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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Australian Gun Laws In Action: is reporting that Chinese Australian 27 year old Steven Sicen Sun been arrested for having 3D Printed plastic guns - although the images seem to show 'Soft Air' toy pellet guns.

Sun, an advertising executive of Waverley, East Sydney, came under investigation by police in New South Wales after posting images of one of the replicas on social media.

"Police found a cornucopia of 3-D printed replicas. (Photos: NSW Police)"

Detective Inspector Joe Doueihi of the NSW State Crime Commands Firearms Squad advised that authorities were cracking down on the nascent trade in 3-D printed guns.
“If you are in possession of 3D printers or blueprints or schematics that you use for the manufacture of these illegal firearms we will track you down,” said Doueihi.
Sun is charged with four firearms offences  - each of which carries a 14 year possible sentence, - is said to be free on a bond, with a court date set for April 27.

.. Since when was possession of a 3D Printer or toy guns classed as a crime?

Detective Joe Doueihi said imitation firearms were treated the same as the real thing under state law.

In November 2015, the New South Wales government amended the Firearms Act 1996 and the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 to include offences relating to 3D-printed guns.


Marty K.