions on the importation for restricted firearms and air guns and other standard firearms by the police lawful or ultra vires their authority under the Arms Act 1983 or Arms Regulation 1992?
4. Is the police policy in regards to the mail order form, in regards to both standard firearms and restricted air guns, lawful or ultra vires their authority under the Arms Act 1983 or Arms Regulation 1992?
I am currently in the process of filing three individual funded appeals/originating applications in the District Court in Auckland pursuant to s 62 and s 62 (1) (c) (ii) of the Arms Act 1983, to which there may be a certain degree of overlap possible. Otherwise I have begun to draft and correlate information, affidavits and documentary evidence to support each of the above mentioned issues for the June (target) action to commence. If you have had any issues or have documents in support of any of these issues please contact me by email. Thanks.

Note: The legal phrase 'ULTRA VIRES" means "beyond one's legal power or authority."
COLFO says:
At last - Police are being taken to court over their Ultra Vires firearm policies.
Nick Taylor Barrister specializing in firearms law has updated us with his intentions.
There are 4 items on the agenda: Safes, MSSA length, Permit Conditions and Mail Order Forms.
The court action has a target start date of June - well before the election - forcing the issue into the political arena where it belongs.
We encourage all firearm owners to donate! This will be licenced gun owners best opportunity to seek justice over incrementally increasing ultra vires police policies. Remember every dollar counts!
To donate please deposit into the Trust bank account number: 06 0193 0122740 04 Using reference: 16110001 – NZLFD
Also worth noting is that any costs awarded go back into the trust to enable further representation and discourage police from making these harmful policies.
If you value your shooting interests - PLEASE give whatever you can.
Marty K.

Sunday 26 March 2017

The Gun In The Case - Historic NZ Book:

Written by G G Kelly about his firearms life through the 1900 -1970 era as 'An Expert Witness' and his employment by the NZ Police. At the early age of nine he had decided that he was going to get his own revolver - and did (He paid five shillings for a small nickel-plated piece with a broken main spring - but soon discovered that it could fire BB caps by hitting the un-cocked hammer with an old gate bolt).
Maybe Nine y.o. Kelly had Seen This Advert.

 Hunting, fishing & shooting filled his life - while firearms technology became his work.
Maybe An Old Tip-up No.1 Colt?

- This story written around 1916:

I had always been puzzled that the British Army had never adopted the auto-loading pistol. They preferred the revolver and would not have the automatic at any price. Was this simply being conservative, I thought? I asked the area officer and was told that it was because the Small Arms Committee had found that the automatic pistol was not reliable under service conditions. It was difficult to understand this point of view.  I decided to make tests myself. My favourite pistol at that time was the Colt .32 with an eight shot magazine. It had eight shots to a revolvers six, was easier to shoot with, easier to aim, light on the trigger pull, much easier to carry on the person: all these points were in its favour; yet the British Army would have none of it.
Early .32 Colt Model 1903

With this Colt I had already killed wild pigs and goats in New Zealand; snakes, hares, a fox and two wallabies on an Australian holiday. Alfred P Lane had won the world championship with the Colt .32.

I determined to shoot the pistol without cleaning it. I shot hundreds of shots in succession, until my arms ached (I shot both right and left handed) and did not have the slightest trouble. I gave up, quite satisfied that the British Army was simply old-fashioned in its ideas.

However, one very cold frosty morning I called in to the pit to test the theory that severe chill affects a man's accuracy in shooting. I had ridden a motor cycle seven miles without a coat and felt cold enough for the test. I soon forgot my intended experiment when the first cartridge I pulled on misfired. The second and third failed, the fourth fifth and sixth fired. I put down the pistol to hunt for the unfired ejected cartridges and when I picked up the pistol again the seventh and eighth also misfired. Misfires were and still are very rare with me and, I imagine, with most men who use good quality material. I blamed the mainspring for the trouble and rode on to work wondering how long it would take to procure another.

These rounds fired fine later in the day - and it turned out that the trouble was caused by the frost stiffening the heavy vaseline in the mechanism & slowing down the hammer.

