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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Directed Energy Phaser Guns are Not Just Sci-Fi:

"Set your Phasers to STUN" .... "**BoobleBoobleBooh**"

- Well maybe they are not all that far away in the future...

Raytheon Silent Guardian is a non lethal vehicle mounted directed energy system that was deployed in Afghanistan in 2010 by the US Air force - but recalled (maybe because they thought that there might be adverse publicity from using a "Death Ray").:

The system’s antenna emits a focused beam of millimeter wave energy. The beam travels at the speed of light and penetrates the skin to a depth of 1/64 of an inch, producing an intolerable heating sensation that causes the targeted individuals to instinctively flee or take cover. The sensation ceases immediately when an individual moves out of the beam or the operator steers the beam away. Silent Guardian does not cause injury because of the shallow penetration depth of the millimeter wave.


It's a PAIN GUN.

Miniaturization must be just around the corner eh.

Interesting video here- Link:

3-D printed revolver anyone - what a joke?

Marty K.

P.S. I always guess that .. when images & video of a NEW WEAPON are released to us through the media - it is because 'they' have in reality moved-on to something bigger & better, even more effective - so they are now happy to release information to the public (including 'The Enemy') of the now replaced & soon to be obsolete earlier weaponry. - Am I just an old cynic?