  "One fact stood out: it does not take very much to put an automatic pistol out of commission. A revolver would never have failed under these conditions." "I have tried the experiment several times since."

G G Kelly writes TWO later chapters (17 & 18) about the infamous 1941 Graham Shootings on the West Coast - He tells a very detailed set of facts as an expert witness involved in the case - different to the story that I have read previously.
Stanley Graham.

- A bloody good book that I regret having to return to its owner eh.

Marty K.

P.S. - Here's a link to an interesting blog site showing collectible & antique pistols etc:

LOTS of reading here - just click on ' OLDER POSTS' at the bottom of each page to keep going!

Thursday 23 March 2017

Violent Teenage Robbers:

New Zealand Today!

North Island shopkeepers are demanding increased police coverage following a number of violent 'Dairy' (corner shop) robberies by young assailants.

Some shopkeepers are talking about having to keep guns behind the counter for self protection.
About 70 concerned residents and shopkeepers turned out to its first Community action Group meeting.
Six violent robberies in the past 10 days have left dairy and liquor store owners scared to turn up to work unarmed.
In the latest incident, on Wednesday night, three people armed with metal rods attacked a South Auckland Super Store Liquor owner.
Sunny Kaushal, who runs the action group, said the trio smashed bottles and fled with alcohol, leaving the owner with multiple injuries. - Enough was enough, he said.
"Every other day you're seeing people in broad daylight, especially the teenagers, armed teenagers... they're entering into the dairies and they are assaulting the shopkeepers. And they loot and go."
Two teenage girls have been charged following an aggravated robbery at an Auckland dairy, which left one of the shopkeepers "badly beaten".
Police said seven people entered the dairy on Melrose Rd, Mt Roskill about 7.30am on Sunday armed with a baseball bat and crowbar.
This follows incidents in Kaikohe (North of Auckland)where a group of 15 to 20 youths (aged 12 to 14) robbed a liquor store of cartons of beer and then were filmed attempting to break-in to a Mobil Service Station.
Mob Attempts Break-In at Mobil.
Northland MP Winston Peters says more police are needed in Northland.
- Police were called to Mangere, South Auckland after an armed robbery at the Idlewild Superette about 2pm on Monday. 
The car was pursued by police, but the chase was soon abandoned after a shot was fired at a police car.
Three of the men then abandoned the car, and fled through the grounds of a school in Manurewa.
Marty K.

Wednesday 22 March 2017

Indian Ordnance Factory NIRHBEEK & NIDAR Handguns:

I was searching for current news of sales & availability for the NIRHBEEK and NIDAR Revolvers in India - but have not yet been able to find any fresh information.

Nirhbeek .32" S&W Caliber 'Top Break' Light-Weight TITANIUM ALLOY Webley Clone.

I read that IOR bought the production rights and factory machinery from Webley & Scott.

No recent information appears out there - However - I did find some video of Indian gun owners showing their guns:

Very Interesting .. These guns do exist and must be coming out of the I O F factories - However you will all be able to see the very casual and unsafe gun handling that is obvious on screen.

Nidar .22" Rim-Fire Light Weight Aluminium Revolver.
Sleeved Barrel - But Not Chambers.
The three basic firearms SAFETY RULES need to be observed by everyone at ALL TIMES.




These video clips show the guns being waved around in many directions and the shooter often putting hands and their legs etc. in front of the revolver muzzles.  I have seen many new shooters being trained and most would tend to act similarly unless prevented and instructed in proper safe handling.

Nothing new there then..

- Probably 90% of all newbies will listen and can learn to be safe shooters once you can re-educate them from the nonsense that they have seen on TV screens and in cinemas.

 - BUT I have found there is a small section of the "ordinary folk" who seem to be totally unable to listen and act in a safe manner - mostly males - and mostly young. (Females do seem to be brighter & more mature, - and they listen.)(but there are always exceptions eh).

Get those unfortunates off the range and keep them away from 'guns' and all other sharp objects. - Don't even let them near the controls of a car - or inside a working kitchen if you can prevent it.. They are not necessarily BAD people - just that essential parts of their brain are not connected or fully developed.

IOF over many years - (founded 1775) - have made many excellent firearms with the first Ordnance factory opened in 1802 - and these two revolvers appear to be high quality products - that I, as a collector would truly wish to own.

This is a very large and professional maker of Military equipment, weapons and vehicles.

There are now 41 separate Ordnance factories in this Indian organization. The Small Arms Factory, SAF is located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

- They actually make one 5 inch barrel 'Anmol' version of the Webley that would be New Zealand legal for target shooters:
... But these Indian 'official' legally available guns - are very expensive to buy - and this explains why there are said to be some 50 million illegal guns in India.

The black market "swadeshi" (self sufficient) guns are known as kamancha or even desi katta ("country made pistol").

Here is a link to an interesting story about that underground industry:

Marty K.

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Monday 20 March 2017

A R PISTOLS & Braces (& Skinks):

There is an odd firearm development in the US of A, -  known as an AR Pistol..

I've seen pictures & video of these from time to time and just shook my head thinking "Only in America - why would you want one?" but they keep on surfacing on-line - making them worth investigating eh.
- It looks about as clumsy and ugly as a British legal "Long Handgun".

It seems that it's all the FEDS fault. - Way back in 1934 the then Administration passed the National Firearms Act into law ... this same act is to blame for their stupid rules regarding silencers and now for these stoopid "pistols".

Legislators really do need to consider unintended consequences eh.

If a rifle (Oh NO - not an *Assault* -Rifle!) is wanted in carbine form - it must have a barrel longer than 16 inches - or it is liable to that notorious US$200 tax and months of delaying paperwork.

- However, if you build your American short barreled rifle without any stock - it legally becomes an unrestricted PISTOL whatever the barrels length... Yeahh!

- But - you've now got a clumsy over-sized handgun that fires centre-fire .223" rounds and can be hard to use safely .. so bring-on the "Arm Braces" (Blame Alex Bosco at SB Tactical).

The US ATF has issued a compliance for arm braces that accepts that the firearm so fitted remains a "pistol" - As long as it is not used to 'shoulder' the pistol like a rifle - as the ATF would deem this to be "a redesign" requiring the registration of the firearm as a SBR !!
Does That Pistol Look Like A Short Rifle To You?

So you now can use the brace to steady your "pistol" to your forearm - but not to your shoulder.

Got that? - You citizens can own your AR with barrel shorter than 16 inches as long as you remove the stock & call it a pistol - but you can then put-back an stock arm-brace as long as you don't use it sensibly !

I bet you don't have one of these vertebrates in your house.. Like an AR Pistol .. it's neither a frog nor a snake.
Common NZ Skink.

My wee fellow has lost its tail - for which my old cat 'LuLu'  must be directly held to blame as it's too quick for me to catch.

- This is the third one I've hosted over the last half-dozen years - I guess that they must taste bad as to be released to scamper about - as she is typically merciless on mice and birds - usually having a smug look on her face while only leaving the mouse tails, birdie beaks & a few scattered feathers for the occasional cleaner (me).

Marty K.

After researching & writing 1,036 blogs I've got something NEW to try .. I've signed-up to Patreon. - In over five years I've not made one cent from this .. NOW you can send me a wee support $ - starting from $1. to get all this stuff from New Zealand - over a year that's nearly the price of one Shooting magazine. - Am I worth it?

Saturday 18 March 2017

GripMaster Hand Strength For Pistol Shooting:

I bought another toy.
This is extra (and a wee bit more sophisticated) to another spring 'squeezer' that I was given by 'Cutters' some time ago:
The idea is that, in those idle moments - I pick one of them up and do something useful towards strengthening my grip and finger muscles for better TRIGGER CONTROL & more consistent accuracy on target.

The "GRIPMaster" Medium Tension (Red) cost me NZ$39.99 .. why the hell they can't be honest and just call it $40.? -- but anyway it didn't because I also paid $5 extra for the courier delivery fee.😒  ... well it's only money eh.

 - The point is that 'The No.1 Hand Exercisers' are specifically marketed as being a good thing for pistol shooters (& others) because you can exercise and strengthen each individual finger as you wish.
e.g. I am trying to fully squeeze grip the lower three fingers THEN independently control the trigger finger on its pad without altering the pressure of  the others.

It ain't easy... "Shooting well is simple - It is just not easy"

I am trying to focus on double-action-only shooting my revolvers (Glocks too eh 😜😜). Just maybe when combined with a bit of 'dry firing' - I'll have some chance of counter-acting the aging effect!

- After playing with it I certainly can feel some "awareness" of muscle in my forearms - so there may be a benefit on range.

Life IS good,

Marty K.

Thursday 16 March 2017

Australian Gun Laws Working:

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) estimates that there are more than 260,000 firearms in the illicit firearms market there.. and they are currently running an amnesty.

I have just seen the following March 16th Herald Sun story about "5,000 GUNS":

"THE largest ever shipment of guns organised by bikie gangs and bound for Australia has been stopped in the US and seized by police as the crackdown on outlaw motorcycle clubs intensifies.
The almost 5000-strong shipment of handguns and automatic rifles was nabbed late last year before reaching Australian shores as part of a joint investigation between federal, state and international policing agencies.
News Corp Australia can exclusively reveal the operations leading to the massive sting which saw 4683 unmarked firearms seized in the United States on September 1. (2016?)
The haul included handgun frames that had been illegally smuggled into the US and 136 AR-15, assault rifles, and receivers, that had not been stamped."
Police Supplied Photograph.

Now, I don't want to be a 'Nit-picker' - but 4,683 parts is not 5,000 guns - And I can't see ONE gun in the image .. plenty of parts that might be useful to a gun-smith sure.
I really would like more FACTS. . as the story says that these parts were seized in USA by BATF - & what indications are there of the claimed Melbourne Gang destination?
I seriously hope that our 'Authorities' are not believing their own headline publicity stories and are able to consider accurate facts before altering policies.
Marty K.
P.S. - I see the latest figure for Kiwi shooters signing the petition to the (un-elected) Prime Minister is 3,320 (out of some 240,000).

Have you noticed that our 'Democracy' has both an un-elected Prime Minister & an un-elected Head of State (Queen) ?

Sunday 12 March 2017

NZ Police Attitudes To Legal Gun Users:

When Recently attempting to justify Police Association demands for increased restrictions on Legally Licensed Firearms users, Police Association President Chris Cahill is quoted thus:

"Like it or not, the reality is that criminals often acquire their guns from burglaries of legitimate gun owners and dealers, or, guns are on-sold to people who have no intention of registering them and using them within legal parameters."

Well Chris - carefully reading what you said - it is a clear indictment that the police are failing in their responsibilities to protect the law abiding (and Licence fee paying) legitimate tax payers - from the criminal burglary activities of known violent gang members and drug dealers.

Indeed, when in 2006 an Auckland Licensed Firearms Dealer himself prevented the theft of guns from his shop by shooting and wounding the machete armed attacker - The Shop worker was charged by the Police with illegal possession of a firearm (without lawful, proper, or sufficient purpose!). - In due course - he was found to be 'Not Guilty'.

- If it is proven that criminals are targeting legitimate gun owners and shops to obtain weapons - what preventative actions - such as increased patrols and surveillance - have the police adopted?

Perhaps the law abiding are meant to nervously wait for the next four years until the politically promised 1,800 fresh police recruits are trained & deployed - if they do actually materialize.

- Certainly something needs to be done soon - but that something is not increasing costs and obstructive regulations on the law abiding.

Marty K.
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Saturday 11 March 2017

Wairarapa Pistol Club Bars Police:

The Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club has banned police officers from training at its range, saying that club members were frustrated with the Police and Police Association's stance on firearms in New Zealand.
Police have regularly used the clubs range for firearms training over the years.
Wairarapa Club President On Range.
Club President Gary Rawlinson said that the police "continue to arbitrarily adopt changes to the administration of the Arms Acts without consultation" and that had led to increasing frustration among the club's members.
"It should be of great concern to politicians and the police commissioner that our decision to end all police use of the Wairarapa PSSC facility gained unanimous support and has been applauded by many other shooting clubs," Rawlinson said.
"Harassment and Victimization"
Audio interview Link:
Of course - there is nothing to prevent any serving police officer from applying to join an approved Target Pistol Club and seeking to obtain a 'B' Endorsed Firearms Licence that would legally permit him/her to practice handgun shooting on an approved range.
New Zealand's Lawful Firearms owners are increasingly concerned with Police efforts to impose  expensive and restrictive rules on legally licensed 'fit & proper' gun owners - under the excuse of addressing claims of increasing illegal gun use by criminal gang members involved in drugs supply.
Firearms  use in criminal violence is a very small percentage of overall violent crime in New Zealand.. but general violent crime figures are rising.
Anyone wishing to own & shoot handguns in New Zealand must first obtain a basic 'A' Category Firearms licence - after attending a training course and passing a written test - followed by background checks & extensive interviewing of close family members and other referees.
- The second stage of applying for a 'B' Category (Pistol Shooting) Endorsement starts by applying to join a Target Shooting Pistol Club approved by The Commissioner Of Police - where the applicant is required to undergo a further Induction & Safety Training Course and to attend over a six month period - only then to be again examined by the Police Licencing Authority and subject of more interviewing of character referees and approval of installed home security storage (certified Gun Safes) before the 'B' Endorsement is granted.

These Background Enquiries and repeated appropriate referee checks are of similar intensity and duration to those required of a sworn Police Officer applicant.

You may sense that this lengthy and thorough process (and the fees charged) works to eliminate undesirable characters - So it is seen as demeaning by fit & proper Endorsed License Holders - to then be treated by police organisations as a potential perpetrator of unlawful activity.
Marty K.

P.S. I have just this week received my Police Import Permit for a Hogue rubber pistol grip (that was lodged electronically on 11 November 2016) - following a four month delay.
- but of course there will likely be a further wait when it is sent - obtaining it's release from Customs at the point of entry.

Friday 10 March 2017

The SAS In Action, Survivalist Stories & Lots of Reading:

Just about EVERY book that I've seen about the SAS or Navy SEALS or special forces in general has been complete bullshit written by some marketing or PR agency hack - however 'The SAS In Action' written by Peter Macdonald (ISBN 0 283 06093 X) is actually a fact-filled history and tells a basic insider story with photos.. a surprise to me.

I was given some books the other day by "J" - the next one here is 'The Day Of The Triffids' by John Wyndham. 

- I guess that you guys'n'girls still read - or you wouldn't be here ..

An excellent and thought-provoking read - once you get used to his slightly dated? writing style that results from it being written way back in the 1950s.

A sci-fi novel of survival post-apocalypse when nearly everyone is blinded by a bright night-time light-show in the skies - and are left fighting to survive long term against the deadly stinging attacks of mobile commercial oil producing carnivorous plants - the Triffids.

Full of interesting 'asides' - such as our English heroes having to arm themselves with sheath-knives on belts before moving forward to 'pistols' and blade firing spring-powered "Triffid Guns".

- Of course they made a movie ^

You should be able to find Wyndham's used books very cheaply.


- Reading the 'Triffids' again reminded me of Terry Nation's 1975 SURVIVORS - that was subject of two great  BBC TV series (The 2nd one was a less worthy 'remake' version).

The SURVIVORS was filmed in British SAS training country around Herefordshire. - A good book and even better TV.

Terry Nation is perhaps better known as creator of  Doctor Who & The Daleks, Blake's 7 & a whole string of TV writing including The Avengers, The Saint etc. - He was also a script writer for British comedian Tony Hancock way back in 1962/63.

SURVIVORS is available as a paperback book and the DVD boxed sets of the TV Series are great viewing.

- Any other GOOD survival stuff out there - even more recent?

- I've just watched two series of 'Better Call Saul' - spin-off from 'Breaking Bad'. Great viewing that demonstrates that there still is some good television being made - as long as you eliminate the commercials.

P.S.    Real rifle shooting Readers should enjoy this 102 page PDF titled 'The Art Of Shooting'.

It is a story of international competition rifle shooting through many decades- There's even mention  (on Page 20) of the Reising sub-machine gun and its .22" version...
Marty K.

Monday 6 March 2017

Braverman Folding Pistol:

- This has to be a rare fish - and may date from fairly recent times.

This I find to be an innovative and intelligently thoughtful design - which clearly explains why it failed to sell. - If they'd maybe called it "The GI BadAss-BallBuster" it would have had a better marketing chance eh.

 See the Flame Protector 'Wings' Below The Cylinder Gap.

And it's a "bottom chamber-popper" with a straight line trigger action. - People seem to have called this "an upside-down gun."

A Different Version ?.

Below seems to be a period advert for the gun in .380"? - One guy on line is calling it a 32".. As does The Gun Auction web-site - describing their lot as a .32" ACP Five Shot and suggesting it may be from the mid 1990s?

Broken open for loading:

Muzzle View.
I haven't been able to find any solid facts about this folding pocket pistol / 'Belly Gun' - but it should have gone gang-busters in the fabled 'gun-crazy' USA.

Marty K.

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P.S.  The idea of a folding grip revolver is not at all new. - Take a look at an old version I showed in an earlier piece. Link:

Thursday 2 March 2017

Australian Gun Money For Politicians:

The Guardian on-line reports some A$353,000 has been accepted by Aussie political parties from pro-gun lobbyists .. I find this ominous-but-interesting - bearing in mind their law amendments that now treat plastic toys the same as real guns and bans 3D Printers!!

The largest donations – totalling just over $108,000 – went to Bob Katter’s Australian party, which received $75,000 from the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Queensland) Inc and $33,332 from NIOA Nominees. Robert Nioa is the son-in-law of Katter and NIOA touts itself as Australia’s largest privately owned supplier of small arms.
The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party, which also received just over $104,000, disclosed donations of $17,000 from the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia, $5,000 from the New South Wales firearms dealer Magnum Sports Pty Ltd and $30,000 from its own association entity the Federation of Hunting Clubs.
The Liberal party received $46,000, which included $23,000 from Thales Australia Limited and $22,500 from the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia.
The Labor party also received $33,032 from Thales Australia.
The Liberal Democratic party also fielded $35,000, with $20,000 from NIOA and $15,856 from the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria). Senator David Leyonhjelm has been an outspoken advocate for gun owners.
- What hope can we Kiwis have that our gun regulations will remain sensible when the Parliamentary Committee reports on "Illegal Guns" this coming month?
- Bear in mind that only x 90 of us bothered to make a submission to that inquiry - & only around ONE PERCENT of Licenced NZ Shooters has bothered to sign a Petition to the Prime Minister reminding him that gun use in NZ by lawful 'Fit & Proper' persons is not a problem.
- What percentage of us has paid to support SSANZ ?
- Well ... Expect to pay thousands of dollars shortly to buy and install new approved security.
Marty K.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Australian Gun Laws In Action: is reporting that Chinese Australian 27 year old Steven Sicen Sun been arrested for having 3D Printed plastic guns - although the images seem to show 'Soft Air' toy pellet guns.

Sun, an advertising executive of Waverley, East Sydney, came under investigation by police in New South Wales after posting images of one of the replicas on social media.

"Police found a cornucopia of 3-D printed replicas. (Photos: NSW Police)"

Detective Inspector Joe Doueihi of the NSW State Crime Commands Firearms Squad advised that authorities were cracking down on the nascent trade in 3-D printed guns.
“If you are in possession of 3D printers or blueprints or schematics that you use for the manufacture of these illegal firearms we will track you down,” said Doueihi.
Sun is charged with four firearms offences  - each of which carries a 14 year possible sentence, - is said to be free on a bond, with a court date set for April 27.

.. Since when was possession of a 3D Printer or toy guns classed as a crime?

Detective Joe Doueihi said imitation firearms were treated the same as the real thing under state law.

In November 2015, the New South Wales government amended the Firearms Act 1996 and the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 to include offences relating to 3D-printed guns.


Marty K.